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Daddy's Slut

by ImpofSexualMagic©

You're just 18, proud, a bit haughty, perhaps a little arrogant because of your looks, living with your single father after the messy divorce of your parents. You've become somewhat wild over the past few years as your body has developed, relishing making the dick of every boy who looks your way stand up and pay attention. Today, you're wearing a white baby tee, with a black lacy bra just barely visible beneath it, and your favorite short skirt; your favorite, because it always slides up on your ass, revealing the bare skin there, as you wear no panties. Your hair is done up in pigtails, making you look perhaps a trifle younger, which of course makes all the boys want you more.

You step through the door of the house, glancing about. You don't notice me, your father, relaxing in the armchair nearest the front door, so you set your things down in the kitchen and proceed to move to sit down and watch TV. My eyes watch as your skirt flips briefly, revealing the soft flesh of your ass beneath, and perhaps the barest hint of your shaved cunt as well. You finally notice me when my hand grabs hold of your upper arm, dragging you back, making you stumble, almost lose your balance.

"D...daddy?" you ask as you gain enough breath to speak. My grip tightens, dragging you closer, and you can see a bit of anger in my eyes; but what makes you scared is a harder thing, the burning, unrelenting lust in my gaze.

When I speak, I do so softly, in that voice that all parents have when very angry. "Do you always dress like that to school? Like a little tramp?"

"I don't know what you mean," you say, angrily, trying to shove your hand from my shoulder. My grip tightens further, and you whimper from the pain.

"I see I'm going to have to be strict," I say, and you can hear the anger underlying my quiet tone. I drag you across my lap, pulling your skirt up over your ass. "No panties, babydoll. Like a common whore."

"No, daddy, wait! I'll be good," you sob, knowing what I plan to do. Just like when you were little, that feeling of having done something bad wells up in you, and the fear of being punished ripples through you.

SMACK! My hand lands hard on your ass, covering both cheeks with my long fingers, leaving a red mark on your rear. You cry out at the pain. SMACK! Again, and again.






You're sobbing from the pain, but realize that your cunt is getting wet from the treatment, feeling my hand against your ass. I pause, listening you whimper, resting my hand on your ass and slipping my fingers beneath you to feel your wet cunt. "Slut," I say coldly, and then shove you off of my lap onto your knees before me. You look up, confused, both at my actions as I begin to undo my pants, and at the sensations coursing through you.

"If you're going to dress like a whore, you're going to act like one, too," I say, pulling my thick cock out of my pants. You watch, realizing what I mean, and move to get away, but my hands grab you by your pigtails, pulling you forward by the hair and pressing your lips to my cock. You try to protest and keep your mouth closed at the same time, both in denial. My cock shoves past your lips, opening them, dragging your face down against my crotch.

You groan around my cock, making it twitch with the vibration, helpless tears falling down your face as you realize that your father plans to rape you. Your head hurts as I pull roughly on your pigtails, fucking your mouth and using your head to set the pace, the taste of my fat cock in your mouth, precum on your tongue, making your cunt throb even worse, your body's betrayal nailing shame into you.

"Suck, you slut," you hear me growl through your pain, fucking your mouth even harder now. You wrap your lips around my cock, having never quite done it before, and still a virgin, but you do your best, hoping to get whatever is going to happen over with as quickly as possible. Your tongue plays over my cock, and you can hear me groaning up above you. The verbal sound of my pleasure thrills you, that you're doing something right, turning aside my anger into lust. You suck harder, as best you can as I savage your mouth with my cock.

Suddenly I shove you off of my cock and tumble you onto your back on the floor, crawling on top of you. My hands push your skirt up around your waist, then go at your shirt, tearing it, leaving it shredded, in tatters. You can see the burning, deep lust in my eyes, and are terrified at what the thick monster that made your jaw so sore will do inside of you, having never had anything thicker than your petite finger inside your soaked cunt. You realize that there's nothing you can do to stop me, but you still try, shoving at my chest.

"Daddy! No! Please, daddy... stop... daddy... I'll be good daddy, please, please stop..." you beg, sobbing, as my hands tear the lacy bra from your breasts, fingers digging in sharply and squeezing your breasts hard. The pain sends a shock of shame through you, as it makes your cunt twitch, liquid heat between your thighs now.

My cock slams hard into you, tearing past your hymen, causing a jolt of pain to speed along your spine, your lips parting in a scream. But there's nobody to hear you, living so far away from the city. You know you're helpless, unable to even hope some passerby will hear and intrude.

I begin to fuck you; not fuck, but rape. Hard, brutal thrusts burying my cock deep into your cunt, searing pain throbbing through your pussy as my cock rubs your inner walls, stretching them to accomodate me. But as hot as the pain is, the pleasure is even greater, every stroke of my cock rubbing your g-spot. You cum, screaming again, but there is no relenting in my cock driving into you.

Harder and harder, until there's nothing left in your mind but feeling my cock pumping into you, the pleasure washing through you as your body numbs under the constant stream of orgasmic bliss that throbs inside of you. You can't stop cumming, each one making your body buck, your pussy grip me tighter.

You pass out after the seventh orgasm, but even in sleep you can feel me raping you, filling your dreams with nothing but orgasm after orgasm.

When you come out of the blackness, you realize you're in bed, naked, washed clean. You also realize you're on your stomach, bent over the edge of the bed, and something is around your neck. You lift your hand and touch it, and realize it's a collar, with a chain leading to the bed's headboard.

As you come to fully, you also realize I'm inside of you, still fucking you. The sudden wash of pleasure makes you cum again as you realize the fact that you're still sore, and my cock is rubbing your pussy raw with the constant, brutal assault of raping. But you no longer care; the orgasms start up again, and you brace your hands on the bed, crying out with each thrust of my cock and pumping back against me.

Just as you begin to climb to another orgasm, my cock pulls out of you. You sob in its loss, but you realize it's not gone; it's just shifted angles. It presses between your asscheeks, probing at your tight rectum.

"Daddy, no!" You squirm and try to get away, but I have too firm a grip on your hips. You don't know how bad it's going to hurt, but you find out as my cock drives into your virgin ass, taking the last bit of virginity you have to give. Fucking your ass, my cock covered in your cum to lubricate it, you feel nothing but a red haze of pain as it drives into you, giving your ass no quarter, pumping into you just as hard as it had your cunt.

The haze dulls, and you cum again as your anal hole tightens around my cock, the pain melding with pleasure. You realize, in your mind, that something existed before my cock was inside of you, but it's dull, distant, and doesn't matter. All you want is it to keep fucking you.

More orgasms tear through you, one after another after another, unable to stop as my cock brutalizes your ass. You sob, scream, tearing at the bedsheets, but no longer trying to get away from my invading cock. You welcome each thrust into your body, and regret each time it withdraws before delivering another hard thrust.

My cock slips out of your ass, and you begin to cry in frustration, wanting more of it into you. You feel it rub against your cunt, but doesn't enter.

"You want my cock, don't you, babydoll?" I ask, my lips next to your ear.

"Yes daddy... please... fuck me, daddy..." you whimper, squirming on the bed.

"Beg me, you little slut," I snarl into your ear, and you respond as a daughter would; obediently.

"Please, daddy. I want your cock in me. I need you to fuck me, need you to rape me. Please, please, pleaaaase, daddy," you whine, begging. "Fuck me, daddy, please, please, please..."

My teeth are gentle as they tug at your earlobe. "Are you going to be a good little slut for daddy?" I ask softly. "Are you going to be daddy's whore?"

The words send shivers down your spine. You nod, licking your lips. "Yes, daddy. I'll be a good slut. I'll be your whore, anything you need," you whisper.

"You'll be my own personal whore," I murmur into your ear, and your body thrills with the words as you realize the depth of what it means.

You cum instantly as my cock pounds deep into your cunt, welcoming it by tightening your cunt around me. My thrusts are no gentler; they are only more brutal, more savage, getting deeper into your steaming pussy. Again and again, you scream for me as your body is wracked by orgasm, your raw cunt sensitized under my thrusts.

Suddenly, I groan loudly into your ear, and you feel my cock swelling inside of you. Panic rushes through you even as another orgasm makes you scream. You're not on any birth control; you know what might happen if I cum inside of you. But you remember your promise to be a good slut and say nothing about it, and cum again as I do, thrusting deep into your cunt and releasing a flood of cum into your sopping wet cunt. Your body writhes, and another scream tears from your throat.

My cock pulls out of you when you go still, and you collapse, drained, against the bed, sobbing as the shame and realization of what your existance is going to be like washes over you. But you have no time to rest yet, as I slide onto the bed and shove my cock, coated with both our juices, into your mouth. Recognizing the silent command, you suck and lick me clean, doing anytthing you can to please your daddy.

Once my cock is clean, I push you off of me and leave you chained to the bed as I go to wash up. Utterly exhausted, you fall into sleep, remembering that today is Friday... and wonder if you'll get to see your friends at all over the weekend...

Written by: ImpofSexualMagic

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