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The Jaded Librarian

by MiamiCuban©

"I want her," I told Marie, "is she available?"

"About a three hour drive. I haven't seen her in over a year."

"Let's go next weekend."

We did. After some wife in her condo balcony in the afternoon, all three of us began to make out. My wildest fantasies were playing out. We adjourned to the living room couch, stripping, kissing, touching.

Marie and Lucy, Lucy and Marie, naked, tongues coiling around each other, their bodies bush to bush; they ate and licked each other, moaning and grunting non stop. Marie pulled her friend's thighs apart, showing the slit soaked with creamy juices, devouring her until Lucy came, jerking in short spasms.

Then it was Lucy's turn. She buckled on a strap on cock, thick with a mushroom head. Lucy grabbed the lube bottle and made sure to cover the length of it, making it glisten in the light. Marie moved forward, on all fours, her rosebud hole waiting for penetration. Lucy placed the thick fake cock at the entrance, pushing the tip in slowly, then jamming hard, making Marie scream with the sudden defilement. Lucy had a good grip around Marie's waist and pounded her ass without mercy. The harder she pumped, the more delighted Marie screamed. It didn't take long for both to find a rhythm in their thrusts, Lucy slapping Marie's jiggling butt with her right hand, while the left held her grip around the librarian's waist.

I was not to be denied. I wet my cock with saliva and moved on the couch action behind Lucy, sandwiching her against Marie. I pressed the head of my meat against Lucy's puckered hole, nudging her open. I began slowly, pressing the cock head into her a fraction, then a little deeper and deeper still, until my cock slid into her, engulfed in her sweet backside.

So we fucked, all three tangled on the couch, condo windows open for the viewing pleasure of anyone lucky enough to watch. We came together, exploding, spurting, moaning, and collapsing together in a sweaty heap of wet flesh. Fucking the two older women was a pleasure. We showered together and they both went down on their knees, soaping my cock, balls and ass, fondling, caressing, stroking. Marie's tongue went up and down the crack of my ass down to my balls and Lucy gave me a hand job followed by her swallowing half my meat into her mouth. It did not take me long to come inside her willing face.

There is nothing finer than a threesome with two mature women that are uninhibited, enjoying the fucking, licking, sucking, eating, swallowing, humping, grinding, all ending with a blinding jolt, breathing hard, all senses satisfied, energy dwindling into a pleasing after glow.

It was one of the great weekends of my life. I did them both at once, saw them do each other and engaged in every sexual act we could imagine.

Later that day I laid down on a thick beach towel on the floor and both massaged me, rubbed honey on my nipples, balls and cock, then licked off the sweet goo while my hands reached for their wet slits, fingering them, feeling them buck with sexual hunger. We came messy, my cock spurting on Lucy's face, marking her with my cum and both mature women were soaked like teenagers, coming in groaning animal sounds of satisfied desire.

Lucy and Marie chatted about their sexual adventures later that night, as we drank a dry wine and munched grapes and bite size small chunks of Spanish cheese.

The following morning we showered together, fondling, fingering, grabbing. In came inside Marie's ass right there on the shower floor while Marie buried her face in Lucy's wet mound. It was a perfect weekend.

Written by: MiamiCuban

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