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A Fetish & Bondage New Year's Eve

by texashiker2003©

It was their first New Year's Eve together, and Mark wanted it to be a memorable one for Cindy, his wonderful new sweetheart. He had planned everything, even the small details that would help set the mood and enhance the pleasures they would share. Finally, the time had come to set the grand and lustful event in motion.

About 4:00PM the doorbell rang and Cindy opened the door to see a huge vase of magnificent red roses. After tipping the delivery boy, she hurriedly opened the card and read "Happy New Year to my lovely and sensual best friend and lover. With all my love forever, Mark." She felt a rush of warmth embrace her, and she could not wait for the evening to arrive.

Cindy dressed in Mark's favorite outfit. He loved seeing her sexy, petite body in black lace, hose, and high-heels. She slipped on the brief, crotchless panties that framed her neatly trimmed blond bush and gave his strong, warm hands easy access to her pussy at any time, the thigh high black hose that accentuated the toned shapeliness of her legs and thighs, and the shelf bra that presented her beautiful breasts and nipples as an inviting delicacy. She then slipped the short, black cocktail dress over her head and paused to notice the very sexy woman she saw in the mirror. Her blond hair was a dazzling accent to the dark, sequins-studded dress that was just thin enough to reveal the presence of her nipples underneath. She stepped into her shoes and smiled at how the spiked heels made her legs look so good.

Mark arrived to pick her up and she met him at the door. They were a very happy and attractive couple, and they kissed deeply and spoke their love for each other before Cindy slipped into the front seat of the car and buckled-up in the middle so she could be close to him. As they drove away, she said "I have been so excited about tonight that I have thought of nothing else all day." He put his hand on her knee, traced a path up her thigh, and said "Me too." with a big grin. She noticed his huge erection in his lap and felt his excitement through his slacks. "Mmmmmmm" she said, and they both laughed.

He carried her across the threshold of their Marriott RiverCenter suite with the dark room bathed in the multitude of Christmas lights hanging in the trees along the San Antonio river. He kissed her slowly and deeply, taking full advantage of the opportunity to grasp her firm, cute ass with his hands. They went out onto the patio and he hugged her from behind, cupping her pert breasts, now with stiffened nipples due to the chill of the evening, and whispered into her ear "I love you, my sweet and precious Cindy, and I am going to pleasure you greatly tonight."

After a few glasses of Moet & Chandon and many affectionate touches, caresses, kisses, and softly spoken words, Cindy dimmed the lights in the room and sat next to Mark on the king-sized bed. She told him " I can't wait any longer, my love. Take me now, for I am your's, totally." He smiled hungrily and said "I love you. Take off your dress."

She slowly unzipped the dress and with legs slightly apart slowly pulled it over her head. Mark's excitement increased as the bare skin between her thigh highs and panties was exposed. Then her pussy peeked from under the dress, clearly in view within the lacy frame of her crotchless panties. Her small lips were protruding outwardly and were accented by the shine of moisture. Her taut, smooth belly was revealed next, followed by her small but magnificently appealing breasts, adorned by large nipples now fully erect.

The dress mussed her hair as she pulled it over her head. She had a totally sexual look about her, from her classically beautiful face to her half-exposed breasts and inviting pussy. Mark felt the tightness in his cock that comes only when Cindy has his motor racing, and he got off the bed and held her close while they kissed as only familiar, passionate lovers can.

He removed his lips and tongue from her mouth and quickly shed his clothes. He kissed her again and then whispered "Suck me now, my love." She dropped to her knees and cupped his large balls with her hand before starting to lick and kiss the length of his cock. She was so good at sucking cock. Mark smiled as he imagined the shock of her friends and co-workers if they knew what a sexual animal she is.

She began taking him into her mouth and massaging his glans and shaft with her soft, hot, wet lips and tongue. With her free hand she started to stroke him, jacking his cock slightly faster each time. He put his hands into her hair and began moving his hips against her face, which offered an intensely exciting picture as he watched her suck him. Soon he felt the pressure build in his balls and he threw his head back, savoring the incredible, sweet pain that precedes ejaculation. He groaned loudly, "Oh, my sweet babe, I'm going to cum." and his cock exploded in her mouth.

She grabbed his ass and pulled his pulsing cock into her mouth to the point of gagging. She felt the mass of hot, thick semen shooting down her throat, and she swallowed as quickly as she could to keep all of his seed in her mouth. After he had emptied his load, he took a step backward to sit on the side of the bed, his cock still in her mouth. Breathing heavily, he laid down on his back and put his arms out straight above his head. Cindy continued to suck him, ever so gently because he was so sensitive after cumming. She kept his cock in her mouth until he became soft.

Knowing the great pleasure that was still to come, Mark regained his composure quickly. He kissed Cindy and said "Now, my sweet, I shall pleasure you." He pulled a set of restraints from the "fun kit" he brought, and her eyes lit-up as brightly as the Christmas bulbs outside their room. He rolled her onto her stomach and placed one of the large bed pillows under her hips, raising her small, firm ass to a highly provocative position.

He then secured her wrists and ankles to the four posters on the large bed and stood at the foot of the bed to admire his beautiful girlfriend, a gorgeously X-shaped captive in black lace. Her ass and pussy were totally exposed and vulnerable to his lustful desires. She felt helpless and, knowing that she would be used for his pleasure, was nearly breathless with anticipation.

"Now" he said, "the stage is set." He took a feather out of the fun kit and began brushing it lightly along the souls of her feet. She squirmed and tried to move her legs, but the bonds held her firmly. She began to laugh, and said "Oh my God, please stop." As he moved the feather to her side and ribs, she again tried to move away from the tickling touch but could not. Mark noticed with delight that her pussy was awash in her juices, revealing how much the tickling excited her. Without regard for her desperate pleas for him to stop, he continued the path to her underarm, which was the most sensitive place of all. Only when he saw tears in her eyes and her thighs grinding into the pillow beneath did he relent with the feather, but he traded it for another of her instruments of pleasure.

Out came the leather paddle and he laid it softly on her ass, letting her feel it all over her backside. Then he told her "Are you ready, my love, for your spanking?" She replied "Yes, do it now, please." In an instant he raised the paddle and smacked her ass, and she gasped loudly. Three more times he spanked her, fully aware of how much discomfort was necessary to maximize her pleasure without inflicting excessive pain.

Her ass was beautifully shaded hot pink. He told her "there is more coming, my sweet." and she raised her hips in submission and anticipation. Three more times he spanked her, and she groaned and writhed as though her orgasm was imminent.

He squirted lotion onto his hands and began to lightly rub her ass. The cooling impact of the lotion eased the stinging she felt, and as he rubbed her cheeks he traced the opening of her pussy with his thumbs. She moaned and he asked "What do you want?" and she said "Fuck me Mark, I want you to fuck me." "And how do you want it?" he asked, to which she said "Hard, I want you to fuck me hard. Fill and stretch my cunt with your cock." He was rock hard again, and very willing to fulfill her need.

He placed his cock against her pussy lips and lubricated it with strokes up and down their length. He brought his knees up close to her ass and sank his cock into her all the way. She shrieked with lustful delight and he began filling her pussy with with long, slow strokes. He held her hips firmly with his hands and moved her back and forth, increasing the pressure with which his cock penetrated her. She moved her thighs as best she could to meet his thrusts and he encouraged her, "My sweet, precious Cindy, fuck me baby, fuck me hard. Squeeze me with your cunt. Cum for me, baby." She responded with "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. I love how you fuck me."

Cindy began to utter the guttural noises that Mark knew were the beginning of her orgasm. He increased the speed and pressure of his thrusts into her and he felt her pussy begin to spasm and her body shake uncontrollably. She cried out "I'm cummmmmiiiiing!" followed by unintelligible words. Her orgasm induced his, and he kept fucking her as his cock spurted deeply into her belly. He continued for long moments, and as he felt her collapse onto the bed he drained the last of his seed into her and laid down on her back.

Neither of them could speak. They had reached a height in their passion that few lovers ever do. Mark caressed her sides and cupped her breasts as they reveled in the afterglow of blissful lovemaking. After minutes when words of endearment would have been superfluous, Mark kissed Cindy's neck and said "I love you more than there are stars in the night sky." She replied "I know, and I love you just as much."

It was a wonderful New Year's Eve on the San Antonio river, one that would forever be a very special memory of delicious pain and sexual fulfillment.

Written by: texashiker2003

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