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Girlfriend Does Camping Neighbors

by fun4all6969©

My girlfriend Jeannette and I have been dating for the last 18 months. She is 24 and has a great body that she loves showing off. Normally around the house she wears only a short, thin robe and sometimes nothing at all. Jeannette is around 5'2", 100lbs and 32b breasts. After we dated for about a month I took her to the local adult video store. The first time we just looked around at all their goodies and videos.

About a month later we went back and went to the peep booths and started watching through all the videos. We got to one about creampies and Jeannette loved it. We went back out to the front and to the fetish videos. We rented the 3 "Creampie for the straight guy" videos and took them home. When we were watching them, we got to the point where the guy went down on the girl after filling her with cum, and she became even more excited. She confided in me that she would love to have me go down on here afterwards and I confided that I had always wanted to do this.

It wasn't long and we were fucking and after filling her with cum she climbed up and straddled my face. She let the first couple of globs drip out from 6 inches above my mouth so she could watch it drip in. I then licked her clean, she came 3 times and loved it. Over the next few months we even experimented with snowballing and licking cum off her breasts, feet, and stomach. The kinkier we got, the hornier and kinkier she became.

Our next trip to the store, she went to the fetish section again and pulled out several movies of girls wearing strapons. She thought this would be fun and since I loved her finger and little dildo in my ass, I should like the 7" strapon. I agreed and we rented 3 movies and bought a strapon.

When we arrived home, we popped in the movie, stripped off our clothes. I put the strapon on her and we laid back on the couch. Soon we saw where a guy was sucking on the strapon and she immediately asked me to do the same. I started sucking and she coaxed me along until pretty soon I was performing deep throat on the dildo. As the evening moved along, she lubed me up and slowly inserted the strapon in my ass. I couldn't believe how hard I was and how much precum was leaking during that evening. By the end of the evening we were both worn out and agreed that the strapon was a new kinky thing we added to our fun.

After about a year of dating, we started talking about doing some swinging. We spent some time online looking at ads but things never worked out. We agreed that we wanted to start with a MMF then move on from there.

A couple of months later we decided to go camping at a nice little campground I found. It is normally fairly deserted and offers some camping spots that are pretty secluded. We arrived around 3pm on a Thursday and setup our tent, campfire, and solar shower. We were sitting around nude sipping on some Tequila after fixing a little dinner and heard somebody playing guitar not too far away. Jeannette is very turned on by the guitar. I decided to slip on my shorts and walk over to invite whomever over for a drink.

I met Brian an 18 year geeky college kid. He agreed to come over for a drink and bring his guitar. We talked to Brian while he played and found out he was just getting ready to start college, had been in the chess club and band. He was up here holding the campsite for himself and 3 buddies who were going to be showing up tomorrow.

As the night went along Jeannette became more and more turned on and her robe slipped more and more open. Brian was becoming very distracted at Jeannette's shaved dripping wet pussy and perky tits that were showing. Finally Jeannette said to Brian "Nice hard on in your shorts, maybe you should let it breath". Brain was very nervous and confided that he was still a virgin. Jeannette was very turned on by the thought of deflowering a virgin. She got up and peeled off her robe and gently pulled off Brian's shorts and t-shirt. He had a nice 8" hard cock and she pushed him down on the lounge chair and climbed right on. Brian managed to last about 2 minutes before exploding into Jeannette's wet pussy. He started to apologize and Jeannette told him no problem. Marty will take care of me orally and by then you will be up for round 2.

I walked over and climbed under her dripping pussy. I was so excited to be licking her pussy filled with another man's cum. I licked out the big globs of Brian's cum and Jeannette orgasmed twice. As she climbed off of my face, we looked over and saw that Brian was hard once more.

She knelt in front of him and started out with a nice slow blowjob. She took her time, licking his shaft, balls and caressing his stomach and butt. She even managed to deep throat his huge cock and Brian let out a deep moan. She lay down and let Brian climb on top this time. Brian fucked her hard and slow and managed to last almost 15 minutes. As he was getting close Jeannette pushed him off and started sucking him until he came down her throat. She swallowed most of it but saved just a little for a nice long kiss with me.

We decided it was time to sleep but before, Brian confided that his friends are all still virgins as well. Jeannette made him promise that he would bring them all over to our camp the following evening and he quickly agreed. After he left, I asked Jeannette if she planned to take them all on and she said, "How can I pass up this opportunity to deflower so many men". I agreed and we made love in the tent before falling asleep totally exhausted.

The next afternoon, we heard the other guys pull up in the next campsite. After about an hour or so, over they came looking a little embarrassed. Jeannette immediately jumped up and did a striptease for them and sexy lap dances to get them going. I poured drinks for everyone and Jeannette opened Josh's shorts to suck his cock, All the other guys (Brian, Ryan and Joel) took off their clothes. I went and pulled our air mattress out of the tent and laid it on the ground. Josh had already filled Jeannette's mouth by this point and she came over to give me a cum filled kiss before lying down to take Ryan deep in her pussy with his 6" erection. Joel comes over and she starts sucking him hard while Brian stroked his own cock. Joel's cock kept growing and it wasn't long before it was close to 9" long.

Ryan came in less than 5 minutes and Jeannette pulled Joel around and had him push his huge cock inside her cum filled pussy. We could hear the slurping sounds of the cum in her pussy and in less than 2 minutes he filled her already overflowing pussy with cum. I jumped up and dive in to lick 2 guys cum from her pussy. She straddled my face while sucking Brian. The cum kept flowing and flowing out of her wet pussy. I licked her clean and to 2 orgasms and when I climbed out from under her, she kissed me and licked the cum off of my face.

Over that evening, she fucked each of the guys at least 3 times and after the first time she decided that she would prefer to watch the guys cum on her tits and stomach. I fucked her once while the guys watched and a second time in a double penetration with Brian and I both in her pussy at the same time. By the end of the night she was covered with so much dried cum and we were all exhausted. Jeannette and I fell asleep on the cum covered air mattress and 2 of the guys passed out on the lounge chairs.

In the morning, Jeannette woke me and the 2 guys that stayed at our camp up with a mind numbing blowjob. We had to leave that morning but we gave the guys our phone number so that they could call Jeannette to be the entertainment at their upcoming party for the chess club, which hopefully will be our next story.

Written by: fun4all6969

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