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Suck My Black Dick

by Formerly Ty©

Me and Kevin are close friends for about, ten years. How close you ask, well, so close that we...Well, let me tell you how close. I'm not gonna tell you how we met because, well, it's a very long story. We both lived in a black community where it is considered 'taboo' to be involved in homosexuality, as the Hip-Hop/Rap community suggests. But there were many blacks that lived in hiding during my time.

Kevin is black, as for me, I'm one of those bi-racial children. Yes, my parents had jungle fever. Anyway, the day that me and Kevin got real close was a day that would change my lifestyle and our friendship.

Kevin and I are huge fans of video games, so every now and then I would go over to his house and play his playstation. Then there were times where he would come over my house and play my Dreamcast, or we would play the N64. That day, we were at my house. My two sisters had left for the park, our parents left without telling us. So basically we were all alone.

Since I had no chairs in my room, we both sat beside each other on the edge of right side of my bed. I was in my casual around the house clothing, while Kevin had on his summer shorts and a basketball jersey that was kind of small on his swimmer sized body.

Kevin did have one of those gay, swimmer type body (not that I'm stereotyping). He was just a few inches shorter than me, seeing tha he was three years younger (I was 21 so guess his age). Myself, I wore my sweatpants with boxers underneath and a T-shirt. We didn't have any shoes on. You could say we were losers that still lived with our parents, we had no life.

"All this game-playing is making me thirsty," I said "Can you go get me some soda? Help yourself if you want anything."

"I'll be back, don't do anything." Kevin said. He walked to the kitchen while I waited to quench my thirst. He then came back with my long-awaited soda and a drink of his own. "Here you are." he said. Handing the cup to me, he slipped and it fell all over my shirt, pants, the floor and even the bed sheets.

"I am so sorry." he said.

"Sorry? You better clean this shit up!" I said.

"Okay, I'll be right back." he responded. When he left, I took off my sweatpants since I had been soaked by that bastard. He came back to see me naked only to depart from the room again, perhaps he needed more cleansing objects from the kitchen or to give me my privacy. Seeing that he wouldn't come back for a while. I wrapped my right hand around my shriveled cock and slowly stroked it, peeling my foreskin back and forth. Within seconds I was enlarged to the fullest to see Kevin enter the room with a sponge.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I got bored and began masturbating." I said.

"Oh, well...I have the sponge." he responded.

"I was thinking of you while masturbating." I said. He looked shocked as he got on his knees and cleaned the area around me until he saw my thighs soaked with soda. He then came to my balls, the pubes were slightly wet, yet he started to wipe it only to get them more wet. For a moment he stared at my slightly erect penis.

"You're not gonna clean my dick with that dirty sponge, let me get you some Kleenex." I said. I turned around to get some tissue when I felt even more wetness around my cock. I had turned around to see Kevin's face between my thighs and his mouth engulfed on my 6.5 inch cock, it suddenly rose to 7 inches as he slowly pulled his head back, his pink lips looked like they wanted to stay wrapped around my swollen member. As he pulled back, he bit my foreskin and stretched it with his teeth. He then stopped and stared at me.

"Did you like that?" he asked me.

"I guess if I got hard then I liked it," I responded. "Do it again, but this time keep going until I tell you to stop." He then started to suck me off again, oh it felt so good, he was sucking me like a pro. I then leveraged myself by leaning back on my elbows.

"You like that thick cock don't you?" I said. He nodded at me still with my dick in his mouth. He bobbed back and forth on my cock, he loved my cock. He then started to jerk my cock into his mouth. His hands were lukewarm with satisfaction. I moaned in exctasy as he continuously bobbed back and forth on my manhood.

"Oh, stop it! stop." I shouted to no avail as he sucked on my swollen member even faster. I the felt a huge sensation come over me as he stopped sucking my cock and began jerking me off. He intensively jerked me off until I blew my huge load in the air and it splashed on his face.

"Why didn't you stop?" I asked. He looked at me with my semen all over his face.

"I wanted to taste I like sucking your dick." he responded. He then proceed to swallow some of my man-goo.

"Is that it?" I said.

"We can do more if you want." he responded.

"Lets do more!" I said enthusiastically. He then took off all his clothing. I stared in amazement at his thin, but huge 7 inch hard cock. He obviously liked sucking my dick.

"Take me inside your mouth." he demanded. I then leaned over to lick the tip of his cock. He tasted so sweet, like a banana, but all I wanted was to taste his sweet potassium when it was to secrete from his banana. I then had a craving for him and I took his thin, black cock into my mouth. When he was halfway in my mouth, my taste buds made love to his cock and he moaned.

"Suck my black dick!" he demanded. I hesitated to take more of him inside me before he began thrusting his john in and out of my mouth. He was fucking me in my mouth and I loved it his tasty black dingling. He then pulled out of my mouth after he shoved his whole crotch inside me, even his balls.

"Lay on your back." He demanded. I turned on the bed and lay on my back with my cock in the air. He then sat on my upper chest area and inserted his black dick inside my mouth once again. He progressively started to jump up and came back down like he was riding me; in actuality he was pumping his cock into my mouth. He got tired after a while and got off me.

"I want to do something fun," he said "lift your legs up and take this black cock inside you." And that's exactly what I did. He came towards my butthole with his cock in hand and began to slowly penetrate me. I could feel the saliva that was left behind from my mouth on his manhood as he slowly entered me.

"Ooooh fuck me!" I shouted. It felt like he was ripping my ass apart. As soon as he halfway entered me, he started to fuck my tight ass. My feet were on each of his shoulders. Kevin started to lean forward for more leverage, and boy did it hurt. Within seconds he was pounding his thin black cock into my light-skinned hole.

He stared at my eyes and saw nothing but pain, his sweat trickled onto my chest and stomach as he leaned in we started to kiss. I then used my right hand to jerk myself off.

"It's gonna be ok, it'll be over in a few minutes." he whispered into my ear. The fast pace and intensive ass-fucking was over within a matter of seconds as he predicted. He came inside my tight ass. The potassium filled me up. Kevin was slowly fucking my ass, his semen turned white and my butthole was softer than ever.

"I have something for you." he said. He took his cock full of semen and waved it at me. I then got up and began tasting his potassium once more.

"Alright, that's it...I've had my turn, now it's your turn." he said. I really him to know how I felt but worse so I wanted to fuck him hard.

"Get on all fours," I demanded "It's doggy-style time!" He did just as I said and put his black ass in the air. I had to jerk-off for a minute and get my member fully erect. I saw his ass and boy was it ashy, I was determined to change that. I bent over and smelled his ass, it was an alright aroma. I started by kissing and licking his left butt-cheek before moving to his right butt-cheek. They were no longer ashy after I was done.

I was tempted to lick the area around his butthole before shoving my tongue in his anus. I licked inside him, all around until I was sure he was clean. Now was the time to fuck his wet ass. I began by spanking his left butt-cheek with my cock, it jiggled ever so lightly. I then easily penetrated my shaft into his black alley. It was like a train going through a tunnel.

"Fuck my black ass!" he demanded. I started to pound him ever so slowly before I picked up the pace. I saw him in tears as I ripped him apart. I pounded him faster and harder with no hesitation. There was no assurance as to when I would explode but I felt it coming with every pound.

I then buckled my hips as I came deep inside him. I kept pounding away until I heard someone come into the house, it was our parents. We swiftly got on our clothing and sprayed air freshener throughout the room to cover-up the stench of sex.

"What are you guys doing?" my father asked. He looked at me like he knew what we were doing. He did know and we talked it out (I'll tell you that story some other time).

"Um...Playing video games." I responded.

"Oh...Well don't do anything I wouldn't like." He said. The parents left the room.

"That was close." I said to Kevin.

"Sure was, listen, we can never talk about what we did ok?" he said.

"OK." I responded.

And that was the day that changed both our lifestyle and friendship. Me and Kevin are still friends. We are both bisexual today but never had sex after that day with each other (only oral sex). This is the story of how close me and Kevin are.

Written by: Formerly Ty

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