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Lick My Pussy, Mom Ch. 02

by sexygirl21©

Must read part 1 to get this one!!


"Oh my God baby! Yes!" Sarah screamed.

Allie was licking her pussy like a pro. Allie had been muff diving Sarah, her mom, for 15 minutes now and Sarah had already had two great orgasms.

"Fuck! I'm cumming again!"

Allie used her tongue to fuck her mom's twat and sucked on her clit like a true dyke. Allie couldn't get enough of her mothers taste. Her pussy too, now, was incredibly wet.

"Ok, baby I can't take anymore. Oh my God!"

"Did you like that mommy?"

"Oh baby yes! I couldn't believe that was so awesome!"


"Hell yes sweetie!"

Allie smiled. Then they cleaned up their juices from the bed and fixed it.

"I'm going to hop in the shower sweetie."

"Ok me too"

Allie left her mom's room and went down the hall, still naked, to her bathroom. She walked in and turned the shower on slightly hot.

In the other room Sarah turned her shower on and sat down and waited. She couldn't believe what she had just done...with her daughter. The thought was so exciting her pussy started to get wet again.

Allie stepped into the shower when it had heated up and let the water massage her back. She moaned softly. Sarah felt the water and stepped in, her knees week from her multiple orgasms. She had never had that before. Not even her husband had given her more then one and he had a nine inch dick.

Allie leant back and started to get her hair wet. The water felt so good. She ran her fingers through her hair and turned and faced the water.

"Mmmm a big cock." Thought Sarah.

That sounded so good right now. She needed something in her. She wanted to feel her pussy being penetrated by a big thick dick.

Allie rubbed her whole body. It felt so good. She looked around for the soap and saw it behind her on the edge of the shower. She turned around and bent over to get it. Suddenly she felt the water hit her right in the pussy. She jumped. That had felt so good and now her young twat wanted more.

Sarah looked around and sat at the edge of her shower. She started to finger her self with two fingers. She imagined it was Allie fucking her with one of the many dildos and strap-ons she has she kept in the closet.

Allie stood up. She opened the shower door and looked down at the cupboards below her sink. She stepped out and opened them reaching into the very far back for a little black box.

Sarah stepped out of the shower and walked to her closet. She opened it up and reached above her clothes to a cardboard box filled with dildos. She brought down the box and searched for a certain one.

Allie stood up and put the box on the counter. She opened it up and took out the little black vibrator out. Then she stepped back in the shower.

Sarah rummaged through the box and found what she was looking for. She pulled out a 10 inch long, 1 1/2 inch round purple dildo. Then she stepped back into the shower.

Allie laid down in the shower and made her self comfortable. She turned the vibrator on.

Sarah sat at the edge again. She spread her legs and put the tip of the dildo at her pussy.

Allie moved the vibrator to her clit and moaned at the shiver it sent through her. Then she started to move it around.

Sarah slowly pushed the dildo into her. Soon there was only enough space for her fingers to grasp the fake dick.

Allie circled the vibrator around her clit and caressed one breast with the other hand. She wanted her mom so bad again. She wanted her mom to lick her whole body and then grind her pussy into her moms.

"Oh mom!" Allie moaned.

"Oh Allie!" Sarah said.

Sarah started to move the dildo in and out of her now. She wanted her daughter here now watching her and doing it to her.

Allie moaned as she increased the speed on the vibrator. It felt so good on her pussy.

"Fuck!" That's all she could say.

Sarah sped up fucking her self.

"God damn!"

She pushed it in as far has she could possibly get it. She wanted her husband and her daughter now. She wanted her husband fucking the brains out of she wanted to lick her young daughter's cunt while her did.

Allie was close to cumming now. All she could think about was her mom. She wanted her to fucking suck her pussy. She wanted her mom to do anything she possibly could to her.

Sarah was going to cum soon. She felt her climax coming. She began to shake and her hips rolled with the motion of her wrist.

Allie was cumming now.

"Ahhhh! Oh my God! Holy Shit!"

Sarah too.

"Fuck! Oh Fuck! God yes!"

Both their orgasms shook through their bodies. Allie moaned so loud she was sure any one out on the street could hear it. Sarah had come close to squirting, which she only done once. Allie almost fainted and sarah had to lay on the floor hers was so big. Allie laid in her shower for five minutes while her body recovered from the shock. When both were done they got out and dried off. Then left the their bathrooms.

To be continued...

Written by: sexygirl21

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