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A Christmas Tail


Jeffrey and Marvin had been living together for many years, and they loved each other very much. However, lately they had both noticed that their sex life together had grown a bit boring. Sure, they still sucked each other, fucked each other, ate each other's buttholes, rammed huge dildoes up every orifice of each others' bodies, paid roomfuls of hung black studs to gangbang them both, etc., but the zest and zing had just gone out of the relationship. The truth is, they had both gotten so much sex they were both jaded and bored with it. They had a problem most people would love to have.

Both of them belonged to a highly privileged and elite strata of society. They lived together in a fabulous penthouse apartment in Manhattan (Upper West Side), at the top of a building they owned. Jeffrey had been born into money-- his family was rich, and he inherited a fortune when he turned 21. Marvin was a very shrewd and ruthless financial manager, with an M.B.A. from Columbia, who had risen to VP with a big firm based on his hard work and results, as well as the help from Jeffrey's connections. Together they were not so much a gay "marriage" as a merger.

They had tried almost everything to put the thrill back in their lovemaking, which had become increasingly mechanical over the years. They experimented with watersports, but neither of them really liked the taste of pee. Besides, it was awfully messy, and both of them were neatness freaks. They both lived very orderly, decorous lives (at least in public), and watersports introduced an element of anarchy and chaos they both found uncomfortable.

Their S&M games became even more kinky and bizarre, but that, too, was beginning to pall. Even when Marvin tied Jeffrey up very tightly and held a knife against his throat, pretending to be about to cut him with it, Jeffrey knew it was all just a game, and he wasn't really scared. Often, they would find it impossible to sustain their role-playing, and would both crack up and drop out of character. It was Christmas season, and snow was on the ground. They finished blowing each other on the big bed inside their penthouse apartment in Manhattan, and rolled apart, physically satisfied but emotionally empty.

"Jeffrey, my love," Marvin said, after a few minutes. "I was just thinking-- there's something lacking in our relationship. I've stuck many things up your ass-- my dick, my arms, my feet, dildoes, giant cucumbers, etc.-- but I've never stuck my head up your ass."

"That's true, Marvie, my dove," Jeffrey replied, hoping this new thrill would do the trick. "Would you like to?"

"Hell, yeah! And I'd like to do it on Christmas morning, to really make it a Christmas to remember."

"Great! Your head will be the most magnificent object yet to grace my ass. But just one thing-- how will you breathe up there?"

"O, don't worry. I can hold my breath well over a minute. When I'm ready to come out, I'll tap on your ass."

Well, the momentous morning came. Jeff and Marvie sucked each other off, then Marvin greased up his shaved head and slowly worked it up Jeff's butthole, amid wild screams of pleasure by Jeffrey. Marvin sniffed deeply, and enjoyed the rich, fecund aroma. When he was finally ready to come out, he tapped lightly on Jeffrey's butt.

Somehow, Jeffrey's sphincter muscle involuntarily tightened. Marv quickly realized he was stuck and panicked. He began trying to eat his way out of Jeffrey's asshole from the inside, taking huge bites and then spitting out the chunks of flesh. Jeffrey howled in agony at each bite, and leapt around the room, Marv's headless body hanging out his ass. Inside his bunghole, pieces of meat soaked in blood were flying all around Marv's head. He suffocated before he could eat his way out of Jeff's butthole, but he inflicted more than enough damage on Jeffrey to make him soon die from internal bleeding.

MORAL-- When sticking your head up someone else's asshole, make sure you're hooked up on an air hose!

Written by: REDWAVE

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