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Into the Forest

by Goldeniangel©

The watchword of the village was not to go into the forest after dark, the elders warned of uncanny events and strange creatures... ever since she could remember Clarice had been told horror stories of the woods. Everyone in the village avoided it after the summer that one of the bully boys had disappeared into it.

Grumpily, Clarice thought to herself that he had probably just run off and gotten away from this whole crowd of superstitious, narrow-minded, busy-bodies who thought they knew best how to run everyone's life. At a rebellious 18, Clarice wanted to settle her own future, and she was incensed to find out that most of the village thought she should marry Tom. Tom! The pig-farmer! She sniffed. As the daughter of the blacksmith she deserved much higher than that... unfortunately none of the more eligible boys measured up to her standards.

Clarice knew she had one of the best dowries in the entire village. Not to mention the fact that since she was 11 she'd been watched by the all the men in the village old enough to notice her budding body. It had made her haughty and arrogant, thinking that everyone was beneath her. Of course, her parents didn't help at all, spoiling her outrageously.

Now she turned her bright eyes to the world outside her village. Why, with her plump bosom and round hips she had caught a passing nobleman's eye last year! Perhaps she should go to the next village over, where more well-to-do people lived. There had to be someone worth her time to become her husband.

Yes, that's exactly what she would do.


As Clarice packed herself onto her horse, the oldest woman in the village came along to give a last warning.

"Make sure ye're outta da forest afore dark, young missy," croaked old Wina, "Ye don't want to be caught unawares there... and as ye're insistin' on goin' alone, there won't be any protection for ya if ye don't make it."

Clarice rolled her eyes, "Yes, yes, thank you very kindly old woman... if you weren't standing in my way then I could be leaving. If anything's going to cause me to be caught in the horrible old forest" her voice took on a mocking tone as she described the forest, "It's going to be you."

The old woman stepped nimbly aside as Clarice kicked her horse into a canter. Shaking her head, the older and wiser woman watched as Clarice rode away without a backward glace, breasts bouncing and head held high.

"No good will come o' that," muttered Wina, "I'll eat my walking stick if that girl makes it outta there."


Clarice slowed the horse almost as soon as she got into the forest. Looking around she snorted, "Old biddy... this isn't scary at all. It's just a normal forest."

And off she trotted into the woods, head held high as her breasts bounced with the motion of the horse.

By mid-afternoon Clarice was getting drowsy, the dark shadows of the forest making it hard for her to stay awake. Her head would start to fall, and then jerk up again... she couldn't fall asleep on a moving horse! Maybe she should find a place to stop and rest. Part of her wanted to keep going, and she realized that she was a little afraid of the forest.

Not because of anything supernatural, she told herself, but it was perfectly reasonable for her to be a little afraid when she was alone and in unknown territory.

Involved with her own thoughts, Clarice didn't notice the snake-like vine that slithered in front of her horse, startling the nervous creature into rearing. With a scream, that frightened the poor animal even more, Clarice fell from its back. The horse immediately took off in a run, straight back to the village it knew so well...

In the dark forest, that same moving vine wrapped itself around Clarice's bare ankle and began dragging the unconscious girl through the woods.


Back at the village, there was much consternation when Clarice's horse arrived, flecked with sweat and without its rider. While Clarice was not much loved, her father the blacksmith was and he truly adored his daughter. Unable to deny her anything, he now blamed himself for allowing her to go out into the forest which they had all been warned against. A group of men, including Tom the pig-farmer who might have been her husband - gathered up arms. Sadly, they were only able to follow her trail a little into the woods before darkness began to fall and they were forced to return to the village.

Clarice's mother comforted her father, she knew what her daughter was like. If something had happened to Clarice, well, they had other children. And they were still young enough to have more as well. Not that they wouldn't miss Clarice and grieve for their daughter... but her mother knew the practicalities of life. Life was hard in a village, and Clarice would not be the first child that they had lost... but life must go on. And with Clarice unable to receive help for a whole night... everyone knew there wasn't much hope for her.


That night, Clarice awoke with an aching head at the same time that her parents were making frantic love, trying to force their fear for their daughter away with the comforts of the body. She found herself completely naked and wrapped with moving vines. Her mouth dry with fear, she struggled as the vines tightened around her breasts, leaves brushing her nipples. The vines were still pulling her along the ground. Struggling and screaming, she found it was completely useless, the plant pulled her inexorably into a clearing... a large tree was there, possibly the biggest she had ever seen, directly in the center of the clearing. Sticking out of the tree was a stubby looking knob, almost as if a branch had been cut off after about 9" and then grown over in a curved shape.

The vines spread her legs apart, and Clarice screamed all the louder when she realized that her virginal womanhood was heading straight for that strange outgrowth. Smooth bark, almost silky smooth, pressed against her pussy lips as she sobbed, struggling wildly and uselessly. It was almost warm against her skin, although she was much too panicked to notice. Her screams choked off into gasps of pain as the wide wood entered her body, the vines pulling her slowly onto it. She moaned as it broke her virginity, gasping as she was splayed against the tree.

Slowly she was moved back and forth on the wood, the vines brushing her nipples as they made her fuck the tree. Clarice sobbed and struggled, but it was much reduced, her mind feeling numb to the terror and the strangeness of what was happening to her. It seemed far too much like a dream.

The tree fucked her deeply, its wood seeming to go deeper into her body every time... it started to feel almost pleasurable and Clarice closed her eyes as warmth spread over her legs and hips. Slowly the warmth grew, almost seeming to slide up her body, to her waist, her breasts. Thinking that she felt hands on her hips, Clarice opened her eyes and looked down... and she started screaming again. Her body was IN the tree... more and more of it, sliding it, up to her neck. Struggling was useless.

She was sure that she could feel hands pulling her into the tree, and her screams became muffled.


The next morning a group of men from her village followed the trail into the woods. Her tracks stopped, and there were drag marks into the forest. Grimly they hefted their weapons and began to follow the dragging tracks, along the way finding bits and pieces of Clarice's cloths which had been torn from her body.

On arriving at the tree in the clearing, they stared in horror... the bark seemed to bulge out from the tree, showing a woman's upper body, her mouth open in a wild scream. As they stood there, Clarice's father fell to his knees in grief. He knew what had happened, they had seen this before, although not for many years.

Tom, the Pig-Farmer, cried out "NO!" and ran forward before any of the men could stop him. His hands grabbed at her waist, as if to pull her from the tree, but as soon as he touched the bark, his fingertips slowly began sinking into the tree and he screamed. Quickly the men pulled him away from the tree, his fingers bleeding as the skin was torn from them.

"There's nothing you can do now," Clarice's father looked at the tree that had taken his daughter, "The dryad has her now."

"What does that mean?" asked Tom, cradling his bleeding fingers as one of the other men began to bandage them.

Clarice's father was silent, but the man bandaging him said in a low voice, "She'll stay young inside there forever, the dryad's unwilling bride. Eventually she may be set free... but if she is she'll be forever corrupted, her only purpose to bring other brides to trees. This is an evil forest lad..."

Sadly, the men returned home.


Inside the tree, Clarice sobbed and screamed as the dryad whipped her from behind, she had felt the touch of fingers on her waist, making her despair - first when she'd thought there was another dryad to rape her, and then when she realized the touch had been human. Something fleshy and woody pressed into her anus, making her cringe as he began to sodomize her again.

"Human blood makes me grow so strong little one," he said, pulling on the clamps which were digging into her nipples, making the little prongs prick her as the blood trickled down her stomach and into the floor, "I will grow very large indeed with you here, with me forever."

"Please, let me go," she whimpered, repeating her plea although she knew there was no hope.

The dryad laughed and began to rub her clit. Clarice moaned in horror as the pleasure began to build again, the unbearable pleasure that almost made her want to stay here, despite it all. Her nipples burned with agony, even as she shrieked in climax.


Tom could have sworn he heard Clarice's agonized screams on his way home. They would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Written by: Goldeniangel

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