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Daddy Becomes a Teacher

by Amyfriend©

I was never expecting these type of results, I had never planned on it going this far at least not so quickly. All I wanted to achieve was for her to not be ashamed of showing her breasts or having them felt. I guess I got much, much more than I bargained for.

Chapter 3

I crept around the kitchen not wanting to disturb her as I prepared a few things for supper and took a few fresh things out of the garden. She looked so peaceful and I wondered how long it would take to dry out the couch, but chances were the aroma would be left for quite a while and that was the side that I laid my head normally when I napped.

I didn't see her awake but I heard her say, "Oh my god, what happened Daddy, did I do that?" as she felt between her legs and on the couch underneath her.

"You had an orgasm my dear, a really big one." I told her with a smile.

"Wow, I never experienced anything like that before Daddy, it affected my whole body, but I must say that it was amazing, simply amazing even mind boggling. It felt amazing as we started kissing and you were holding my breast but then it escalated into something really big. I'm really sorry if I spoilt your couch." She said as I prepared supper.

"I think the couch will live, come and help me with supper sweetie." I said as she came up beside me then kissed me with her open mouth. We hugged for a while and then she broke away to help me with supper.

"I think I better shower, when we are done here." She said and I told her to hold off from showering, as we may be showering together later. I noticed the shocked look on her face change to a soft glow.

"Well Daddy knows best." She said and actually smiled then chuckled. I hadn't seen her so happy in many years.

We had a nice but light supper and decided to sit outside for a while after we had topped up the bird feeders.

"I really liked the kissing and touching part Daddy and of course the first orgasm. I was feeling wet between my legs long before I had my eruption." She told me and I explained that with her getting wet, the lubrication of her juices inside her vagina would make it much nicer for penis entry and it shouldn't hurt her at all, in fact it would make it much more pleasurable.

I told her that she had sensitive breasts and a good form of foreplay for her was to have her breasts rubbed, like I had done.

"So what's the next step Daddy?" She asked and I told her that the next step was for her not to be ashamed of her naked body and to be able to fondle an erect penis.

She sat quietly and never said a word for such a longtime I was beginning to wonder if I had gone too far.

"I don't feel bad about doing that kind of thing with you Daddy, I know you won't hurt me and you will tell me the truth and lead me in the right direction." She said and I knew she had complete faith in me.

We walked around the gardens for a while and as it grew dim outside we went back into the kitchen. Once the dishes had been completed and we tidied around she looked at me and told that she was mentally prepared and was ready if I was. I locked the doors and took 2 small glasses of water upstairs as Mel followed and went into her room.

I took the water to my bedroom and left it on the night table beside my bed. Mel, came into my bedroom with a nightgown, laid it on a chair and then went towards the bathroom, I followed close behind. I eased the door closed and we were both inside, I could tell she was nervous so I started undressing first and was down to my undies just as she started. I put my arms around her and kissed her to calm her nerves then helped her undress down to her panties.

It was like a Mexican standoff, someone had to make a move, so I did.

"This is a good opportunity for a little foreplay if you were both undressing for either a shower or bed. Your breasts are exposed and you are sexy, you are both almost naked. Now it is time to kiss and feel each other." I told her as I put my arms around her.

We kissed slowly to start and then with a little more gusto as my hands felt her breasts, then I let one slide down her back inside her panties and held her bum as I slowly squeezed the cheeks.

I took her hand and placed it down the back of my undershorts on my bum where she kind of mimicked what I was doing.

Then I moved my hand around to the front of her, but still inside her panties. I waited for her to mimic my last move but I had to move her hand around.

I slid my hand down slowly between her legs into her huge bush area and then I kissed her deeply and she responded nicely. I moved her hand over my cock and she was somewhat startled and just held it without doing anything.

She hesitated and hesitated so I slipped my shorts off and eased her panties down then started the shower.

I stepped inside and Mel did too but with her back to me, that was okay I thought she's come a long way already today and I should be very lenient.

I washed her back and shoulders, down her legs to her feet and then her bum. I asked her to lift one leg then I slowly washed between her legs until I felt that she was responding; at that point I had her turn around.

"Wow Daddy, that's big. Much bigger than Jim's." She said as she looked down at my hard dick and I smiled then told her it was her turn to wash my back. She didn't have a problem with that at all but she didn't wash between my legs.

I turned back around and washed her beautiful breasts then her tummy and lastly her very hairy pussy, which I did very slowly until she responded and then I stopped.

There was one big thing left, I took both her hands and put them under my dick and told her to wash my dick and balls carefully, slowly and not to miss a single centimeter while I played with her breasts.

God I was so hard by the time she had finished washing me, that I held the towel up by my dick as if it were a hook. I would have to get some relief soon.

I wrapped a big bath towel around Mel and told her we were going to my bedroom and she followed.

I was already dry and laid my towel down the centre of the bed and motioned for Mel to lay down on the towel.

"Daddy, tell me you are not going to put that big thing inside me are you, I don't think it will fit." She said nervously.

"Yes Mel, all of it and you will like it I'm sure." I told her as I lay by her side and kissed her slowly and then much deeper until she put her arms around me and pulled my head to hers. "Don't hurt me then Daddy." And I told her I wouldn't as I massaged her breasts and nipples. I moved my head down to her breasts and sucked her gorgeous nipples until they stood out like little bullets. "I'm getting some of those feelings again Daddy." She told me.

I licked my way down to her tummy then thru' her huge patch of pubic hair and she gasped when I eased open the hood over her large clit that stood proudly like a mushroom in a patch of dark grass.

My god, I thought it really is a big one compared to her Mom, it was easily three times the size. I moved down the bed and opened her legs wider then lifted each one so her knees were bent. I reached over for a small flat cushion and put it under her bum to raise her slightly. Then I knelt between her legs and feasted on her wet lips, her big clit and inside her vagina until juice was dripping off my chin and her bum was lifting up and down.

Her hands came down and held my head, directing it where to go as she writhed and thrashed around. The hood of her clitoris had peeled fully away leaving an erect clit of about 3/4" across and maybe 3/4" high, almost like the tip of a thumb. A thought sped into my mind that Jim must be a fucking idiot to pass up such a treasure.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy, oh my god, oh gee it's happening again, Daddy. Oooooh Daddy, oooooh, oh, oh, ahh Daddy, don't stop, please don't stop daddy. Please." She cried out loudly.

I licked with total abandon with a hand under each bum cheek as she lifted up and down into my face. She was panting, moaning, sighing and making garbled noises and then her bum rose up like a big fish out of the sea and hovered for a moment before she screamed and then exploded. A hot stream of fluid gushed into my face and dripped off my chin, my eyebrows, and my nose and from anywhere else that it had landed. I lapped at her large clit like a dog taking up water.

She lay still for what seemed like a full minute as she kept saying over and over, things like oh gee, oh, my god, and wow.

"Oh my god. Oh Daddy, I do love you. I'm ready for you Daddy." She said as I looked up and she held out her arms.

I moved up the bed quickly and put her hands on my throbbing hard rod then told her to guide me into her wet love nest. She responded immediately and my cockhead squeezed inside her, I pushed slowly and she spasmed and clenched her vagina around my cock.

"Daddy oh daddy it's coming back again, the feelings are ...oh daddy...oh my daddy what are you doing to me to make me feel this way."

I pulled back a little and then pushed in a few inches and she clamped her vagina muscles around my dick like a vice that was opening and closing in rapid succession.

"Daddy it won't stop, oh my god it's just so nice." She cried as her fingers raked my back.

I pushed steadily and managed a few more inches and then I thrusted in and out slowly.

She had relaxed and then I gave her more, much more, I gave her the whole banana.

She bucked and wobbled and thrusted without being told while she cried and screamed for more.

"Daddy's going to cum inside you very, very soon Baby, so don't stop what you are doing, keep moving your arse until I tell you to stop. Yes baby, keep moving like that, Daddy wants to pump his juices deep inside you. Push; baby push, oh yesss keep going baby, oooooh almost darling. Fuck me a little harder...oooooh now baby girl now, yesss, yesss, can you feel me cummin."

"Oh yes Daddy, me too, me too again, daddy its happening again." She cried and I pushed very deep and laid still for a few moments on top of her, I held her tight and then rolled over. Our lips met with such fire, her mouth was wet and her tongue was all over my mouth as I held her bum cheeks tightly and squeezed them together as I slid her slowly up and down my body to drain every last drop from my throbbing dick.

"Wow, oh wow, Daddy, so many of these orgasms in one day, and just think the only ones I've ever really had in my entire life. Why didn't I come to you earlier, I feel like I've wasted my life and all it took was a real man that knew what he was doing to turn on my switch. Thank you Daddy, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

We stayed in that position until I lost my rigid poker and it slipped out then I rolled us on our sides facing each other and we chatted about life and love. She asked if she could come and live with me if Jim didn't improve and I smiled and told her she was always welcome to visit anytime whether he did or he didn't. But she should make a renewed effort now with the skills she will learn in the next week or so to try to make her marriage work.

"Almost all men like certain things Mel, if you are good at those then you can usually hang onto your man with ease and make him very happy. But we can save some of those things until tomorrow right."

"Oh give me a few hints Daddy, go on." She said eagerly.

"Okay, blowjobs. That's where you suck the mans penis until he spurts his cum juice in your mouth and then you swallow it down like milk."

"Oh, maybe I shouldn't have asked." She said with a giggle.

"Before you go back home, you need to learn that and you also need to shave all that pubic hair off or at least the majority. Then there are different sexual positions for intercourse, doggie style is a favorite for a man because he can go in deep he can also feel and see the girls bare arse and push up against her with ease. You need to take off a few pounds and maybe do a few exercises to reduce the size of your butt, just a little bit. I hope you don't mind me telling you these things." I said to her honestly.

"We have only done the same position every time Daddy. Just like we did today but absolutely nowhere near as nice. Usually I don't have my legs open much and he just pushes it inside whether I'm ready or not, and I have never ever moved my butt like I moved today. But he doesn't kiss me like you did and he is done in 2 minutes and then that's the end until the next time."

"I feel sorry for you Mel, I wish we were a bit closer. But you can always come and stay a few days here and there, that should keep you happier." I told her.

"I loved having your dick inside me daddy and it didn't hurt, you were right I couldn't believe it would fit. But it sure gave me some wonderful unimaginable feelings and touched places that have never been touched before. Will you do it again before I go home?"

"Mel my love, you will get Mr. Dick every night while you are here, plus several orgasms a day at least."

"Oh wow, what a great plan, daddy. When can I use your razor, do you have shaving cream?" Mel asked.

"Do you mean tonight sweetie?"

"Sure why not Daddy, I want to do everything that you want. I really want to please you daddy and I mean that, I think that I've had most of the fun so far, and you have been held back. We have never been this close before and it feels so wonderful."

"Well first I will trim you fairly close with scissors and then it might be better to shave in the bath or shower. I'll stay with you and help. Layback on the towel while I get the scissors." I told her.

After about 10 minutes I figured I had gone as close as I could go, my movements of her pussy lips from side to side and the way I had to hold them back at times had made her very moist again. I guess she had never ever trimmed before and I'm sure they must have shown if she had worn a swimsuit or bikini.

It was awkward for me to help in the bath but she did manage to wade thru' some large areas. When she stood in the shower and bent in different positions it let me get in fairly close using lots of cream without nicking her.

It was time for the final touches as she lay on the bed and I got in really close and shaved both outer lips. Then the embarrassing part when I had her kneel and bend over with her head on a pillow so that I could get the stray ones down her crack. I was never an anus man so it didn't fizz on me. The shaving project was complete so I sent her for a quick wipe around to get rid of the lingering shaving cream, then I applied some body lotion to her entire area and that really made her wet.

We were still both naked and she couldn't help but see what this little operation had done to me in the last 20 minutes. I was leaking a little pre cum already.

"Oh Daddy it's hard again does that mean more sex? Or is this where I have to learn about blowjobs."

"Daddy is going to sit on the edge of the bed and you my lover are going to kneel on the floor in front of me." I ran my finger over the tip and scooped up the pre cum, I looked in her eyes and asked her to open her mouth then I dabbed it on her tongue.

"It's a bit salty Daddy."

"Now lick my dick from the bottom which we call the base, right up to the top which we call the tip, this big helmet on top we call the cockhead and this is very sensitive and loves to be licked and sucked along with this area underneath.

My balls are sensitive and have to be held gently and sucked/licked lightly.

After you have licked everything, then you open your mouth and slowly sink your mouth over it and close your wet lips and then you move up and down as you suck.

If you do a good job it will make me cum and I don't expect you to be able to take it all in your mouth this time, but its something that's precious for you to learn as it gives a man great pleasure if done right.

Cup your hand like this and hold my balls gently, then hold the base with your other hand while you lick, never squeeze because it can really hurt a man."

I watched her closely and she was trying very hard to please me I could tell, but I also wanted to keep her hot so after several minutes, we got up on the bed. I had her get over me in the 69 position and propped up my head up with pillows so I could reach her pussy easily. Pretty soon I had my tongue deep inside her and she was pushing back into my face along with sucking me faster and deeper.

I let my tongue slide between her puffy lips and contact her big erect clit and she moaned right away.

I felt myself getting very excited inside and I knew I was close. Just the sight of her erect clit after the hood had peeled away was very stimulating for me.

"Daddy is close baby, keep going don't stop now. Just keep going, almost, oooooh baby, keep going, suck baby, oooooh my lover yesss, yesss." Suddenly I realized I had cum and she was still sucking, wow, it was so nice and many years since I had experienced that incredible feeling of a woman continuing to suck after I had cum.

"Keep sucking baby, that's fantastic, absolutely wonderful." I said as I renewed my tonguing of her clit with far more vigor than earlier and she pushed back and forth rapidly.

After a few minutes and in a muffled voice because she was still sucking like a wild woman she cried out that she was close too. So I turned up the heat and licked and sucked her pussy as if my life depended on it and moments later a quick splash onto my face told me that she had cum.

I had her turn around quickly and we kissed passionately as we exchanged fluids and darted our tongues in each other's mouths and licked each other's lips and chins. I had my hand between her legs and was still teasing her clit and her wet hole when she orgasmed again.

We held each other tightly and finally we both fell asleep on top of the bed exhausted and satisfied. During the night I pulled a sheet over us and enjoyed the best nights sleep in many years.

I awoke first and laid the sheet over her after I had looked long and hard at her beautiful young body. So far she was the best all round lover that I had ever had in my entire life, and my daughter to boot.

We were blood and trusted each other in only the way that a father and daughter can, I loved her with all my heart.

My mind jumped ahead as I made the coffee, it was barely 24 hrs since she arrived and I had already taken her to heights that she had never been before. We still had almost 2 weeks and I was already dreading losing her.

I was sat outside working on my second coffee when Mel came out; she kissed me then sat down beside me with a steaming cup of her favorite coffee.

"Good morning Daddy, it looks like the start of another fine day."

"It sure does sweetie its going to be humid again too I think. You look well rested this morning dear."

"Oh daddy, I slept like a baby I was so relaxed. Did I do a good job for you last night?"

"Mel, you were fantastic, I thought you would never stop sucking, you shocked me."

"Thanks Daddy, I just wanted to please you and it didn't taste too bad at all, it was all hot and slippery."

"Well you did please me for sure. I'm giving you an A+ for your total efforts in my sex education class, but that's what good sex is about, pleasing each other."

"Great Daddy, I was used to getting A's in school. Oh by the way I'm starting on a diet today along with an exercise schedule and maybe I can lose a few pounds off my ass." she said as she grinned.

"My goodness sweetie, at the end of these 2 weeks you will be able to have any man you want."

"But Daddy, I've already found him and that's YOU. I just wish I had found out much earlier. Daddy did you ever have any sexual thoughts about me when I was in my teenage years?"

"To be honest baby I didn't ever have any sexual thoughts about you until you arrived yesterday and I realized that I had failed you. I wished that I had become a little involved in your more personal life and prepared you at least with some knowledge. I just assumed that you knew what you needed to know, but it sounds like both of you were very naïve. Kind of like the blind leading the blind. I feel bad that I hadn't visited you and found out much earlier, but there again it may have been too early and you wouldn't have asked for help."

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