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Master Wants to Share His BBW Slut

by NYCbbwSUB©

The phone rang and Lisa jumped out of her seat. She had been waiting for a call from Master all day and she hoped this was he.

"Hello?" said Lisa.

"Be at my home by 8PM and be ready to be used really good" said her Master, and he hung up before she could speak.

She was so happy when he called and felt so wanted when he gave her orders.

It was already 6:30PM and she decided to get ready. In the shower all she could think about was what master had in store for her tonight. She didn't care, all she wanted to do was, please him. She dressed like a total slut, just the way master liked. Lisa being 38 years old, 5'2, 195lbs, 38D the clothes she chose really made her look her sluttiest. A very sheer blouse and a very tight leather skirt. No stockings or panties, just a pair of spike red heels. Of course also just a little too much make up. Lisa looked at herself in the mirror and her pussy quickly got very wet, knowing that she was dressed like a slut for her Master. Thinking of that always made her wet. When she finally awoke from her daze she looked at her watch and it was already 7:30PM. The cab she reserved earlier was beeping his horn outside. She quickly grabbed her keys and bag and left to see her Master.

The driver pulled up and Master came out to the car to pay the driver. As the cab drove off Master complimented Lisa on her attire for the evening.

"Very appropriate, especially for what I have planned for you" said Master, as he turned and started for the house. She knew she was supposed to follow him, so she did. She followed her Master into the livingroom.

"Sit down whore" said Master. Lisa quickly sat on the sofa. Master sat down next to her.

"Spread your legs slut" he said. Lisa did as she was told and Master started rubbing up and down her leg.

"Who owns you slut?" he said. Lisa loved when Master spoke to her this way, and she answered

"You own me Master."

"That's right slut and I will use you any way I want" said Master.

"Yes Sir" was all Lisa could mumble.

By now Lisa was dripping wet and wanted to feel her Master's cock inside her so bad. Master ran his hand all the way up his sluts leg until he felt her juicy wet cunt.

"You love it slut, don't you? Master asked.

"Look how wet your cunt is"

"Yes Sir, I love it yes yes" Lisa moaned.

Master slid a finger into Lisa's wet hot cunt, making Lisa moan and beg to be fucked.

"Oh don't worry whore I have a few friends her that are going to help me with that" Master said.

"What are you talking about Sir?" Lisa asked.

"My friends will be here to use you any way they want and I am going to film it" Master said.

Before Lisa could protest he shoved 2 fingers deep into her wet hole knowing that would make her want to fuck as much as much as he wanted.

"Look at you slut, you want to get used and fucked so bad don't you?" Master said.

Just when Lisa thought she would explode right there the doorbell rang. "Don't move!" Master demanded.

At the door were 3 men. Master invited them in with Lisa sitting there with her cunt hanging out for all of them to see.

They were all about 50 or older and looked like real perverted guys.

"So this is the whore you have been telling us about?" said one of them.

"Yes that's the slut" said Master as he went to the closet to get the video camera. He came back and said,

"Ok guys use the cunt any way you want while I get it on film."

All 3 men at the same time went to Lisa and started grabbing her tits, pinching her nipples really hard, making her moan. Then she felt fingers sliding into her dripping wet pussy. She couldn't believe how turned on she was.

"This bitch is fucking hot!" said one of them.

"Use her good guys" Master said.

"Get on your knees whore and service my friends" ordered Master.

Lisa got to her knees greedily waiting for a cock to be shoved into her mouth. She took the 1st cock in her mouth while stroking the other 2 men. One by one she took turns sucking their hard cocks.

"You like being a dirty little cocksucking don't you?" one of them asked.

Lisa tried to answer but had a cock stuffed in her mouth but they all knew by her moaning she was loving every minute of the use.

Knowing that she was being a dirty whore and used on film made it even more exciting.

While still sucking one of their cocks another one decided he wanted Lisa to ride his hard cock. He slid underneath Lisa and she lowered herself onto his cock. The minute she felt him inside her cunt she wanted to cum. You could still hear moaning so loud even with a cock stuffed in her mouth.

"Go ahead rape her ass" Master said to the guy that didn't have his cock in Lisa yet. He got a big smile on his face and came up behind Lisa.

"You will have all your holes filled slut" Master said.

With that the guy rammed his cock deep in Lisa's tight ass. At first the pain was almost too much but then Lisa started to really want to be fucked and used hard. She began moving back and forth on the cocks in her cunt and ass, and pumping the cock in her mouth.

"Pump those cocks slut!" Master demanded."

Lisa was like an animal pumping on all the cocks in her holes. At that moment the guy that was using her mouth came and forced Lisa to drink every drop.

Lisa craved cum now, she wanted every drop and wanted as much as she could get.

The next guy to cum was the one fucking Lisa's ass. She felt his hot load shoot into her and it made her hotter and hornier than ever. He pulled out of her and now Lisa really began to ride this cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down, and he started to smack them. To Lisa the feeling was incredible, making her nipples very very hard.

"Play with your tits slut" Master ordered. Lisa grabbed her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

"Harder!" Master demanded.

Lisa pinched her nipples really hard and the guy fucking her was really getting excited.

"I love watching a slut perform" he said.

"After you fill her with your load we can have her perform for us while we rest" Master said to him.

"Sounds like fun" he replied.

"Ride my cock cunt" the guy under Lisa said.

Lisa bounced up and down on this guys cock and begged to be used. He couldn't stand it anymore and he shot his hot load right up her cunt. Lisa felt herself get flooded with his cum.

No sooner it was over Master demanded Lisa to lay down on the bed and perform for him and his friends.

He handed her a vibrator and told her she better do a good job. Lisa turned around to go to the bed and Master spanked her real hard making her ass bright red. Lisa knew she better do what she was told.

Lisa climbed up on the bed and spread her legs real wide so they could all see her cunt. It was still dripping with cum, and so was her ass.

They decided to sit around her on the bed while Master taped it.

"Rub your cunt bitch" one of them said.

Lisa did as she was told and started to rub her clit. She was getting very turned on again and now started to play with her nipples while she rubbed clit.

"Oh yeah bitch, now finger your cunt" the other one said.

Lisa inserted 1 finger inside her dripping wet cunt, and then 2 and then 3. She was fucking her self like crazy, pumping her hole, moaning and begging to be fucked again.

"Fuck your hole with the vibrator" Master said. Lisa grabbed the vibrator and rammed it deep into her wet hole.

"I think the bitch needs to get fucked again" one of them said.

"Turn it on" Master said.

Lisa turned the vibrator on and knew she couldn't hold it anymore, and asked Master if she could cum yet.

"No, not yet slut" Master said.

"Go for it guys, at this point she will do anything" Master said. "Can we tie her up?" one of them asked.

"Yes go ahead, and gag her too so she will stop being so loud" Master instructed.

When she was tied and gagged to the bed she felt someone putting something on her head. It was a blindfold. Lisa knew that they were really going to do whatever they wanted and she could do nothing. She was getting more excited by the minute. All of a sudden she felt all three men's fingers playing with her pussy and ass. One guy was rubbing her clit, another was fingering her cunt and another was fingering her ass. She loved it, all of it. Feeling like a whore is all she needs.

"I think the whore is ready to be fucked again" Master said. This time they were all just going to take turns fucking her cunt and ass one at a time, while another 2 would stand there and call her names and cheer on whoever was fucking her at the moment. The first guy slid his again hard cock deep into her cunt making her moan against the gag.

"Fuck the whore!" one of them said.

"You dirty cunt, you love it don't you?"another one said.

Just before the guy fucking Lisa was about to cum he pulled out and the next guy took his turn. This was the guy that liked to slap her tits and she didn't mind at all. He began slapping her tits and calling her names and she just kept pumping her fuckhole onto his cock. When he was just about to drop his load he got up. The 3rd guy rammed his cock into her ass.

"Take that cock in your ass bitch" he said. He was pumping her ass hard calling her names and spanking her ass.

"You are such a bad girl slut" he said as he lifted her ass and spanked her. Just when his cock was ready to explode he pulled his cock out of her cunt and stood in front of her now joined by the first 2 guys.

"Open your mouth cumslut" one of them said. Lisa opened up wide watching them jerk their cocks off in her face. One by one cumming all over her face and in her mouth. Lisa loved it and was so happy that she got the cock she wanted and needed so bad.

When they were finished with her they untied her and took the gag an blindfold off. Lisa just sat there waiting for Master to tell her what to do next.

"Get back to playing with yourself slut, and make yourself cum" ordered Master.

Lisa laid back down and grabbed the vibrator and started to fuck herself with it and rubbing her clit with her other hand.

"Yeah slut do it, show us what a dirty whore you are" Master said. Lisa couldn't take it anymore, she was fucking herself hard and fast now and she was ready explode.

"Cum now whore" Master said. With that Lisa came harder than she ever has before. She soaked the bed with her cunt juice.

Master shut the camera and walked over to Lisa.

"Get cleaned up and there's car fare on the table, I will call you again when you are needed" said Master.

Lisa did as she was told and when she walked into her apartment she felt great. She loved being his slave and he used her just the way she needed.

Written by: NYCbbwSUB

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