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Porn Theater

by little sebastian©

I decided to see what went on inside the theater. The old man who ran the place chased away most of the younger crowd who tried to get in but I was a tall guy and thought I might be able to get past his scrutiny. I walked up and slid my $4 through the opening. He gave me a close stare. "Beat it, kid! Come back when you've grown up!" I snatched my money back and beat a retreat down the street. A guy approached me. He said his name was Ken and he could get me into a side door in the theater. All he wanted was for me to sit with him for a while when I got inside. I readily agreed.

Ken paid and went inside. I slid around to the side door and Ken let me in. I stood by the now closed door and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. To my left was a huge main screen playing a loud porno movie. The theater was very large inside and I could see that there were knots of activity in the darkness but it was too dim to see much. Ken led me up to the very front of the theater and we sat in the front row. I could see in the changing light of the screen that two men were doing something farther own the row. An older guy was kneeling in front of another and was sucking his cock! I could see that large cock sliding in and out of the mouth of the man. I watched the screen and continued to steal peeks at the 2 down the row.

I gave a small start when I felt Ken's hand on my leg. He gently rubbed my thigh, rubbing his hand up and down on it. It felt good so I let him continue. I was wearing shorts so he rubbed my hairless leg from knee to upper thigh. His hand slid along the inside of my thigh. My cock was already hard from the action on the screen and down the row. It grew even harder and tented out the front of my shorts.

"You like what you see down the row?" Ken whispered. I nodded and looked again. They were fucking now. One was bent over the chair and the other was pounding his cock into his ass. I could hear the slap of flesh over the sounds of the movie. A loud moan came from the guy getting fucked. Ken's hands shifted and he began to rub my shoulders and down my chest. His fingers teased my nipples and they grew rock hard. Ken worked my T-shirt up then over my head. I leaned back and closed my eyes. Ken leaned in and began to lick my nipples. I really liked this and shifted my position to make it easier to him. He licked my nipples for a long time while his hands roamed all over me. I had my eyes closed and was surprised to feel a 2nd set of hands on me. I looked and saw another older guy rubbing me also.

Ken introduced his friend Tom. "Would you like to have some fun with us?" Ken asked. I nodded and they lead me into an alcove near the front of the theater. It was dimly lit. In the corner was an old mattress. Tom pulled a sheet out of a bag he was carrying and covered the mattress. They then stripped off my clothes and looked at my nude body. They led me onto the mattress and put me on my hands and knees. Ken kneeled behind me and began to run his hands over my ass and cock. He rubbed my ass cheeks then ran a finger lightly around the rim of my anus.

He rubbed my balls with the other hand. I really like this feeling and moaned in appreciation. Tom kneeled in front of me and turned my head towards him. Right there, at eye level, was his cock. It was very thick and about 6" long. I could see pre-cum seeping out of it. He put it in front of my mouth. "Open your mouth," he demanded. I complied and he slid his cock in. He began to slide it in and out of my mouth. I could taste his salty pre-cum. I could feel Ken's fingers pushing at my ass. I pushed my ass back and tried to relax. Two of his fingers slide into me and he began to fuck my ass.

It hurt at first but, as he began to push deeper, I began to moan in pleasure. He then replaced his fingers with the tip of his cock. It slid into my loosened ass and all the way up until I could feel Ken's pubic hair against my ass. Both men the set up a rhythm that drove me crazy. Ken would slide his cock deep into me. This would push me forward just as Tom's cock was sliding into my mouth. Tom's cock would then slide all the way into my mouth until I had taken all 6" of his thick member.

I was moaning loudly under the double assault from as and mouth. Ken's cock was pure pleasure in my ass. He would slowly slide it almost all the way out then slamming its full length deep into me. I felt my own cock grow rock hard as they pounded me. Then I let loose an intense orgasm that soaked the sheet with my cum. Tom groaned and grabbed my head. "I'm cumming!" he said. He slid his cock all the way into my mouth. His load pumped out and filled my mouth with his salty seed.

I reached up and massaged his balls to milk out every last drop. I tried to swallow it all but a lot of his cum spilled out the corners of my mouth. He pulled away and watched Ken. He continued to pound my ass for a few moments. He then pulled out and told me to turn around. He positioned his cock inches from my mouth, pumping his hand on it. "Open your mouth" he commanded. I opened my mouth and reached out to massage his balls. This set him off and his first shot of cum blasted into my open mouth. I swallowed this while he covered my face with the rest of his load. I could feel it dripping down my neck and onto my chest.

"Did you like that?" Tom asked. I nodded and said; "I want more. Please let me have more cum!" Ken and Tom smiled. "Come back tomorrow, little fuck boy. We'll get you all the cum you can handle!"

I showed up at the theater the night following my encounter with Ken and Tom. I had spoken to him earlier in the day and he told me there was something special planned for me tonight. It was a Saturday night. The street outside the theater was full of cars and men were entering at a brisk clip.

