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Her Inner Slut Ch. 01

by ldlarry52©

The slap, slap, slapping sound that two naked bodies having sex filled the room. Heather a lovely young woman of twenty-nine cries, moans and shrieks in pleasure as her husband Tom humps her doggy style.

"Oh yeah, baby, fuck me like a bitch!" Heather screamed as she felt her husband's cock sliding in and out of her fuck hole. It even felt like the tip was trying to work its way into her womb. She loved fucking and being taken doggy style was one of her favorite positions. Kneeling with her ass sticking up, her back arched and her head buried in a pillow she felt like a bitch in heat.

With ever increasing intensity Tom humped up against her tight ass; she was his for the taking and using. This was Tom's favorite position, too. He enjoyed the view of his cock thrusting into his wife's cunt as he controlled and dominated her sexually.

Heather raised her head and glanced into a mirror and watched her loving husband taking her and fucking her savagely. He looked like a porn star doing some slut and it made her feel like one as well. She remembered her mom once commented to her in disgust on a picture she found in one of her dad's porno magazine of a woman being fucked doggy style. "Only sluts let men do them this way. Your dad has been trying for years to do me like this. I don't understand why he wants to use me like some dirty slut."

Her mother made doggy style sound dirty and nasty, something a good girl wouldn't even do with her husband. As she grew up and went off to school Heather was exposed to lots of sex talk on every kinky subject imaginable, and she unlike her mother could hardly wait to be taken doggy style.

Being taken doggy style was impersonal. There was no eye contact between lovers nor tenderness just hard ass pounding fucking. In a most unlady like posture she had to kneel with her ass sticking up so she could be mounted and used by a faceless man. It could be anyone behind her she thought and many times she would fantasize about different men she knew.

Sweat was beading over Tom's body his mind focused on just ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. As his orgasm approached he began to feel that familiar tingling sensation in his cock. Soon he would cry out in pleasure as he flooded her fuck hole with cum.

"You like how I am fucking you, bitch?" Tom would snarl, asking her like she was nothing more than a slut for his use. Knowing the answer was a yes he humped her even harder and faster. He loved and cherished his wife, the mother of his two children, but now all he cared about was the pleasure he was getting and taking from her body.

"What would your mom say if she saw you like this? She'd think you're nothing but a dirty slut." Tom liked reminding Heather what her mom would think of her if she knew the nasty, dirty things she did and enjoyed doing in bed.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me like a bitch, baby, fuck your dirty slut bitch hard. Yeah, my mom would say I am nothing but a dirty fucking slut for enjoying being used this way, and she'd be correct. Now, keep fucking me with that big hard cock of yours. Use me, baby, use me, this slut you're married to wants it hard and deep. Fuck, fuck, fuck me . . . " Heather yelled back as she humped back at Tom's ramming cock.

Likewise, Heather was boiling in wanton desire. She loved being taken and used as if she were nothing more than a cunt, but her husband's cock could not take any more pleasure from her cunt than it gave. This wasn't soft romantic love making. Rather it was down and dirty fucking between two horny people focused on what they were getting or taking from the other.

"I am going to give you another tickle after I cum in you! You like me to lick you some more? Make you cum with my tongue? Tom panted as he thought about licking her cum filled cunt.

Tom loved to see his cum oozing from his wife's cunt and the idea of licking it from the folds and lips as it leaked from her drove him wild and ever closer to coming.

This time he told him self over and over he would do it. He'd fill her cunt with cum, slide under and between her legs, reach up grab her ass cheeks and pull that gooey, sloppy hole to his face and mouth.

Putting fantasy and erotic imagery together with reality is many times difficult. What you desire and want while fully aroused diminishes and evaporates with orgasm. The relaxing warmth of nude body against nude body takes the place of intense carnal desires, tastes and pleasures. Tom wanted to lick their love juices out of her cunt; it was a major fantasy for him and something he jacked off to regularly as he read erotic stories. But after cuming, the desire for sex of any kind instantly gave way to the joys of after glow.

With a load groan Tom cried out, oh, fuck, fuck I am cuming in you, bitch! I am filling your nasty, dirty cunt full of cum."

Heather cried back, "Yes, yes, fill your dirty slut's cunt." Heather felt Tom's hands tighten around her waist she knew he was there and that she would soon feel his thick warm cum spewing inside her, coating the walls of her fuck hole.

With his cock buried deep inside her he shook and moaned as he once again emptied his sperm filled cum into the depths of his bride. Falling forward he forced her body to the mattress. Now, he was lying atop of her holding her tightly wrapping his arms and legs about her body as he convulsed in orgasmic pleasure.

As his orgasm subsided, he rolled onto his side pulling her with him. Now, they lay together like two spoons as his cock softened and slowly withdrew from her. Heather not wanting to loose this most intimate of connections would gently clinch her ass cheeks trying to hold him inside her. As he finally slipped free they both could feel the wetness of their fuck juices as the cool air wafted over them causing them to evaporate.

Holding her tightly, he would gently caress her soft skin using his hands on her upper body and ass as his feet and legs rubbed against hers. He would take a tit into his hand and gently squeeze and knead it, while gently kissing her neck telling her he loved her. With his legs curled around her he hugged her tightly, something Heather enjoyed after sex. She felt safe needed and loved by his tender affection. At this point Tom always ceased using her like a man would use a whore and would demonstrate his tender love for her.

As he laid holding Heather, he thought about her cunt full of cum ready and available for him to lick. But again that kinky erotic desire had drifted away with his orgasm. After several minutes of gentle caressing Tom lifted himself and knelt between her legs looking down at her well fucked pussy and the gooey messy he left in her. He gently fingered her, pleased with the copious load of cum he deposited. He tried to overcome his after glow disinterest with no success. Slowly, before getting up he leaned down to her cunt lips and kissed them.

Heather ever observant knew her husband wanted to lick her cunt after cuming in it, but all he would ever do is give her cunt a quick lick or kiss. He would always ask her if she wanted him to while he fucked her or he would just tell her he was going to do it, but he never did. She loved having her pussy licked, that's how she got off. The idea of an after fuck pussy licking turned her on. Her husband was a good pussy licker and before fucking her he would go down on her and give her several orgasms with his mouth and tongue. Even once he began fucking he would repeatedly go back down on her.

"Tom, why don't you lick me some more?" she finally asked as she gently fingered her creamy pussy. "You always tell me you are after we fuck, but you never do."

Tom sat back down between her open legs and he watched her finger the oozing goo bubbling from her fuck hole. He grimaced slightly, took a breath and said, "I want to, it's all I think about just before cuming in you. But, once I cum my intense sex drive and desire evaporates. It's so frustrating wanting something and losing the desire for it once it's available."

Then with out fully thinking Tom said, "I wish there was some way of filling your cunt with cum before I cum, when I am still fully aroused."

Heather smiled and giggled slightly as she continued fingering her gooey fuck hole. "How could you do that? It would take at least a half hour before you would be ready again and by that time our juices would have all leaked out."

Then with carefully chosen words Heather continued, "Maybe we need to get some stud to do me first so my pussy would be nice and full of fresh fuck juices."

Tom was stunned at her suggestion. His wife had never spread her legs for another man or expressed any interest in doing so. A virgin on her wedding night she was brought up with very strict sexual morals. While, she wasn't a prude about sex she always viewed sex as something a husband and wife did exclusively.

"You'd do that for me?" Tom asked as he gently stroked her inner thigh. Not only did Tom fantasize about cream pie he had many fantasies about his wife fucking other men and Heather was well aware of those fantasies, too.

"Not, just for you." Heather answered in a assertive tone. "All my sisters have been with more than one man. Even my sexually repressed mom has had two men between her legs. I'd like to know what it would be like to have another man's cock in my mouth and pussy, to taste him and feel his tongue on my clit. Not that you don't satisfy me I just want to know what it would feel like to have someone else do me." Heather explained as Tom continued starring down at her sloppy cunt.

"You probably think I am some kind of closet slut, now." Heather said as she covered her face with her hands in mock embarrassment.

Tom looked down at his beautiful naked bride, seemingly embarrassed at her confession of wanting to spread her legs for another man. But, she knew she had nothing to fear or be embarrassed about. She knew what her husband's response would be. "No, Heather, I don't think you're some kind of closet slut just surprised at your change of mind. I've suggested threesomes several times over the years and you said it would be sinful."

She knew he wouldn't be disgusted with her desire. Her hands now hid a mischievous grin. Heather had been thinking and fantasizing about fucking other men for several months she just didn't know how to introduce the idea. Slowly, she lowered her hands from her face back down to her pussy. "Well your right it would be sinful, but you once told me that you wouldn't see a threesome as adultery because you'd be consenting to my fucking someone else. It wouldn't be unfaithfulness if we wanted to do this together." Heather recounted her husband's self serving rationalization for a threesome.

"Your sister's have all fucked other guys besides their husbands? Tom questioned with lured interests. "How did you find out about all their conquests?

"Well at our last sister get together we all drank a little too much and many secrets were told, Tom, including how talented you are with your tongue, the sex videos we've made together and our fucking in hotel swimming pools. But, when it came time to sharing how many men we'd been with I came up last. All of my sister's are sluts in comparison to my experience. Every one of them has fucked at least three other men besides their husbands. " Heather complained. "Marla, I mean she is a slut! She's been fucked by thirty different cocks." Heather continued revealing her sister's sex secrets.

"Thirty different guys? Marla is a definitely a fucking slut. I wouldn't mind being thirty-one." Tom said astonished that one of his strictly brought up sister in laws was a certifiable slut.

"Tom!" Heather said with a mocking tone of disgust to her voice. "She's my sister how could you possibly fuck my sister?" Tom just smiled and said, "The same way you fuck any woman, get between her legs put it in and fuck her full of cum." Heather smiled and shook her head at Tom's crassness.

"So you told them about the hotel pools, the video tapes and how much you like my oral sex technique?" Tom asked in amused surprise. Then adding, "Did you also tell them how much you like to suck cock?

Heather smiled coyly and asked, "You like me sharing that kind of information?"

"Yeah, I like you sharing as long as they share, too. I've always been curious about their sex lives. All of your sister's are fucking hot. Knowing that they have spread their legs for guys other than just their husbands makes them even hotter." Tom explained.

"From talking to my sisters none of their husbands take care of them orally like you do me." That disclosure made him smile in prideful satisfaction. "Also, your cock is bigger than any of their husbands." Tom really liked to hear that.

"I think they're all a little envious of the way you lick pussy and how big you are. But, I am envious at how many cocks they've had." Heather added.

"All my sisters told me I needed to expand my experience and get laid by another guy or two." Heather said.

"Another guy or two, you mean they were encouraging you to be unfaithful and fuck around?" Tom asked shocked that his strictly brought up sister in laws were encouraging his wife to cheat on him.

"That's right, that's just what they were suggesting. They told me to loosen up and answer the call of my inner slut." Heather smiled and laughed at the notion she had some kind of inner slut.

"So you have some guy in mind?" Tom asked, hoping that she may have already taken a lover into their bed. This was turning him on big time. His wife was at last open to a threesome. Eating cream pie and sharing his wife with another man were Tom's top two fantasies. He smiled as he looked down on her imaging for a moment he was watching another man's cum leaking from her fuck hole.

"No, no one in particular comes to mind. How about you finding some guy you think I'll like and someone you'd be comfortable with, seeing that you'll be licking his cum from my cunt." Heather asked as if it were normal for a wife to ask her husband to find someone for her to fuck.

This talk of threesomes and cream pie was getting Tom worked up, he could hardly wait to get on line with some swinger sites. But now his mind, eyes and sexual appetite were returning and his wife's cunt was full of cum.

Heather continued fingering herself coaxing more cum from her fuck hole. For the past several minutes Tom had been playing with his cock. Heather seeing his renewed arousal said, "Tom, I want you to lick my pussy clean." This wasn't a request Heather was telling Tom what she wanted and expected from him.

Not waiting for him to go down on her or change his mind, Heather grabbed his arm and pulled him down beside her. "Time to clean your slut's cunt," Heather said in an uncharacteristically domineering tone. Quickly she straddled Tom's face.

"Open your mouth I want to drain this cum in my cunt into your mouth." Heather said as she looked down on her husbands his eyes full of excited anticipation. Tom watched as a large thick dollop of creamy white cum oozed out. It slowly began to slip off her cunt lips till it fell into his waiting mouth.

Heather watched excitedly as the first dollop of cum dropped. "You like that don't you? Heather asked as she enjoyed the dominate role she had assumed. "Well let's put that mouth and tongue to work." Heather then pressed her gooey pussy to Tom's face.

"Now, lick me clean, Tom. Show me you really want to clean cum from my pussy."

Tom didn't disappoint her this time, he eagerly began licking, sucking and swallowing the cum he had deposited in her.

"That's it, Tom, lick it all up. Do you think you can clean a stranger's cum out of me? Heather asked as she pushed down harder wanting her husband to get every drop.

Tom mumbled unintelligently till his wife lifted her pussy from his mouth. "Yes, I want to clean you up after some stranger fills you. I want to watch you be a total slut with some guy." Tom said in a gasp his mouth glistening with fuck juices.

Heather continued looking down at her husband licking her clean and as he licked she began to feel an orgasm building. "Oh, baby your making your slut cum again. I love having you lick my pussy clean, you'll be doing this often, lover." Heather said as she tilted her head back and with a loud scream she enjoyed yet another orally administered orgasm.

Tom couldn't believe what was happening. His wife was making him lick his cum from her cunt and was asking him to find her a lover. She was using him for her pleasure like a man would use a slut. She wasn't making love to him she was just using him to get off on as he had used her many times.

Her orgasm subsided and she looked down at her husband. His face smeared with cum and pussy juice. She liked how it looked and how it felt taking control and dominating him. She now partially knew and understood the pleasure a man must have when he cums on a woman's face or in her mouth.

"Aroused or not, lover, from now on you will lick my pussy clean after you or any other man cums in it. You like treating me and using me like a slut when we fuck. You like making me lick my pussy juices off your cock, take your cum into my mouth and swallow it. Well I like it when you treat me like a slut. But, I also want to make you do things. So before you cum you'll be in control, but after you'll be my slut and you will do as I ask. Heather informed her husband.

Tom smiled big, "okay, slut, I'll go with that arrangement. Your cunt is clean of fuck juices. Now, slide your fucking ass down, bitch, and fuck my cock."

Heather turned and looked over her shoulder and sure enough Tom's cock was hard again.

"Okay, lover, I'll fuck your cock, but be ready to lick my pussy clean again." Heather chided as she slide down Tom's body.

She slipped in easily and with urgency she began fucking him. After several minutes of none stop humping of her ass Heather fell across her husband's body panting. Tom rolled her over onto her back and began fucking her hard and fast. Having already cum Tom's staying power was greatly increased. Heather was quickly screaming and crying loudly to be fucked harder and faster and Tom did not disappoint her bringing her to another explosive climax.

"You're such a slut, Heather, a fucking slut." Tom whispered in her ear. Then he continued his hard fast thrusting till his orgasm built up to the point of no return. Quickly, Tom pulled out and positioned his cock at Heather's mouth. "Open your fucking mouth, slut, I want to fill it with cum."

Obediently, Heather opened her mouth and watched her husband jacking himself in eager anticipation of receiving his warm thick cum into her mouth. It didn't take long and Tom groaned and with his cock resting on her tongue he shot a nice load straight into her mouth.

Spent Tom collapsed along side his wife panting and sweating profusely. He looked over at his wife's mouth it was open and he could see is cum in it. Then with a little smirk on her face she rolled over and kissed Tom forcing his mouth open so they could snow ball his cum.

Tom's eyes widen in surprise as he felt his cum flowing into his mouth. Heather swallowed and licked her lips smugly, "Okay, lover, swallow your portion. I almost gave it all to you, but it tasted so good I kept some for my self."

Tom smiled and swallowed.

Written by: ldlarry52

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