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The Rosebud: Secrets Behind...

by Rrrosyn©

"Madame Liat, the new boarder is here."

Deke's voice echoed up the winding staircase. My houseman, he had a unique way of shouting without his voice growing shrill or allowing a demanding tone slip unto it.

The heart-shaped face in the mirror was creamy and smooth. Pale jade eyes vanished and reappeared behind long dark lashes. Beneath a retroussé nose, I applied dark firebrick red lipstick to soft, sensual lips. White teeth gleamed as I checked them for accidental color.

I swept silky curls from behind my ears into a clip behind my head, letting it hold my hair in place without the severity of a pulled back style. Rich russet cascaded over my bare shoulders, covering large, full breasts.

"Liat?" Deke shouted his plea. A good servant.

I grabbed my green silk kimono from the back of the chair. Wrapping it around my curvaceous form, I tied it closed with a loose yellow sash and reached for the door.

Barefoot I descended each step in slow, precise movements. My first impression was vital to the bonds formed between myself and those who paid well to live in my home. The boy's parents had paid me for the full nine months of his first college year. Away from home, in a new environment, they wanted him staying with someone and not partying in a run-down apartment with half a dozen other kids.

The foyer came into sight. Deke was no where to be seen. The boy had his back to me. He wore the latest style in pants-that-don't-fit. The waistband of his jeans exposing his checkered boxers and a glimpse of high ass cheeks. The back of his T-shirt announced "I fuck with you, bitch." A black rubber band held his blond, stringy hair in a ponytail.

"Raff?" Demurely flirtatious.

When he turned it took all my self-control not to stand there slack-jawed, staring at him. My breasts tightened as I looked on the most cherubic face I had ever seen. Innocence personified. Full ripe lips of a girl, complimented by rosy cheekbones. Intense icy blue eyes looked at me with little reaction.

"Yeah," Raff said sullenly. "Where do I put my things?"

I smiled, ignoring the knot in my belly.

"Deke will care for them. Come."

With cat-like grace I moved from the staircase into the parlor. The room was decorated with Victorian color and style. A small teapoy stand had recently been placed between two wing chairs and the chaise lounge. It stood complete with silver tea service, steam rising from the spout of the pot and two delicate teacups with matching scalloped saucers.

"Sit," I said, arranging myself on the chaise.

I watched his face as I let the silk kimono reveal creamy thighs. Nothing.

"You're eighteen?" I asked.

"Nineteen," Raff stated coldly. "Traveled the country last year instead of school."

I nodded and silence crept over the room. I watched Raff fidget. He shifted his weight to one side, long fingers entwining and twisting with each other.

"Tea?" I asked.

"No." Raff’s voice was still high pitched. Puberty hadn't changed it into deep masculinity.

I leaned forward to pour myself a cup of mint tea. The aroma filled the room. I dropped one cube of sugar into the tea and stirred leisurely.

Raff eyed the room. A painting on the back wall. A vase in the corner. The gold tassels holding back the drapes. Never did his eyes linger on my body. Every time they returned to me, it was to meet my eyes.

“Mom says you run an exclusive, men’s club.” Not a question. Bold child.

"The Rosebud is... " I searched for a word. "Eccentric."

"Sounds like some socialite club."

I just smiled.

The Rosebud nothing like a Society Club. The Rosebud was a nightclub of an even higher class. Only those with a paid Membership could obtain admittance. Men of wealth and power who held a taste for the pleasures found only in the dark recesses of society.

I rang the tiny silver bell that was a part of the tea service. Deke emerged from the kitchen immediately.

He was dress conservatively in a slimming white tuxedo, in honor of our latest arrival. His blue cumber bund and bow tie brightened the blue of his eyes. His ebony face was chiseled with high cheekbones, a squared chin and an aquiline nose. His mustache and goatee were neatly trimmed and his head was shaven clean of all hair. Well kept to my liking.

He stood near the chaise lounge, hands clasped behind his back.

"Yes, Madame."

Raff finally showed a reaction. He shot flitting glances up and down Deke's body. His gaze lingering for the briefest moments on the Deke's crotch. With that outfit it was possible to get a glimpse of the bulge I knew resided there.

I watched. Raff lick his lips subconsciously. His breathing had quickened. His eyes smoldered with lust.

Deke was mine, but Raff would be perfect for The Rosebud.

"Did you care for the boy's luggage?" I demanded.

"Yes, Madame."

I stood. I no longer wasted my efforts watching Raff for his reaction to my kimono revealing even more milky flesh. I beamed when I heard Deke's deep intake of breath.

"Get the Cadillac. I'll get dressed. We're visiting The Rosebud tonight."


Raff sat beside me in silence the entire drive. His clothes had proven inappropriate for The Rosebud. He'd complained emphatically about changing, but a few promising looks from Deke had motivated him. He was now dressed jeans and a plain white T-shirt. The jeans were tight, showing the curves of his ass nicely. He wouldn't fit in with the Members or the dancers, but he was dressed to blend in with the backstage staff.

I did get one tiny reaction from him when I stepped into the car in a mini skirt, stiff corset and spike-heeled boots that covered my knees and more. The whole outfit was black leather with silver star-shaped studs. He had blushed and turned away.

The Rosebud was located on the top three floors of an office building I owned. I rented the first six floors to computer companies and other nine-to-five businesses. Their employees rarely noticed the heightened security and never saw the nightlife.

On the of chance that The Rosebud's parties lasted well into the next business day, there was a private express elevator. There was also an unmarked floor between The Rosebud and the regular businesses, that was used only for storage. I found it an effective insulation for the noise.

We pulled into the underground parking garage.

"Raff," I said. "You don't have to go up if you don't want to. I just have some business to deal with. Should only take a couple of hours."

He looked toward the front of the car, toward Deke.

"Stay in the car alone?" Fear and hope filled his voice.

"Yes, Deke will accompany me as my bodyguard."

Raff sighed. "I'll go. If you don't think I'll stand out."

The Cadillac stopped in my private parking slot. Raff continued to shift uneasily in the seat next to me. He was cracking his knuckles with sweaty palms.

I admit, Deke took his time before opening the door for me. It was well worth it.

His cock bulged against tight leather pants. No shirt, his nipples were hard. He was not self-conscious about his looks. A full six-pack and an ass that looked smooth in skin-tight leather.

He offered his hand and I took it as I climbed out of the Cadillac.

"Madame." Deke nodded to me and offered his hand to Raff.

The boy was in awe. His mouth was open, eyes growing glossy. For a moment I thought he stopped breathing, but a sharp rush of breath confirmed he had not. He couldn't stop staring at Deke's crotch.

"Sir," Deke urged.

Raff took Deke's hand and was practically lifted to his feet.

Deke turned to the private elevator and inserted the key. The doors slid open. I stepped inside, my heels clicking on the tile. Raff followed, stunned into silence. Deke pushed the button for the top floor and the doors slid shut.


The doors opened into a bright hallway. A door to either side. I led Raff into the one on the left, Deke brining up rear.

The room was dark, except for the stage. People sat in small groups at reserved tables. The few moving around the room were like shadows, bodies outlined but unidentifiable.

The Viking was on the stage, a brawny Nordic dancer with a chiseled chest and corded muscles, moving to the pounding music. Oiled, the lighting made his skin glow. His horned helmet and other costume accessories had been tossed crudely to the side of the stage. He removed his underwear with the pop of a snap. His long penis, half-hard from the arousal of exhibitionism, undulated like a snake under his experienced movements.

Raff was frozen in place. Deke grabbed Raff's shoulders and steered him forward. I fell into step next to them.

I watched Raff with amusement. The shock in his eyes turning into lust and back. As we passed the bar, his brow furrowed. He watched as a woman in a black dress stared at the stage. She lifted her skirt. Raff's blue eyes widened to see her expose six inches of cock and start stroking it. A middle age man approached and whispered something in her ear. She turned and leaned over the bar, white ass waving in the air. The man positioned himself behind her and thrust forward.

A squeak of surprise escaped Raff's voice. We moved on. Passing the stage Raff looked up, eyes now filled with wonder as a Member of the audience kneeled before the Nordic dancer. Raff licked his lips as the audience member took the dancer's cock into his mouth.

