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Jail Bait

by No Panty Girl©

Drumheller's one claim to fame was the state operated reformatory. With a prisoner population of close to a thousand inmates it provided employment to a couple of hundred of the locals.

The population was mainly first offenders serving terms of less than two years. There were a lot of young males doing drug raps.

For three years I had been employed in the reformatory's kitchen as a server on the food line. I took a lot of ribbing from some of the guys who were deprived of female company but the union wages and benefits made it well worthwhile. I was bringing home more money that my husband who worked as a mechanic in the local Ford dealership.

Truthfully I was not hard on the eyes, twenty-nine years old with a pretty face and a slender shapely figure. My raven black hair cascaded half was to my ass but I had to wear it stuffed up under a hair net while working. My 38C breasts where quite pronounced under my form fitting uniform smock. I had taken the liberty of shortening my smock three inches above the regulation length bringing the hem a couple of inches above my knees.

The one drawback to the job was the split shift. We started at 6 am serving breakfast and then were off until lunch at noon. There was a two-hour break before dinner and then we finished at 6 pm.

We got a split shift bonus but it wasn't worth going back into town between shifts so we usually stayed in the staff lounge watching TV.

In addition to staff the "trustees" were allowed to use the staff lounge. The trustees were minimum risk inmates serving as staff while they did their time. They got to be appointed trustees for their good behavior and were allowed several privileges.

Trustees did not have to report for the mid-morning and mid-afternoon roll calls and were allowed to socialize with staff member.

The trustees would come and go as they served their time. I would make friends with some of them and spend our idle time chatting. I often thought about some of them in a sexual way but never let them know.

If the truth were known my husband was not keeping me happy in bed. He was always "tired" after work and I was lucky to get it twice a month. All day I was in the company of guys who were just dying to get their cocks in a woman, any woman.

That was when Steve came on the scene.

Steve was a dark hair nineteen year old serving time for date raping a high school girl. He told me he had done it because she had been teasing him for weeks, letting his feel her up but never allowing him to screw her.

Steve said one of his buddies had given him the powder to put in her drink and she passed out and they both fucked her.

She had told her mother about it and Steve ended up doing eighteen month.

Steve told me he had sex with some of the inmates in return for cigarettes and chocolate bars but it had been almost a year since he had fucked a woman.

The thought of Steve's deprived cock haunted me. Here we were, two frustrated adults desperate for satisfaction. I could resist no longer, I broke one of the cardinal rules, I came on to Steve sexually.

We were sitting at a corner table away from the others.

"Would you like to fuck me?" I brazenly whispered to the good-looking young lad sitting across from me.

Steve looked at me surprised, not sure he had heard me correctly.

"I need a good fucking!" I explained.

"But how?" Steve looked puzzled.

"In the stock room." I answered.

In the back of the kitchen there was a large stockroom for canned goods and boxes of powdered eggs, instant mashed potatoes and other such goodies. It was a poplar place for the female staff to fuck the guards and inmates.

"I will go first and you wait a few minutes and follow." I told Steve.

I got up and casually made my way to the kitchen, no one was watching. Once in the stockroom I peeled of my panties and waited for Steve to arrive.

In a couple of minutes the stockroom door opened.

"Is that you Steve?" I said.

"Yes." He answered like a little boy on Christmas morning.

"Back here." I called bending forward against the shelving and hiking my skirt up over my bare ass.

"I don't have a rubber?" Steve cautioned.

The prison did supply condoms for the inmates, as they knew they were having sex with each other. Steve had not foreseen the need to bring one with him. I was in what I figured was my "safe" period and was willing to take the chance.

"Fuck me Steve, stick it in me!" I begged.

I felt his cockhead parting my pussy lips from behind. With one mighty thrust he plunged into me.

"Ummmmph!" I moan as I was instantly filled with hard cock.

My pussy desperately gripped his thick cock as he begins soothing my itch.

Steve reached further into me than my husband did. Never had I had as a long cock in me since I let that colored guy fuck me at my bachelorette party.

"Oh God yes!" I whimpered as Steve furiously worked my hole. "Fuck me Steve, fuck me! Cum in me Baby!"

Steve grasped my hips and was slamming into me like a bitch in heat. I knew I was about to get his built up load of potent sperm. I shoved my cunt back onto his extra-large shaft.

The orgasm hit me like a speeding locomotive. It had been so long since I had experienced an intense orgasm I was not prepared,

I screamed out my ecstasy, risking our discovery by the kitchen staff. Steve made a final thrust as his cum started flooding my pussy.

Satiated for the first time in months I hurriedly pulled on my panties with Steve's cum still running from my cunt.

It just happened that was the night my husband decided to have his weekly quickie. As he climbed on top of me I feared he would detect that I had been used by another man just a few hours before.

Rick slid into my sloppy cunt without comment and blew his load in the usual two minutes. Satisfied he rolled off me and went to sleep.

Written by: No Panty Girl

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