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The Game Ch. 03

by sharezade©

Ch. 03: Gauntlet

", Milady. There will be plenty of time for that. You're going to wear this plug all weekend. I know you don't believe it now, but if you endure the the end you will beg me to do much more than sodomize you...and you will do so in the most indelicate ways imaginable. Now...let us dine, shall we?"


"Please, Milady. Sit." Mark said, indicating the love seat. "I'll reheat our dinner."

Seated on the soft loveseat, the coarse fabric stung Michelle's still tender skin. It was just short of unbearable, but getting up would be disobedient, so she concentrated on breathing and remained seated, trying not to focus on the plug being forced deeper inside her by the pressure of her own weight.

"During meals, you may speak freely, but respectfully, and ask questions as you wish." Mark said as he placed the small portion of spaghetti marinara in front of her. "I can't promise I will answer everything, but you can ask." Michelle looked at the sparse plate and then back up at her husband. "I want you satisfied, but not full." he explained. "We have a long evening ahead of us, and many culinary delights to share."

Michelle smiled. "We're not gonna use that hook over the bed are we?"

"Maybe", he said. "But we're definitely using the ones directly above us...and possibly the one over the tub...and in the shower." Michelle looked around, noticing the hooks for the first time. Mark's evil grins always made her squirm but the look in his eyes this time made her moisture flow anew.

"How did you know I messed up?" Michelle asked, quietly.

"Where's your cell phone?"

"It's on the...counter..." She sighed and shook her head sadly. If she'd been seated when he called, the phone would be on the loveseat beside her. She was embarrassed at her own carelessness. She wouldn't be sitting in such discomfort if she'd thought to toss the phone to the loveseat.

"You might not have suffered as much," Mark said as if in answer to her unspoken thoughts; "but the plug is all part of training." He stood and took their empty plates to the counter. "Milady, please take off your watch and place it in my coat pocket. Time will have no meaning for you here."

Michelle was grateful for a reason to stand. Walking with the plug felt strange, but much less uncomfortable than sitting on it. At his instruction, she pushed the chair, and loveseat back, creating a large clear area below the ceiling hook. Staring up at the hook, she heard mark approach from behind. She recognized the metallic jingle of handcuffs, and turned to face him. When he dangled the silver metal in front of her, she realized they were not handcuffs. The clamps looked positively evil.

"From this moment and until I decide otherwise, you will be in pain. This is to keep you focused...and to amuse me." Mark chuckled when she winced as he attached the clamps to her nipples and tugged the chain connecting them. "The Japanese are ingenious, aren't they?" Pulling the chain, he led her until she was positioned directly beneath the hook. The grooved plastic padding on the clamps seemed to bite into her flesh, but she would not make a sound. "Ahh...good. You're concentrating. Keeping quiet? Well...that's absolutely not necessary." he said, squeezing the clamp on her left nipple. "As a matter of fact, my intention is to make you moan, and cry, and scream...and beg me for mercy." Michelle matched his mocking gaze with her determined one. Only when a pained sigh escaped her throat did he let go. She dropped her gaze in acknowledgment of his minor victory, knowing in her heart that it would not be the last.

She remained standing as he pushed the ottoman up behind her, and sat when he told her to do so. She watched silently as he laid his toybox on the counter. The 5 foot metal case had 2 combination locks. She knew he kept toys, but had never been privy to his entire arsenal. Her eyes went wide when he opened the case. Secured inside the top portion were the custom made spreader bars he was so proud of, and a collection of straight rods and canes and crops. She knew he favored such things, but had never seen the entire collection. Attached to a board that separated the top and bottom sections, were long and short handled floggers, and a loosely coiled single tail whip. He lifted the board to show her the bottom section containing what he called his assistants. A selection of toys and marital aids chosen specifically for her.

"This part of the game is going to only vaguely resemble games we've played before." Mark said, dropping a spreader bar at her feet. "We're using the 4' mark this time." Remaining seated, Michelle bent forward and attached the Velcro cuffs to her ankles. 4' had her stretched, but not too uncomfortable. As he knelt between her parted thighs, she heard the high pitched whine of the vibrating glove he sometimes used to get her started quickly. "Do not move a muscle." He said, touching a vibrating finger to her oozing opening. "If you even breathe too deeply, it will not go well for you." Michelle gripped the sides of the ottoman as his vibrating thumb massaged her clitoris, and her thighs jerked involuntarily. "You moved." he said smiling. He began moving his vibrating hand while reaching up to squeeze the clamp on her right nipple.

The sudden pressure snatched Michelle's attention from the pleasure of his vibrating hand, to the intense pain of the clamp. "See...this is very different." Mark said. "In this game, pleasure and pain are one. You will beg me to hurt you because of how good it'll feel." As the pressure on her nipple grew to unbearable, the vibration and movement of his hand increased. When the moan finally escaped her lips, she didn't know if it was from pleasure or pain. He withdrew both hands at once, leaving her throbbing in pain, and aching to be filled. She accepted his kiss on her lips, and held her silence as he applied more clamps to her inner and outer labia and clitoris. When he tugged on the single chain connecting all of the clamps she wore, her whimper brought a smile to his lips. "Very good, Milady. Your cries are music to my ears."

Seated on the rough ottoman, Michelle concentrated on relaxing; submitting herself to the pain of the clamps, the sting of her still warm buttocks and thighs, and the strange discomfort of the plug that still impaled her. She ignored the silken cords being wound around her wrists and hands. She paid no attention when the cord was passed through the ceiling hook and she was pulled to standing. She hung limply as she was stretched such that only the balls of her feet touched the floor. She didn't notice when he placed the wireless headphones on her ears, and all pain was gone when the ambient music flooded her brain.

He may have said her name 1 or 100 times, but it was a sharp slap to her face that brought her attention back to her husband and lover and soon to be torturer. "Your mental escapes always intrigue me." His voice was coming from the headphones. "Keeping your mind here will be a special project. I mean, you won't beg me if you can't feel me...and where's the fun in that?" She could not hear the sound of the leather paddle he was slapping against his palm; only the music and his voice. "You can hear me, Milady, correct?" She nodded. "Good. Between your palms is a cord cutter. Pulling up on it will break the bands and end the game. Do you understand?" She nodded again, gaining a hard slap to her thigh from the paddle. "I told you, Milady; I want to hear everything. You will moan for me, and cry for me, and scream for me...and if you can endure without failing, you will beg me."

Michelle stared at him, not hiding the defiance she was feeling. In their time together, she'd rarely cried and certainly never begged. She refused to acknowledge the naked and bound woman she saw dangling helplessly, reflected in every surface of the room. She now fully understood the challenge she'd accepted. He wanted to break her, and she had a choice to either endure or quit. In her heart she knew she would not be broken, and quitting meant losing, so her only choice was to endure. The last thing she saw as he brought the blindfold down over her eyes was his beautiful smile mocking her. be continued.

Written by: sharezade

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