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Violent Vixen

by Whiff666©

"What about them, Deb? They might catch us. Shit, your Mom'd kick my ass."

"I think they'll be upstairs a while, stud. Don't worry, we can hear them come down." She wrapped her lips around the hot, pear shaped top of his neat prick, savoring the salty taste. It was bigger than most, and he loved her hot mouth, and the way she deep throated it. He said most girls couldn't. She did it now, pushing it down into her throat, wondering what Peter's would be like.

Debbie's mind wandered as she distracted him with her skillful blow job. Aunt Connie had answered most of her questions when they first moved in, and she didn't hesitate to find out whether sex was as good as some of her friends said. Even the first time, when her cherry hurt so bad, she had gotten off at the end, and since then had developed a lot of experience. It was tricky to get laid when she always had to be in fairly early, but her sexy body let her entice progressively more attractive boys. She always told them her Mom assumed nothing could happen if she wasn't out late. "Don't get her pissed off, stud."

Jimmy was a good fuck, but not very bright. Peter's easy charm had taught her a lot in a couple of hours about what a really attractive man was like. Her Mom was so happy, seemed so fulfilled lately. He must be terrific in bed. When she saw the two of them so obviously able to overcome the six guys who beat up Jimmy, she realized that must be part of the attraction. There had always been a sexual overtone to Mom's fights.

She realized Jimmy was starting to groan louder. Releasing his cock, she stood in front of him and loosened the bra without taking her blouse off. Her nice big tits flopped out, and his eyes widened. The nipples were already stiff. She pulled her skirt up and stripped off the white panties, letting him see her thin, fuzzy tan bush. She rubbed her slit, but it was already moist from the excitement of sucking his prick.

"Wanna fuck, huh stud? Wanna get in my hot cunt? Beg, baby. Tell me how much you want it."

He started babbling "You bitch, you sexy bitch. Sit on me Deb. Fuck my brains out. That pussy of your is so hot. I need it bad."

Holding his heated eyes, she positioned her hips over his stiff member, and let it open her twatlips. The first contact always sent lovely waves of thrills into her. She sighed with delight, holding there briefly, then slowly sunk down, letting his thick flesh enter her. "Aaaaaaah" she breathed as the fullness started her heated fervor. "So big, so nice."

She sucked on his mouth, tonguing him as he returned her kiss wildly. Her hands rested lightly on his shoulders, while he kneaded her boobs. The rising passion started her mind into the hazy pleasure she loved so much, her clitty radiating tingling sensation. "Mmmmmmm." But they better not take too long, she thought, and squeezed her knees to increase the pressure on his tool. Her hips started rising and falling, and she heard his breathing start getting raspy. He was often nice and slow, but seemed to be particularly turned on tonight. Maybe everybody got like that with fighting, or pain.

His thick cock was terrific, punching her clit, stroking her tunnel firmly. She felt him pinching her nipples, sending jolts into her chest and down to her pussy. "Mmmmm, neat, neat." He broke their kiss, and started sucking on the red nipples with a hungry mouth, and she arched against the pressure. Time to get going, she marveled, and whispered "Hurry, hurry."

She felt his hips start to hump up to each of her own movements, and the speed of their fucking increased to a frantic pace, as both felt a little nervous about the adults. By concentrating on her clit, Debbie found herself tipping over toward a good climax, and he seemed really excited. It was nice in the back seat of his parents' Cadillac too, but this had a measure of danger that added spice. She felt the edge getting nearer and nearer.

She clenched her cuntal muscles, putting more squeeze on his thrusting cock. He jumped as she did it, and then his spasming hips lost their smooth pace and began jerking up and freezing. Then another furious single hump, then another. She liked the fierceness of it. She was there, right on the edge, and kept moving on him, waiting for his dong to start spitting. It was always nice when she could feel hot jism as she came.

"Deb, Deb, I'm gonna fill you up. Here it comes, here it... Ungghhh." She felt it, that warm wet heat at the top of her box, coating her pussy's walls. She lunged down on his boner twice, and drove herself into the abyss of pleasure she had wanted, with his stuff spurting into her.

"Unh, Unh. Me too studly. Yeahhhhhhhh." It lasted nicely, waves of heat jumping up to flush her skin. She felt her cunt contracting on him. But it didn't rival the passion she had seen in her Mom. Peter must really be something.

She had kicked Jimmy out. "You've had yours for tonight, stud. It was terrific. Now let me make sure they're okay." She wasn't exactly surprised to see Peter boffing both women, though obviously he concentrated on Mom. She almost ripped her clothes off and went in to try to get some of his attention, but decided that was pushing things. The mutual affection was too strong, though obviously they could handle sex in a lot of ways. Better to bide her time, go through Mom.

Besides, she'd never made it with a woman, but wanted to try it. Her mother's body was so neat when she peeped at it from the bed they shared, so lithe and firm. Muscled so well, putting all other women her age to shame. She had always wished she could explore that body, wondering what a pussy other than her own felt like when it orgasmed. But until recently, it would have offended Mom. Now, maybe not.

Aunt Connie said all the girls in their family were sexy. "Vic and your Dad were hot as hell, Deb. You wouldn't have known. They always acted so conservative in public." So Debbie figured she came by her wildness naturally. As she showered before going to bed, her mind buzzed with plans, excited about what was going on down the hall. She decided to sleep in the nude, thinking about waking up with Mom tomorrow morning.


As she awoke, the first thing she noticed was a smell of soap. Then she peeked over and saw the big tits outlined under a thin sheet, and that auburn hair cascading over the pillow. Mom had slept much more soundly since she met Peter, and her face in repose was so pretty now, relaxed and content. Debbie wiggled over and hugged to the warm, firm body beside her. The contact drew a little movement and a sleepy smile. Debbie snuggled closer, and breathed in her mother's ear. She let her pussy press lightly into the muscled hip.

Her mind was filled with the images from last night. Her stomach tightened as she remembered the sexy position the three had been in. Dimly, she wished she had taken advantage of the timing, sure they would all have welcomed her in their passion. The restrictions of teenaged life had never permitted her the chance to be involved in sex with several partners, but she had dreamed about it, and her excitement at seeing it live last night made her groan. She felt her cunt start to moisten, and humped gently into her mother.

There was more movement, and a little sleepy smile. Debbie put her hand lightly on the bare groin of her mother, feeling the firm muscles and bare skin beneath the hem of the thin shortie that had ridden up to her waist. Another image came back, of the gaping hard climax she had seen in that lovely face last night. The new hairdo, the sexier dresses, all came back to thrill the teenager, so happy that Mom had finally returned to the passionate woman she knew had hidden behind the pain of Dad's loss.

Her fingertips touched the mass of thick pubic hair, so much fuller and heavier than hers. Her mind kept crying caution, even as her pussy creamed and she felt rising desire. This was neat and sexy, the warmth and intimacy of the bed combining with her mother's imposing strength. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." She let her index finger sneak down to the little button surrounded by thick hair at the beginning of the puffy slit. She thought she felt it jump.

Her mother rolled over and hugged to her. "Yes darling, I'm here. Mommy's here." The sudden movement increased the pressure of her hand in her mother's bush, and Debbie's mind began to seethe. She felt lips on her cheek. "Oh Mommy, I love you." Debbie pushed two fingers inside her mothers body, with her palm on the clitoris, imitating the way she beat off. She turned her head and locked her lips to the moist mouth at her cheek.

Vicky wakened slowly, coming out of a dream in which she was again making love to Con. Her body was roiling with sensual desire. She realized she was kissing her daughter. But in her sleepy haze, she was not immediately shocked. It was only an extension of their love, she was sure, another caress. She kissed with more pressure, wanting, still filled with love, feeling heat in her groin. She heard Debbie whisper her love. A thrill of pleasure lanced into her groin.

Then, with a start, she realized a hand was massaging her pussy, making it damp. She jerked her head back and stared at her teenaged child. "Oh Mommy, I saw you and Aunt Connie, I wanted to see what it was like, I love you, please, please." Vicky felt a haze, a glow of warmth. But this was wrong, evil. Yet she knew her daughter was sexually active, and curious. And it did feel good, their intimacy, the kiss, the soft hand in her cunt. Debbie rolled to her, seeking her lips again, murmuring "Mommy, sweet Mom, my sexy Mom."

Vicky's mind spun, but the touch of their lips felt wonderful, soft and new. Her pussy was tingling pleasantly. Love won, and she pushed Debbie's head back down to the pillow, opening her mouth and inserting her tongue. Debbie groaned, and her own tongue licked out to duel erotically. Vicky's hand drifted down to the soft fur of her daughter's little box, and was surprised to feel the clit already stiff, and cream already flowing. Debbie humped her hips to the caress. "Mmmmmmm, that feels so gooood, Mommy."

Their embrace grew slowly more feverish. Both mouths opened wider, and Vicky felt Debbie's tits, amazingly firm and full, pressing into her own. It was so good, so exciting. The nipples were stiff, and she traced the tender young flesh. She pulled the sheet off, staring at her daughter's voluptuous nudity.

It was her body, softer and less fit, but shapely and curved, full breasts pillowed on a chest that narrowed to slim, sexy hips. The pubic mound was big and puffy, with soft, downy tan hair. Long legs whose toes were pointed with tension. So pretty, so enticing to her mother. Vicky groaned and her face began kissing down the smooth skin toward that lovely pussy. As she wet the little bellybutton, and licked down the abdomen, she felt breath on her own cuntal mound, and a tongue flick lightly on her clitty. "Oh Mommy, you're wet already. This is so nice."

Vicky sniffed at the pouty lips of the pink membranes exposed by Debbie's spread legs, recognizing her own odor. She rolled on top of the writhing body of her blonde child as her mouth covered the sweet slit waiting for her attention, and tasted the cream of the golden reward for her years of devotion to this young teen. At the same time, tingles of thrilling excitement came from the mouth kissing her own slit. She lost herself in the lovely langour of this lesbian sixty nine with her sensual blond daughter.

Their mouths began a fevered sucking and tonguing. Low moans began to fill the room, as gentle intimacy was replaced in their minds with fervent need. The smell of their cream infused their senses. Early morning sex was so intense, thought Vicky, so sweet and strong. Both hips began writhing in rising desire. Mindless striving for completion captured both sexy women.

Release came quickly in the soft light of the warm room. Debbie soared in a wild explosion totally new to her, without a cock inside her, but far better than masturbation. Vicky revelled in a whirling orgasm colored by the added affection for her blooming daughter's adoration. Their bodies stayed pressed together as climax took them into a wonderful floating euphoria. Each mouth, driven by their long intimacy, here in their own bed, ministered gently to the other's pleasure.

It faded eventually, and Vicky twisted around to hug to her blonde child and lover. They pulled the sheet back over their nakedness, and cuddled in their afterglow. The new closeness made Debbie dare to ask "Mommy, please, can I do it with you and Peter?"

In her giddy happiness, Vicky murmured "You little vixen, how can I say no? I saw his eyes on you. But be careful, dear. He's mine." And as she said it, Victoria Pleasance knew that she was committed to Peter now, and to an exploration of sexuality she would never have dreamed of a few weeks ago.

Peter was surprised when he got the call from the receptionist. "A Mrs. Victoria Pleasance to see you and Jack, Pete." You and Jack? What the hell sort of surprise did she have for him now?

"Send her right up, no on second thought, I'll come down." As he took the flight of stairs two at a time, his mind whirled.

She looked spectacular, a pair of tight jeans, a tee shirt, and a blazer with low heels beneath a made up face and styled hairdo. He kissed her cheek, as she smiled at him innocently. "Surprised, darling? I thought you would be. I want to say hello to Jack, and ask him if he might like to go out with Connie. And I want to see where you work, so I can picture you when we talk on the phone."

He kept his cool, but asked "You sure that's a good idea, Victoria?" He punched the button for the elevator, but she suggested they take the stairs.

As soon as they entered the privacy of the stairwell, they kissed passionately. He felt himself harden as he always did with her. She smiled her evil, naughty boy grin, and humped her hips at his stiffness. "I want to make up with him, darling. I know you trust him, and Connie needs to date someone we can be certain will be careful, because of the divorce."

"You mean he can't make a move on her, Victoria? Gee, I can't guarantee that, knowing Jack."

"No darling, it's because of legalities. She's not supposed to see anyone until they get a separation agreement. But I don't have to tell you she's horny." They both chuckled. "If he doesn't make a move, she'll be disappointed. And you can tell him that." They both laughed again.

It went pretty well. Jack was stiff at first, but the change in her was clear, and she made an effort to put him at ease. He had heard enough about Connie to know she was good looking, and when he told her about Victoria's comments, Jack was immediately excited. "Geez, its practically an invitation for a piece of ass, Peter. As long as I don't run out of mouthwash. You think she's pretty sexy, huh?"

He had his head down, hiding a grin. "I don't think you'll be disappointed, pal."

