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Adventures in Fantasy Ch. 09

by kenkx©

Editing by Angel Love

"Are you ready for a stroll on the beach?" Mark asked Jan. "You don't seem to need your suit anymore."

Jan looked into her husband's eyes and recognized his lustful look. "Do you want me to go down there and show my naked body to one and all? Will that be okay?"

Mark smiled back. "Well, you've displayed your wares to Todd and Carl already. I don't see why others shouldn't get a nice look. That's one of the reasons we came to Playa del Maya, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Jan shrugged. "I'm game if you are."


The three couples slogged through the deep white sand, passing several other groups and couples. Jan could feel eyes burning into her naked flesh as they continued to walk along the nude beach area.

"I didn't realize what a show off I've become," Jan thought as she noticed a young couple eyeing her swaying tits. She began to accentuate her hip movements, causing her ample breasts to jiggle enticingly.

Kate led them to a spot between two other small groups and spread her towel on the sand. The others followed suit, holding down the towels with lotion bottles and sandals.

Kate and Todd headed directly for the water. Mark and Carl soon made their way down to the water's edge and splashed around. Lynn turned to Jan.

"Did you enjoy what Todd did to you?"

"It was different, a completely different feeling," Jan replied. "In fact, it was pretty incredible."

Lynn grinned. "That's the way I felt when Carl and Todd were playing with me. You've got to experience having more than two hands on you at the same time. If you want to do it, I'll talk to Carl and see if he will do it. I think I already know what his answer will be, because he's been eyeing you ever since you took your top off yesterday."

Jan looked toward the water's edge and saw Mark and Carl standing knee deep and chatting. She focused in on Carl's cock and the vision of her stroking him and even sucking him flashed through her mind.

"You make it sound so tempting, Lynn," Jan replied. "Let me think about it for a while. I'll let you know if I want you to talk to Carl."

"Fine," Lynn said. "Can I ask you something else?"

Jan nodded and turned her attention back to her friend. Lynn paused, trying to pose her question in just the right manner. "How would you feel about having six hands on you...including two female hands?"

Lynn held her breath as she awaited Jan's response. It was another line she had dreamed of crossing at some point and Jan seemed to be someone with whom she could be perfectly honest. Jan looked at Lynn and raised an eyebrow slightly.

"Let me think about that too, Lynn. I presume you mean that you would be the female hands, right?"

Lynn nodded slightly. "Yeah. Sometimes, I've had a fantasy about touching another know, like that...but I've never really done it. I guess it's the atmosphere down here, and the fact that I've been admiring you as much as my Carl. I hope you don't think I'm totally perverted. I feel kind of foolish even saying something like that to you."

Jan felt the sincerity in Lynn's confession and hurried to reassure her. "Oh, no, Lynn. We all have fantasies and if there ever was a time and place to consider acting on them, this is it! I know you're happily married to Carl and that what you are suggesting is just a passing fancy for you. I just have to take time to get my mind around some of the things whirling around in my fevered brain right now."

"Good. Okay," Lynn smiled. "I'm glad you're keeping an open mind. I won't press any issue. You let me know what you decide."

Jan nodded again. "I'll be honest with you, too, Lynn. I find myself checking you and Kate out when we're together. You have a lovely figure that you can be proud of for sure. Kate is very attractive too. You can't imagine how aroused I got listening to her moan and groan when Mark was doing it with her. I knew just what she was feeling and it drove me crazy. I just love her all over tan. I'm drawn to Carl and Todd, also. I'm guessing that Carl would feel like my Mark, but I can't really imagine how Todd's big fat one would feel. God, listen to me babble my thoughts to you!"

"I'm glad we can trust each other with our innermost thoughts and dreams, Jan. I just knew you would be someone I could talk to like this." Lynn leaned closer and gave Jan a kiss on the cheek, as if to seal their pact.

Jan felt her cheeks redden at Lynn's little peck. "How nice," she mused as she looked back to the water. Todd and Kate joined up with Mark and Carl. The four of them stood naked in the shallow water laughing and talking.

"Let's go see what they're up to," Jan suggested.

"So, you two hens are finally going to get wet?" Todd teased as he splashed water on the pair.

Lynn and Jan sat on the sandy bottom up to their necks and enjoyed the salty bath before standing up with the others. "There, we got wet on the nude beach," Lynn announced.

They continued to talk and kick the warm water with their feet. Other couples were going and coming around them and occasionally greeted them. The young couple Jan had noticed earlier waded by.

"Don't forget the dance tonight," the woman told them, "it's the toga party!"

Todd gave the couple the thumbs up sign. "We'll be there," he assured them.

Lynn looked over at Kate. "What's that spot on you, Kate?"

Kate looked down at the dark spot on her right breast. "Oh, Todd got carried away while we were out in the sea and made a big hickie on my boob. For some reason, he just loves to suck on a soft tit."

"It doesn't even have to be Kate's," Todd replied to her snide comment. Kate reached down and grabbed Todd's cock and pulled. "Ouch, watch it!" he yelped.

"Say, why don't we go back to our room and have some refreshments and decide what we're going to wear to the toga dance party tonight?" Kate suggested.

"We've got a wide open view of the grounds and the water from the second floor."

There was general agreement and the three couples waded out and gathered up their belongings. Jan reached for her bikini and intended to put it on for the walk back to the rooms. Then, she noticed that Kate and Todd were already slogging through the loose sand still nude. Jan glanced over at Lynn who was equally ambivalent. Lynn shrugged and put her gear in her bag.

"I don't guess we need to bother with suits anymore, do we?"

Mark tossed his trunks to Jan and she tucked her suit in with his. They followed Todd and Kate up the stairs to the deck sans suits, drawing sly looks from several of the couples stretched out on loungers around the pool. It was just a few more steps to the building, then up the stairs to Kate and Todd's room.

"Hey, you do have quite a view," Carl said as he stepped outside to the railing. "You can see for miles."

Todd joined Carl and leaned his arms on the railing. "Yeah, and the view down below can be quite nice also," he laughed as he recalled watching Mark and Jan in the throes of passion.

Kate went down the hall to fetch ice from the machine. Lynn took the opportunity to use the bathroom while Jan and Mark stepped out on the narrow patio.

"You do have excellent views from here," Mark agreed.

The group enjoyed several rounds of drinks while they chatted and eyed each other. Kate elected Jan to refill the ice bucket and she made her way down the hallway. She was conscious of her nudity even though nobody else was nearby.

"This feels so different, so free," she thought as she watched the ice fall noisily into the bucket.

Todd was still on the patio. "Mark, your wife is one tasty treat," he began. "She literally gushed when I was toying with her under the waterfall."

"Uh, yes, I could hear her behind me. She sounded like she was enjoying your attention," Mark replied as he felt his member move in arousal.

"The funny thing about the waterfall episode is that Kate, here, was the only gal who actually got to feel a cock inside her," Todd continued. "You gave her quite a thrill, Mark."

"Remember, you were the one who suggested it," Mark said defensively. "I wouldn't do anything like that behind your back, you know."

Todd nodded. "Right and I appreciate that, Mark. "Actually, your fancy moves excited me about as much as it did Kate, I think. It was great hearing her respond to you like that."

"I knew you were listening while you had your tongue up Jan's cute slit," Kate chuckled. "Don't you think turn about is fair play?"

Todd looked over at Mark. "I believe that would be Mark's call...and Jan's of course."

Mark stared back at Kate and Todd. "Are you suggesting that we reverse the roles here? You want me to share Jan with Todd?"

"I think it would be fun," Kate quickly interjected. "We could try sharing right here in our room. We're all friends now, I do believe," she added with a short laugh.

"What about us?" Carl asked. "We're here too, you know."

Todd put his arm around Lynn's naked waist and pulled her to him. "Oh, you're certainly included in our little orgy. I've been hoping for a chance to sample Lynn's ample charms," he assured Carl.

Lynn looked at Carl's grinning face as she felt Todd's hand slide up to her breast. "It's been one of our best fantasies," she confirmed. "I just didn't think we would ever really do it."

Jan returned with fresh ice and made herself another drink. She was beginning to feel the rum and she was surprised at how aroused she had become, eliminating her suit and getting crazy under the waterfall. She joined the others on the patio and noticed how quiet they were. "What's up?" she asked nobody in particular.

Mark looked around, and then replied. "We were just talking about maybe making some fantasies come true, honey," he began. "Todd was telling us how much he enjoyed playing around with you under the falls, and how excited he got when I played with Kate. They thought we might like to reverse the situation," he stuttered.

"I see," Jan replied as she looked from one to the other. "And, what about Carl and Lynn? How will that work?"

Mark sighed inwardly. "At least she's considering the proposal," he thought. "Maybe, just maybe..."

Kate spoke up. "They're game if you are, Jan."

