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Horny Mother and Daughter Ch. 01

by Singularly66©

I am standing in front of the mirror a few days after I celebrated my 50th birthday. My husband had given me a surprise party at the Club for all my friends and family. However, my joy from the party was short lived. I was depressed and had been depressed for some time.

I just had a shower and was taking a real hard look at myself, naked down to my bare essentials. I guess I didn't look too bad even though I gained a few pounds around my hips recently. My 38C breasts are not sagging too much and my skin was relatively smooth and supple, as I avoided the sun and always used plenty of sun screen lotion, when I was bathing outside. There are a few wrinkles around the edges of my eyes, but nothing too pronounced. Letting my eyes fall down to the V between my legs, I didn't notice much of a difference, though my sex organs aren't getting used too much these days anyway. When not fully engaged with his business, my husband makes me a golf widow, as he was out on the course every chance he got. He makes a good living, so I guess I couldn't complain. I keep my bush trimmed so I could wear shorts when I worked out at the health club.

I am becoming a grandmother soon, as my 26 year old, daughter, Amy, was pregnant with her first child. She lives a few miles away from us with her husband Steve. Her phone call this morning was a bit disturbing and perhaps that had caused my perplexed mood. She was very emotional over the phone and pleaded in a teary voice that she needed to see me as soon as possible. I agreed to go over to her house this afternoon, after she came home from her part time claims agent job. She asked if I could spend the night since Steve was away on business, so I packed my overnight bag. I told my hubby where I was going, and he said that he would go to restaurant tonight because he had to work late, so don't worry about him.

As I was thinking about Amy's call, I reached over to get some moisturizing lotion and my hand brushed over my breasts and nipples. A pleasant heat coursed down my body. My breasts were always sensitive and I didn't mind the sensation at all. In fact, I reflect that if it weren't for personal attention to my own needs, I would be extremely frustrated and even more depressed. I had become very friendly with sex toys over the past few years, and I was really good at stimulating a heavy-duty orgasm when I was so inclined. I could envision great sexual fantasies in my mind, piecing together stories from romantic movies that I had seen. I searched the adult stores on the Internet and bought some wonderful sex toys that I hid away where no one but me could find them. While I thought about relieving the current sensation with one or more of them, I decided that this was not the time. Without too much reflection, I tossed a few toys in the overnight bag and got dressed.

I dressed in shorts and a halter to go shopping for my daughter, thinking that some new clothes would help her emotional state. After lunch at the Mall, I made the 20-minute drive to their home. My daughter's car is in the driveway, and I pull in behind her.

Amy is seated on the couch when I came in the house. She jumps up and gives me a big hug. Amy was always a conservative, prim type individual while she lived at home. She never wore tight clothes or mini-skirts, and I believe that she never had sex until she met Steve. She was my good girl, and we thought of each other more as sisters than a mother daughter relationship.

"Amy, you look positively radiant. Pregnancy must be agreeing with you." She is almost seven months pregnant and her stomach pushes out and her breasts are starting to swell with milk.

"Mom, I am so glad you are here and agreed to spend the night. I am lonely without Steve in the house."

I showed her the clothes that I had bought for her and suggested that she try them on. "Come into the bedroom and help me get into the new outfits?"

I agree and follow her in. She strips off her top and I glaze at her swollen breasts. She has an ample bosom before she was pregnant and now they stretched out to DD size. I help her put on a new top and she models for me, her fulsome breasts jiggling in the loose top.

As I help her try on the next top, I accidentally brush the sides of her ample breasts. I detect a shudder from my touch. Though I have touched many women over the years, this is the first time that it had any impact on me. I feel some heat in my privates. I am not sure why. "Mom, let's stop trying on clothes for a minute. I have to tell you something, so listen. I hope you can help me."

Sitting on a chair, I gaze at Amy, marveling again at her large breasts. "Go ahead, spill it out."

Flushing a bit, Amy responds. "After my morning sickness, I started to get strange feelings in my body. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like an itch that is begging to be scratched."

"Where is this itch?" She blushed and looked down toward her secret place.

"Mom, I am getting uncontrollably horny, and I don't know what to do about it."

"Dear, this is not unusual. Many pregnant women feel the same way, because hormones are flooding their system. I remember similar feelings myself."

"You did!! What did you do about it?"

"Well, I had your dad. And he took care of most of my problem."

"That's the trouble. Steve is good in bed, but it only satisfies me for a short time and my hormones start erupting again. Mom, I am having deep dark fantasies that are unspeakable.

"Tell me about the fantasies," I inquired, feeling the heat continue to rise deep inside.

Amy flushed and sighed. "If I talk about them, I don't know if I can control my emotions."

"What do you mean?"

She whispers in a hoarse voice. "Mom, at this very moment, I am secreting profusely, and I have the pressing urge to lie down, strip off my clothes, and play with myself."

"Darling, I was only telling you half the story of my pregnancy. I used to masturbate all the time, almost until it was time to go to the hospital."

At my use of the word "masturbate," Amy's eyes glazed over. "Then you wouldn't mind if I scratch my itch, right here and now?"

"Not if you don't mind if I... Well, if I, react the same way to your storybook fantasy." Now I was telling my secret thoughts. Was this perverted? I was amazed that I could bring myself to say what I did.

Amy looks at me with a bemused smile. "No, it's fine with me. Really. " I feel my face flushing.

Now, I feel the sexual tension rise between us. Amy seems not to be just my daughter, but a friend, willing to experiment. "What we do here will never leave this room," I said in a conspiratorial manner. "Tell me your fantasy."

"Well, we just hired this young male clerk named James, right out of high school. He is earning money for college. A few days after he arrived, I was walking past the employee rest room and he came out and almost bumped into me. He had forgotten to zip up. He wasn't wearing any underpants and as he looked down and mumbled something, I caught a glimpse of his huge penis and swaying testicles. Quickly, he turned around to zip his fly. He was flushed as he brushed past me in the hall. Mom, I had never could believe that any man would be so huge, at least it seemed that way, from a quick glimpse."

"That afternoon when I was laying down for a nap at home, I couldn't stop my mind focusing on James and what could happen with his huge penis. I dreamed that he was exploring my body, rubbing his huge penis against my mound and then rubbing himself over my breasts. Then he began sucking gently on my swollen nipples, which are extremely sensitive. As I was fantasizing, vaginal secretions began pouring out of me, just as they are now."

As Amy tells her story, my emotions started to overcome my rational state. I was definitely becoming very aroused. "Show me dearest, I need to see," I urge.

Without hesitating, Amy pulls down her panties and my eyes are drawn to her beautiful slit. She is right. There was a pool of clear liquid forming around her pussy opening. Her love nectars are flowing profusely. "Mom, are you sure you don't mind?"

"A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do," I retort. Amy sits down on the edge of the bed, reclines on a pillow and reaches down and uses her finger to spread the liquid up and down her beautiful slit, which is surrounded by the fine pubic hairs on her bushy mound.

"What are you feeling now, dear," I said.

"Mom, my whole body is sensitive to touch. Heat sensations are growing deep inside my vagina. I definitely need to frig myself."

"You mean masturbation. I am feeling raunchy myself. A suggestion. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could masturbate together? Sort of share the joy.

"I am OK with it Mom.

I pull my shorts and underpants off as quickly as possible, exposing my own private parts. My cunt was on fire from listening to my pregnant daughter talk about sexual intimacies. With her encouragement, I start to diddle myself. Each eyed the other. Amy's eyes grew large.

I had to lie down to take full advantage of my frigging motion. I cried out. "Amy, please continue with story."

"Next thing I remember from my fantasy is that I am cradling this huge penis in my hand and then I was bending down to suck on it. Steve has asked me many times for oral sex, but I would only go so far. I never let Steve climax in my mouth, but in my dreams, I desperately want to feel James's sperm shooting into my mouth."

"Oooooooh, " I cried out, "did you suck it all out," as I began to insert first one and then two fingers in my vagina, reaching for my G-Spot, while continuing frig my swollen clitoris.

I notice that Amy's fulsome breasts were heaving, as her face flushed. She was playing with her clitoris with increasingly fast finger motions. Her climax is fast approaching. "Yes, I sucked him dry."

Guttural sounds emerged from my lips. Nhhhhhhhhhhh|!!!!!!!!! With the conclusion of her story, my body shudders as several climaxes rock through my overheated body.

Almost simultaneously, Amy screamed, "I'm cummmming tooooooo," as she climaxed. Ehhhhhhhhhh. Ooooh, my!!!!!!!! As I turned my head to observe her, her finger kept up its furious frigging motion. Her body tensed and heaved from one climax to another. She finally crumples backwards, "I-can't -take any more!! Her sweat glands were working overtime as her skin color flushed a deep red.

Amy lay on the bed, her eyes in a dreamy state as she gently rolls her hands over her fulsome breasts and down to her turgid belly. A large smile was on her face. "Mom, that was one of the best I have had. I knew you could help me. Mutual masturbation is just what I needed. "

Then she looks at me in the chair with my clothes in a disheveled state, my panties down around my ankles and my breasts exposed. "Mom, I can't believe we did this together. It was wonderful."

"I think so, too," as I remove all my clothes and put on one of Amy's robes. I sit on the bed next to her. I put my arms around her. "Amy, I always will do my best for you."

"Well mom, if I can have these fulfilling sexual explosions more often, it could get me through to the day the baby comes."

"Amy, I have an idea. You have an uncontrollable sexual itch, and my sex life is almost non-existent. Your dad and I still love each other, but as we got busy in other things, sex has become less important."

"You mean less important to Dad."

"Well, yes. But I don't blame him."

"I think you are too forgiving. He is being stupid and insensitive."

"Probably, he is. That is why I think we should make your fantasy dream come true, for both of us," my eyes glinting as a smile crossed my face.

"What do you mean, mom?"

"This young man James may be a perfect answer. Couldn't you find some excuse to get him over here?"

"Then what?"

"Let your imaginative mind take over," I respond.

Amy stares at me for a brief moment and then she begins to smile. "Could we keep this secret from Dad and Steve?"

"Yes, I think we could. And James would be discreet because he will want to do it again, and we will make it clear that it couldn't happen if the word got out."

"Mom, you really are the devil, but I love it." Amy went to the telephone, called her office and asked for James.

"James, I need two files on clients who are coming in tomorrow. I forgot to take them home with me. Would you be a dear and bring them to me on your way home. I will make it up to you."

Evidently, James agreed because Amy had an excited grin on her face as she turned to me. "He is leaving now. How do suggest we get him to stay when he gets here?"

"We will invite him to dinner as a reward for doing you a favor. Let's only wear our panties under our robes, so plenty of cleavage will show when we bend. Frankly dear, your cleavage is particularly enticing. Amy blushed.

During dinner, I will sit close to him and you give him something to look at across the table while I rub against him. Once he finished eating, tell him you need a massage. And then let nature take its course."

And that is exactly how it played out, as Amy and discussed after the evening was over. James showed up with the files. Amy had picked a winner, as he was handsome with an outgoing personality. After he called his parents to tell them that he wasn't coming home for dinner, we sat down to pleasant meal with good wine, served plentifully. Amy kept leaning over to serve him and I noticed that he had a good view of her ample bosom. He stared intently as she bent over. I sat next to him and continued to brush my thighs against his leg at every chance. Then I made a bold move. I moved my hands under the table and rubbed his crotch. I kept smiling while he glanced sharply in my direction. Then I grabbed his hand and placed it on my naked thigh. He developed a real hard on.

Amy made her move. "James. I notice that your hands are very large. Do you know how to massage?"

"Why, yes," he said. "I always help my mom out in that way."

"Well, my back is sore, and my mom has no strength, so you could really do me a real kindness."

"No problem." He followed Amy into the bedroom.

"Now look away, James," as Amy took off her robe and lay face down on the bed.

"James, please take off your shirt, so you won't ruin it with lotion." James complied, exposing his hairy chest and firm abs and he began kneading her back firmly, using baby lotion, as I observed from the sidelines.

After a few minutes of watching, Amy turned her body, exposing her fulsome breasts. "You would be doing me a big favor by using your hands to massage my boobs. They are very tender from my pregnancy. James didn't hesitate to comply. His eyes were sparkling, as he tenderly began caressing those huge breasts, full of mother's milk. After a few minutes of observing Amy in heavenly glee, I moved into the space between the two of them, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his jeans, exposing his huge bulbous nine-inch penis in full erection.

