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Visiting Miss Tox

by royalrogue©

i glance at my watch as the elevator door opens, and note that i am only a few minutes early. Being careful not to intrude before my appointed time i loiter for a few minutes near the elevators on her floor, and then walk slowly down the hall. Pausing before the apartment, i exhale slowly and, as the second hand sweeps across the 12, i knock on her door, two firm raps, decisive, but not impatient.

Moments pass, my breathing shallow as i try to concentrate and listen for movement inside the apartment. A faint clicking, heels on hardwood perhaps, growing louder.

i hear the locks being undone, and then the door swings wide. I stand there quietly, as she inspects me, hoping for her approval.

"I suppose," she says quietly, then continued; "Come in, and close the door."

i follow her inside, and as i close and lock the door for her she walks away, into her living room. Shyly I follow, pausing at the end of the short entry hall and i take in the room and her loveliness. The room is tastefully decorated, comfortable furnishings, like a gentleman's club, with a delicious mixture of old-world style overlaid with a decisively feminine hand. Striking accents counter the masculine styling of the principal pieces, classic armchairs and other furniture now owned by the daring and feminine touches that complete the room, clearly indicating which gender is in charge here.

Miss Tox stands there, beautiful, confident, and clearly in control of our situation.

"Well?" she says.

Obediently, i whisper, "Yes Ma'am."

From the inner pocket of my jacket i remove a small envelope and hand it to her and then return to my place near the hall.

I wait quietly, watching her slice open the envelope with the edge of one long red thumbnail. As she reads the note, i breath deeply and admire her. Miss Tox is dressed in a white silk blouse, long-sleeved and high collared, the buttons at her throat are open, and although i can see that she has unbuttoned the blouse to her cleavage, the shape of the collar keeps her skin covered from my curious eyes. A medium grey sheath skirt, knee-length gives her the appearance of a very sexy and controlling librarian. Her legs are clad in smoky grey hose, and on her small feet are shiny black pumps with 3-inch steel stiletto heels.

"Well, well," she says after looking up from the note, "It seems Domina Laurie has given me certain permissions. You may give me the second item now."

I loosen my tie, and open the neck of my shirt. From around my neck i lift the leather cord, and pull into view a small brass key. Stepping forward i place this key and its cord into Miss Tox's hand. She smiles as i hand over the item that signifies my submission to her.

"Strip," the instruction comes clearly and without room for debate.

She walks away down a side hallway while i remove my clothing. Carefully i drape my suit over the back of a nearby chair, and fold and pile my remaining clothing on the chair seat. Standing there, naked, i wait. Momentarily, Miss Tox returns and pauses before me. She inspects me from head to toe, pausing only to examine the cage locked on my cock, the CB-3000 ensures that any attempt to become erect will be strongly discouraged. She smiles and dangles the key from her hand.

Turning on her heel, she directs; "Pour me something nice, neat, and join me on the balcony."

Looking around i see a sideboard. A variety of distinctive bottles are arranged on one tray, and a matching tray holds glasses and an ice bucket. Scanning the bottles i see a few scotch brands that i recognize, and others with which i am not familiar. Knowing she is waiting, i choose quickly, the Oban, pour about two ounces into a glass, and follow her to the open screen.

Nervously i step onto the balcony, unsure of how exposed i will be.

"Don't be shy," she says, "I am thirsty, and you need to be massaging my feet."

Ignoring the building across the way, convincing myself it is too far for anyone to see me, and the solid railing is high enough, i step out into the sunshine. i hand her the glass, pausing as she inhales the liquor's rich scent, then sips and smiles.

She indicates the end of the lounge at her feet and i sit, facing her and straddling the chair. She has slipped off her shoes, and I watch as she draws the hem of her skirt up her shapely legs.

Stopping just as the tops of her hose come into view, she looks up at me and says, "Take off my stockings. You will find some massage cream in the basket under the chaise."

Nervously i reach forward and carefully unhook each garter strap. i slowly roll her stockings down her thighs, one after the other, over her shapely calves and off her small feet. I place the rolled stockings on the cushion beside her legs.

Leaning over i spot and reach for the basket. Inside i find a familiarly shaped yellow tub, Body Shop massage cream, in a delicate vanilla scent. Opening the cream, i dip my fingers into it and, lifting one of her feet, begin to slowly coat it with the cream and massage it into her heels, sole, toes and ankle. Slowly, carefully, i ensure that every bit of her foot receives equal and thorough treatment. From there i gently work my way up her calf. My slick fingers sliding along the muscles of her leg, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin as it absorbs the cream under my touch. Alternating between massaging fingertips and sweeping caresses of my large strong hands , i work my way as far as the hem of her skirt, which remained raised to the level of her stocking tops.

"That's far enough," she said as my fingertips reached that point. And i paused, completed rubbing in the cream on her lower thigh, and returned to begin with her other foot.

Repeating the slow process, i massaged her other leg to the same point as Miss Tox relaxed with her scotch. Reaching the limit se had established, i gently lowered her leg back to the chaise cushion and softly caressed her feet with my cream covered hands.

"Very nice," she pronounced.

Sitting up, she swung her feet to one side. Herr feet on the ground she sat with her side to me and turned toward me.

"Hands behind your back," she instructed.

I did as ordered and watched as she ran her hands over my chest and then downwards. I could feel her lift and bear the weight of my genitals, enclosed as they were by the cage.

"Straining a bit, I see," she said, "and all drippy too. Next time I shall have to make sure you are sitting on a towel."

She continued as she watched my reactions; "Your hands are very good, and we shall see if Domina Laurie will lend you to me again for that. I also have a few friends who might enjoy that service after a day in heels. But for now, your next task will be inside."

She stood and walked back into the apartment. Composing myself, I quickly stood and followed, taking care to close the screen behind me.

Silently, she led me into a bedroom, but which was obviously set up for other purposes than sleeping. A large padded bench dominated the room. Its base was a collection of drawers and cupboards, while its top was covered in rich burgundy leather. Eyes and hooks circled the bench, tucked just below the surface.

"Up, and on your back," Miss Tox directed, and i obediently followed her instructions.

She positioned me, and then i lay there as she strapped me down with a series of woven straps running between the hooks placed there for that purpose. The tension of the straps was enough to ensure i was immobile, but not enough to affect my circulation or breathing. Once bound, i was left alone for a while, but exactly how long i could not say.

Then, when Miss Tox returned she was wearing an even shorter shirt-dress, comfortably loose, which hid her body from my eyes, yet hinted at the pleasures of her body with each move she made. Sitting beside my feet, i felt her examine the cock cage again.

"Now that you can't misbehave. I suppose we can let him out for now," she said, as she took the key from around her neck.

My breathing quickened as I felt her unlock and dismantle the CB-3000 from its tight embrace on my cock and balls. The erotic tensions flooded my body with the release of my cock and very quickly it was full, hard and dripping in her hands.

A groan from deep in my throat slipped from me as she slowly stroked the shaft and tickled my cockhead with her fingertips.

"Mmmmm," she murmured as the precum flowed over her fingers, "I bet you'd just love to come, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Ma'am," I groaned.

"Well," she responded, "we shall have to see how good you are,"

With that pronouncement, she left my cock to bob in the air, ignored. I watched as she stepped up onto the bench by my feet. Running her hands over her body, i watched as the shirt-dress clung to her sexy curves. Stepping forward she straddled my body and walked along the edges of the bench until she straddled my head.

Lowering herself into a deep squat, she placed her sweet wet pussy right over my mouth. I didn't need any direction to know what was needed of me.

Licking and sucking, i ate her as long as she remained over my mouth. I could not be sure, but i believe she had a few orgasms, perhaps it was the combination of my mouth and the sense of control she had over me. At some point she rose, turned around and then leaned forward to support her weight on my chest as she slid back to my mouth for more.

Eventually she had had enough, and slipped away from me. Slowly she rose and left the room. I don't know how long she was gone, and i may even have slept a few minutes as the immediacy of the sexual tension left my body.

My next clear sensation was one of being startled. My mind fought to clear itself and understand, slowly coming to realize that my cock and balls had been draped and then wrapped in an ice cold wet towel.

My erection disappeared quickly, and i held my breath as i felt Miss Tox put the cock cage back together around my unsatisfied genitals. "I had some permissions," she said, "but Domina Laurie did not say you could have an orgasm this visit."

It took a minute for my mind to absorb this, and my body eventually relaxed as my submission overwhelmed me and i knew how strongly Domina Laurie's control was, even through another Domme.

In a bit of a haze, the after-effects of the sex play and the continued denial of my orgasm heavy on my mind, I quietly follows Miss Tox's instructions until i was again dressed and standing by her door.

Obediently I took the key back from her and hung it around my own neck before tightening my tie.

The small envelope she handed me went into my breast pocket, to be delivered to Laurie on my return.

As i slipped out the door, Miss Tox's final words rang in my ears: "Maybe next time little slut, if Domina allows it, and you behave and, also, if I decide to take it."

Written by: royalrogue

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