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How My Pussy Became Bald

by 98941girl©

Have you ever been with someone that fits inside of you so perfectly? So perfectly that his is the only cock that you want, his is the only cock that makes drip when you think about it.

It had been a couple of weeks since I had been with him. We are separated now so I can't just sit on it every night. I was trying so hard not to think about his cock, but I a few days ago I gave in. I called him up and told him that I wanted to be fucked.

Unfortunately I was visiting my parents and wasn't going to be home for a few days. I so desperately wanted to cum all over his cock.

When I was at my parent's house, as I was crawling into bed, I put my fingers in my pussy and called him. I told him how dripping wet I was, then I licked my fingers, they tasted so yummy. I knew he was hard, I knew that he was stroking his cock. He told me all of the things he was going to do to my pussy when he saw me. He told me that he was going to shave it bald, then he said he was going to spread my legs open and fuck me with a vibrator, he wanted me to cum before he stuck his cock inside his pussy. Just thinking about his cock inside of me made me cum, all over my fingers, so I licked it off. It tasted so sweet.

Then I told him about the time I fucked a guy for his birthday present. He was 19 and so was I, but he had never had a piece of ass before. So we drove down by the river and I road his cock so hard. He had my tits in his mouth, and then I stopped and got off and stuck his cock in my mouth, licking off my juices. Then I got back on and road him until he came inside a wet pussy for the first time. I got about half way through the story and I could hear him cum all over the phone. It just made me want him inside of me more, my pussy was throbbing for him.

Well Sunday night finally got here; we had made plans for him to come over after I got back home. The whole drive back from my parent's house, all I could think about was getting home and getting fucked. All I wanted was his hard dick inside of me. It seemed like forever before there was a knock on my door. I opened it and started kissing him, I could feel his rock hard cock on my leg, and my pussy had never been so wet or had wanted something so bad.

He slowly started to undress me, his kiss felt so incredible, it made my pussy tremble with anticipation. He laid me on the couch and lathered up my pussy with shaving cream, and then he started to shave it. As he shaved it, he would stick his fingers in my pussy, he would play with my clit. It felt so good to be touched by him. I could see in his eyes how much pleasure he was getting shaving his pussy. I couldn't wait for him to be done, I couldn't wait for be fucked by his cock. I had always been impatient, but tonight more than ever.

He was finally done and my pussy was so smooth. He sat up on the couch and pulled his pants down. I jumped on his cock, it slid in so smoothly, I was so wet, I instantly wanted to cum. I wrapped my legs around him and he played with my tits, he pulled and pinched them, just making the juices flow inside of me more and more. Then he told me to get off of him, he told me to stick his cock in my mouth and lick it clean, so I did. My pussy juices tasted to good, he was so hard. Then he told me to put my slutty ass on the couch. He pulled out a vibrator and stuck it inside of me and turned it on, and then with his finger, he played with my clit. I wanted to cum, but I was trying not to, it felt so good. Then he took the vibrator out and started to lick my bald pussy, licking out my juices, sucking on my lips. He stuck the vibrator back in and played some more, it was deep, I couldn't help but cum, it had been so long since my pussy had any attention. He sat back up on the couch; I slid my wet pussy back on his cock.

I watched as my pussy slid up and down his cock. I loved hearing the slap it made when it came down on his cock. I could tell he was trying not to cum, I could tell by the intense look on his face, I didn't want to stop, they way he was pulling on my tits and grabbing my ass, I wanted to keep on riding him. I wanted him to fill me up with his cum. So I didn't stop, I just kept riding him, he said it felt so intense the way my pussy was hitting his cock. My pussy was just grabbing his cock; I was tightening my pussy muscles around it, trying to pull him cum out of him. Finally I got what I wanted; he filled me up with a big burst of cum. It felt so incredible. I love being his little slut. I love the way he plays with his pussy and teases it. Most of all I love the way his cock fits my pussy so perfectly.

Written by: 98941girl

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