So that Saturday night, he found himself in the good Italian place he had invested in, with both Victoria and Deborah. His brunette wore a black, low cut gown he had bought her, that emphasized her full tits, and hugged her wonderful body. She wore the tall heels again. Deborah looked like a much older woman, in a red mini dress with a dark blue scarf at the waist, and spike heels that made her almost as tall as her mother. Her pale blonde hair was piled on top of her head. He didn't think Victoria wore a bra.

"Can't we be alone tonight, dear?" As they had planned the stay at home dinner Connie was making for Jack, he had whispered it to her.

"Oh, Debbie will be nice company for us darling. You'll see." She had kissed him lightly. "You'll see."

And the sixteen year old was fun. She and her mother had an easy intimacy that was very natural, and both flirted gently with him. She had many of Victoria's traits, but laughed more easily, and was unrestrained when she liked anything. "Wow, what a dish. Is that oregano, Peter? It rocks." He felt them both touching his knees under the table. He began to get the feeling he was being seduced. The idea excited him.

As they left the restaurant, he asked Deborah "Shall we stop and pick out a couple of tapes you can watch tonight? There's a store just there."

The blonde giggled, exchanging a look with her mother. "That's okay, Peter, there's a party I can go to. But Mom said I could come see your apartment."

As they walked toward his building, he pondered the developing situation. The flirting sexual tension that had built up told him he was going to have both mother and daughter tonight. Both were gorgeous, erotic women, and his new found comfort with his sensual urges made him anticipate the evening with delight. Debbie was a younger, spicier version of her mother, and he knew he loved Victoria. They had never spoken those words to each other, but he had felt, tonight, a stronger commitment from her.

And she seemed so sure of the strength of their relationship that giving their bodies to others, just as they gave themselves to the fighting, did not threaten the certainty of their bond. For some time, he had worried that one of these experiments would somehow separate them, but lately, ever since the frantic evening with Connie, he had realized it actually strengthened their love. But he always waited for her to discuss these matters, his innate caution too strong to resist. He looked over at the little blonde, and she grinned back with what was unmistakably a leer. When he looked over at Victoria, she was grinning too.

As they entered the apartment, the lights already dim, he busied himself lighting some candles and opening another bottle of wine. As he carried it out of the kitchen, Victoria stood behind Deborah, and both were staring at him. The blonde hair was already loosened from its pins, and framed her lovely young face. He smiled, set down the bottle, and pulled off his jacket and tie. "Okay, ladies. I get the idea." They all laughed throatily.

He heard the zipper of the teen's dress. "She seduced me the other morning, Peter. The little vixen. And to my surprise, it was terrific." Victoria slid the dress down slowly, and Deborah stepped out of it, giggling with giddy excitement. She was wearing a see through bra that enhanced her firm boobs, and showed dark nipples. She had on a pair of the black thong panties. "I lent her those, darling. They look good on her, don't you think?"

Victoria ran her hands over her daughter's lush young body. It was her mother's without the development. Big firm tits. A trimmed, pouty cunt. Nice long legs, lengthened by her spike heels. "She's very horny, dear. My family all are. She wants something more than jocks with big cocks." Her hand slipped inside the lower edge of the black triangle in the blonde's crotch, and the movement caused a jerk of the trim hips, and a little gape in the pretty face.

Deborah's hands moved up to her hair, as her voluptuous young body strained forward sexily, and her eyes closed. "Mommy, oh Mommy."

The mother continued "She wants to know what a man of intellect and character is like to be intimate with. I want her to find out, Peter. But we both agree, you're mine. Aren't you?"

He tore his eyes away from the undulating blonde teen, and held her's. "You know that I am, Victoria. I think you've known that since we met." In this strange whirl they were in, she had used more endearments tonight than he could remember before. Strangely, these weird sexual fantasys brought her real feelings to the surface. He pulled off his shirt.

Her mother unhooked the teen's bra and as she slid it forward, cupped her daughter's full titties to his hungry stare. "They're awfully pretty, aren't they Peter. They're firmer than mine. And such a handful." The tan line was only two triangles barely surrounding the full, pouty nipples, and were phenomenally sexy against the deeply tanned teen's chest. "And her pussy is so well developed, darling." The thong slid downward, and the small tuft of light brown, trimmed hair framed with a white triangle of untanned skin above the split puffy cuntlips made his heart pound. He could already see the clitty swelling and poking out saucily.

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