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Me And My Sister Anita

by sushilkumer©

This is a story about my sister Anita and me. I am Anuz, a young and impressionable male, and was eighteen when my parents divorced six years ago. My sister Anita was a little girl twelve years old at that time. After the break up, I went to stay with my father, and Anita went to stay with mom. Six years later my mom passed away and my little sister came to stay with dad and me.

We met after six years and now she is longer the little sister that I knew. She is a young and sweet lady of eighteen. She is about 5 feet 9 inches tall, slim build with a great figure and her skin color was shamla (dark). Seeing her after six years made me very excited and I ran to her and hugged her.

After I hugged her, I felt something unusual happen to me; something that I thought should not be occurring between brother and sister. So I released her quickly.

She shouted with joy, "Oh bhaya" and again hugged me.

This time she also kissed me on my cheek. I again felt a quick flow of blood in my body and something stirring in my loins.

Anita was a changed young girl. After six years away from me and dad, her lifestyle had changed to fast and modern. She spent a lot of her time with her friends, socializing, partying and going to discos. She sometimes came home late at night. Our papa is a pilot and therefore he usually spent a lot of time away from home. As a result, he did not have very good control over her. I thought that she would not like it if I interfered with her personal lifestyle, and left her alone.

We live in Mumbai, and one rainy day in June, my father was at work as usual, out of country, and my sister was at a disco. It was getting late at night and she was still not back from her party. So I become anxious, and tried to reach her, but she did not answer her cell phone. I tried repeatedly, to no avail.

After several tries, one of her friends picked her phone and said, "Anuz, your sister Anita is very drunk and out of control. Please come over and pick her up. (Anuz bhaya Anita tho bohut nasha main hein. Aap ake useh le zaye)."

She gave me the address of the place and I went over there. I found Anita completely drunk. I held her hand to comfort her.

I said, "Anita please stand up and let's go home."

She just looked at me, smiled, and held my hand, "Brother, I can't walk; please carry me and take me home. (Bhaya mein chal nahin pauengi; please moze uthake leke zao baccho ke tara)".

I lifted her up, helped her stand up and held her waist. She was wearing jeans, a tiny blouse, and a pink jacket. I felt her slim bare waist and tummy, and she just fell into my arms. I felt her entire young body touch mine I became aroused. My penis stirred and I had an erection. I carried her to my car and brought her home.

When we reached home, I brought her to her room and laid her on her bed. She was either passed out or in a deep sleep. I took my time and watched her closely from top to bottom. I saw a sexy, sweet, eighteen year old girl, rather than my little sister.

She has luscious lips, and I unzipped and took off her jacket. Oh my God she got a hot and slim figure under the jacket. She was wearing a tiny spaghetti strap blouse, so her belly and waist was fully uncovered. As I mentioned earlier, she is a slim lady, so her tummy was flat and her waist was a tiny 24 inches. Her tits are firm, medium sized, well shaped, and about 32". I was really attracted by her deep and firm naval. As a result, my penis was just bulging under my trousers.

I decided that today I would break all the taboos and rules, and fuck my sexy sister. I slowly started touching her face and caressing her lips; then my hand came slowly to her nice neck, then to her tits. I really felt like being hit by a 440 volt shock in my body, especially in my crotch. Her tits were medium sized and felt firm. Then my hand went over to her bare tummy and naval. Oh what a wonderful naval! I started touching her bare tummy softly and put my fingers into her belly button. I couldn't wait anymore, and I started licking her naval and sucking her tummy, while my hands caressed her firm and nice tits.

She started moaning, but I didn't pay any attention; I just kept on sucking, kissing her tummy and licking her bellybutton.

Suddenly she woke up and said, "Brother, what are you doing? (bhaya yeh kya kar rahe ho)".

I was in a shocked state, and I was on fire at the extreme level of lust. I grabbed her face like a hungry hyena and said, "I am making love to you. (Mein tuzhe pyar kar raha hoon)".

She said, "We are siblings; how can we do this? This is not permitted in our culture. (Lekin hum to vai bahin hain hum kaise aisa karsakte hain)".

I said, "This sex is just between you and I, and today we are not like siblings; you are a sweet young sexy lady and I am a lusty young man. (Koi to nahin dekh raha hein aur hum dono az vai bahin nahin srif tum ek khoobsurat aurat ho aur main ek pyasa zawan mard)".

Then I kissed her. I sucked her lower lips and then her upper lips and after that our tongues met and we sucked tongues. We held each other tight and kissed passionately. I rubbed her back and waist while she rubbed and raked her finger nails over my back. Her tits were squeezed against my bare chest, and then I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. She looked great in her sexy bra which I undid. Out popped her cute firm boobs with erect nipples.

I softly kissed her on her breasts and she moaned softly. Then I started sucking one nipple while massaging the other. My other hand went to her cute ass and I massaged it and squeezed it.

Her nipples became very hard and I softly bit them. Anita was enjoying and moaning.

She said, "Oh brother, what a great pleasure you are giving me! I'm freaked out; why didn't you do this before. (Oh bhaya kya maza de rahe ho muzhe meri zawani ki har maza de rahe ho, pehle kiu nahin kia tume dekh kar muze dukh hota tha ke kiu uim mere vai hue meri boy friend kiu nahin hue lekin az tumne mere sab vuk mitade rahe ho)".

I replied, "From today onwards, you will be my whore and I'll be your sex partner. (Azse main teri sohar aur tu meri rakhel banke rahegi)".

Then my mouth traveled to her navel and I kissed it. Next, I gently unzipped her jeans, and uncovered her. Now all she had on was her black panties which had become very wet. I licked her slim cute thighs, and then pulled down her panties, exposing her small but cute pussy. It was clean shaved and I could get her beautiful and arousing feminine fragrance.

I got so excited by her pussy fragrance that I started kissing, licking, and sucking her irresistible pussy.

She said, "Oh brother, please fuck me. I can't stand it any more. (Oh bhaya far dalo muzhe chod dalo muzhe main or nahin say saktein)".

She hardly completed her sentence, when she had a strong orgasm and squirted her delicious pussy juice right in my mouth.

I unzipped my trousers and threw it away, exposing my erect cock to her full view.

"Oh, what a beautiful cock! I really like it. (Wow! Kya laund hain ekdom mere pasand ka)".

I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy hole and then gave a strong push. At my first stroke, half of my six and a half inches penis went inside her pussy and she screamed with lust and experienced some pain. I gave another hard push and again a little more of my cock entered her pussy.

She screamed, "Brother it's OK. I can't take any more of your cock. My cunt is too small to take all of it inside. (Bas bhaya ab isse zaida nahin hogfa muzse mere choot to choti hain aur tumhara laund bahut bara)".

I started stroking. Anita held my hips with her legs, and I enjoyed the feel and touch of her wet hot pussy flesh on my cock. As I was stroking her in and out, I kissed her luscious lips and sucked her boobs. After about ten minutes of good hard stroking, she had another orgasm. I felt her pussy muscles spasm and clamp around my stiff cock as she squirted her hot pussy juices all over my cock. I continued pumping her harder throughout her orgasm.

After about five minutes, I felt my body stiffen as I got ready to ejaculate. I fucked faster and deeper and all of a sudden, I felt my cock enlarge and get stiffer. My body shook as I ejaculated deep inside her hot wet pussy. I felt my cock spasm and shoot my semen in about eight strong spurts into her throbbing pussy.

As soon as I ejaculated inside her pussy, she said, "Ohhhhhhhhh! What aaaaaaa... fuck! It is the most memorable one in my life!"

After pulling out my cock, we both went to the bathroom and washed ourselves.

When we got out of the bathroom, she looked at me, "Ohhhhhhhh brother, today you really made me happy and satisfied. (Bhaya tumne az mere zibon dhonno kar dia)".

I replied, "From now on, whenever we get a chance we shall become sex partners. (To azse zab mauka milega hum dono vai bahin se sex partner ho jayenge, kiu)".

She said, "Sure, definitely. (ei vi koi ouch ne ki bat hein)".

(N.B: this story is edited by Bandra)

Written by: sushilkumer

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