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Fake Papers!

by Writor©

It all happened about 2 years ago and it was the luckiest thing that could've happened to a guy like me. Basically I buy and sell contracts and make a small penny doing it. It's not a bad living. Well about three years ago my business started getting out of hand and I had to take on a few hires. Because I needed the the help but couldn't really afford to pay alot I was forced to take on people of questionable background. I didn't much care as there really wasn't any cash transfers. I hired an older lady, not bad looking in her early fifties just looking for a part-time job to keep from getting bored, a young college kid, and a younger girl somewhere in her early 20's.

She wasn't anything that would really stand out. She was attractive enough, about 5'3", 120lbs, and curvy. But she was plain. She had long straight black hair, brown eyes, and somewhat guarded. She had a strong spanish accent and I later found out she was Mexican. What was weird though was her name. Her name was Maggie Ryan. I remember asking what a weird name that was for a Spanish woman but she replied that her father was actually from northern Texas and that she was just born and raised in Mexico. Since she was a good worker I didn't think anything of it.

Things went very well for a while and I couldn't complain once about any of my employees. They all worked hard and were very responsible. Then it happened. I got a call from a woman named Margaret Ryan who was wondering why I was paying her for nine months. I agreed to meet the woman and get to the bottom of this, and just to be safe I brought Maggie's paper work along with me. Well it turned out to be dead on. All of Maggie's paper work turned out to be falsified.

On my drive home I was thinking about how I was going to let her go. Then the dark side kicked in. I don't know where it came from, maybe I suppressed this aggressive behavior. I formulated a plan and put it into action. After visiting a couple of friends I know who are into shady things I headed over to "Maggie's".

"John what are you doing here?", she asked. She was definitely pleasantly surprised by my visit then. It made sense though as I treated all my employees well.

"Oh I actually needed to have a word with you." Her family was in the background having dinner. Maggie didn't have any kids but she was married and lived with her cousin and husband and their two kids.

"Sure John. Come in."

"Um no thank you Maggie. Unfortunately I need to speak with you in private. Do you think you could step outside for a moment?"

I remember the look on her face when I asked that. She was definitely scared. I think she knew right then and there that I found out her secret. When she stepped outside I didn't pull any punches.

"Maggie, or whatever your name is, I found out that you're a liar and that you've been lying to me for about 9 months. What kind of asshole do you take me for?!?!?"

"John. Please. Please tell me what's wrong. I really need the job John and I would never do anything to get in trouble."

"Oh no? This afternoon I had lunch with Margaret Ryan. She's 27 from Texas with your exact same social security number. Care to explain how that happened??"

The cat was out of the bag and she knew it. She was pale white and couldn't say a word. That's when I drove it home.

"First off tell me your real name."

*sniff* "It-It's Maria." *sniff*

Oh how I remember those first tears she cried that night.

"Okay Maria. I have to report you to immigration and to the police. You will first be brought up on charges of fraud and identity theft and then you will be deported. I suspect they will investigate your family so I hope their paper work is in order."

That was what did it--it also proved to be pretty powerful later on, but that's another story. At this point Maria started begging and crying and just wouldn't let go of my arm. I knew I had her where I wanted her.

"Okay Maria. You don't say a word to anyone--and I fucking mean anyone. Not your hubby or your cousin until I fucking tell you can. Is that clear??" She nodded. "Tomorrow you show up for work at 7:45 and not a fucking minute later. Do you understand me you lying bitch?" She nodded again and I walked away.

I got to work the next day at 7:45 and found Maria sitting on the step waiting for me. I usually didn't open the office until about a quarter to 9 so I knew this would give me about an hour alone with her.

When I get there she looked at me anxiously but I didn't say a word to her. I just unlocked the door and headed to my office in the back. She followed me in and stood by the door.

"Get in and close the door."

She did. She stood nervously by the door waiting for me to say something.

"Come sit down. We have a lot to talk about."

She sat across me and waited.

"Thank you for meeting me early. What did you tell your family was the reason you had to come to work early."

"I just told them it was inventory week and I had to get an early start."

She kept looking at me anxiously waiting for me to let her off the hook but I never did. I just made it worse.

"Okay bitch. It's time to get down to business. You fucked up on me in a big way. You're a good worker and I hate to have to lose you. But now that I know the truth I really have no respect for you. So as far as I'm concerned you're a bitch and a fucking liar."

She started pleading for about 10 minutes. She cried and she begged. I just ignored her and kept looking at my watch. I wanted to get the deal sealed and I didn't have time for that shit.

"All right bitch shut the fuck up. Here's the deal. I may just have your 'get out of jail free car' but I need to know if you fucking want it."

She jumped out of her seat. She never heard me be anything but professional and all my profanities made me a different person in her eyes. All our conversations up until that point had always been jovial and amicable. This was the beginning of our new relationship.

"John I do anything to fix this. I can't--"

"SHUT UP. You said all I needed to hear. First off from now on you call me Sir or Master in private and Mr. Davis in front of everyone else. No more of this fucking 'John' shit from you. You're not my equal. You're a lying slut bag."

She just sat there and took it.

"From this point on I fucking own you. In my top drawer I have untraceable paperwork for you. No one will ever be able to deport you unless I want it to happen. You're going to go home tonight and destroy everything and anything that says 'Margaret Ryan'. Your new name is Margaret Robinson."

She seemed to be relieved but that only lasted about another four minutes.

"From now on you will be paid in cash and off the books every Friday. And last but not least, I fucking own you. You are my fucking pet fuck slave for as long as I fucking want. Now get over here and suck my cock before everyone gets here."

She was shocked. She kept shaking her head no slowly but she knew she had no real choice in the matter. It didn't matter anyway as I stood up and gave her very little choice.

I walked over to her and pulled out my cock and pushed it right in her mouth. I grabbed her by the back of the head and pumped it in hard and rough. All this build up of anticipation made me hard as rock. I pulled on her hair hard and she just held her hands by mine. She already knew better than to fight back but at the same time I was hurting her.

"That's it you little wetback slut. Go ahead and suck your new Master's cock!"

I reached down and grabbed her tits rough. I pinced and twisted them raw. I never realized how nice a rack she actually had. They were a perfect hand full, firm, and perky. She wore a skirt that day and it was the first time I ever looked at her legs sexually. So of course I couldn't resist...

"Get the fuck up pig and bend over that fucking desk."

She moved slowly and I slapped her. It was the first time I hit her, but not the last! I raised the skirt and roughly ripped off her panties. I pushed my cock into her fast and rough. I was waiting for her to scream but all she did was bite her lip and cry.

"Oh don't worry slut. You'll get used to this. Trust me. I have big plans for you and your fucking wetback cunt."

My balls swelled up something fierce and I knew I had no choice but to drop my load inside her.

"NOOOO. Please S-Sir. My husband...we want baby...we're trying..."

It was hard for her to speak between thrusts but I didn't give a fuck.

"Oh well isn't that sweet. Well don't worry piggie. My seed is gonna swell your belly up nice and round."

Just then I leaned down and bit her back as I pumped my prick to completion inside her.


She screamed as I filled her stomach with my sperm. I could feel my teeth digging into her skin and helped ease the tension.

I finally got off her after about 10 minutes. She didn't make a move or a sound. It was as if her future was starting to sink in.

"Alright slut. Get over here and suck my cock clean. Then get yourself cleaned up and go to work. There's a lot to get done this week and I'm expecting you to put in a ton of extra hours."

That's how it happened. She didn't question the order, she just naturally followed it. The great thing is that was just the beginning!

Written by: Writor

Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories