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Aunt Trisha

by mustanger7up©

"Oh shit, I feel you cumming Charley, I feel it hitting inside my pussy, yes baby, come in me. Fill me up with your hot spunk you nasty bastard. Fuck me hard, fuck me hard!" she cried out as I came, spurt after thick hot spurt shooting into her gripping pussy. I was spent, drunk, and fucked out from her fucking me half to death. I wasn't complaining about it at all.

I fell back, laying her body on mine, her body hot from the workout we had, I could feel her heart beating from her chest and her breathing was still accelerated as our hearts calmed down slowly to a normal state. My hard on left and I could feel it as it was slowly sliding out of her slick freshly fucked pussy, it plopped out and her juices and mine followed down her wet pussy and ass down my cum covered balls, I was almost going to sleep when she finally moved minutes later, I rose off her and rolled over on my side, she put her arm across my chest and her face on my side, her warm breath hitting my nipple, it hardened as the warm breath cooled my sweaty chest.

I turned my head over and kissed her on the head then her forehead, and down to her lips. She returned the kisses with eager anticipation as our tongues went in each others mouths. I got up to go pee and she went to the bathroom in her bathroom, I heard the shower start as I relieved myself in the hall bathroom. After I finished I walked into her room and on in to her shower, stepping in with her, I saw her almost cry out she was in there, until it hit her what we had just done in her living room.

I watched as she bathed herself, it was quite a sight to see as the water and soap ran over her body down the drain. We didn't take long as we showered, then dried off and ran and jumped in the bed. She had turned the sheets back and we climbed in, she scooted over to my side and snuggled up to me, her arm around me and her leg crossing my legs. I could feel the warmth of her crotch on the side of my leg as she snuggled close to me.

I ran my hand down her back, giving her a light back scratching as she sighed from the feeling, "It's so nice to have someone touch me, I miss that most of all, human touch. It always gives one comfort, a hug, a back scratching, just any touch. I truly miss that when I'm alone." she said softly to me, her warm breath on my chest.

"I know what you mean Aunt Trisha, but sometimes it's not worth the crap I had to go through when I was married." I told her, "I feel stupid calling you Aunt Trisha after what we have done, but it does put a taboo excitement to it all doesn't it!"

She laughed and agreed it was silly now, and said I didn't have to if I didn't want. I pulled her face to me and kissed her deeply, "I don't mind at all Aunt Trisha!" I laughed. She rolled on top of me, her breasts pressing in to my chest and she ground her crotch on mine, dry humping me. It wasn't long before I was getting hard once again. I felt her wetness on my hard on as it pressed between her legs, her pubic hair rubbing the underside of my cock, her slit opening just enough to let her slick dew cover my cock, making it wetter with each movement she made.

She was moving slow, making the wait to enter her almost unbearable, but all the more worth the wait. She rotated her hips as she slid up on me, then slowly lowering her body down until the head of my cock was at the entrance of her vagina, I lay still while she maneuvered her body to an angle that allowed my cock to slid inside her, her wetness, had made it easy, she was still tight, hot and ready. I let her do the work, (if you call sex work) as I lay back and watched her began to fuck me, She raised her body up, sitting on me, her crotch grinding on mine. Her breasts swayed back and forth in time with the movements of her torso as she made love to me.

She stopped moving and started working her inner muscles again on me, her finger went to her clit and she rubbed it while squeezing then relaxing her vaginal muscles, her body still, other than her pussy milking my cock. I felt her body begin to tense up, her legs shaking from the strain of holding her body just barely off mine, our pubic hairs mingled with the others, as she worked her magic on me.

I reached up and took a nipple in each hand and twisted them outwards then pulled them to me, her breasts stretching out, she then leaned back and I followed with my hands. "No, Pull them, Pull on my nipples!" she cried out. So I did, it increased her excitement level a notch or two because her finger moved faster. I decided to try something on my own and I took one breast in my hand, squeezed it tightly then slapped her nipple as it poked through. She gasped deeply, I did it again and her hips started moving again.

The harder I slapped her tit, the faster she fucked me, so I changed sides and began on her other tit, first twisting it hard then slapping it, I could see the red finger prints forming on her other breast while I was working on abusing the other. Her breathing was labored as she humped on me, her finger rubbing her pussy as she was getting close to her orgasm. She increased the speed of her gyrations and the pressure she was using from her vaginal muscles. It was all working on me as my own excitement increased, I took a hip in each hand and pulled her to me, then began to fuck her roughly.

She gave way to her passion once again and began to grind her hips on me, changing her motions from a grinding movement to a circular rotation and then back to grinding. Her fingers holding her slick pussy lips open as her middle finger worked on her thick clit, mine working her hard nipples, twisting and pulling on them. I looked down between our organs and saw her pussy lips clinging to my cock as it pulled out from her, the hairs stuck to my pussy juice covered cock, before slamming back in to her.

Having come so hard earlier, I thought I would last longer than I did, but the excitement of her reaction to the spanking and titty torture she had endured, brought my tolerance level down a few notches. She cried out as she came once more, that in turn brought my own orgasm to a head, I cried out I was cumming, and she surprised me by jumping off and covering my cock with her hot mouth, sucking 6"s down as fast as she could. Her tongue working the underside of cock and her lips

creating a suction on my cock, our juices mixed on me and her sucking them off, swallowing it as her fingers worked on my sticky balls.

I lunged forward once more before unloading in her hot sucking mouth, her throat opened and the remainder of my cock slid in it as I shot my load, her lips pressed against my pubic hair, her pale blue eyes looking up to mine, and her tongue never stopping its tickling on the underside of my spurting cock. I closed my eyes, enjoying the best sex I ever remember having as my cock twitched in her warm mouth, her teasing it by slowly puling almost all the way off it, then slowly going back down until her face was pressed against my crotch, her hand working on my balls as they quivered from the after effects of my orgasm.

Once I had stopped ejaculating, she gave one more strong suction with just her mouth then began to move up my body with light butterfly kisses until she reached my mouth, our tongues intermingled, I tasted myself on her tongue, and was surprised I was not repulsed by it as I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth.

We lay beside each other, when I felt her shaking slightly, her face was hidden on my chest by her hair, I brushed it back and pulled her to face to where I could see it. There were tears flowing from her eyes, I brushed one away and asked, "Why are you crying?"

"I am so ashamed of myself, I should have never done this, it's wrong, It's incest. It should not have happened!" she cried on me.

"Nonsense!" I said back to her, "Incest or not, it was the best sex I have ever had, and as for as being ashamed, the only thing you should be ashamed of is not sharing this with me before now. No one needs to know of this, if that's what you are concerned about, It's not like I am going to tell everyone "I fucked my Aunt!" And besides, Incest is only a word, Great Sex is two words, majority rules two to one!" I grinned at her.

She smiled up at me and pulled my face to hers and kissed me again, with more feeling than any other kiss we had shared, "You are the sweetest thing." she lay her head back on my chest and soon we were both sleeping, her arm across my chest, mine around her shoulder.

I dreamt that night that we lived together after her retirement, out in the country, raising a few farm animals and living a long sex filled life full of love for each other, who knows, sometimes dreams come true!


Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for,

You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women

OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any

suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-)

Thanks, mustanger7up

Written by: mustanger7up

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