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The Bellhop's Tip

by Nikita_writer©

The fan moved slowly, circulating the warm air over the two lovers in the war torn bed. The air was heavy with sex, candles, and cigarette smoke.

While the soft rays of sunlight slipped through the curtains, the white sound of the ocean lulled the spent ones to sleep in between bonfires of passion.

Nikita moved first. Dreamily, her cuffed hands stroked her puffy pink pussy lips. The brief attention stiffened her protruded bud. She rose to look at him from her place at the foot of the bed, willing him to awaken. He did not move. Her full bladder was desperate for relief. Afraid to wet the floor, she whined through the gag.

"What! What!!" he said in an exasperated way, as he lifted his head toward the foot of the bed.

His sinewy body was well defined, even in repose. Muscle and bone should have been his first and last name. Wolff was an alpha male and she was his porcelain doll. No matter how mismatched they were, they fit each other like yin and yang.

Nikita batted her eyes at him and he returned a glare.

"Do you need something? What!! What do you need?" he boomed with a glint in his eye.

She twitched her fettered legs and squirmed her bottom until she managed to pull herself up on her knees. With cuffed hands before him in a prayerful pose, she bowed her head in supplication. He couldn't resist chucking her chin.

"All right. As if I didn't know."

He pulled out the chamber pot from under the bed and put it near her. Due to days of practice, she managed to poise herself directly over the pot and relieved herself under Wolff's shameless gaze. She closed her eyes with relief.

"Look at me while you pee." he said gently and she quickly complied. He relished her shame at this private moment and lifted her up by her mons once she finished.

"Do not look away. This is mine. I can touch it, kiss it, spank it, share it, wipe it, and fuck it," he said, pushing the chamber pot back under the bed with his foot.

Her eyes were excited. She was staring at his hard member with undisguised mischief. Wolff smiled and removed the gag.

"Ah, you want something. This? You want this, don't you."

He rubbed his cock over her face and jerked it until the tip rested on her lips.

"What do you say, slut."

Nikita recited the well rehearsed response, "Please sir, may I kiss your dick, sir?"

Wolff stalled. It was a tasking ordeal to resist shoving his cock in her mouth and ride her throat until he reached the screaming darkness. But, he liked to withhold his cum, too. It added a little more intensity to the ride.

There was a knock on the door.

"Room Service."

Just in time, Wolff thought, now that's service. He opened the door leaving Nikita on her knees bound and fettered. The bellhop rolled in the cart and remained stony faced as he surveyed the scene.

"Would you like a choice for your tip?" Wolff asked holding out some euros.

Nikita blanched. The shocked bellhop looked at Wolff then at Nikita and grinned.

"Nikita, please him as you please me." said Wolff with his familiar glint.

She shuffled onto her knees in front of the bellhop, pulled his zipper down with her teeth and looked at Wolff out of the corner of her eye. He parked himself in a nearby chair, lit a cigarette, and watched dispassionately.

The bellhop's heart beat faster as he admired how the leather cuffs contrasted against her delicate wrists.

He was about to insert himself into her sweet shaped lips when she addressed him, "May I use my hands sir?"

"Em..sure," responded the bellhop, feeling so damned lucky to be getting a blowjob at any rate.

She gently grasped his bobbing cockhead and speared his piss hole with her tongue. The tongue had a life of its own as it swirled around the head, up and down the shaft, stopping to lick under the ridge of the tip. The bellhop's legs strained toward her mouth and he held onto her ears. His bowed his head to watch her intently. She slid his cock deep in her throat and held it there until she started to gag. Her restrained fingers fondled his balls while she sucked. The poor bellhop did not have the staying power that Wolff did. The task appeared to be easy and she enjoyed being a cum slut, whether she was on the giving end or receiving end.

Wolff noted how quickly the bellhop was pumping and decided to add a little distraction to the scene. He whipped off his pants and stepped behind the kneeling Nikita. He signaled to the bellhop and they both knelt down. She was going to be spit roasted like a suckling pig. Nikita was Wolff's little pig. Her pussy started to drip wetness down her leg. Whenever Wolff touched her, she couldn't help it. He fondled her painted toes, tickled her soft, pink feet, and slapped her bum.

He pressed her forward to assume the position and the bellhop stuck his dick back in. It had recovered a bit and he was ready to play see saw again. Wolff felt her wet pussy and smacked it. She brazenly rubbed her butt up to his groin and rotated it in circles. He spanked her offered bum, hard, repeatedly, until her skin was red with heat. He knew she could take more, but this was not the time. He wanted to see her skewered. His cock went into the slick sheath. As Wolff churned his tool inside her, Nik moaned onto the bellhop's cock. This caused him to shove his cock faster in and out of her mouth.

Wolffie spit on her crack and worked two fingers in her arse. Once he loosened the ring a little, he inserted his cock at the entrance and held it there until she squeezed instinctively. Her face reflected the familiar concentration and pain. The bellhop was beside himself and furiously pumped her mouth. Nikita gasped and struggled for air. Wolff took this opportunity to drive his cock in, to the hilt, with a resounding smack to the bum. Soon, she was into the ride, bucking back and forth in sync with the frenzied rhythm.

"You're my slut, Niki. I fuck you, he fucks you, and you can't cum until I say so." he panted.

Nikita was operating on adrenaline. With the intense action on both ends, Niki had to cum. Wolff relished the sight of his pussy girl being fucked in her mouth and ass at the same time. Simulating a well oiled piston, he entered the screaming tunnel of darkness...and took Nikita with him.

As the bellboy lay back on his heels, his cum splattered on Nikita's face, he thanked his lucky stars for switching shifts.

Written by: Nikita_writer

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