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Camping Surprise

by kenzielive©

My beautiful daughter Taylor awoke just as we pulled into the campground, let me describe her to you, she is 19 and just about 5'5" she has a perfect body with a round ass and 32 d breasts. Now I never had thoughts of my daughter sexually until this one vacation.

We were on our way camping and she fell asleep, her skirt road up and so did her shirt. I happened to glimpse over and could see her beautiful pussy outlined by her tight thong. I could also see her full, luscious breasts. I felt that usual twinge in my groin and had to pull over and jerk off. I couldn't help my self I almost exploded right there in my pants. Thank god she didn't wake up.

Anyways lets continue.

So we pulled up to the campground and she hopped out of the car and ran around, taking in the view and the fresh air. I couldn't help watch her beautiful round ass bouncing up and down with her.

We pitched the tent then ran down to the lake for a swim. We swam around and splashed each other; then I swam over to her and picked her up and threw her into the water. When she came back up from the water her top had fallen off and her perky breast were pointing right at me. I immediately got hard and I was really embarrassed so I told her we should head in. She led the way and I followed once my erection had gone down.

After we both had gotten out of the water I followed her back to the tent. We arrived at the tent just as the sun started to go down. I ran to the woods,

"Princess, I am just going to the bathroom. Be back in a second," I said as I rushed behind the bushes.

"Oookay, daddy," She said with a shiver, from the water.

Once I was sure she couldn't see me, I whipped out my cock and started rubbing it and came quickly. It was the biggest load I had ever shot and it was all because I was thinking about Taylor. When I got back we started a bonfire, and Taylor came over and asked to sit on my lap to help get warm.

As soon as her wet bathing suit bottom touched my lap I became hard again, I couldn't help it; she seemed not to notice and kept right on cuddling with me. Then when I thought I might blow my load right there on her luscious ass she got up and went to the tent and then yelled she was going to sleep. I waited 10 minutes then ran behind the tent and rubbed cock up and down until I blew my load again, except this time on the ground right by her shadow.

Then I entered the tent and change into boxers to go to bed. I awoke to the sound of soft grunts and groans coming my princess. I opened one of my eyes and saw she was finger herself intently while starring at me. I sat up and she gasped and started to cover herself up.

"Princess, don't worry about that. I don't mind at all." I say in the most loving voice, trying to keep the lust out of my voice.

"Okay, Daddy. Whatever you say." She said with a smirk coming across her lips.

My cock sprung to life and she came over and started to stroke it. She slowly started rubbing it up and down the shaft, which was dripping pre-cum steadily now.

I knew it was wrong but by this time my head had left the equation and my cock was doing the thinking. The next thing I knew she was going down and started to suck me off. She started licking it up and down at the same time she cupped my balls and massaged them.

I was so surprised to see my beautiful princess sucking me, that I lost it and exploded for the fourth time that day but this time right into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop and that shocked me too, because her mother never did that. Then she sat back and I laid her down on her back and put my face between her legs. Then I started to suck her beautiful shaven pussy; I flicked her clit with my tongue and sucked it until her whole body rippled over with an orgasm.

By then my cock was fully erect again and Taylor came over and mounted it gracefully. I was surprised again, when there was no hymen there to push past. That made me even harder, my stiff cock slowly entered her, her pussy lips engulfed my cock all the way down to my balls, we gradually started to fuck in perfect unison.

"Fuck Me, Fuck Your Little Slut of A Daughter." She said with desperation and lust in her voice.

"Oh Daddy I have wanted this since I. UNGHHHHH. Was... UGHNNNNNN. A little girl.... UGGHGHGHGHGHGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNN." Another orgasm overtook her body. She was panting but managed to gasp

"Ever since I heard you fucking mommy." She whispered in a tired voice.

"Oh, Fuck Princess, You are so tight, I love you, you are so fucking beautiful" I say in a tone full of pure lust.

"Fuck me hard. You little slut, you are my little slut, my fucking sex toy" I yell as my orgasm approaches.


We both collapsed and fell into a deep sleep.

When we woke up my cock was still in her and once my body fully woke up it was hard again. We slowly started fucking again. She was on top and slowly going up and down I put my hands on her hips and made her speed up. Then I started caressing her ass. Next I moved my hands to her breasts and first tweaked her nipples and then massaged her whole breasts. She shuddered as an orgasm over took her. As soon as her orgasm shuddered through her, I shot my load deep inside for the second time and certainly not the last.

"Princess, I love you. We have to go on camping trips more often"

"Oh, Daddy, I love you too, and I agree, more camping trips."

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Written by: kenzielive

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories