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Camping with My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 04

by hardwillingone©

I slowly got dressed and followed Darcy out of the bathroom. I was suspecting Jason to be sitting there waiting for me but was surprised to not see him. Darcy was heading into her tent, and I looked around for several moments with no vision at all of Jason. I headed over to the tents, and checked his tent, then checked my tent, and then finally asked Darcy if she had seen where he went.

"I think he grabbed his stuff and headed towards the main road." She said.

Darcy was a lot calmer than I thought she would be, and I asked if she was worried about Jason catching us. She informed me that she was not worried about it at all. "Jason will not tell Steve, trust me on this. He has caught me having an affair before and he never said a word. He will go on as usual and pretend nothing has happened when Steve is around, but he will not be the same towards me for several months." She said.

I could not fathom what I would say to Jason when he came back, if he came back. My best friend had just caught me with my cock buried in his mother's tight pussy and my finger buried in her ass. What do you say to a best friend who catches you in this position?

I took off on a little walk to see if I could find Jason and try to explain myself, but I could not find him. I walked all the way down to the main road, and back to the camp. I figured I was gone about three hours, and Jason had probably returned to camp by now. As I approached camp Jason was no where to be found and Darcy was lying out on the picnic bench tanning herself. I could not help but begin to feel that stirring in my loins as I approached her laying there in her thong bikini. Her tight ass was turned up towards the sun, and her top was untied to avoid the proverbial tan lines. I instantly thought about fucking her again, even with the knowledge that my best friend hated me right now.

"Well, have you seen him since I left?" I asked.

"No, how about you joining me, and rub some of that oil onto my back." Darcy said, as I approached her with my cock filling with blood in my shorts.

I could not resist the equation, and slowly began working the tanning lotion into her bare back. I ran my hands along her back, and shoulders slowly reaching them around the sides to rub her exposed breasts on the sides. I was getting harder by the minute, and was thoroughly enjoying the attention I was giving her. I began to work down her legs rubbing the oil into the back of her thighs and her calves. Darcy moaned as I rubbed her thighs and began to work up to those glorious globes that were bared by her choice of swimsuits. I slowly rubbed and kneaded the oil into her ass, all thoughts of Jason gone from my mind, and spread her cheeks apart. Darcy moaned each time I spread her cheeks as it pulled her tight lips apart as well. Darcy was beginning to get turned on, and I could see the moisture beginning to show through the crotch of her swimsuit. My cock was at full mass now, and all I could think about was fucking her again.

I began a slow methodical dip of my hands into the crotch of her swimsuit, and began to massage her pussy through her suit. Soon she was moaning and driving her pussy into the palm of my hand as I massaged it. I pulled her swimsuit to one side and dipped a finger into her steamy wetness. I slowly rocked the finger back and forth in her tight pussy while leaning forward to kiss, and lay small bites on her ass cheeks.

"MMMM, yes, that feels great." She moaned as I snaked my tongue all around her pussy from behind.

I reached under her and pulled her bikini down her legs leaving it at knee height. I raised her hips up off the table and rammed my tongue into her sweet tasting pussy. I licked and sucked all around Darcy's lips until plunging my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. I began to slowly fuck her with my tongue while rubbing her clit with a finger. Darcy was moaning continuously now, and rocking back and forth on the table feeding her pussy onto my tongue. I reached under her and slowly slid one then a second finger into her tight pussy. As I slowly fingered her from behind I put my tongue to work on her little rosebud.


Darcy was soon slamming her ass and pussy back into me and my tongue finally broke the plain and sank into her ass about half an inch. Darcy convulsed just as that happened and began Cumming all over my finger while her sphincter muscles clinched on my tongue.


As Darcy slowly came down from her orgasm I removed my shorts and joined her on the table. I got on my knees behind her and slowly fed my cock head into her hungry pussy. Darcy slammed back onto me almost immediately.


"Yeah? You like that don't you? You like my fat cock stretching your pussy?" I asked.

"OH FUCK YES, FUCK ME NOW!" she cried out.

I began a slow rhythm pulling my cock all the way out and then plunging it back into her wet pussy. Darcy was so wet I could not believe it. I could feel her juices running down my balls each time I shoved all 8" into her, and soon she was tightening up and Cumming all over my hard cock.


I began a fast pace slamming my cock into her as deep as I could get it as she rode it through her orgasm. I shoved a finger into her ass wasting no time with pleasantries. Darcy screamed, and came even harder when my finger pushed pass her sphincter muscles into her tight ass. Darcy began to buck feverishly and came with the biggest orgasm I have ever seen.

"OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!" she yelled as she came all over my cock.

I slipped my cock from her tight pussy and pushed the head against her rosebud as she was still Cumming.

"NO, FUCK, I AM CUMMING; YOU CAN'T PUT THAT IN MY ASS." She yelled, but did not move as I slowly began to push forward.

"OH FUCK, YOUR COCK IS IN MY ASS YOU BASTARD!" Darcy yelled, as my cock head stretched passed her sphincter muscle and settled into her ass. Darcy tried to pull away, but I held her hips tight and did not let her move. I sat there very still as she got use to the size of me in her ass.

"I said, NO you fucker! OUCH IT HURTS, take it out!" She cried.

As she began to settle down I pushed a little more into her, and she did not cry out this time, just whimpered in a little pain. I reached a hand around her and began to play with her clit as my cock continued to sink into her ass, a fraction of an inch at a time. As I continued to rub her clit Darcy began to moan in pleasure once again, and soon I had about 5-6" of my hard thick cock in her ass. Darcy began to buck back and forth and screamed, literally screamed as she came with my cock in her ass.

"OH MY GOD, I NEVER KNEW!" Was all she said as she began bucking and convulsing as my cock sank to the balls in her ass.

"Oh damn, baby your ass feels so good wrapped around my hard cock." I told her.

"Yeah, it feels wonderful, now fuck that ass you bastard!" She yelled back over her shoulder.

I began a steady rhythm sinking my cock all the way into her ass as I played with her clit, and knew I would not last long. I sank into her one more time and shoved it as deep as I could, as Darcy cried out in pain I cried out in pleasure and filled her ass with a sticky hot load of cum.

"OH FUCK, YEAH, MOVE THAT ASS!" As I emptied my seed into her tight little ass she began to move her ass from side to side, and I could not stop the pleasure, my spine tingled as I shot load after hot load into her ass.

"FUCK, I CAN FEEL YOU FILLING ME WITH YOUR CUM! MMMMMM it feels so good!" She cried out.

As my cock slowly began to deflate I pulled myself from her ass with an audible pop, and sat back and looked at her beautiful ass, with her cute little pussy peaking out at me from between her legs. Man she had a killer body for an older lady. I could not stop looking at her ass, and knew I would be fucking her again shortly.

Darcy moaned out loud and then rolled over on the table.

"Damn, Chris, I love that big hard cock. I never knew it would feel so good in my ass." She said looking up at me.

"What are we going to do if Jason tells Steve?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it, he won't, and if he does! Fuck them; I can't stay away from that big cock anymore. I don't really care what Steve thinks." She said, as she broke out into a laugh and began rubbing her pussy.

Darcy sat there and began to rub her clit in circles as she looked from my face to my cock, and back to my face. Soon she had a finger buried in herself and was really going to town while staring at my re-inflating cock. I had to take her again. As my cock reached full hardness from watching her masturbate I slowly crawled over the top of her, and replaced her finger with my hard cock.

I sank my cock all the way into her tight pussy, and began to fuck her for all I was worth.

"Yeah, fuck Steve!" I said, as I began to fuck her harder, and deeper than she had been fucked before.

Soon Darcy was screaming out to fuck her harder and Cumming all over my cock.

Next thing I knew I felt a very heavy hit to the side of my head and I woke up inside the tent.

As I came to I realized my hands were tied behind my back and I was still naked. I realized at this time that somebody had hit me with something and I had a little dried blood on the side of my head. My cock was still covered with Darcy's dried pussy juice and I could not get up, as I had a splitting headache.

I could hear someone talking outside, but had not come to enough to know the voice or hear what they were saying. As I laid there thinking about what was going on, I began to realize the voice outside was Steve.

"What the fuck were you thinking? He is a kid." Steve said, obviously to Darcy.

"A kid with a huge fucking cock, I was fucking him, but you killed him you bastard!" She spat back at him.

"Shut up you tramp, I didn't kill him, he is merely knocked out." Steve said.

"Jason called and said I should get back up here right now, no matter what I was doing. I thought you were hurt, when he called, but I drive 132 miles up here to find you fucking your son's best friend." Steve yelled clearly pissed.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Leave me alone you fucker, I can't believe you killed him."

That is when I heard him coming; Steve was coming in here to finish the job.

He unzipped the tent and pulled me out by my feet. I looked up at him in pure horror, thinking I was dead for sure. Instead Steve untied my hands and helped me up to the table. I sat down and began to waken up a little more.

"Does your big cock, look dead to you?" He yelled at Darcy.

Darcy ran to me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Oh thank god, you are OK." She whispered into my ear.

Steve turned to both of us and said, "Look, I am not taking you home until you fuck him, right here, right now, in front of me. Then I am taking you home and we will discuss what we are going to do tomorrow. If you decide you won't fuck him in front of me, I will take him home to his parents, tell them what I found and leave you up here."

"What?" Darcy yelled at him.

"What kind of cheap fucking pervert are you?" She asked Steve.

Stay tuned for the last part of the "my summer with my best friend's mom." There is one part left to this story, and then Darcy and I never have slept together again. This happed about fifteen years ago, and I still think about fucking her.

Written by: hardwillingone

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