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Grandmother and Granddaughter Lust

by Lovely_Emma_21©

Judy's grandparents weren't decrepit by any means but they were getting on in years so that her mother worried about them. She insisted they stay with them while their house was being remodeled so that the elderly couple wouldn't trip and fall over any of the debris. To Judy, the presence didn't matter much. She was in college, after all, and was barely home except on the weekends when she needed time to study. Studying was more important to her than just about anything. She was a shy girl who never really had any friends and had never had a boyfriend even though she was passed nineteen years old.

Taking advantage of the lack of classes, Judy usually slept late on Saturdays so she was used to being the last person downstairs. Her family liked their breakfast early so that they could start their days. Judy was surprised, then, to hear noises from the room her grandparents stayed in as she made her way to the bathroom around ten one Saturday morning.

The noises sounded like grunts of exertion. Judy adopted her mother's paranoia over her grandparents injuring themselves somehow so she quickly made her way to the door. Not thinking about knocking or asking if they were okay, she eased the door open in her need to help them. The sight that greeted her shocked her so that she couldn't move a muscle.

There, on the bed, was her grandmother, Agatha. She was completely naked, legs spread, as her fingers dove into her pussy over and over again. Her wrinkled skin and sagging tits jiggled with the exertion of her masturbation while her eyes rolled around the room, finally coming to stop on her granddaughter standing in the doorway watching her.

Both were too shocked to move for several seconds but then, Agatha continued her finger fucking, her eyes glued to her granddaughter. Judy's own eyes traveled over her grandmother's body, taking in every detail. What fascinated her most was her grandmother's white, hairy, dripping wet pussy. Agatha's fingers disappeared inside over and over, making a sloshing sound thanks to how wet her hole was. The little grunts her grandmother made became louder and Judy found herself slumping against the doorframe with weakness.

Judy's own pussy suddenly filled with moisture but she couldn't bring herself to do anything other than stare at the vision of her grandmother masturbating right in front of her. When her grandmother started cumming, Judy's own pussy convulsed even without physical stimulation until both of them were erupting simultaneously.

Catching their breath, they both panted as they held each other's gaze. Judy didn't know what to say or do but she knew this was the most erotic experience of her life as well as the first orgasm she ever had. Suddenly embarrassed by the situation, she fled to her room hoping her grandmother wasn't angry with her for spying.

Judy successfully avoiding her grandmother over the next several days and was relieved when she didn't get into trouble over the ordeal. In bed at night, however, Judy's mind went back to the scene again and again. She couldn't help but touch herself as she thought of it. She also did as her grandmother had done, driving her fingers inside herself over and over until she felt a release much like that day she watched her. But it wasn't the same. Judy wanted to watch again. She resigned herself to the reality, however, that it would probably never happen. Or so she thought.

It was the next Saturday morning when Judy was waking up, figuring everyone was already downstairs. She forced herself not to think about her grandmother but as she opened her eyes to the room, it was her grandmother that she saw at the edge of her bed.

Agatha's robe hung only on her shoulders, exposing her naked body to her granddaughter who she watched as the old woman pleasured herself. Judy could hear those same noises as last week, the grunting, the sloshing. Her own pussy reacted immediately so that all rational thought left her. Suddenly, she was flinging off her blankets and yanking up her nightgown to get access to her pussy as quickly as possible. Sliding her panties aside, Judy drove her fingers into her pussy in a mirror image of her grandmother before her.

The old woman and young girl masturbating in unison, their eyes never leaving one another. Judy started cumming first and found herself saying "Oh, Grandma" over and over while her grandmother smiled at her before following the young girl into orgasmic bliss.

Agatha pulled her robe shut as Judy slid her nightgown back down to cover herself, not knowing what else to do as she lay before her grandmother on her bed. The old woman looked at her granddaughter and finally said, "I guess we should talk about this."

"I'm sorry," Judy said, instinctively.

"For what? Judy, this isn't your fault."

"It's not?"

"Well, no. It's no one's fault really. I know I should be the responsible one and tell you how wrong it is and how we should never do anything like this again."

All Judy could do was lower her head.

"But I'm not going to," her grandmother said. "Because it's not how I feel. I'm not going to stop unless it's what you want."

"I don't understand any of this," Judy told her.

Her grandmother sat down on the bed, next to Judy's hips. "That's another reason why we shouldn't let this happen again. I know you're innocent. But, darling, did you enjoy the way it felt to cum with me?"

"Yes! Very much, Grandma. It was wonderful."

Agatha smiled and picked up Judy's hand. "I'm glad. But there's more to the pleasure."

"There is?"

"Yes. I could tell you. But I'd rather show you." With those words, Agatha brought Judy's hand to her tits, letting her robe fall open. Slowly sitting up, Judy allowed her fingers to caress her grandmother's sagging tits under the older woman's guiding hand. Agatha sighed at Judy's touch which made the young girl that much more bold. She squeezed the elderly tits, one in each hand, loving the feel of them but loving more the way her grandmother seemed to enjoy her touch.

Suddenly, Agatha leaned forward and kissed Judy full on the mouth. Hesitant at first, Judy soon understood the way of the kiss and kissed her grandmother right back as she continued to fondle the old woman's tits. As their tongues tangled, Agatha gently pushed her granddaughter back onto the bed before covering her young body with her own. Judy was forced to release her grandmother's tits but she then was able to wrap her arms around the old woman as her grandmother did to her. When her grandmother pushed her nightgown up and over her head, Judy followed her lead and pushed the robe off her grandmother's shoulders. Their naked tits pushed together, the firm nipples of Judy's young tits poking into the soft pillow of Agatha's large ones. Both moaned into each other's mouths at the sensations.

Her grandmother began moving her pussy against hers so that Judy quickly learned the rhythm and the two humped against each other. Neither could stop touching the other as they moved against each other slowly at first and then faster and faster until they came just from their bodies pressed together.

"You're Grandma's good girl," Agatha told Judy, running wet kisses down the young girl's neck as they both came down from their second orgasms of the morning. "We can do this every Saturday if you want to. No one will have to know. And I can teach you so many things for us to share. Would you like that, my darling?"

Judy couldn't quite breath as her grandmother was now sucking intensely on her nipples in tandem. She managed a breathy "Yes" in response to her grandmother's question but couldn't concentrate as her body reacted to the attention of the old woman.

It wasn't long before Agatha had taught her granddaughter everything the young girl needed to know about how she could be pleasured and how to pleasure another woman. Both treasured their Saturday mornings but were finding it harder and harder to keep their distance during the days in between. While everyone else was occupied, they stole touches in the kitchen, groping tits or grinding pussies together whenever possible. Sometimes, they'd meet in a hallway, attacking one other while always hungry for more and more.

Written by: Lovely_Emma_21

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