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Learning to Submit Ch. 01

by sweetpink1©

Violet stood nude, wind striking her most sensitive parts. Cold sand was under her feet. Her hands were tied high up on the crossbar of the lifegaurd station. The muscles of her stomach were stretched tight over her ribs. Her big breasts hung low but the nipples were peaked, hard like diamonds, from the wind and oil He had coated her 19 year old body in. She was young; much younger than He. It was awkward for her to be with Him in public but she was His slave and she must do whatever He saw fit for her, publicly or privately.

The first days after acquiring her He kept her constantly stimulated and locked away. Often He was brutal on her young and untrained body. Days afterward He groomed her to His liking, put her on a strict exercise regiment, and pleasured her mostly to her liking, with the exception of the water and enima discipline. She began to obey Him willingly and become subservient to His wishes.

He began to take her out publicly. The first time was to a swap meet. She was ordered to walk at His left side, always 2 steps behind. If she could not maneuver the crowd and keep to His orders she would be immediately collared and leashed. To make sure to complicate her concentration He applied a clamp tightly onto her pussy. Every step would cause it to move and dig into her sensitive young clit causing shockwaves all over her. She could barely function. After 45 minutes of enduring the mental fear and physical pain she broke down and began to cry nearly silently. They sat at a table but she couldn't sit without the pinching at her pussy nearly making her pass out.

"Please Master....," she whispered into a sob.

He didn't get angry like she expected He would but He insisted she dry her tears. They walked for another hour. He then took her to a local park, spread her legs and released her from the torture.

Another outing was to the nudee club. On the way He pulled off the highway onto an exit with a bright light, mildly visible to the byway traffic. He ordered her out of the car and walked with her to the front hood. He instructed that her legs be spread, knees against the bumper, breasts against the hood, hands toward the windshield. He pulled up her dress. Her white round butt cheeks were illuminated by the streetlamp. She was immediately embarrassed, knowing all of the people on the highway could see her most private areas. Honks and hollers furthered her emotional sinking.

Once again He commanded her not to move her knees from the bumper. He moved in behind her and she felt the cold plastic phallus against her ass. He had chosen a rather small and smooth plug for her. He pushed apart her fat cheeks and popped the head into her tight muscles. His lack of effort as He slid the shaft upward could not reveal the discomfort she felt having her clenched, untrained ass broken open. It was small but it felt huge inside of her. The lubricant made her powerless to stop Him. She couldn't help screeching briefly as possible when He popped the bubble at it's base into her. She sealed around it but repeatedly pushed against it, trying to get it out. The longer it stayed in the worse it felt.

He leaned in front and placed a plastic butterfly against her clit. He fastened her into a harness. God, she hated him.

"You may stand now."

She didn't want to move. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her upright. Her skirt fell back into place. He placed her back in the car and held up the remote to her. He was in control once again.

He walked her into the dark, dank nude club and ushered her to a table. It hurt her so badly to sit. He gave her two shots of Pedrone's and turned her vibrator up. He advised her to sit still though He was nearly bringing her to climax three times then cutting the power down as not to let her experience a full orgasm.

He gave her $20 and ordered her to deliver it to the dancer on stage. Every man in the place was ready to blow their loads when the saw the dancer push her chest and wet pussy into the slaves face, over and over again, bringing her up to grind against her.

She had to cum and pee but couldn't. Her ass was on fire. She could hardly take anymore stimulation. She wanted to throw her body at anyone who would touch her, fuck her, take her out of her pain/misery. Cum had started to drip down her legs when He cut short her time and made her walk out the door. She begged the whole way home for Him to fuck her. He cut the vibrator off and wouldn't lay a finger on her.

She waited in anticipation for His next move.

Written by: sweetpink1

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