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In the short story Barbara Margaret and Tony, Barbara had said she was going to get Terry over to fuck her to a finish.

Sure enough, 15 minutes later there was urgent knocking at the door. Barbara went downstairs and returned with Terry, leading him by his huge hard as rock cunt stabber.

He was a small man but as the saying goes 'big man big cock, small man all cock'it was an amazing sight about 8 inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist.

Barbara brought Terry into the bedroom where Margaret and I had started having a roll on the bed, "hello Terry" we both called to him on seeing how suprised he was at seeing my sister and I stark bollock naked and coupled together with me energetically pushing my swollen pole into her arse. Quickly recovering he threw Barbara on the bed knocking me off Margaret for a moment though I got stuck back into her wet cunt her immediately.

"Come on Terry and get on with fucking me," Barbara said, " I've been waiting to long for you to stand around looking at the scenery come on I need all of the fucking you have kept promising me for god knows how long , put that enormous cock of yours in me and fill me up."

Terry started rubbing his cock head between Barbara's dripping cunt lips to get it lubricated so it would slide into her love channel without hurting her to much.

Margaret and I looked on in amazement as his huge tool slowly entered Barbara's cunt until his bollock's were slapping her arse hole we both smiled at Barbara and said "well done," with me thinking 'you will be very soon'.

Terry started pounding away into Barbara's hot slick twat with a vengeance, it looked like he wanted to take it home with him as a I fucked Barbara trophy.

Gradually we all started to slow down to a more relaxed fucking session and started talking about our earlier sex lives.

Margaret told us of some lesbians she had once played around with while still at school.

Then Barbara started to talk about how she and her friend Pamela used to go onto the local dock to find Greek sailors who would like to fuck their ever ready hot cunt's and was always lucky enough to find several who would oblige. I told them of my experiences with a former girlfriend, she was born to a Ukrainian mother and oh boy!! did she like fucking it was a case of anywhere anytime and anyhow, I even fucked her while she was playing a piano and her parents and brother were in the next room, I bet they wondered why she was hitting so many wrong notes I had a great session with her on a train where we had a compartment to ourselves all 90 miles to Durham. Terry spoke of some of his encounters with women including how his wife would fart while he was under the bed clothes licking her big hairy bush also of his long association of fucking Barbara. I do not blame them, get it while and whenever you can, for you are a longtime dead.

Laying on top of Terry Barbara started humping her groin at his softening cock, trying to get his enormous prick back into her shining spunk covered cunt, after a couple of minutes his thick pole was once again buried deep inside her velvet hole and being massaged by her cunt wall's once more.

Watching Barbara's arse bouncing up and down made me think, maybe its time to christen it , so unplugging my still hard cock from Margaret's clasping cunt, I slid across the bouncing bed and took up position directly behind Barbara and placed my well lubricated 7 inch piece of meat against her rear hole.

"Don't you dare," she said half heartedly "dont you dare."

I gave a little push until the tip of my still hard rod entered her hole, "please dont hurt me," she whimpered.

" just try to relax, " I said.

Then started pushing a little harder, gradually my shaft started to enter her tight anus until it reached as far as it would go.

She started moaning and pushing back at me all the time asking for "more," " more," "please give me all of it," .

"You've got it all already you greedy bitch, " I replied.

Then I quickened my pace, she now was being double fucked with Terry still locked inside her pussy and me filling her arse.

Soon Barbara was gasping and crying out "fuck me harder" ," harder", "please fuck me harder."

Both terry and I sped up and pushed harder so as to fill her wishes.

Suddenly a scream came from her as a huge orgasm overtook her " aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh goddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! please stop."

We both stopped pounding her and let our pulsing cocks drop out of thier respective holes, "are you ok," we asked.

" yes it was great, it was fucking marvelous but I want be able to take both of you together again before I have to go home, just let me rest awhile," in minutes she was asleep with a well satisfied smile on her face.

While Terry and myself had been busy attending to Barbara's double fucking, Margaret had produce a very big double ended dildo and was stroking it in and out of her neglected pussy, "now you two what about me, don't I get some of that," she called.

"no sooner said than done," said Terry and with that we both jumped on her and started to ravage both her holes as we had with Barbara, much to Margaret's pleasure.

I must say it was a great deal easier to get my cock up her willing arsehole than it had been to get it up Barbara's, maybe she had been practicing with the dildo while we had been otherwise engaged.

We had been happily engaged in our sex frolics from 9.00 am , it was now 3.00 pm and time to think of how we could finish the day, "what about you two girls fucking each other with Margaret's dildo," I said, they readily agreed .

Margaret strapped on the dildo after first inserting one end into her puffy vagina. Barbara got onto her knees and guided the other end into her now rested fuck hole. "lets show these two bastards how to fuck a woman," Margaret said ,

They slowly started to push against each other until the dildo was totally buried between thier legs giving each a 10 inch length of rubber cock, what a turn on!! this was, both Terry and I took hold of our rising cock's and started to beat them at the same pace as the girls were fucking one another, it was mind blowing!!!

Written by: barbdru124

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories