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Adventures in Fantasy Ch. 11

by kenkx©

Editing by Angel Love

"We've still got some booze left up in our room," Todd announced as the toga party broke up. "Who wants a nightcap?"

The other couples agreed that a nightcap was definitely in order. Soon eight happy people were spread out in Todd and Kate's second floor room.

"Josh, you should have been here earlier," Todd said. "We had one hell of an orgy before the toga party."

"Really?" Mindy slurred. "What happened?"

"A lot of sucking and fucking," Todd confirmed. "It's been building every day, and we finally got it on."

"Oh, God, that must have been hot!" Mindy gasped as she fell back across one of the beds. Her toga slid apart, exposing one of her slender legs.

Carl looked down and licked his lips as Mindy failed to cover her naked limb. "I'm not sure we actually finished did we?"

"Who's ready for round two?" Kate asked nobody in particular. Looking over at Josh, she noticed the bulge in the front of his sheet. "I think Josh still has some lead in his pencil."

Josh instinctively reached down to cover his groin. Sheepishly, he glanced over at Kate and moved his hand. "You caught me," he admitted. "You guys have me all worked up."

"Mindy needs some action pretty soon or she's going to go to sleep on us I think," Kate told him. "Why don't you join her on the bed? We'll let you enjoy yourselves."

Josh glanced around at the audience and felt his dick harden to its full length. He slipped over onto the bed and stretched out next to his cute fiancé. Mindy eyed him lustfully as he bent to kiss her.

"Remember our fantasy?" he whispered.

Mindy nodded slightly. "Want to try it?" she inquired when he broke their deep kiss. "Want to see what it's like to have someone watch us?"

Josh slid his hand up Mindy's bare leg and continued to part her toga. He caressed her bald mound and let his fingers move up and down her weeping slit. "You're so exciting," he whispered to her. "I want to give you so much pleasure."

As the others watched, Josh pulled the sheet away from Mindy's supple little body, leaving her nude on the bed. Lynn helped him shed his own toga and they all watched as Josh crawled between Mindy's legs to feast at her bare slit. Josh pulled her legs up and out, opening her fully to his tongue and the audience's eager gaze.

"She's beautiful like that," Kate whispered to Jan and Mark. "Look at her cute little titties."

Kate moved to the bed and began to softly fondle Josh's balls while he lapped at Mindy's sex. A low moan escaped his lips as she squeezed his scrotum and let her fingers encircle his hard prick.

"He's got a nice thick one," she told Lynn and Jan. "You've got to feel for yourselves."

Lynn touched Josh and played with his testicles until she felt Jan's fingers next to hers. Jan followed suit, exploring Josh with one hand and Lynn's breast with the other. "He's so nice and hard," she murmured.

Mindy moaned. "Please, Josh, I can't wait anymore. Put it inside me."

Josh honored her request and moved up, sliding the swollen head of his member inside her inner labia. Lifting her legs, he impaled his petite sweetheart on his seven inches and began to piston in and out.

"Oh, yes," Mindy cooed as their pubic bones met. "So good," she added.

Carl decided the time was right and moved to Mindy's head. She sensed Carl's presence and opened her eyes to see him stroking his thick dick just inches from her face. Looking down, he saw her eyeing him and leaned closer. Mindy opened her lips and Carl let her lick the head of his hard cock. Moments later, she began to suck voraciously on his prick as Josh filled her vagina with his thick meat.

Lynn didn't want to be left out, so she knelt next to Mindy and began to fondle and suck on her small breast. Jan watched for a moment, and then followed Lynn's lead on the other side. Mark and Todd sat nearby on the other bed, stroking their own cocks and enjoying the sexy show.

"Me next, Carl," Todd called, and Carl obliged by moving aside.

Mindy opened wider and tried to stuff Todd's larger prick into her mouth. "Mmfph," she groaned as he moved slightly to urge her on.

A couple of minutes later, Todd stiffened and put his hands on his hips while Mindy tried to deal with the thick cream being emitted. Cum leaked from the sides of her mouth and Mark saw her swallow several times.

"Give me a turn, Todd," Mark said.

Todd pulled his dripping cock from Mindy's lips and before she could object, Mark filled her slimy mouth with his swollen dick. He didn't last long. After a couple of minutes, he sensed his own coming climax and decided to pull out and save it. Mark's cock popped out of Mindy's mouth as Josh began to fill her pink cunt with his warm cum.

"Yes, oh yes, baby," she squealed as he pressed hard into her. "Oh, oh yes."

Josh lay atop Mindy, looking down into her sleepy eyes. He bent and kissed her deeply, tasting Todd's salty juice on her lips and tongue. "You're incredible," he whispered. "I never came so hard in my whole life."

"Me neither," she cooed as they lay together recovering their breath. "Everybody was helping me. It was a mind-blowing experience. Do you still love me?"

Josh, surprised at her question, looked down on his fiancé lovingly. "More than ever, darling," he confirmed. "I think we've both had the greatest pleasure of our lives tonight."

Josh rolled off to the side and looked up at the others. "What a nightcap!" Everybody laughed and touched the young couple, feeling part of their excitement.


Jan answered the room phone the next morning. "Hi sweetie," Lynn said as she heard Jan's sleepy hello. "What are you doing?"

"Mark's in the shower, and I'm just waking up," she said. "What's up?"

"Time for brunch," Lynn told her. "We're going downstairs in about twenty minutes. See you there."

"Yeah, okay," Jan agreed. "We'll be down in a while. It got late. We slept in."

"What a night!" Lynn gushed. "I hope Josh and Mindy join us today."

Jan recalled how thick and stiff Josh's young cock felt in her hand. "Yeah, me too."

Mark walked back into the bedroom and joined Jan on their patio. He was drying his hair with a towel. Both were naked. "Did I hear the phone?" he asked.

"It was Lynn. They're headed to brunch. She just wanted to wake us up."

Two older couples strolled up the walkway and waved at Jan and Mark. The men were nude except for hats and glasses. The women were topless, with sarongs around their waists. Both women were well endowed and Mark watched their breasts sway as they wandered by.

"Even saggy tits look good this morning," he mused. "Hurry up and shower. I don't want to miss any of the fun today."

A half-hour later, Jan and Mark joined Carl and Lynn. The coffee was strong and hot. "Seen the others?" Mark asked.

"Not yet," Carl replied. "I think Todd was fucked out this morning. Kate may have kept him up even longer once we all left," he laughed.

The four were moving through the buffet line when Josh and Mindy appeared. They began to move toward a table on the far side of the room, and then Mindy noticed Jan and Lynn. She walked over and smiled broadly.

"Good morning," she greeted a bit tentatively.

Lynn smiled back. "Don't sit clear over there, Mindy. We're at that big table near the window."

"You want us to join you?" Mindy asked, just to be sure.

"Of course, silly," Lynn confirmed. "We're still friends aren't we?"

"Sure," Mindy responded. "It's just that after last night...this Morning; we weren't sure about anything."

Lynn put her plate down on the counter and took Mindy in her arms. She hugged her tightly and patted her back. "You and Josh are always welcome."

Mindy shuddered slightly in Lynn's arms. "I kind of hogged the attention after the party," she began, "So I was afraid you and the others wouldn't like me."

Lynn patted the younger woman on the bottom and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "We enjoyed ourselves too you know. It was fun to play with you and see you receive so much pleasure. Don't worry, honey, we'll get our turn."

Mindy relaxed as she saw Jan nodding her agreement. "Well, I must admit that I'm relieved to hear you say that. Josh told me the same thing, but I guess I needed to hear it from you."

They enjoyed their brunch, but didn't see Kate or Todd. "I'll call their room and see what gives," Lynn volunteered. Returning, she reported that their other buddies were still in bed. "Kate was breathing heavy, so I figured she was riding her cowboy and she said I had guessed right. They're going to skip brunch and meet us down at the pool or beach later."

It was after one o'clock before Todd and Kate made their way down to the pool. "Where are the others?" Kate asked Jan.

Jan looked up and watched Todd slide out of his shorts. "Josh and Mindy, and Lynn and Carl are down behind the waterfall," she told them. "Mindy wanted to see it."

"She's a curious little gal," Kate replied with a grin. "I hope we didn't scare her off last night."

"No way," Mark spoke up. "She was afraid we wouldn't like her because she captured so much attention."

"Shit," Kate chuckled. "I had fun with both of them. Todd is anxious to get his prick into Mindy, too, that's for sure."

Todd smiled. "Now, honey, wasn't I good to you last night and this morning?"

Kate grinned. "Yeah, I wanted to get my share before you went dry!"

Jan giggled at the other couple's dialogue. "I have a feeling we're all thirsting for some more of something," she said cryptically.

Mark glanced over at his pretty wife. "I have a feeling you're thirsting for Josh's thick young dick," he jested. "I saw how you were stroking him and playing with his balls. He's still young and eager. I'll bet he can get hard again in thirty minutes or less if one of you ladies helps him a little."

Lynn laughed at Mark's comment. "You're just jealous, Mark, cause it takes you longer to recover."

"Maybe so, maybe so," Mark admitted. "He sure seems to have staying power. Jan, can you imagine how nice that must be?"

Jan jerked her head up and saw that he was teasing her. "I've been visualizing that very thing," she teased back. "Want to watch me wear his hard little cock out?"

Mark was poised for her retort. "If you decide to test him, I definitely want to be there. You may have to wait a while, however. I think Lynn may have beaten you to the punch, so to speak."

"Carl has probably gotten to Mindy before you, too. Have you thought about that?" Jan replied with a flip of her hair.

"That's okay," Todd broke in. "We've still got plenty of time. We're all going to get a turn, I'm sure. I'll wait, because I don't want to stretch Mindy's little pussy and ruin it for you guys."

Mark nodded. "I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Todd. There are other women around for you in the meantime, I think," Mark added with a wink.

"I've thought about that," Todd confirmed. "I should recover my capabilities by late afternoon."

"Lynn's next," Jan counseled. "I've already had the pleasure, Todd."

"And, a pleasure it was, Jan, my dear," Todd replied. "I'd like an encore, too, if you don't mind."

Mark spoke up. "Wait till Jan gets her shot at Josh, okay? I think we'll invite Mindy and Josh to our room later to check out the view from our ground floor patio. You guys can watch from up above in your room if you like."

"Sounds like a plan," Kate responded. "Just leave your door unlocked so that we can join you later."

Written by: kenkx

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