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Key Wet Dreams

by jjcole©

We knew it was going to be a different world. It was also immediately obvious Linda and I had over packed. Our first stroll down Duvall revealed to us amazing body art, amazing tits, amazing attitude. We knew we were in our element.

The crowd was not the loud, mostly obnoxious college crowd we had encountered at Mardi Gras, but an older, laid back group. We were in our early forties so we fit right in. My wife's first move was to accost a woman wearing Tweety Bird on her tits and Sylvester just peeking above her wrap.

"Where did you get this done? It's fabulous" my wife Linda asked.

Tweety pointed at the top floor of the Bull and Whistle and filled my wife in on the procedure, the cost, and the erotic feeling that came with it.

I had to ask. "Just where is Sylvester's mouth?"

Tweety giggled and undid the knot on her wrap. She opened it enough to show us without completely exposing herself. Sylvester's tongue was lapping a hairless pussy.

"How did it feel when the tongue was painted?' Linda asked.

Tweety said "I came twice. The poor guy had to keep dabbing my pussy juices away to continue painting.

The painting area is only partially screened. Most of the women up there are topless and some were nude like me. Every guy had a hard on but none had their dick completely out. Some of the wives and girlfriends had their hands on a cock, some of them were partially exposed. My girlfriend slyly masturbated her husband while I was being painted. She is waiting her turn. I came down to show off.

Ooh, that feels nice,"

The last sentence came as Linda softly ran her fingers over Sylvester's tongue. Tweety drew her wrap a bit tighter, trapping my wife's hand inside. I stepped closer to block the view of the curious. If you did not see where my wife's arm ended you would think it was a normal conversation.

Although she was carrying on a nice charade Linda was now doing a lot more than just caressing Sylvester. Two fingers were in the pussies mouth. Tweety lost track of the conversation and had some trouble breathing.

Being masturbated by a woman at midday in the middle of Duvall Street got to Tweety quickly. She held on to Linda's arm as she had a nice orgasm. My wife soon extricated her arm and helped Tweety retie her wrap. She kissed Tweety softly on the lips, and as we resumed our sightseeing walk, Linda brought her fingers to my mouth.

I thought I tasted a puddy tat.

We decided to go up to the third floor of the bar and at least get a beer while we watched the show. We were pleased to see that there were guards of sorts at the second floor who cautioned us about the fact that nudity may be present on the third floor.

There certainly was nudity. In fact Linda felt so out of place she immediately took off her t-shirt, (she wore no bra), and joined the topless crowd. I got us two beers while she went to talk to the artists. The bartender was a big lady with big tits. After she opened the beers she rubbed a slice of lemon on a nipple and said "this one is yours" as she placed it atop my bottle.

The week of tipping lavishly begun.

Linda had decided that she wanted her tits done but the waiting period was very long so we just wandered around drinking our beer. We found a spot next to a couple and we chatted for a while. We learned that this was their third visit to Fantasy Fest and had pretty much decided that this was their gig.

The lady was topless and Linda complemented her on her tits with my immediate agreement. The lady, her name was Pat, complimented my wife on hers, (with her husbands immediate agreement). To our surprise Pat gently caressed Linda's tit with the compliment.

Linda had been bi-curious for nearly all her life but nothing other than deep kisses and an occasional grope had ever happened until today. She had decided she would go all in, (with my strong encouragement), before we returned home. We were after all two thousand miles away from home. Twenty minutes before she had finger fucked her first woman. Now a woman had caressed her naked breast.

Linda stepped closer to Pat, close enough that if Pat wanted to take a tit in her mouth she could. There were notices that any sexual act was prohibited but we saw hands on covered dicks and hands traveling across naked breasts and asses everywhere.

Pat was sitting on her husbands lap, he was on a stool by the shrubbery protecting the area from outside view. Linda was standing in front of them, the shrubbery to her right, me to her left. Pat took a quick look and decided nobody could see so she quickly kissed and sucked each of Linda's tits.

Pat's husband grunted which sent Pat into a fit of giggles. She slowly moved moved her t shirt from her lap and showed us that her husbands dick was in her pussy. Cum was oozing from the sides of her cunt. She covered herself back up and said to Linda, "I guess he really liked seeing me suck your tits."

My wife looked at my crotch and saw the massive hard on that had just sprung up and said "looks like he did too." She reached for my dick and gave it a squeeze. I almost came from just that.

Slowly Pat stood up, giving her husband a chance to put his dick away. She moved the bikini bottoms that she was wearing back into place. After she stood she gave Linda a soft mouth to mouth kiss that Linda returned. They started to walk around the place, arm in arm, heads together in private conversation. There was cum running down Pat's inner thighs but she seemed to wear it as a badge of merit.

I volunteered to get Pat's husband, (Jeff?), a drink and on my way to the bar noticed that there were several ladies on guy's laps with garments across their lap. The scent of sex permeated the air.

The ladies had returned to our spot and I passed the drinks around. I was offered the stool and was about to defer to a lady when I detected a conspiratorial mood. As soon as I sat Linda sat on my lap, flipping the back of her skirt up as she did. She did not have panties on. Pat and her husband shielded us as Linda reached under her and unzipped my shorts, pulled my dick out of my boxers, and filled her pussy with it. Once settled she casually draped her t shirt over her lap.

She did not really need to do that as the flair of her skirt covered us well. She did it because she wanted everyone to know that we were fucking too.

I gently caressed one of Linda's tits while we slowly rocked back and forth. Pat leaned over in the guise of saying something to me while placing a tit at Linda's lips. My wife nearly devoured it making it difficult for all involved to maintain a casual air.

I managed not to cum then.

I could not hold back after the announcement.

The announcement was that the wives were going to fuck each other into oblivion and the husbands could watch.

Linda's cunt squeezed my dick and I came in torrents. Linda lifted the t-shirt and her skirt enough for Pat and her husband to see a replay of their show, my cum oozing out of Linda's pussy.

As soon as I calmed down Linda just stood up, leaving me temporarily exposed, and announced, "their hotel is closer."

On our way over Pat's husband, (Jack?), and I decided that since we had just cum we could let them have a head start and stop for some food.

Our way to the restaurant was decorated with many gorgeous tits. We approved of all of them and photographed most. We agreed that we were like kids in a candy store.

We also noticed that, while most women were wearing at least a bikini bottom, some with elaborate painted bodies were in fact naked but for the paint.

The cops looked the other way but we didn't.

After a long wait at a restaurant for our take out we finally made it to the room. The sight that greeted us made us immediately forget the food.

My wife was at the end of the bed, feet on the floor, her mouth devouring Pat's pussy. I stripped instantly and swiftly buried my dick in Linda's pussy from behind. As I began to stroke I saw Pat take her husbands dick deep into her mouth.

We all raced madly to our orgasms. Linda started to cum first. Pat quickly found her mouth full of cum. Seeing her swallow sent me over the edge and I started spurting into Linda's pussy.

As soon as Pat's husband collapsed to the side Linda left me and my dick hanging in mid air as she scooted to the head of the bed and lowered her pussy to Pat's mouth. Pat was eating her husbands and my cum.

I knew Pat loved what she was doing but she had not cum. I pointed her unoccupied pussy to Jason, (?), but he wave me on to it.

We knew we were breaking their rules, (only tits were available to the other's husband), but they were unlikely to notice. I gave Pat my best effort until I felt her pussy spasm around my mouth. Then I went forward and put one of my wife's tits in my mouth and invited Jarrod (?) to take the other one. A mouth on each tit and a tongue in her cunt sent Linda into an explosive cum. She slowly slid off Pat and stretched out on the bed beside her.

While they recovered the husband and I set up the food. The ladies had been ravishing each other for over an hour. They were starved and exhausted.

An hour later Linda and I were in our own hotel room.

We took a nap. We needed one.

After the nap and a slow and gentle, non-orgasmic fuck in the shower, we dressed for the evening revelry. I wore a marathon runners very short, very loose, silky shorts and a sleeveless top. I pinned entry number 69 on the jersey.

Linda wore the bottom of a bikini outfit and its matching see-through cover. She decided against wearing the bra. Her tits were mostly visible through an aqua blue sheen.

Coming out of our hotel room, we met Rachel.

Rachel was a dancer at a gentleman's club in Atlanta. She wore an outfit that she uses in her act. No imagination required.

My Linda is a shy, reserved woman at home. Very unlikely to start a conversation with a stranger. In Key West in one afternoon and early evening she had finger fucked a woman in public, she had offered her tits to a woman in public, had fucked me in public. She had fulfilled her wish to have complete sex with a woman and did so with an audience.

The first thing she said to Rachel was "may I kiss a nipple please?"

Rachel was at first taken aback but something in Linda's eyes told her that this was the request of an ardent fan of her tits. So Rachel said, "sure."

Linda slurped a nipple into her mouth raising bumps on Rachel's aureoles.

She told me "taste, she is delicious."

Rachel nodded her consent and she briefly had a husband and wife attached to her tits.

The door next to us opened and two ladies came out wearing mostly see-through outfits. They expressed their own appreciation towards Rachel's tits and were invited to kiss her nipples too, which was done with gusto by one and with some initial reluctance by the other.

Linda put her arm around Rachel's waist and the five of us strolled towards Duvall Street.

We first went to Sloppy Joe's, Rachel was meeting a friend there. The place was so crowded that Linda and I decided to try to find another place. The other two ladies decided to stroll Duvall Street to see and be seen. We went along with them for a while until we lost track of them in the crowd.

Linda and I took pictures, kibitzed with others, stopped here and there for a drink. We noticed many people coming and going down a street crossing Duvall. We followed and found The Blue Parrot.

The crowd was a bit older, the music perfect, and drinks were available from several locations. We settled in.

We mingled, we joined conversations. Linda was complimented on her outfit and tits, I was asked with a wink if I could really last that long.

We were enjoying ourselves. As the evening progressed the place became more and more crowded. We had a nice spot in a corner not too far from a beer bin so held our position.

By this time Linda had unbuttoned two of the three buttons on her top. Each time she leaned over to talk to the couple sitting at a bench in front of us her tits fell out almost to the face of the person she was talking to. Their reaction took me to a full blown hard which was impossible to hide in my shorts, I had no underwear on.

Eventually one of Linda's tits brushed the woman's lips and she immediately stuck out her tongue and licked the nipple. She had apparently shocked herself and may have started to apologize but saw Linda running her tongue over her lips and keeping her tit in range of the woman's mouth. They suddenly decided they needed to go to the bathroom.

The woman's husband had not seen the interplay between his wife and mine and turned to offer me a spot on the bench with him until the ladies returned. His turn brought his face right to my hard dick. From his angle he could probably see most of it. He exhaled and his breath reached my dick and balls, making my cock jump.

I told him I better stay where I was, since I could protect two spaces from there. He nodded agreement while looking directly at my crotch and slowly turned his head back towards the center of the crowd. He scooted over a bit, then a bit more until the back of his neck made contact with the tip of my dick. I adjusted my position so that my dick was just under his ear. The head of my cock was exposed enough to make contact with his skin. Pre-cum was painting his ear lobe. I began a slow rocking motion that he matched with slight turns of his head. I was in essence fucking the back of his ear.

A drunk lady got on the bar and started dancing to the music. She had been wearing a skirt and blouse but she quickly danced her blouse away. After great encouragement from the crowd it was followed by her bra and she enjoyed shaking her tits for the appreciative crowd.

Naturally cries of "take it all off" followed and after milking her audience for applause her skirt was slowly discarded, leaving her with just her black bikini cut panties.

She had everyone standing and drew their complete attention, except for one. The guy in front of me remained seated and when he saw that everyone's eyes were riveted on the spectacle up front he turned his head and swallowed my dick. He was in a hurry which was understandable under the circumstances. I shot my cum into his mouth just as the lady peeled her panties off showing us a very wet, bare pussy.

Everyone shouted their approval, including me although my shout had a double meaning. By the time the crowd settled my dick was back under my shorts and the man was sipping his beer. I suddenly noticed that our wives were behind us and we moved to accommodate them.

My wife kissed me and I was not surprised to taste pussy in her lips. The guys wife kissed him and they seemed to really relish their kiss.

Linda cupped my ear and softly shouted, "We have been behind you for a while. We saw her husband suck you off. We have just fulfilled both of their prime fantasies."

"Always glad to help" I said. "Did she eat you?"

"She devoured me. Mine was her first pussy but it wont be her last. She did not even mind when ladies came in and watched for a while."

"My cum and your cum are mingling in their mouths. You and I are fucking somewhere in that kiss," I said.

"See that lady coming over. She had a finger in her pussy while she watched me being eaten."

We watched as the woman caught the eye of Linda's recent lover. When she did she ran her tongue over her lips and walked to the ladies room. The woman in front of us followed quickly. Her second pussy was waiting.

Linda bent over and while gripping the cock of the guy that sucked me off she gave him a kiss and whispered in his ear.

She said to me, "I told him he was a lucky guy. He shot off in his pants when I gripped his dick."

We decided we needed fresh drinks and decided to take the scenic route. As we squeezed ourselves through the crowd I saw several hands caress Linda's tits and ass. I noticed most of those hands were female. She paused for a second to release the last button of her top. If hands were going to stray to her tits she wanted it to be flesh to flesh.

We stopped to thank the lady that had given us the impromptu bar top strip show. She was sitting on her husbands lap with her blouse draped over her lap This appeared to be the universal Key West sign for "there is a cock in my pussy." Her husband seemed to be in another world.

The woman's panties were on the table next to them. Linda picked them up and brought them to her nose. The woman's husband suddenly grunted and the woman looked to be on the verge of cumming. Linda helped by pinching one of the woman's nipples.

The woman had a nice cum and as her shudders subsuded Linda dipped her hand under the woman's blouse and withdrew it. She tasted a finger and offered the woman a taste. She sucked Linda's finger into her mouth and enjoyed another small cum. She thanked Linda with her eyes.

As I waited for Linda one of the girls sitting next to where I stood ran her hand up my inner thigh and into my shorts. When she felt the moisture on my dick she glanced up at me and gave me a knowing look. Her hand stayed on my dick even as Linda caught up to me.

"Great place isn't it?" she said to Linda.

"Terrific" Linda answered as she bent over and kissed the young woman on her lips.

The young woman's eyes flew open then closed as she drove her tongue into Linda's mouth. When the kiss ended the young lady said, "you taste of pussy."

"Great taste isn't it. I am pleased to see you recognized it."

"One of my favorites" she said.

Through their conversation the young woman had not let go of my dick which was now rising rapidly.

"Can I borrow this for a few minutes" she asked Linda.

"Sorry, that is a one woman dick just like mine is a one dick pussy. Fingers and tongues are always welcome however."

"That sounds good too. I am here with my mother if you can believe it. She is the lady with the oranges painted on each boob. Tell me where you are staying. I would love to have you both before we leave."

We told her our room number at the Hyatt and Linda and I each gave her a deep tongue kiss. She did not release my dick until her hand reached for Linda's tit.

"Cute kid" Linda said as we resumed our walk. "How old would you say she is?"

"About twenty I would guess."

"She likes older men apparently, and women just slightly older than she," said my six months older than me wife.

More hands strayed to her tits, a few to her ass, a few to my semi-erect dick. A woman ran her hand up my thigh as we waited on a traffic jam. She had oranges painted on her tits.

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