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Jodie Meets Her Uncle Ch. 03

by peter.m©

When Jodie walked though the door back into Dan's office, she couldn't believe who was sitting there with her uncle. "Granddad!" Jodie shouted, and she was about to run over to him when she stopped herself, thinking about what she was wearing. Her granddad stepped in, "It's ok Jodie, come give your granddad a hug."

Jodie walked over to him, "Come on love, sit on my lap & tell me what you've been up to."

Jodie sat on the old man's lap, looking for a reaction from him or her uncle. There was none, 'what was going on here', Jodie thought to herself.

"So Jodie, your Uncle Dan says you've been working really hard today, so what have you been doing?"

Jodie didn't know what to say.

Her granddad laughed and whispered to Jodie, "I hear you're a movie star, Jodie?"

'Oh my god', was what went though Jodie's head, 'he's seen the video but HOW??'

"Don't worry my love, you don't think Dan set this up by himself do you? Oh no, Jodie I wanted you for myself. I'm going to be the first to take your virgin holes. Yes, Jodie, I said holes, plural."

'Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god', suddenly her grandad's hand slid up her short skirt and found her bald pussy.

"Well done, Dan my boy, bald and smooth just the way I like them, so, Jodie did Dan tell you the rules?"

"I-I-I d-d-dont't k-k-know, granddad"

SMACK!, his other hand slapped her bare thigh, "That's for not knowing the rules, Jodie."

"Now I'll ask again, did Dan tell you the rules?"

"Yes, Granddad."

Her granddad's hand was still up her skirt; he began to play with the vibrator. He turned it on, Jodie wriggled.

"Yes, you like that don't you, Dan tells me you're a little slut, is that right Jodie?"

"Yes, Granddad."

"Yes, Granddad, what??" her grandfather said.

"I'm a dirty little slut, Granddad."

"Good, so long as we know how to treat you; now Jodie, stand against the desk facing Dan."

Jodie got up from her granddad's lap and moved to the desk; she faced her smirking uncle.

"Good, now place your hands on the desk and bend over slightly."

Jodie did as her granddad asked, she felt her granddad move in behind her, he lifted her skirt and felt around the butt plug.

"Jodie, I want you to take this from your arse and put it in your mouth," her grandfather ordered, tugging on the butt plug.

Jodie reached around and took hold of the butt plug, she pulled it out, it came out with a loud plop, then reluctantly she placed it between her lips.

"Good girl, Jodie, you are a good little slut," the old man said, then pushed two fingers straight into Jodie's anus, "You feel so good Jodie," her granddad said.

"I've got to have a piece of this, what do you think, Dan, think little this slut can take my cock in her arse?"

"Yeah, sure she can, Dad, she was made for this."

Jodie heard her granddad undo his fly. The fingers in her arse were removed while her granddad took his trousers off.

"Now spread your ass for your grandfather."

Jodie did as she was told. Then she felt him at her brown entrance, felt him pushing himself though her ring muscle, it was a strange sensation, pain, but there was also pleasure. This scared Jodie, did this mean she really was a slut?

Her granddad was in bliss, he was 60 plus and about to ram his hard solid cock into his 18 year old granddaughter. He looked down at her petite round bottom, the head of his cock just inside of her arse, her ring gripping him, he really was in heaven. He plunged his cock all the way into her tight brown hole, which was still slippery from the lube Helen had applied earlier, and he went deep inside of her, he started to pound into his granddaughter. He could feel the vibrator buzzing in Jodie's cunt; fuck, he knew he wouldn't last long.

"Jodie, play with your clit," her granddad said breathlessly. The sensations Jodie was feeling was incredible; the vibrator in her cunt; her granddad pounding her bum, and now she was determined to make herself cum. If only she could take the butt plug from her mouth, she knew she would be screaming.

Her granddad couldn't hold back any longer and emptied his load into the young girls virgin arse.

"Oh god, Jodie, you're so tight," muttered her granddad. Jodie was still playing with her clit, she was so close to climaxing, her arse now full of semen, but her granddad told her to stop.

"Oh no," Jodie thought.

"Put the butt plug back in your arse, Jodie," her granddad told her,

She removed the plug from her mouth and reached around behind her and while her granddad held up her skirt, she slipped the butt plug back in her anus, Jodie was surprised at how easy it slipped back in.

"Did you want to cum, Jodie?" her granddad asked wickedly.

"Yes, Granddad, I did."

"Do you like being our slut, Jodie?"

"Yes, Granddad, I do."

"Now, while I rest up, I think you should give us a show, what do you think of that Jodie?"

"Yes, Granddad."

"Ok then, Jodie, climb up on the desk and squat down."

When she was squatting on the desk her granddad told her to part her legs, he wanted to see the goods.

"Ok, that's good. Now I want you to remove the vibrator from your cunt, yes that's good now taste it."

She did as she was told and licked the vibrator that had been in her pussy for the last few hours.

"Do you like the taste Jodie?""

"Yes, Granddad." she purred.

"Now, I want you to use the vibrator to make yourself cum. There are rules to follow, Jodie, you must not drop the plug from your arse and you must not move from that position any of these things and you will receive a punishment, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Granddad."

Dan moved around the desk so he was sitting next to his father. The sight before him was so erotic, Jodie squatting on his desk, her legs slightly parted, her skirt had ridden up her thighs so her puffy pussy lips were on full view.

"Ok, Jodie, make yourself cum, you can turn up the speed on the vibrator if you wish."

Jodie turned up the vibe a notch and supporting herself with one hand, she touched the vibe to her pussy, her pussy tingled almost straight away, "If this is what its like to be a slut," she thought, "I like it."

Jodie moved the vibe up to her clit. "Oh god, this was nice," she thought. Her granddad moved in closer and pushed a finger into her tight cunt, he started to finger fuck his granddaughter while she buzzed the vibrator over her clit. Dan now reached over and placed two fingers next to his dad's, filling Jodie's pussy.

Their idea was to push Jodie over the edge. It was working. Jodie's breathing became quick, she was panting hard. The two men moved their fingers in unison, pushing and pulling at her cunt, then suddenly, they both pushed Jodie so hard she lost her balance falling back on the desk.

Jodie started to cry she had been so close to cuming it hurt,

"Why are you crying," asked her granddad.

"I want to cum so bad, Granddad."

"Well maybe that's your punishment for disobeying us."

Jodie just looked up at the two smiling men.

"But no, Jodie, that's not your punishment, I have something else in mind for that. So you still want to cum do you, Jodie?"

"Yes please, Granddad"

"Well, how about we both fuck you Jodie? I'll fuck your tight virgin cunt, would like that?"

To Jodie that sounded painful, but if they made her cum, well, it could be good.

"Yes, Granddad, I would."

He pulled her down the desk, so her legs hung off the end of the desk,

"Now pull your knees up to your chest, yes, that's good," now her bum was on the very edge of the desk her knees up on her chest and her cunt and anus on full view.

Her granddad stepped up to Jodie and lined his cock up to her cunt. He had taken viagra that morning, he just hoped his heart would hold out. Her lips were slightly parted and he could see they were very moist,

"Hold your pussy open for me, Jodie."

Jodie reached down with both hands and pulled her lips apart, giving her granddad access to her virginity. Her granddad eased forward, his erection sliding into Jodie,s pussy, my god she was tight.

Dan had now gotten undressed and moved round to stand next to Jodie's head, he offered his dick to her, "Suck it," he said.

It hurt Jodie when her granddad entered her, she looked down and saw her blood on his cock. "You'll love this Jodie, I'm making you into woman."

He moved his cock slowly in and out of Jodie, reaching down to rub her clit. He moved faster now, pinching her clit, ramming in and out, -fuck she was so tight-.

Jodie was moaning now, the pain had stopped; now there was only pleasure,

Suddenly her grandfather shouted -switch-.

Dan took his cock away from Jodie's mouth and moved down to her cunt her granddad swapped places with his son and pushed his cock towards her open mouth.

Dan entered Jodie and ploughed straight into her willing cunt. He was far more rough than her granddad was, he told Jodie to rub her clit while he fucked her hard.

Dan pulled his cock out of Jodie, seeing it covered in her blood and cunt juice. He took hold of the butt plug still in her arse and quickly pulled it out.

It come out with a plopping sound and his father's cum started to drip from her open anus.

Dan plunged his dick into her inviting arse, causing her to scream around her granddad's dick. Dan pounded her arse faster and harder, his farther had already told him not to cum in her cunt as that was for him. He could see Jodie rubbing herself with vigour, her fingers a blur. His dad was fucking her face now causing Jodie to gag every time he hit the back of her throat, Dan was ready to cum he looked down at his cock pumping her tiny hot arse, he could see his dad's cum oozing out around his cock, still it wasn't the first time he had followed his dad with sloppy seconds, his mother and sister were regulars for the both of them.

Dan's balls erupted into Jodie, filling her with his semen. When he was completely empty, he pulled out and replaced the butt plug; he would get Helen to lick it out when they were done.

Dan looked at his father who was looking exhausted, pumping into Jodie's mouth.

"Why don't you let her climb on you, Dad?" Dan suggested.

"Good idea, boy." he replied, moving away from Jodie. He sat down on one of the office chairs. with his erection still pointing straight up.

"Jodie, come here and hop on, take off the rest of your clothes first." Jodie hopped off the desk and quickly shed her skirt and top.

Her granddad pulled her over, "Straddle me, Jodie," he ordered.

She climbed over the chair and lowered her pussy over her granddad's cock, sliding down till she was filled. Her granddad rubbed her clit, its was standing out proudly with excitement, with his other hand, he pinched one of her nipples. Jodie began to move up and down on her granddad, getting faster, -yes- she thought this was it, she was going to cum, she grabbed her other nipple and pulled and twisted it her breast's bouncing as she bounced back down on her granddad's hard cock .

Yes, she was cuming, "Oh god," she cried, "oh god, fuck me Granddad, fuck me I'm cuming," she screamed out loud. Her granddad could feel Jodie's juice's running down his cock and onto his legs, he was ready to cum himself and unleashed his torrent into her dripping pussy. She was shaking from her orgasm it was the best she had ever experienced.

Dan lifted Jodie off his dad and laid her on the desk. He could see his father's cum running out from her used pussy and he could see she was exhausted, he would let her rest up for a while.

Dan picked up the phone on his desk, "Helen," he said, "can you find Jim, I want to see you both in my office straight away."

Jodie was still lying on the desk still catching her breath, Dan pulled her over so her head was hanging off the edge. Dan then slapped Jodie around the face with his flaccid cock, "Come on you, fucking slut, don't fall asleep on us, we haven't finished with you yet."

Jodie opened her eyes as Dan rubbed his cock over her lips, parting them with his cock, "Suck me you whore." he said.

Jodie took the offered penis in her mouth and began licking it.

"So Dad, have you thought of a punishment for our slut yet," he said, looking into Jodie's eyes as he spoke.

"Yes, I think I have, but I'm saving it for just before she goes home."

"Right then," said Dan, "I think she's rested enough, now I'll get Helen in to clean our little slut, then we can give out our punishment.

Helen knocked and entered Dan's office, "Jim will be about half and hour," she announced looking around the room, Helen took in the scene in front of her.

Dan's Father was sitting in an office chair naked, with his hard penis still pointing straight up. Then she looked at Dan and then to Jodie, she was lying on her back on the desk, cum dribbling from between her legs.

Dan was at Jodie's head, feeding her his cock, Helen saw that Jodie had a thin film of sweat covering her young body, 'she'd been fucked silly' Helen thought.

Seeing Jodie naked and helpless like that really turned Helen on, she hoped she would now get to play with Jodie.

"Helen, this dirty slut's made a mess and now needs cleaning up, get to it."

"Yes, Dan," replied an excited Helen.

She walked over to the desk and saw that Jodie still had the butt plug in. 'Mmm', thought Helen, 'I bet they've both been there.'

Helen thought it would be best to get under Jodie somehow, Helen pulled up another chair, one with a reclining back, she reclined the chair and laid on the chair upside down..

"Set her on my face," she said to Dan.

"Go on then, slut, sit on Helen's face," Dan pushed Jodie hard off the desk and onto the floor, Jodie got up and walked over to Helen, then sat astride Helen's upturned face. As she did so, a big glob of cum dropped from her pussy into Helen's waiting mouth, Helen licked her lips tasting the spillage from Jodie.

Helen pulled Jodie down lower, so her pussy was just above her mouth, and ran her tongue along the length, catching all the cum as it leaked out, Jodie let out a moan, she was started to become aroused again, feeling Helen's soft tongue on her puffy cunt.

Helen continued to lap up the semen from Jodie's abused snatch. When there was no more cum left, Helen turned to Jodie's butt plug, licking around the edges.

Dan and his father moved in on Jodie, they both offered their cocks to her mouth. Jodie took them both in her mouth, feeling them both fighting to get the best position.

Helen grabbed hold of the butt plug and gently pulled it free, it popped loose, cum running straight into Helen's open mouth. Helen pushed her tongue as far up Jodie's anus as it would go, and with her hand she found and rubbed Jodie's swollen clit.

The two men were now very hard again, thanks to Jodie. Dan wanted to fuck Jodie again, he walked round to where Helen was rimming Jodie. He watched Helen's tongue darting in to the young girls brown starfish.

Dan wanted in, so he knocked Helen's tongue out of the way with his cock and pushed past Jodie's tight ring. Helen tried to lick his cock as it went in, but Dan said to get back to sucking cunt, you whore. Dan plunged his cock into Jodie's hole, while Helen nibbled, licked, and bit Jodie's clit.

Dan's father hitched Helen's skirt up to her waist and spread her leg's far apart. He stuck several fingers into Helen's soaking cunt, lifted them out again and put them to Jodie's mouth.

Jodie accepted her granddad's wet fingers and licked Helen's juices from them. Her granddad took hold of his granddaughter's head and pushed her down to face Helen's wet cunt, "Lick it, slut," he said.

Jodie could see her granddad now wanking near her face. She bit down hard on Helen's clit, Helen bit back, Jodie screamed, Helen just laughed and carried on nibbling on Jodie.

Dan was still pounding into Jodie from behind, her arse gripping his cock again, he could feel his ball's tighten. His dad started to cum and aimed it at Jodie, when his juice flew out the end of his cock, it hit her square in the face.

Dan had another load coming, he pulled out of Jodie's backside and emptied himself in Helen's mouth, "Aaarrrh," he cried out.

Jodie was also in the middle of another climax, as Helen was still munching on her pussy & clit, her juices flowed out of her pussy, Helen lapping up as much as she could,

Jodie was crying out "Oh my god, oh my god, thank you Helen"

Helen just smiled. It took something special to make her cum, but she was willing to wait and she would teach Jodie just what she needed.

Dan and his father pulled Jodie off Helen, then helped Helen to her feet. Helen was covered in cum both from Jodie and Dan. Dan handed Helen a tissue, "Clean yourself up, you dirty slut," Dan said, "and get Jodie next door, it's time for her punishment."

This was the first Helen had heard about Jodie being punished, however it didn't surprise her as these two can be very perverse when they got together, any thing goes and she knew that the number of times they used bondage and humiliation on her as a way of getting her to be a complete sub.

"Right, it's punishment time; go and get the leg bar, a whip and a dildo," Dan said to Helen. Helen left the room to get the equipment.

Meanwhile, Dan instructed Jodie to stand against the desk, hands palm down, and to spread her legs. She did as she was told.

"Are you looking forward to your punishment Jodie," her grandfather asked.

"Yes, Grandfather."

Jodie was really scared now, the mention of the whip did not sound good.

Helen came back into he office ,she put the leg bar on Jodie, it was a 4ft metal bar with ankle cuffs on both ends, so when its was attached, Jodie's legs would remain spread.

Helen placed the dildo and whip on the desk and backed away.

Dan's father walked around to stand behind Jodie. He picked up the dildo and placed it between his granddaughter's spread legs. He started to rub the tip over her swollen pussy lips, they parted to accept the dildo. Slowly he worked the dildo up into Jodie cunt, when it was fully inserted, he reached over to pick up the whip... it was a cat of nine tails, a short handle with nine pieces of leather hanging down,

"I'm going to go easy on you Jodie, if you answer all my questions correctly," her grandfather whispered in her ear, "you will also receive more punishment if you drop that dildo from between your legs, do you understand."

"Yes, Grandfather."

"Now, what are you?"

"I'm a slut, Grandfather."

WHACK! WHACK! the whip landed hard twice on her exposed arse.

"Wrong answer Jodie, would you like to try again?"

"Yes, Grandfather, please."

"Good, so Jodie, what are you?"

Jodie hoped she would get it right this time, her bottom was stinging.

"I'm a dirty little slut, Grandfather."

WHACK! the whip landed on Jodie's exposed backside.

"Very good, my dirty little slut, you are a fast learner, now what do you like in your cunt, slut?

"I like you, Grandfather."

WHACK! WHACK! "Wrong again, Jodie."

Helen winced, she could see that Jodie's arse was now very red and looking sore, she could see what her grandfather was doing, it was a set up, Jodie could never get the questions right, poor girl, Helen would try to make it up to her later if she got the chance.

"I'll try again Jodie, what do you like?" her grandfather said

I like cock grandfather


"Very good, Jodie, I think that's enough questions for now."

Her grandfather then pushed the handle of the whip against Jodie's anus, and pushed it in, twisting it till half the handle was in his granddaughter's arse.

He then reached under Jodie and twisted the dildo's base, turning it on to vibrate, "Now you're to stand here for one hour, if the whip or dildo fall out you will face more punishment, ok Jodie?"

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