Jan felt the pressure as she weighed the proposition. "I would get to experience Todd's big thick cock while Mark licks Kate. Then, I guess Carl would take his turn with me too. I wonder if Lynn was really serious about playing with me too."

Erotic thoughts flashed through her mind at dizzying speed as she hesitated. Jan felt butterflies in her tummy and a new wetness between her thighs.

"You mean right here, right now?" Jan stammered.

Todd smiled at Jan's expression. "No time like the present, right?"

"Help me Lynn," Jan said, turning to her naked friend. "Are you ready for something like this?"

Lynn stepped close to Jan and their breasts touched. "I'm ready to try anything," she whispered. "Remember our little talk?"

Jan nodded and Lynn hugged her gently. "I think we should let ourselves go for once and just enjoy ourselves. Think you can do that, Jan?"

Jan reveled in the other woman's soft touch and the sensation of their bodies pressed closely together. "Yes, I think I can as long as Mark is okay with all this."

Mark observed his beautiful wife wrapped in the arms of her new female friend. His cock started to rise without conscious thought on his part.

"Honey, let's live a little," he croaked. His mouth was dry and his knees were shaking. "I've already had a wonderful time with Kate. Now, I want you to enjoy yourself in as many ways as you like. No questions asked."

Todd reached for Jan's hand. "That's about as clear as can be, isn't it?" he said softly. "Let's go inside now."

Wordlessly, Jan allowed herself to be led back into the room. Todd moved her to the edge of one of the beds and she sat on the edge, looking across at Todd's thick cock.

"It's really nice and big," she mused.

Todd's hand pressed against her shoulder and she stretched out in the middle of the bed, looking up at the ceiling. He motioned to Mark. "Want to give me a hand at first?"

Mark sat on the other side of the bed and stroked his wife's hair and let his hand descend to her soft breast. Jan's nipples were already erect and he used his fingers to roll each nipple. Todd stationed himself between Jan's legs and she felt his warm breath on her bush. Then, Todd's tongue returned to her slit and he began to thrill her again.

"Oh, yes," she panted, as his tongue parted her inner lips and tasted her nectar.

Mark's hand continued to caress Jan's breast and tummy as Todd lapped her glistening cunt. To this was added a third sensation. Jan felt soft lips touch her other breast and she opened her eyes. Lynn was licking around her nipple. Lynn looked up into Jan's eyes as she took her nipple between her lips and sucked. Lynn's hands were sliding along Jan's leg and arm, adding to the immense emotional overload.

Carl and Kate stood together near the bed and watched as three people brought Jan's innocence to an end. Kate reached across and took Carl's dick in her hand and slowly stroked him to erection. His arm circled her hip and he rubbed her smooth buns and marveled at her shape.

Jan felt Todd moving on the mattress and she spread her legs wide to give him room. He lifted her legs at the knees and pressed them toward her chest. A moment later, the head of his large prick began to slide up and down her wet gash, searching for her tight entrance.

"Oh, yes, Todd, fuck me now, fuck me please."

Inch by inch, Todd worked his thick rod between Jan's yielding labia, filling her narrow cavern to the limit. Mark raised his head so that he could get an unobstructed view of this mind-blowing event that heretofore had only been a fantasy. He watched in awe as Todd pressed farther into Jan's vaginal tube. Finally, he bottomed out and pubic hairs entwined. Slowly, ever so slowly, Todd pulled back and his glistening cock came back into view. It was one of the most erotic sights Mark had ever seen.

This man's hard prick was skewering his sweet wife and he was only inches away. "Here I go again," Todd announced as he pressed his cock back inside.

Soon, Jan was moving her hips and trying to get his cock as far inside as possible. The couple set up a rhythm and everyone could hear the squishing sounds as Todd pounded into her.

Carl watched his wife suck on Jan's bare breast like a child taking dinner. Then, he looked down at the top of Kate's head as she engulfed his stiff rod with her mouth. She held his balls in her hand and moved his cock in and out of her mouth rapidly. As his balls tightened, she stopped sucking and turned her back, putting her hands on the edge of the bed.

"Fuck me doggy-style, Carl," she begged. "I need your cock in me now."

Mark looked over at Kate's swaying tits, then down at her husband's slimy cock. "I know what Carl's feeling about now," he thought to himself. "Kate's using her vaginal muscles to pull him into her while Todd's fucking my Jan nice and deep." At that moment, Jan reached about and finally grasped Mark's hard dick and stroked him as she continued to enjoy Todd's insistent thrusts.

Lynn replaced her lips with her hand on Jan's breast. She moved slightly. Her lips met Jan's lips and the two women kissed deeply. Lynn extended her tongue and Jan eagerly began to suck on it like it was a little prick. Jan envisioned herself being fucked while holding Mark's cock in her hand and sucking on another cock at the same time. The vision caused her first quick orgasm. Lynn sensed Jan's arousal and kissed her even more passionately, bringing on a second orgasm.

"Oh, God, yes," Jan groaned into Lynn's mouth. Her body was moving of its own accord as more climaxes racked her.

Turning her head away momentarily, Jan spoke to Lynn. "I want to suck Carl, get Carl for me," she pleaded.

Lynn rose from the bed and looked over at her husband as he held Kate's hips, his cock buried in her from behind. "Quick, honey, come over here and let Jan suck you for a little bit," she said. "I'll keep Kate warm for you."

"Do it," Kate agreed. Carl pulled out of Kate's slippery slot and stepped to the bedside near Jan's face. Without hesitation, Jan accepted his cock, wet with Kate's nectar, and began to suck voraciously. "It's happening," thought her foggy brain. "Three cocks at once!"

Lynn moved behind Kate and spread her ass cheeks wide, eyeing the juicy vista before her. Lynn's fingers explored her labia tentatively, then she lowered her face and began to feast on Kate's gaping hole. Her tongue slipped in and out of Kate, then she let her tongue tip go lower and she rimmed the woman's crinkled anal bud.

"This is so wild," Lynn thought. "I'm licking her asshole and tongue fucking another woman."

Todd caught sight of his wife's situation from the corner of his eye. He saw this other woman licking and lapping his wife's juices and the scene caused his balls to tighten.

"I'm going to cum," he groaned as he pulled his cock from Jan's gripping vagina.

Three strings of clear cum decorated Jan's belly. The first reached to the bottom of her breast. Todd sat back and stroked his own cock to coax out the last few drops. They fell onto Jan's bush.

Mark watched Todd's orgasm and had the irresistible urge to taste the cum that now ran across his wife's belly. He leaned forward and let his tongue glide through Todd's creamy deposit.

"The taste is pretty much like my own cum," Mark mused as he finished cleaning off his wife.

Jan realized that Todd was done. She was mildly shocked when her husband volunteered to clean up the mess with his mouth. She took a few more sucks on Carl's shaft before pulling back.

"You can finish what you started with Kate now," she told him as she released her husband's cock and lay back, exhausted.

Carl returned to Kate and reinserted himself to the hilt. Lynn looked over at Mark and noticed his still-erect prick bobbing its invitation. She pushed Mark onto his back and put her leg over his hips, straddling his cock.

"Do you mind if I try you out now?" she asked Mark with a sly grin.

Before Mark could respond, Lynn gripped his stiff rod and led him into her swollen cunt. "Ride 'em cowboy," she squealed as they came together.

Lynn's frantic movements, along with the other sensory pleasures, soon caused Mark to go rigid. Lynn felt his oncoming climax and then the warmth inside as Mark's sperm splashed against her inner walls.

Carl watched his pretty wife atop Mark's erect prick and heard her glee when he squirted inside her. The sight lit skyrockets in his mind and he unloaded into Kate's grasping gap. Kate collapsed onto the bed next to Jan and Mark. Lynn lay sprawled on top of Mark. Todd lay on his back on the carpet. Carl stepped back onto the patio and sat in one of the padded chairs to regain his breath.

Later, Jan turned to face Mark as he stretched out beside her. "I had no idea it would be like this," she cooed. Mark leaned closer and kissed his wife passionately. "Me either," he replied. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, yes," Jan responded with a faint smile. "Dreams and fantasies are fine, but the reality is something else. Do you think I'm wicked to enjoy it so much?"

Mark kissed her again. "If you're wicked, I'm wicked too!" he exclaimed. "I loved seeing you receive such pleasure. I got plenty of attention myself."

"It was the same with me, darling. Watching you got me so aroused, I think I may have lost my sanity for a while."

Lynn listened to the exchange. "You're saying what I feel too. I just hope Carl feels like you do, Mark."

"Ditto," Carl chimed in from the patio. "This was an incredible experience for all of us, I think. What could possibly top it?"

"It might take more practice," Todd laughed from his spot on the floor. "Right now, I'm fucked out and in dire need of a drink."

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