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Master Wants to Share His BBW Slut Ch. 02

by NYCbbwSUB©

Lisa awoke the next morning, feeling great. She couldn't believe how much she had enjoyed having a Master. Being used by him whenever he chose, made her feel something inside. Something that she had never felt before. She felt this was what she truly needed. To be owned, and used for the pleasure of her Master, and whoever else he chose.

She could never explain to herself, let alone anyone else, how she felt the need to be treated like a whore. Even before her current Master, she enjoyed being called dirty names, and made to feel like a fuck toy. She couldn't wait for Master to call again with further orders.

The phone was ringing, as Lisa unlocked her apartment door. She dropped her bag, and ran to the phone. Maybe it was Master, ready to use her again.

She picked up the phone, and listened silently. "Where were you whore, I have been calling for an hour?" said the voice on the other end of the line. She knew the voice immediately. It was her Master.

"I am so sorry Master, but I got stuck at work."

"Be ready at 7:00 P.M., and I will have a car pick you up. Good-bye." She could hear him hang up. That was it, he said nothing else. She started to feel herself stir inside, as she thought about his words. "What did he have in mind tonight?" she thought to herself.

She woke up out of her daydreaming, and looked at the clock. It was already 6:00 P.M., so she didn't have much time to shower and get ready.

She stood in the shower, feeling the hot water run down her back. She began to feel very aroused, and really wanted to rub her pussy, until she came all over the shower. "Save it for Master" she thought to herself. She put the thought out of her head for now, and began to shave.

She shaved her pussy completely bald, finished her shower, and got out. She rubbed cream all over her body, especially her freshly shaved pussy. She wanted it to be nice and smooth for Master. Just the way he liked it.

She began to get dressed but couldn't figure out what to wear. Master hadn't said anything about how she should dress, so she decided to go somewhat casual.

She chose a nice tight pair of jeans, and a nice sweater, since it would be somewhere around 60 degrees. As she was pulling her sweater over her head, she looked at the clock, 6:40 P.M.. She figured she better move it, if she was going to be on time. She quickly put some make-up on, and heard the clock chiming 7:00 P.M., as she was grabbing her bag, and heading out the door.

She walked out of her building, and there was a car waiting for her. "Good evening" she said as she got in the car. The driver politely said "Good evening Miss" and pulled away from her building.

They drove for about twenty minutes, and pulled up to the house she had been used in before by Master. They pulled up the driveway, and there was master in the doorway. He walked over to the car, and got in back with Lisa.

They pulled away, and headed back down the driveway.

"We are going to visit my grandfather." Master said.

"Yes Master."

She felt a little disappointed, figuring that he would not be using her now. She so much needed it now. To feel his strong hands using her body for his pleasure. To be his slut, and feel his hand spanking her whore ass.

"Take off your sweater."

Her first thought was, that the driver would see her. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to. She looked at her Master, and saw the seriousness in his face. She lifted her sweater off, and laid it down next to her.

"Play with your tits."

Lisa began to rub her tits. Squeezing them, and then pinching her nipples. She could feel her pussy getting wet. Being on display, always made her wet.

"Take off your jeans."

She was getting very hot now, and slipped her jeans off without even thinking about it.

"Rub your cunt from outside your panties."

Her hand quickly went down to her hot wet hole. She began rubbing her clit, moaning and already dripping wet. She noticed the driver was looking at her through the rear view mirror. This turned her on even more, and she began moaning very loud.

"Slide your hand inside your panties, and slide one finger in your cunt."

"Oh yes" she moaned as she slid her finger deep into her hot wet cunt. She started sliding her finger in and out of her cunt, finger fucking herself. She couldn't believe she was doing this in front of them like that. And even better, she couldn't believe how fucking horny she was. She needed to be fucked, and treated like a dirty whore.

"Now slide two fingers into your cunt."

As she slid a second finger into her hole, she wanted to cum. She felt it building up inside her, her whole body needed to release. She wanted to let her hot juices flow all over her hand, and she didn't care who was watching.

"Do not cum!"

She continued to fuck herself, not really knowing how she was going to prevent cumming. If she kept this up, she would cum no matter what. "If you continue to make me finger my cunt, then I will h ave to cum" she said to herself. She knew better than to disobey. But Master just sat there, watching her finger herself, for his pleasure.

He enjoyed watching her play with herself, knowing that she was ready to explode, and couldn't, only heightened his arousal.

She had to cum. She would accept her punishment for it, but she just had to cum.

All of a sudden, she felt her cunt juice flowing out of her. She moaned, and bucked all over the seat, as she felt her hot cum drop out of her hole. She knew she would be punished for that.

Master knew she had cum, and wasn't pleased. "I told you not to cum, whore."

"I'm sorry Master."

"I will have no choice to punish you for that."

"Yes, master I know."

"Get dressed, we should be there in a few minutes."

She quickly did as she was told, and was getting her sweater over her head, when they pulled into the driveway, of his grandfather's house. They pulled up to the door and Master got out, leaving the car door open. This told her to follow him.

Master rang the bell. The door was open by a man, who looked to be about seventy years old, or so. He was about 6 feet tall with a good physique, she thought, for a man his age.

"Hello grandfather" he said, as they hugged.

"Hello Steven."

"Steven?" she thought to herself. It was then she realized that, she never knew Master's name until now. She liked the name Steven, and was happy she was beginning to know the real him.

"This is my personal whore, Lisa" he said as he motioned towards Lisa.

She froze at his introduction. "How could he say that to his grandfather?" she said to her self in amazement.

"Hello", he said shaking her hand. You can just call me grandpa."

"Hi grandpa", as her hand met his.

"Please come inside, and let's have a drink"

They followed grandpa into the living room. He mixed us some drinks, and we sat down.

As grandpa handed Lisa her drink, he practically drooled over her hard nipples pushing through her sweater. He couldn't take his eyes off them, as he sat down next to her on the sofa.

"Go ahead grandpa, you can feel them."

He didn't have to be told twice. He greedily took her nipple between his thumb, and forefinger. He pinched her nipple so hard, she gasped. "I love young, hot, horny, pussy."

All Lisa could think of was how this old man wanted to fuck her. Little did she know that, not only did he want to fuck her, he wanted to fuck her rough. Grandpa loved abusing, and humiliating whores. He loved using young sluts for his own, sick perverted sexual pleasures. Grandpa's cock hardened at the thought of, force fucking her mouth, with his hard cock.

"Take off your clothes, whore" Master said.

Both scared, nervous, and very excited, Lisa took off her clothes. She stood there naked on front of them, waiting for what would happen next.

"Get on all fours, and crawl to me" Master said.

Lisa got down, and crawled to Master like the whore she was.

"Suck my cock."

She greedily took his cock into her mouth. She loved the way his cock tasted. She felt his cock grow hard in her mouth. Feeling his cock, made her know all she wanted, was to be his whore. She would do anything he wanted.

"Lick my balls bitch."

She licked all over his ball, while stroking his now rock hard cock. She almost forgot about grandpa being in the room. She thought she might have heard him moaning, but wasn't sure. She couldn't stop licking Master's balls, to look over. She continued to service her Master, putting the grandpa watching her, out of her mind.

"You fucking whore!" "You really love sucking cock don't you?"

Lisa kept licking his balls, without answering. Master grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her face right next to his. "When I ask you something cunt, you answer, understand?"

"Yes Master, I'm sorry Master."

"Now that's two punishments, waiting for you."

"Yes Master."

"Your first punishment, is to let grandpa use you the way he likes."

"Yes Master", not knowing what he actually meant by "the way he likes", but would soon find out.

"Grandpa likes it rough, and nasty, and you are to do what he wants, while Master watches."

Thoughts started racing in her head. "How can I let that old man use me?" For about a second, she thought about grabbing her clothes, and running. Then she realized, she was actually tuned on by the idea. Being used rough, and knowing she was just a place, for grandpa to put his old cock.

"Ok grandpa, she's all yours."

"Crawl over here little pig whore, and suck my cock like you did my grandson's."

Lisa crawled over to grandpa, and for the first time saw his cock. She thought his cock would look old, but in actuality it looked like a young man's cock. And it was huge. Grandpa's cock must have been nine inches, and fat!

She crawled on all fours to grandpa's waiting cock. She took it in her hands, and began stroking up and down real slow.

"Suck it pig!"

As the words hit her ears, she felt her pussy getting very moist. This was turning her on, and she wanted more.

"Oh yes slut, suck my cock piggie" "That feels so good, oh yes, suck my big hard cock."

She kept sucking his cock, feeling her mouth stretching to it's limits. His cock was huge, and wasn't even rock hard yet. She wanted to feel his big hard cock deep inside her pussy.

"Rub my balls you cocksucking whore." "Yes grandpa."

"Oh yes, that's it, keep sucking bitch." "Oh yeah, I'm going to use you good and hard, piggie."

Her moans were barely heard, with grandpa's big old cock, stuffed in her mouth. She was feeling so nasty now, and needed grandpa's old cock fucking her cunt.

"Suck my cock with that young whore mouth, piggie."

He shoved his old cock deeper into her mouth, making her gag.

"Oh yes bitch, gag on this old man's cock, you know you love it."

He was right about that. She loved knowing she was this old man's piece of fuck meat.

"Lay down on the sofa bitch. I'm going to show you, how a piggie like you should be used."

She got up, and laid belly up on the sofa. Her cunt was dripping wet. There was no hiding it.

"Look Steven, look how wet she is. The whore loves it."

"Don't you piggie?" grandpa said. "You love being a piggie whore for an old man, don't you?"

"Yes grandpa" Lisa answered.

"Spread your legs."

Lisa did as she was told. She exposed her shaved cunt for grandpa. She was glistening from her pussy juices, that were now dripping down her leg.

"Oh fuck yes!, this bitch is ready Steven."

"Not yet grandpa, you have fun with her first."

"Hey piggie, have you ever had your cunt sucked by an old man?"

"No grandpa."

"Beg me to suck your pussy piggie."

"Please grandpa, suck my cunt." "Suck your piggie's young pussy, oh please grandpa."

Grandpa roughly spread her legs more, and lowered his mouth to her wet hole. He spread her pussy lips, exposing her hard clit, and wet juicy fuck hole. He licked her clit fast, one time.

"Does the piggie like that?"

"Oh yes grandpa, piggie loves it, please don't stop."

"Good" he said as he slapped her pussy.

"OOH" Lisa gasped.

She felt the smack go through her. Making her pussy tingle, and making her feel like a real piggie for grandpa. She was loving it. She wanted anyone to fuck her right now, she didn't care how old he was.

He smacked her a few more times. Her pussy was on fire. He then bent down, and started sucking on her clit. Soft at first, and then getting harder and harder. She was practically screaming now, while this old man sucked on her cunt.

"Oh yes, piggie likes grandpa using her doesn't she."

Panting she said, "Yes grandpa, oh yes."

He slid his finger deep inside her. She was soaking wet, and his finger slipped in and out easily. Then two fingers, then three. He continued until all his fingers were shoved inside her. He pumped her like that, for what felt like hours. She was humping his hand like an animal in heat. She wanted more. She wanted to used, and fucked by grandpa.

"Have you ever been fisted piggie?"

"No grandpa."

With that, she felt something very large entering her fuck hole. She realized it was grandpa's fist. He got his whole fist in her, and she was screaming. He began pumping her hard and rough. The pain mixed with the pleasure of being used, made her scream and pant for more.

She was enjoying this old man using her, she didn't realize that Master, was now filming grandpa abuse his whore. He had it hooked up to the television, and she saw herself. She saw grandpa with his head down in her pussy.

She didn't realize before, how old he looked. He now had his clothes off, and she saw his skin hanging, and gray, almost white hair. He was covered in hair. This was not a man she ever thought would be sucking on her pussy. All of this and she still didn't care. He was great. He knew just how to suck pussy. So she got those thoughts out of her head, and remembered where she was.

He had her screaming, and grinding her pussy against his face. He gladly sucked her cunt, until she was ready to cum. He stopped and said, "No cumming for you yet piggie."

She let out a sigh of disappointment because he stopped.

"Get down on all fours piggie."

Lisa quickly dropped down, and got on all fours. There she was. Her ass way up in the air, her legs spread wide, exposing her ass and cunt. She never felt like such a whore before. She was where she needed to be.

"Your Master tells me you need to be punished piggie."

"Yes grandpa, please punish me."

Grandpa opened a drawer on the end table, and pulled out a small leather paddle. He came up behind Lisa, and lifted his arm, and came down hard on her ass. "AaaaaHhhh" she grunted.

"Oh yes, grunting just like a real piggie." "Oink for me young piggie."

There was no way she was doing that, she thought. Another hit with the paddle came down on her ass. "Do it piggie, oink for grandpa!"

She heard herself give in, to his demands. "Oink, Oink."