"James, do mind if I caress your wonderful member, while you are massaging Amy." He nodded vigorously.

"James, my breasts need more attention," Amy pressed on. Could you lean over and suckle my nipples. They are soooo hard? Quickly, James buried his face in Amy's huge mounds, as I moved behind him to caress his penis and testicles.

"Lay down, next to Amy," I directed. "Use your tongue on her." He began licking her swollen aureole and turgid nipples.

"Go down on her. You know that a woman's clitoris is her most sensitive sex organ. Amy needs to be sucked gently and firmly." James quickly bent down on the floor near the bed, while Amy laid her legs on his broad shoulders.

His tongue became very active, licking and sucking directly on her engorged clitoris. With all this foreplay, Amy appeared ready to burst.

"I need something hard inside me right now," Amy cried out. "I-want-to-ride-him."

I released his testicles and rock hard penis from my grasp and directed him to lie in a prone position on the bed, while Amy positioned her quivering vaginal canal right over his monstrous penis and impaled him into her pulsating, grasping love canal.

She began bucking up and down with pistoning motions as torrents of love juice poured out of her on to his member. She was in an extreme state of arousal. "Do you mind if I touch your breasts while you're riding him," I offered.

"No, mom, go right ahead," she replied, as I began massaging those oblong orbs with thin blue veins showing under her opaque skin, tweaking the turgid nipples between my fingers. Occasionally, I would position myself so I could reach and caress James' swollen testicles, which were bouncing merrily to Amy's motion.

Amy was caressing her clitoris while she was impaled on his huge penis. Soon, Amy's breath were coming in short shallow gasps. Suddenly, she tensed and then exploded in paroxysms of orgasmic pleasure, as spittle seeped from the edges of her mouth.

As she rose quickly off James rapidly tensing body, I bent my head and took his penis head into my mouth, sucking him madly, and suddenly, he spurted several huge globs of sperm, filling my grasping mouth with hot creamy fluid. I sucked and sucked until he cried out for me to stop. I rushed to the bathroom to spit it out and returned instantly to the love bed. Amy was cleaning James' member with her tongue. Her continued tonguing set off James into bliss, as his penis grew again to its full measure and a few more shots of semen erupted from his penis slit.

James finally pulled away as his sensitivity was too excruciating. Taking control, Amy directed me to lie down and for James to begin sucking me. I enjoyed his pressing tongue immensely as my body heat began to rise. My vagina began secreting immense amounts of fluid, flowing over my labia and onto James' tongue. Amy assumed my earlier role with her and caressed my breasts and nipples while James was devouring my puffy pussy lips and probing my blood-engorged clitoris. I was groaning and screaming, as I hadn't had such good oral sex in years. Soon, my pubic mound pushed forward against his tongue and ripples of pleasure coursed through my body, which became suddenly rigid.

Deep and intense multiple climaxes convulsed my body, and I was seeing rainbows. Exhausted, the three of us lay on the bed for several minutes, immersed in the afterglow of sexual highs, as we gently caressed each other. Since it was getting late, we made James go home, promising him many future delights and reminding him of his need to be discreet. I would have loved to have his huge penis inside of me that very moment, but I had to acknowledge his and my state of exhaustion from that days activities. His penis was definite flaccid. So reluctantly, we urged him to leave and made another date for tomorrow night, since Steve will not return until the weekend. Reluctantly, James dressed and left.

In the late hours of the night, Amy and I review the surprising sexual escapades events of that day, acknowledging that they satisfied each of our deepest and innermost sexual needs. Snuggling together until we fell asleep, we agreed that our new relationship required careful management to not to get caught and jeopardize our marriages. But we both want the sexual adventures to continue.

The next morning, I awoke first, turning over to view her pregnant belly rising and falling in rhythm with those luscious orbs. I recognized that our love for each other had achieved another dimension, not achieved by many mothers and daughters. We were a real team. I gently woke her up. I had decided during the night to show Amy my sex toys to see if she had any interest. If so, I would purchase her a set.

Written by: Singularly66

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