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Bro and Sis Get Tight


"Bet, brace yourself for I am hornier than hell."

With that I positioned the head of my cock in line with her puffy pussy lips and gave a little push and I was in a few inches. She gasped a little and pushed herself back at me at which time I gave one solid push and was buried all the way. That caused a huge gasp and she really pushed back harder. That was all I had to feel and I was thrusting hard and fast. Damn, seeing those tits of hers, first on the beach in her bathing suit and then hanging in front of her when she was untying her sneaks got my juices flowing. I held her hips as I was thrusting and pulled her back at me and it wasn't long before I felt that old familiar rushing deep in my balls. As soon as it got higher and I could feel the pressure start I pulled out of her and let my come fly all over her back. She was still hotter than hell and was fucking the back of the chair even thought there wasn't a cock in her. I knelt down to help her out and buried my tongue deep within her pussy folds. That did it. By the time I had my tongue playing with her clit she was in the middle of another one of her monumental orgasms.

"Damn, Bill, you can really turn me on."

Great but I had to get Bet to quit thinking about us as a married couple or anything like that. I am way too young to go down that road. The only question I have is how to do that. The only thing I can come up with is to find some way to divert her attention from me on to someone else without me giving up a great piece of ass. I have one idea that's worth a try.

"Hey Bet, I saw you chatting with Margaret the other day. From what I hear around it doesn't sound as if she's got a boyfriend."

"No, but why would you care about that?"

"Oh it's nothing but I hate to see anyone that lonely when we are here to help her out."

"What do you mean, WE?"

"Well, I don't know. Maybe she just needs some friends. Why don't you invite her over for dinner some night and we can just chat or play Scrabble or anything to get her mind off of what's bothering her. Maybe she'll tell us and we can address the problem."

Margaret isn't any smashing beauty by any stretch of the imagination; in fact her tits are almost non existent. I didn't know about her sexual preferences but she might like a roll in the hay with someone like Bet and I hoped we would soon find that out. If so that might take away some of the pressure Bet is putting on me for a permanent involvement between her and I. It's worth a try.

Margaret or Marge as she prefers to be called, came over for Bet's lasagna specialty and seemed to enjoy it. Marge is twenty-two and has a decent job as a computer specialist at one of the major companies in the area. Our dinner conversation went all over the place but both Bet and I could see Marge steered it away from anything to do with her family. Bet had gotten a few bottles of Merlot for dinner and I noticed that Marge was sure doing her part in finishing it. We were on the third bottle when it became obvious she probably had more than she could handle. She got up to leave and sat back down with a thud. I jumped in with,

"Marge, you might feel better just spending the night in our spare bedroom. They are really cracking down on DUI.'s"

"Thanks but I'll be OK" and she tried to stand again with the same wobbly results.

Bet then spoke up with, "Marge, I can't let you go out and derive the way you are. C'mon, we'll have another glass of wine and you can sack out right here."

Marge finally agreed and we all sat around sipping the wine and just plain BS'n. Marge's personality was a lot brighter as the night wore on but when Bet finally announced she was going to hit the sack Marge stood to walk along but never made it. She was so tipsy she held on to the back of the chair just to stand. Bet looked at her and said, "C'mon Marge, I'll walk along with you."

Marge sort of collapsed straight down onto the chair she had been sitting on and then began bawling. Oh shit another one of these.

"What's wrong Marge?" I asked.

She kept on crying with her face in both hands and sort of waved me off with one of them. Sort of 'go away.'

I jumped in with, "What's up Marge. Did we say or do something wrong?"

"My folks have asked me to find a place of my own. They are going to get a much smaller apartment and there won't be room for me. I don't know what to do. I'm not making enough to pay any big rental and then to buy furniture is another thing altogether. I just don't know what to do or where to go."

Bet was visibly upset and said, "Look, let's hit the sack tonight and we can talk about this in the morning when we are all feeling better."

Marge stood and Bet and I walked her back to the spare bedroom.

"Bet, perhaps Marge would rather share your bed with you tonight instead of sleeping alone with her as upset as she is." I suggested.

Marge just looked at Bet longingly and said that she would.

We all turned in our tracks and made for Bet's bedroom with the king-sized bed. The two of them plopped down on it almost as soon as we made it through the door.

I looked in on them a few minutes later and Bet had gotten undressed and Marge was in the process. She had her top and bra off and it was obvious she is almost flat chested. Bet just looked at me and shook her head no ... like there wasn't going to be any sex tonight. I nodded in Marge's direction with a quizzical look and Bet just shrugged like she didn't know. That might be the answer. If we could get it on with Marge Bet might have a chance with her alone.

Bet was lying on her back with Marge just coming to bed. I could hear Bet suggest, "Maybe we ought to ask Bill to join us."

"Why would we want to do that?" I could hear Marge respond.

"Oh, I don't know. He is a damn good cuddler."

I wasn't quite sure of how to approach this thing. Should I just bust in or slide in and hope for the best. I finally decided on something in between. I showered, brushed my teeth and dropped my clothes on the nearest chair and then sort of slid into Bet's bedroom. I could see the two of them with the night-light in the bath so I maneuvered to slide in to the king-size playground on Bet's side. She slid over a foot or so to give me plenty of room and announced to Marge they had another bedmate. Marge looked up and didn't say a thing. Of course she couldn't see that I was bare ass naked either.

We all started chatting almost as if it was a young kid's sleepover but it wasn't long before I slid a hand over Bet's breast. She moaned a little and Marge asked if there was anything wrong. Bet sort of giggled and said, "Nothing could be further from the truth. Bill just put his hand over my breast and it feels good."

Marge responded with. "I'll bet it does."

I couldn't resist and said, "Bet slide over a bit and I'll just get in between the two of you. I can massage a tit on each of you from there."

Marge came back with, "Bet, that's an excellent idea. I could sure some of that. It's been forever since I have been with a guy."

I didn't want to commandeer Marge but thought if I could get her to open up, Bet might have an easier time of it just trying to make it twosome between them. This would get me out of the marriage predicament Bet had been dancing around with me.

It wasn't long before I was holding a tit in each hand each belonging to a different woman. As I said, Marge was as close to flat chested as I had ever seen but Bet sure made up for that. I spent my time with Marge twirling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, which seemed to turn her on. I whispered to Bet,

"I'm going to try something else. Get ready to eat some pussy." She just looked at me with a huge question on her face.

I twisted and turned until my face was about level with the stomach of each gal but more importantly my cock was in line with Marge's mouth. I let one hand loose and slipped it behind Marge's head and pulled her to my now rock hard cock. She twisted her head away from it at first but then loosened up and let me pull her so the head of my cock was just touching her lips. Another few minutes and she had her mouth open and my cock was in. I pushed Bet down so my face was in line with her pussy and I started to work on it with my tongue. That left her mouth free with nothing to do. Hmmmm, I still had a hand free and pushed Bet's head down to Marge's crotch. She had never eaten a pussy before but she eventually got the idea and began to work the pussy she was faced with. This went on for a little while until I slipped my cock out of Marge's mouth and then directed her mouth over to Bet's pussy. She got the idea quick and soon had her face buried deep within the folds of Bet's now dripping pussy. It was a sweet case of sixty-nine in action

I sat back watching this wondering which of them was going to be the first to come. It was Marge. What she said about not having had sex in some time must have been true for when she let go it was one monumental explosion. It appeared that her juices weren't ever going to stop flowing. Bet was busy lapping them up until she had her own and Marge did an excellent job in lapping up every drop she was faced with. They both just lay there coming down from their highs but I still hadn't had any relief. I had fucked Bet a thousand times and thought it would be interesting to see how Marge handled my cock. I slid on top of her and her eyes opened wide she realized what was about to happen. I let the bulbous head of my cock open her pussy lips and could feel her juices still coming out of her. I was leaning on one elbow when I made sure I was positioned properly and then gave a small thrust and entered her a few inches. I then rammed it home. She gasped but quickly threw her legs up and around the backs of my thighs. I was so hot from watching them eat each other out I didn't take more than a few deep thrusts before I was filling her pussy with my own juices. She wasn't as tight as Bet's but it sure beat jacking off.

The three of us just lay there without saying much at all. I finally got up and left them massaging each other and much to my surprise Bet was as warm to Marge as she had ever been to me. I think I have solved my problem.

The next morning was very quiet. The girls had each pulled on some clothes but I was bound and determined to stay naked. It was funny to watch Marge. Every time she walked anywhere near me it was all she could do to keep from staring at my cock. A couple of times she didn't know I was watching her and I could see her lick her lips as she was looking it over. I have no idea what she would have done had I gotten hard when she was peeking.

Bet could see what was happening and kept coming over so she was between Marge and I. Wow, one night with a female and she was in protection mode; and from me, her own brother. Finally I had had enough and I thought that Marge did to and I reached over and took her hand and led her to the living room where I pushed her over the back of a chair for a good morning fuck. Bet could easily see where this was leading and knew she was going to left out of the fun and games if she didn't do something and do it quick. She said,

"Heck, let's go back to the playroom and do this more comfortably."

We were no sooner in the bedroom when Bet threw a huge pillow down to about the middle of the bed and said,

"Marge, lie on your stomach over that pillow to hold your pussy in the air for Bill to fuck. I'll be on my back at the top of the bed for you to eat out. We can swap after a bit."

Marge was going to get both ways and I wasn't sure if she knew it.

Bet was on her back in a flash and Marge did get buried in her crotch when I mounted the bed and positioned my cock. Once again I held myself up on one elbow but this time I rammed my cock home without any introduction. Swoosh, and I was buried. Marge was so shook up she didn't know whether to throw her pussy up to me or down away from me. I had lifted up a bit so she chose to come up at which time I rammed it home again. That was what it took to really turn her on. Up to then I had been playing soft and easy but I found that wasn't what she liked. Ramming it home was her cup of tea.

Bet was tossing her pussy from side to side while I was thrusting deep and hard into Marge. It was as if we had our new playmate going at each end. I was holding on to her hips and pulling them to me and she is so light I could hold her in the air and position her anyway I liked. She has no tits but is a great piece of ass. When the rush came over me I could feel myself shooting streams far up inside of her. She must have felt them too for she pulled away from Bet's pussy and said, "Yes, do me." Oh I was 'doing her' all right.

Bet let go about the same time and soon had her legs wrapped around Marge's back.

We all lay there for a few minutes before Marge slid up on the bed and switched places with Bet. I got the biggest kick out of watching Bet eat pussy. Here she was a pure sexual virgin just a few days ago and now eating pussy like she had been doing it all of her life. Whatever she was doing had to be right for it certainly was turning Marge on. She had her hands resting on the back of Bet's head and pulling her in to her vagina. It didn't take much and she exploded.

I got up and brought some wine back and poured three glasses and then started into a conversation I knew where I wanted it to lead but wasn't sure if I was articulate enough to get it there.

"Bet, you and I have been close for the past week or so but I have been thinking I would like to apply to Drexel University and that will take me away from the old homestead. This place is way too big for just the two of us anyway and I think we would both be better off if we sold it and split the money we would get from it with the other money our folks left us right down the middle. You could get a nice two-bedroom apartment that you and Marge could share and I would just sack out with one or both of you whenever I visited. I would get the same thing off campus for visits from you guys. Marge can't afford an apartment on her own but she could contribute something for the one she would share with you."

"Bet, that would be wonderful. What do you say?" Marge answered enthusiastically.

Bet was looking at her with lust in her eyes and I could just see her thinking about all of the pussy licking sessions they would have together.

"It's a done deal. This place can go on the market tomorrow." Bet replied.

So that's the way the problem was solved. I visit them at least once a month and give and get a good fucking from each of them and the blowjobs I get are unbelievable.

Written by: JANAMARIE

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories