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Make me say "Please"

by SykoSara©

Fuck me.
Do it roughly.
Fuck me.
Please, hold me down and tell me that you’re going to fuck me.
Take advantage of me.
Touch me while I'm sleeping.
Push me into any position that you want me in. Do whatever you want to me. Take me from behind.
Fuck me.
Make me tell you that you’re the best I’ve ever had. Make me ask you to fuck me harder. Make me say please.
Pull my hair.
Handcuff me to the bed. Tie me to the coffee table. Push me down onto the floor.
Fuck me.
Tease me. Get me wet. Tell me how much you love it when I get a Brazilian wax. Touch me. Put your mouth on me. Put your tongue in me. Put yourself inside of me.
Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Tell me how hard you’re going to fuck me.
Tell me how wet I am. Tell me how hard you are. Tell me now.
Fuck me.
Be rough with me. Hurt me. Bruise me.
Fuck me.
Make me gasp. Make me moan.
Make me go down on you. Tell me how good I am. Make me let you go down on me.
Tell me that I’m going to make you come. Make me come.
Fuck me.
Have your way with me. Make me yours. Take me roughly.
Hold down my wrists. Hold my legs apart.
Tell me that you want me. Tell me that you want my body. Tell me that you love me.
Fuck me.
Get me hot. Make me want you. Make me tell you how badly I want you.
Let me act out your fantasies.
Let me have a threesome. Fuck me. Let me watch you fuck her. Fuck me again.
Stroke me. Lick me. Penetrate me.
Make me hurt. Make me helpless.
Make me sore in the morning. Stay in bed with me all day. Fuck me all night.
Let me make you breakfast at three in the afternoon.
Tell me how you like it. Ask me how I like it.
Be loud. Tell me you love it when I’m loud.
Never let me be on top.
Fuck me.
Fuck me again.

Written by: SykoSara

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions