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Grandpa Owns Her Ch. 03

by NYCbbwSUB©

"You dirty, filthy slut."

"Yes daddy."

As daddy was scolding her, she noticed the bulge in his pants. No matter what daddy was saying, he wanted her again. He wanted to fuck her, knowing it was his daughter. Now he craved her whore body. He wanted more, and he was going to get it.

Daddy walked over to her, and roughly started pinching her hardened nipples. "You like that slut?"

"Yes daddy, that feels so good"

He used his other hand to smack her free tit. Grandpa just watched from the corner. He watched his son discipline his granddaughter.

The smacks got harder, as he got, what seemed to be angrier. "You dirty cock slut." "You want daddy's cock, don't you bitch?"

"Yes daddy, I want your cock, please."

"Please what?" as he twisted her nipple in his fingers.

"Please fuck me daddy, use me any way you want."

"Dad, can you untie her, so I can take care of the whore's craving for cock?"

"You got it son." Grandpa walked over and un-clipped her wrists, and ankles, freeing her. They both knew she wouldn't try to get away. She wanted this, and had wanted it for a long time.

Daddy was much rougher than grandpa. He grabbed her by the hair hard, and unzipped his pants. He pulled his semi-hard cock out in front of her face.

"Is this what you want bitch?" "Do you want daddy to rape you with his cock?"

"Yes daddy, rape me, use me."

As soon as she said the words 'rape me', something built up inside him, and his cock was now rock hard. She hadn't even started sucking his cock yet. He always knew he liked, being rough with a woman. He wanted to feel he was taking her against his will. His craving never being truly satisfied, due to an un-willing wife. Now he would do as he pleased. He would be as rough as he wanted. The fact that it was his own daughter, only heightened his excitement.

He wondered how his daughter, and her mother could be such opposites. Her mother, being somewhat of a prude, when it came to sex. His daughter being a cock hungry slut. He didn't care though. All he knew was he was going to finally get to rape his daughter. If she begged for him to stop, he would just keep raping her. He didn't care anymore.

He pulled her mouth off his cock and spun her around. "Keep your ass in the air." he roughly pushed down on her back, making her ass stick up even further.

"Oh yes, now I can see your dirty little fuckhole."

"Daddy please don't hurt me."

"That's it bitch, beg for me to stop." "I like hearing your pleas, as I fuck and abuse you."

"Daddy I will do anything you want, just please don't hurt me."

"But that's they way daddy likes it slut."

His hand came down hard on her ass, making her jump. "Ooowwww!! Please stop, that hurts!"

Her ass already being sore from the paddling, was now on fire as daddy spanked her. It hurt so much, and for some reason, daddy seemed to enjoy it more like that. Janine turned to look at her father, but what she saw was someone else. He had an evil look in his eye, that was beginning to scare her.

He continued to spank her, and call her names, until tears welled up in her eyes. She looked at grandpa, with a pleading look on her face. When she realized his cock bulging against his pants, she knew her pleas would be ignored.

"Oh honey, did daddy hurt you?"

"Yes Daddy, I'm so sore."

"Ok honey, well then I guess it time to rape you."

Oh yes, that's what she wanted. To feel him inside her, invading her juicy hole.

"Reach back and spread your ass for me slut."

"Yes daddy." Janine did as she was told, and spread her ass as wide as she could. She liked how dirty it made her feel. Like a dirty slut, just begging to be used. She wanted his cock, and any cock they made her take. She had accepted, and even embraced the fact she was a cock slut.

Daddy slid one finger into her throbbing pussy. There was no hiding the fact that she was dripping wet. He felt it as soon as his finger entered her.

"Hey dad, our little slut is dripping wet." "I guess she really did enjoy her spanking."

"I told you she was a true whore son." "You could abuse her any way you want, and she would still come back, begging for more."

"Get on your back bitch!"

Janine immediately did as she was told, hoping they would fuck her now. Grandpa, walked over to where her head was, and lowered his cock into his granddaughter's mouth. As she took his cock into her mouth, grandpa reached down and held her legs wide open.

"Come violate your sweet slut daughter, son."

Daddy got down on his knees, stroking his cock, inspecting her pussy. He had the sudden urge to spank her pussy.

She took grandpa's cock out of her mouth and screamed, "Ooooowwww!!" "Please daddy no, that hurts." She was actually very aroused by the pussy spanking, but she saw how much her begging him to stop, turned him on.

"Take daddy's punishment like a good whore."

"No please daddy, no more!"

"Shouldn't you be punished for being such a whore?"

"No daddy, I'm sorry, please!"

He plunged two fingers, fast and deep, inside her spread open pussy. "Oh fuck daddy!"

"What's the matter, bitch, is that too much for you?"

"Yes daddy.....uuuhhhh.....please.....uuuuuhhhh....too much."

"Do slut like the way daddy uses his little girl's cunt?"

"No daddy, more!"

Her begging got her another of her father's fingers. Now he had three fingers in her, as she sucked his father's cock. The scene in front of him, was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He had always imagined taking Janine, but never thought it would be like this. He was glad his dad had set this up, and now he would fuck his daughter, whenever he wanted.

He couldn't stand it anymore. He had to fuck her. He wanted to feel his sweet young daughter's pussy all around his cock. He wanted to tear her cunt apart, and listen to her pretend to beg for him to stop. He knew she was just pretending, just by how wet her pussy was. It didn't matter though. Her please were as real as they had to be.

Daddy roughly pulled his fingers from her pussy, and got on his knees in front of her. He wanted to look right in her eyes, as he took, what he now knew was his daughter. Not knowing who she was before, was hot, but knowing it was his daughter was even hotter.

He began rubbing her clit, which was hard and sticking straight out. Rubbing it, all around, teasing her clit. You could hear her moans of pleasure, even with grandpa's cock in her mouth. She started to grind against his hand, begging for more. Dad bent down, and licked his slut daughter's pussy. A shiver went through her, and she had goose bumps all over her.

Taking grandpa's big cock from her mouth, she said "Oh daddy, yes!"

Even though she wasn't pleading for him to stop, he couldn't take his mouth off her pussy. He loved the way she tasted on his tongue. He sucked, and licked for what seemed like hours. Her pussy was aching, and throbbing. She need to cum, and she wanted her daddy to taste every drop.

He must have read her mind, because she heard him say, "Cum for me my sweet slut."

"Oh daddy yes.....oooohhhh......yes.......that's it daddy......uuuuhhhh.......oh yes suck my clit......oooohhhh fuck, yes daddy......aaahhhhhh.....I'm cumming!!!"

Her body was bucking so hard under his mouth, he had to hold her still. Her juices flowed into his mouth, and he greedily sucked up every drop. As he cleaned up her juices, he realized that, even through her orgasm, she never stopped sucking her grandfather's cock. "She's a true slut." he thought to himself.

When he was finished sucking her almost dry, he brought the head of his cock to her pussy. He slapped his cock against her pussy, making her feel a tingling inside. She wanted his cock inside her, fucking her, violating her. It was all so dirty and nasty, and she loved it just as much as they did.

He slid his cock in just a little at first. He was teasing her. She wished he would just plow into her dirty cunt, already. She needed to get fucked.

"Aww honey, do you want daddy's cock?"

The whore was still sucking on grandpa's cock, but stopped to beg a little. He wondered how come his dad hadn't cum yet. He figured it was because she kept stopping, to talk like the whore she now was.

"Yes daddy please, fuck me, fuck your slut daughter!" "Use me daddy, rape me daddy."

Those words, 'rape me', was all he needed to hear. He plunged his fat cock, deep into his daughter, with such force, she was pushed of his dad's cock. She was now screaming into grandpa's balls. He held her head there, telling her he wanted her to use her mouth while she was there. She began licking on grandpa's old hanging balls, and screaming and begging for her daddy to stop fucking her so hard.

"Please daddy.....aaahhhh.....not hard.......uuuhhhh.....please it hurts daddy!!"

They both knew it didn't hurt at all, but loved the feeling each one was getting. She was now sucking, and licking her grandpa's balls, as her father plowed into her. She had never been fucked so hard in her life.

"Ok my dirty little slut, you are going to swallow grandpa, and daddy's, hot cum." She begged him not to, like she knew he wanted to hear. They pulled their cocks out of her, and daddy grabbed her by the hair, put her on her knees, and jerked her head back.

"Shut the fuck up bitch, you are going to open your mouth, and grandpa, and I are going to drop a load in it." "Is that understood?"

"Yes daddy," as she opened her mouth wide. She wanted to feel, and taste their cum. She wanted it everywhere. In her mouth, on her tits, on her face, she didn't care. She was a cum whore for them, and had no problem expressing it.

They're cocks were pointed at her mouth, as they stroked their cocks. Jerking off in her face. Grandpa was the first to cum. Most of his load landed in her hungry mouth, but some landed on her chin. It dripped down onto her red, sore nipples. She quickly took her hand, and rubbed her grandpa's cum into her skin, spreading it over her nipples.

Daddy grabbed her by her hair and forced her in front of him.

"Open your mouth, and get ready my slut daughter." "Swallow every fucking drop of daddy's cum!"

His load shot right into her mouth, finally letting her get a taste of her sweet daddy. She swallowed as much as she could, but daddy came so much. Cum started to dribble out of her mouth, and onto her nipples. She spread her daddy's cum all around her nipples, mixing it with her grandpa's hot load.

Daddy stood there until his cock, just had a drip of cum at the tip. "Clean daddy's cock."

She took her father's cock in her mouth, and cleaned off her juices. She liked the way her pussy tasted, and hoped she would get a chance to suck some more pussy in the future. But for now, she would do whatever grandpa, and daddy wanted. She was now their personal whore, to use whenever they desired. That's just the way she wanted it.

As dad and grandpa were getting dressed, Janine laid back and, continued rubbing their cum all over her body. She wanted it everywhere. She rubbed cum all over her tits, pinching her nipples in the process. She began getting aroused agin, as they watched.

"This is great, I can't believe I have such a whore for a daughter!"

"Yes son, she is quite a nasty slut."

"Dad, since we are both in on this now, and she is my daughter, I think I should now be her Master."

"You are right son, she is your property, before she is mine." We shall make a night of it, and invite friends to witness her being given to her father." "That would be great dad, I love seeing her in action." "Maybe we could even film it, and have something to watch in the future."

"Good idea." "Let's get started with the preparations, and we can have it next Saturday." That gives our little slut time to recoup from tonight's festivities."

"Great idea, let's get started."

Daddy turned and looked at his daughter, laying on the floor. She was still rubbing their cum all over her. "Rub our cum into your pussy."

"Yes daddy."

As she did what she was told, dad explained how he would soon be her Master. "Rub you pussy for daddy." "Show daddy how much you enjoy being his slut."

Janine was rubbing herself into a frenzy. She wanted to cum again, but knew they would never give her permission.

"Ok, whore, stop that, and get back upstairs!" "Clean yourself up, and get dinner going, we're starved."

Janine jumped up and did as she was ordered. As she was in the bathroom cleaning up, she heard grandpa and dad making a list of guests, for her transfer to her daddy. She must have heard them say thirty names, of various men and women. She hoped she would be forced to suck another woman's pussy again. She really enjoyed that, and wanted her daddy to watch her doing it.

She hummed to herself as she washed up and went down to the kitchen, and started dinner. She couldn't wait for what they had in store for her. She didn't care what it was. All she wanted to do was please them any way they wanted. She yearned for their satisfaction, and would do whatever she had to, to get it.

To be continued, but only if the votes are good...

Written by: NYCbbwSUB

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