"Oh yes that's it, oink like a pig in heat,"

"Oink oink", she continued to chant, as he continued to paddle, her now, bright red ass. She begged for him to stop, but he didn't. He kept on paddling her, and calling her names. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, he stopped.

He walked back over to the end table, and opened the drawer again. He pulled out an eight inch vibrator. She did not see this, since she was on all fours, facing toward Master with the camera.

"Come over here Steven. I think you might want to get this on video."

Master waled behind her, and pointed the camera at her ass and pussy. She felt their eyes staring down on her, what she would now assume was her bright red ass. She thought about how it was turning her on to be on display for them. Being nothing but a hole for cock. Again, her pussy began to drip her hot wet juices.

She heard what she thought sounded like something vibrating. Before she could figure out what it was, she felt her pussy filled. The vibrating, and stretching of her cunt, was making her moan and beg for more.

Master was video taping it all. The vibrator fucking her dripping wet pussy, and grandpa still spanking her ass. This time he was using his big old hands. Rubbing, and spanking her while he fucked her cunt with the vibrator.

"I need to fuck this young piece of meat Steven."

"Go ahead grandpa, pound her good."

Grandpa pulled the big fat vibrator out of her pussy, and got up and grabbed Lisa by the hair. He pulled her up, and bent her over the sofa. Her face was pushing into the back of the sofa, and her ass was high in the air, ready for grandpa to invade her.

Master stood to the side of grandpa, not missing a thing on video.

She felt the head of grandpa's big cock, at the opening of her wet hole. "You want my cock piggie?

"Yes grandpa, fuck me like the whore I am!"

"That's what I like to hear!'

He rammed his big old cock into her young sweet cunt. He felt her pussy burning. "This bitch is hot!"

His old cock stretched her pussy like never before. He pushed his cock all the way in her pussy, until she felt his old balls slapping against her. "Oh yes, this piggie can take all my cock, Steven. Are you getting all this Steven?"

"Oh yes grandpa. I got everything on video."

"Good, I can watch it with some friends tomorrow. They will love it!"

She realized they were talking about this video, with her as the star piggie, like she wasn't even in the room.

Grandpa grabbed Lisa's her and, was pounding into her with no mercy. Master had moved in front of her, pointing the camera right at her face. Steven thought about how hot she looked being fucked by his old grandfather. He started to stroke his already hard cock, through his pants. He wouldn't use her this time. This time was for grandpa. He would have many more chances to use her.

Grandpa was fucking his piggie slow, and slid the vibrator into her young tight ass. The sensation almost put her right over the edge. Having both her holes filled felt glorious. She pushed back on grandpa's cock, and the vibrator, forcing them deeper.

"Go ahead piggie, you do it." Grandpa stayed still, while Lisa pumped the cocks. Pushing fast and hard, she was getting her holes used. She was screaming, and moaning, and begging for more.

"Oink piggie."

This time she wanted to say it. "Oink, oink." She really felt like a whore pig, and wanted them to know it. "Oink, oink." she repeated. "Fuck me with your old cock grandpa!"

Master wanted to see his whore cum. He wanted to see her spasm, and have the biggest orgasm of her life. "You may cum, my slut."

That's all she needed. She let go, and began cumming like a river. Her juices were squirting all over grandpa's old cock. Her juices were pushing out of her fuck hole, drenching grandpa's cock.

As soon as he saw the piggie pussy squirting he couldn't hold out anymore. He slammed his cock into her, shooting his hot creamy load, deep into her pig pussy. He kept fucking her ass with the vibrator, while he came inside her. When he had finished cumming, he kept his cock inside her. She felt his cock get soft inside her pussy. He pulled his cock out, and slid the vibrator into her pussy.

His cum was dripping out of her used pussy, making it easy to slide the vibrator deep. Lisa began grinding against the toy, getting turned on again. "You want more piggie?" "You want to cum again whore?"

"Yes, grandpa" was all she could manage to mumble in her now, erotic daze.

As he pumped her cunt, he rubbed her clit. She felt her orgasm building again. She felt it deep in her stomach, building, and driving her crazy. He continued to fuck her violently, commenting on what a dirty piggie whore she was.

That's the last thing she remembered hearing, as her orgasm overtook her, and her juices started flowing. Her body was bucking, and she was screaming. Then everything went dark. Her orgasm had completely taken her, and she fainted.

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