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Turning Point

by gladiator111©

We have been married now for over ten years. We have had our good times and we are now going through the bad. Having had three children and working shifts have taken their toll on our relationship. More to the point our sexual libidos have grown apart. Its true, where she has remained the same since I lost her virginity, I have not. She would be happy to "make love" perhaps twice during the month, lights off, nightie on, foreplay a no go and strictly missionary... Where, I have now been banging my frustrated cock during most nights to images of perversion that would completely destroy our marriage.

You see, for over five years I have been trawling web sites for sluts in nylon stockings, Basques, 6 inch spiked heels with tight skirts, shaved pussy's that have a wanton lust for cock. I fantasies that, for once, just once in my life, my wife would be such a woman. To take me in that way, to slut dress, to seduce, to order, to demand, to vocally orgasm and to fuck my brains out until I can no longer give her the sperm that she screams for.

Yes a nylon slut, huh, in my fucking wildest dreams...

But in the real world, I cannot remember the year when I last had a blow job from her. Or her desire to allow me to lick her clit or even the verbal acknowledgement that she has cum, that's if she ever has. You see the endless apologies of "not tonight dear, I'm too tired" or the sigh of relief when she starts her period. Yeah, if I'm lucky I might experience her blank gaze at the ceiling with the silent look of "get it over and done with..."

Her frigidity is now destroying our once happy union.

I have tried desperately to revive all this. I have showered her with gifts of expensive jewellery, designer French lingerie and perfume even a brand new car, but these materialistic objects have never been the catalyst of any passion. I have given her so much love, wowed her, taken her out for meals, danced in romantic foreign settings, yet all the romance in the world could not change my innocent wife into the slut that I crave for.

So I regretfully allow myself to continue the porn surfing and the fantasizing. How sad, but I know if this alternative is not pursued, I know I would have to look elsewhere. I love her too much to have that affair...


It's Friday, seven thirty and I am all set for work. "See ya love, I'm off shortly. Oh, do you want me to purchase the crystal today? I'm in town at lunch. I could nip into the store if you'd like?"

"Hang on babes, I'm just getting the kids dressed for school, oh I don't know. I shall have to check the bank account; that crystal might take us overdrawn"

She struggles with her eldest son, "Hold still whilst I button your shirt, Mike". I stand at the bottom of the stairs to hear her tussle with the school uniform, then she peaks around into the stairwell, "I shall call you later this morning to let you know, we might have to wait until I get paid..."

"Ok, hon. I'm off now, catch you later. Oh, are you working tonight?"

"Naw, thank god. Tonight's my night off, I shall see you later..."

"Ok hon, bye for now." I leave with her blowing a kiss at me. I realise that I am still smiling until I think of the day ahead...


I return from the school run, throw my keys on the kitchen table and make a cup of tea. I stand there thinking of what to do. The ironing? I look at the pile that has gathered, mm naw – maybe later. What else, yeah the crystal, I must check the account.

I switch on the computer, watching it slowly power up; I log on and check my mail, nothing worth mentioning. I move my mouse over to the start button, toward the internet icon but miss it and hit the "my recent documents" icon. There I see files that I have never seen before... missslutty.jpg... wench.jpg... slut_stocking01.jpg.. The list is long. I am confused... "What the..." I slowly murmur under my breath. I look away from the pc. Why are these here? How have they got there? It's got to be him. His late nights at the pc, hour after hour of online gaming are more like hour after hour of porn surfing!

My cheeks flush with anger yet I want to see the evidence, I move the mouse down to an icon "stocking_slave_01.jpg" and hesitatively click on it. A window opens and I gasp...! There I see a woman, in a black corset, seamed stockings and the highest heels that I have ever seen, with no panties may I hasten to add, with her gloved hand grappling a naked mans hair forcing him to lick the seam of her outstretched nylon leg!! The woman's face is forceful, gritted teeth, dominant. I open another, stocking_slave_02.jpg. This time it's a close up of his face to her private parts. Oh my god, she has shaven herself... completely! His tongue has parted her womanhood. He has a leather collar around his neck with a leash that she uses against his will to pull him closer...

I then click on another, Stockslut_01.mpg. Another window opens, and there begins five minutes of an unimaginable scene. A whore or a prostitute of some kind; being taken on a large table by three men. She again has seamed fishnet stockings, a deep suspender belt, satin gloves, large hooped earings and a long diamond necklace. My god, how can she allow this to happen, three men? I watch as she gets onto her knees, her stockings torn, and she is fed a penis into her mouth, whilst she slowly rises and falls onto a straddled man. The other does the imaginable and inserts himself into her anus... my god. The grunting is interrupted by the woman who continues to demand the onslaught, "your cocks must all come at once", "come on you bastards", "fuck me harder", "cum in my swollen pussy and my well used ass", "fuck your slut". She pumps her gloved hand around a huge penis aimed towards her wide open mouth, her tongue ready to catch, looking into his eyes. Then looking around to her other men, she commands them to cum to return to catch her prize in her mouth, she's screaming whilst her men are all groaning. I see cum running over her face, bottom and pussy and I watch as she finally sweeps her satin finger across her anus and feeds herself to the camera. My god... I'm stunned. The clip freezes, and I lay back into the seat. I am shocked and sickened, yet...

I'm wet.

I jump out of the chair and return back to the kitchen. I take a couple of gulps from the cup of tepid tea, flushed with the thought that I had been lured into seeing such depravity. How dare he... How dare he put that on our computer! I try and remove the images from my mind and the throbbing of my dare he...

I pull out the ironing board and begin the chore, but looking over to the computer that by now is busy with the screensaver. I iron faster. I cannot get the images out of my mind. Where has he been to get these... why is he doing this? What for? I give him pleasure, maybe not enough, but we still have our moments, we have had our children. Life seemed ok between us. So why?

I cannot take this torment; I have discovered something that I must understand. Why has he put porn on our pc? I rest the iron to one side and return to the pc. I move the mouse and it immediately reverts back to the still movie. I click that away and return back to his betraying folder of "my recent documents". I right click on one and go to its properties... c:\\my documents\pics\misc\others\... I open and explore the pc, investigating... There I find what must be thousands of pictures and movies clips that all have a common theme...

Sluts, I mean dirty whores who know what they want from their gigolos, to seduce their men wearing stockings, sexy undergarments galore, heels, you name it, to fuck their brains out in the most demanding way... always wearing stockings...

I realise and suddenly I feel the blood drain away from my head. A headache suddenly kicks in. A fear comes over me and I begin to shake for my thoughts are racing... For years he has purchased me all these kinds of sexy lingerie. I have countless stockings, which I seldom wear, only for parties and special occasions, Corsets and Basques with thongs, evening ball gown gloves to go with the expensive dresses. Jewellery that is both expensive and god...

He wants me to be his SLUT!!

I begin to whimper, my hands shaking, running them through my hair, my breathing fast and relentless, my heart pounding. I am shaking and tears begin to fall to the floor. Yet during all of this, what shocks me most of all is that I remain vagina - I can feel the folds of my pussy flowering, the blood rushing into its fleshy folds... I blush once again, knowing ashamedly that this is turning me on. My own body betrays the Christian morals that I have stood for all my life. God, what was I to do?


The turning point.


I begin to realise that something must be done about this. As our marriage has aged I have become sexually comfortable with what we have had. Yet this has never been enough for him, obviously. I begin to realise that our marriage will either fail with divorce from an exposed affair - god forbid. Or has he already found his slut? I know if our lives continue this way it would be only a matter of time for this to happen... unless,

Could I become his new affair? His slut?

So there it began, I commenced on the most exciting scheme of my married life. It's a case of, if you can't beat them, you join them and boy, would this be some joining. I knew this was a turning point of our marriage. It would have to change or it would be doomed if I allowed his secret porn surfing to continue.

I rang my mums and asked her in a surprisingly confident voice to pick up the kids after school, she said that wouldn't be a problem, that infact they would love to have them overnight if I wished. They had beds set up there all the time with spare clothing for them so I agreed without hesitation. That gave me the chance to shop.


I did check the account, there was plenty of money there, but I text him to say not to get the crystal, we wouldn't be able to afford it today...

I already had nice lingerie, a lot of it was sexy, sensual silks, lacy but I wanted something a bit more special, a bit more sluttier. I chose to go into town and instead of calling into lasenza I continued onto Anns Summers. There I went through to the back and with some embarrassment, I got advice and understanding help from the assistants, I purchased well over five hundred pounds of goodies. I then drove to and a rather unorthodox shoe shop for a very special pair of shoes. Without time to spare, I returned home, parking the car into the garage so that the nosy neighbours did not get the chance to see my booty.

I returned to the pc and trawled the computer and the internet, looking, watching, learning. Seeing how they dressed, their makeup, their actions, their vocabulary, their demands and their dominance. Like a student I took notes in my mind, memorising the slut way. I had to become one, for my darling husband.

I poured a hot deep bath. Candles lit, music playing with bath oils that scented the room. I reached for the shaving foam and razor and began to shave my legs. I wouldn't say I have long legs; I'm average height, 5'7" not over or under weight, just average. I have a bit of a tummy from having three kids but I remain in reasonable shape. My below shoulder length dark brown with blonde highlighted hair is bunched out the way as I continue on to shave my armpits. I look down to my mons. I have soft downy hair that I usually shave to retain a rectangular strip; just enough for the bikini line as I swim a lot. As I lather up in my hands and apply the cream to my mons my thoughts are again elsewhere. Back to all those images of sluts, my nipples become erect and ache for my touch, yet I look down to see that I have smothered all my hair with cream, even around the folds of my labia and without thought I begin for the very first time, to shave softly away all my public hair.

Once I had towel dried, I applied baby oil to my body, feeling the sensualness and the smoothness of my legs and, huuh...mmm oh god I brush my oiled finger over my womanhood and I feel the swollen lips of my pussy. God it's so sensitive, so silken; like satin sheets. Believe this or not, but the first time in my life, I dipped my own finger into my pussy. I have never masturbated before but the feelings of being such a naughty, no, a dirty slut started to make me do these things... mmm I am slick with my own juices, god it's been so long... Within seconds I run my other hand over by bald pussy, whilst dipping in and out with my other, pumping on my pussy, "Oh god yes, I shall be your slut tonight...ughh.. oh yeah, sssss yeah". I begin to shudder as my orgasm took over my body. I Collapse onto the tiled floor, breathing heavily.

It takes awhile to get over what had happened. Something had changed in me and I knew, from now on that our lives would invariably change forever.

I paint my nails. I usually have a French polish but today I decided to do something dramatic. I paint them black from the cuticle out but I run a bright red edge to the square ended tips. Dominant and fiery. I stand at the bed naked and place my purchases on the bed. I admire and stroke the leather corset and matching g string. I take out all the sex toys that we have never purchased before and hold them in disbelief as I have never felt or used such items before. Then picking up the jewellery I marvel at its sparkling effect. I take the shoes out of the box. They are black patent platformed spiked heels with two straps at the heel. Six inches in height with at least one and a half inches of platform; they look so stunning yet they exude dominant excellence. God, can I walk in these things?

I take hold of the corset and place it around my naked waist which envelops my 36C bosom. Luckily the shop assistant had tried it on me and had set it to the correct tightness. I struggle somewhat with the hooks and eyes and tighten the lacing to the back, again with some difficulty. I take a look at my hourglass figure, knowing the corset fit is just right. I go into the drawer and bring out a pair of Gerbe contrast black seamed Cuban heel stockings. Glossed and silken, the colours are so contrasting. Taking my time, I carefully prepare them and roll them slowly up my outstretched legs, ensuring that the seams run perfectly up the centre of my legs. The ultra sheerness of the black nylon to the striking seam with the Cuban heel make my legs look so sexy, I run my hands over them, softly taking out any creases and I begin to fasten the six large suspender straps to the black shiny welt of the stockings, listening to the chink of the loose straps as I slowly clasp them to the nylon. Once I am done I pick up the g string and bring it up to my nose and smell the intoxicating aroma of the leather. The garment looks so dainty yet so powerful. I can't believe I am doing this... I arch over and place the thong through my legs and up to envelope my smooth pussy. I become instantly wet again as I feel the luxury of the leather against my lips and I struggle to keep another orgasm from building up. I pant and begin to breathe deeply to retain my composure.

I straighten my hair and spend almost an hour preparing my makeup. I pamper myself with a dark black powdery eye shadow with false lashes and a rouge blusher with a dark red glossed lipstick. The look is complete with a pair of three inch silver hooped earings, a diamante choker with a silver and diamante effect chain that falls from it.

I then slide my feet into the spiked heels and buckle in the straps. A few more sexy touches; a diamante ankle bracelet, a frilly satin and lace garter on my right leg, long satin gloves with a diamante bracelet and a dress ring. I look in the mirror and gasp at the sight. No going back now, you're his dominant slut now. My chest heaving, my nipples almost exposed above the tight corset, my pussy throbbing; I know that our second honeymoon shall soon begin!

With an half an hour to spare I slowly walk back to the pc...


I begin to play a another slut movie on the pc, turning up the volume so that I can hear them all moaning as I sit with my legs apart running the silken glove over my smooth hairless pussy. I pull the leather g string to one side, making me feel more of a slut as it digs into my ass cheeks. mmm yeah, it feels so good. Then I hear the door slam shut as I hear his voice from the hallway getting louder as he enters the kitchen, "Hi Hon, I'm home, I tell you what today was a bitch of a day and I..." I see him standing there, frozen, with the days unopened mail falling to the floor, looking at me, darting his eyes over to the pc, to see a gang bang taking place, then instantly back to me. I keep my cool.

"Well today isn't the only bitch that you're gonna have. From now on, things are gonna change around here". I pull out my smeared glove from my pussy, dripping with my love juices, and then slide my finger into my mouth. I can taste the sweetness; it's intoxicating aroma, making me even more wet, knowing how much of a slut I look right now for him. I stand up. He is still motionless, unable to comprehend what is going on. I tower over him wearing the platform heels. "Today I found out about your little secret fetishes. Your dirty fuck whores, your electronic sluts. Yes I get the picture now in what you have bought me. You want me to be your stocking slut, don't you!" I pick up a dildo from the table, I can smell its newness as I bring it to my mouth, its large and black yet I feed myself with it". "mmmmm I bet you would love to see me fuck a big black man, wouldn't you?". "Well my darling husband, for far too long our sex life has been mundane and pathetic. Partly my fault but yours also. You kept all this away from me. But today, it's going to become reality. Now bitch, get undressed for your slut wife, NOW!"

Without a word he undresses in the middle of the kitchen, hopping as he struggles to remove his suit trousers, then his underpants come off freeing his cock. Oh god, his cock – I have never seen it this big! I continue to keep my cool and remain in character. "Kneel for me my slave husband as today you shall service my sexual needs and demands, if you do not you shall be punished".

"Well? What do you say bitch?" I demand slapping the black cock into my hand as if it were a weapon.

"Y... yes, yeah I..." he really is stunned into silence.

"It's, Yes Mistress!" I walk over to him, striding with confidence and surprising agility with those impossible heels. I point the cock directly at his face, "You shall call me Mistress from now or the punishment shall be administered!" as I slap the cock over his arse.

"Yes Mistress..." he lowers his head, submissively. Now I've got him... I take a leather strap with a metal hoop and tie it to his neck. He really can't believe what is going on, wondering if I am his real wife at all. I smile as a have my back to him. I pick up the newly purchased paddle and smack his bottom.

Walking around him, the heels clicking on the kitchen floor, I declare, "You're mine from now on, bitch".

"Yes mistress"

I stand directly in front of him and pull the leather thong to one side, my bald pussy inches away from his face. I can feel the juices running down to the tops of my stockings, as he can see my arousal betraying my dominance. Yet I play it to my advantage, "Lick my slut juices, there's a good stud". He immediately lunges his head to my pussy and begins to lick feverishly, "mmm yeah lick my whore clitoris, my fuck stud; this is what you want isn't it. A whore wife with a smooth cunt, yeah mmm." Then, teasing him I pull away, his face all slick with my juices. I gather the toys and take hold of his leash and like a dog I usher him upstairs.

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