Ken soon showed up and sent me to the side door. He let me in and led me up to the front of the theater. It was even darker than my 1st visit with no light coming from the back entrance. I could only see some guys sitting in the front row but no action going on. Tom was there and had dragged the mattress from our 1st encounter to the front of the theater.

"So you came back for more cum, little fuck boy?" said Tom. I reached out and rubbed the crotch of his shorts. "I want this in my ass this time, Tom. Do you want to fuck me?" I asked. He responded by stripping me out of my clothes. They pushed me down onto the mattress and ordered onto my back. Ken looked me over and said "Do you want your cum, little fuck boy?"

I nodded and reach for his shorts. He pushed my hand away. "If you want your cum, little fuck boy, you will have to promise to do what we say and accept what happens to you tonight. If you do that, you will have more cum in you and on you than you ever dreamed."

I nodded eagerly. They began to fasten an item to my ankles then pulled my legs up and fastened the contraption to my wrists. A collar around my neck completed the item. I could move my hands somewhat freely but my legs were forced up exposing my ass for all to see. Ken and Tom undressed and gestured out of my line of sight. Soon I had 2 other men looking down on my trussed up body. They were all middle-aged guys with varying cock sizes. One had a fairly average dick, 5-6", but the other stood out. His 10" member made my eyes go wide. All 4 of them kneeled beside me and began to fondle me. Hands covered my nipples, pinching and squeezing, while hands grabbed my balls and cock. Someone was rubbing some kind of lubricant on my upturned ass.

The big dicked guy moved to my head and placed the tip of his huge cock on my lips. "Open up, little fuck boy. Suck me!" he ordered. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he fed his monster into my mouth. He pushed it in until I began to gag as it his the back of my mouth and threatened to drive down my throat. I could only handle about 2/3 of his cock. He grabbed my head and held it still. He then began to fuck my mouth with about half his cock. I worked my tongue on it as best I could.

The other guy placed himself near my ass and was rubbing KY on my ass. He then produced an item. It has a pointed end, about 8" long and expanded out to a large flange at the opposite end. He saw me looking. "This is a butt plug, little fuck boy. It is going to stretch this little ass of yours and prepare you for tonight's fucking." He placed the tip on my ass and steadily pushed it in. The first few inches were easy but soon my ass was painfully stretched wide open around it's thickness. He worked it in and out a few times then pushed it all the way into me. I moaned and tried to stop him but the short chain from the collar prevented me from reaching him. He left it in my and said "We'll leave that in there for a bit." The pain gradually subsided and I returned my attention to the cock fucking my mouth.

Ken and Tom had each undressed and placed their cock in my hands. I fondled them a bit but was mainly distracted by the huge cock in my mouth. I could feel it getting harder and thicker in my mouth. I could barely fit my mouth around it. He continued to face fuck me. "Gonna get ready to cum, little fuck boy. Keep your mouth open." He then pulled out and jacked himself hard. I opened my mouth and he placed the tip of his cock near my open lips. He came in rivers, quickly filling my open mouth with his hot cum. More drooled over onto my chin and ran down my neck onto my chest. His last couple of blasts hit my forehead and cheek. I swallowed his hot load and tried to lick as much as I could off my face. He rubbed his cock in the cum on my face, covering his tool in a glistening sheen of cum. He shoved his cock into my mouth and I sucked him clean.

I expected Ken or Tom to move in but the got up and moved away. The big dicked guy pulled his tool from my mouth and moved away. I looked up and saw that our antics had garnered an audience. There were guys seated in the front row watching me intently. Tom and Ken stepped away and went up to them. They tapped 4 guys and gestured them forward. The guy at my ass pulled out the butt plug then moved up to my mouth. I opened and he shoved his 6" into me in 1 stroke. As I sucked on his cock, the other 4 approached me. One kneeled in front of my ass and lubed up his 8" dick. This was a thick uncut cock. He placed the tip at the entrance to my ass. In 1 strong stroke, he shoved his cock all the way in me. I expected it to hurt but felt nothing but pleasure as he began to fuck me with long, hard strokes. I fondled the cock I had in each hand. The guy in my mouth did not last long and soon was cumming. He shoved his cock all the way into my mouth and fired his load. I was able to swallow every drop. The guy in my ass followed quickly after. He shoved his dick into me and I felt his hot load shooting deep in my ass. The guys at my hands quickly took my ass and mouth and 2 others came in to replace them.

This went on for over 2 hours. I took on every cock that wanted to be in me. Some guys blew in my ass, some in my mouth. Some cocks took both holes. Other guys just watched. Tom and Ken had them come over and interrupt my sucking long enough to have them shoot in my open mouth. Or they just came over and shot on my face while I sucked away on another cock. I promised to be a good little fuck toy and they let me out of my restraints. Tom and Ken came over and took final possession of my aching holes. They gently fucked me at both end and both finished off in my mouth at the same time.

I left via my side door and Ken took me home to clean up. "Did you like your evening, little fuck boy?" Ken asked me. I told him I loved it. "Can we do it again next week?" I asked. "Come back again. We have something special in mind..."

Written by: little sebastian

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