Deke pushed Raff forward until he stumbled dazed into a small room behind the stage. Deke made a quick get-away and I closed the door behind him, leaving Raff and I alone in the dimly lit room.

Raff sat on the banquette built into the back wall. His breathing was ragged and hoarse. I slinked beside him.

"You like my club, don't you?"

Raff turned to me. Those blue eyes filled with a new light.

"Very much."

I grabbed at his crotch. He was hard and probably in pain from the tight jeans.

"Have you ever been with another man?"

Raff shook his head.

"Would you like to?"

Apple-cheeks flushed a deeper red. I slowly undid his fly. Deke had convinced him to go without undergarments of any kind. His cock stretched out of his jeans with relief.

"Please?" he begged, voice strained.

I flashed him a malicious smile and he crept away from me.

"Madame?" Deke's voice was simultaneous with a rasp on the door.

"Enter." A command, not permission granted.

The door swung inward. Deke moved with a singular grace to sit at my side and I moved into his lap. Behind him came The Viking, still nude, and a sleek, rat-faced man with oiled hair, dressed similarly to Raff.

"Raff," I said, gesturing at the blond giant. "This is The Viking. He dances here nightly. Fifty bucks gives a club Member the chance to suck his cock for five minutes. There's a two hundred dollar prize if a club Member brings him to orgasm."

I turned to The Viking. “How many nights has it been since we had to pay out a prize?”

"Thirteen, Madame." His voice was deep, thick like his muscled arms.

"Good." I gestured to the smaller man. "This is Vinnie. He and his fiancé board in my home as well. He works under the tables, literally. A hundred-dollar bill placed between thigh and chair will get any club Member an anonymous blowjob from Vinnie. He's the only cocksucker I employ who gets fifty percent tips.

"Vinnie was in a sad state before he came to The Rosebud. Weren't you Vinnie?" He nodded. I continued. "Vinnie is very much an active heterosexual. He's even looking forward to being married. Unfortunately, he is addicted to the bittersweet taste of cum."

Raff gaped in stunned silence, his face glazed with shock. He was sitting upright and stiff, eyes filled with a variant of emotion, including fear. Had I made a mistaking bringing him to The Rosebud so soon?

"Raff," I soothed. "Would you prefer to wait in the car?"

"No!" Raff wailed.

"You'd rather undress?" I asked through devious laughter.

Without a verbal reply, Raff shimmied out of the tight denim. He struggled to get his feet free from his sneakers and jeans. He lifted his shirt over his head and dropped it onto the floor with the rest of his clothes.

I wondered if Raff knew how well endowed he was. Seven inches of muscle wasn't unusual, but he was thicker than The Viking.

I squirmed in Deke's lap. His erection pressed hard against my ass. His breath quickened, hot against my neck. I smiled, knowing he was imagining Raff's thick shaft penetrating his anus.

The Viking closed in on Raff. His long cock stood proud, even half-erect. Raff eyed it with hunger and more than a bit of skepticism. The Nordic giant towered over Raff, thrusting his cock towards Raff's luscious lips.

"Suck it," I ordered.

Raff turned to me, unsure how to start.

"Vinnie, show the boy what to do."

Vinnie licked thin lips, eyes fixed on Raff's hard cock. He dropped to the floor and crawled toward Raff's exposed shaft.

Many Rosebud Members had commented of Vinnie's snake-like tongue. I had never seen it in action until Vinnie licked Raff's cock from stem to tip. Imagining that long tongue thrust into my cunt made me wet. I ground my ass into Deke's lap.

Raff threw his head back with pleasure, but The Viking caught him by the back of the head and forced Raff's face against his cock. The boy licked The Viking's long shaft tentatively. Slow at first, his pace quickened with Vinnie's.

When Vinnie pulled Raff's testicles into his mouth, one at a time, Raff repeated the action on the Viking. He lacked the grace Vinnie had developed. The Viking had a grimace of displeasure on his face. He looked to me for guidance.

"Soon," I mouthed. "Gently."

Blond hair fell over his massive shoulders with a nod.

Vinnie's tongue curled around Raff's shaft like a ribbon. Lizard-like he'd flick the tip of Raff's cock, never letting a dewy drop of pre-cum fully develop. He firmly grabbed Raff's sac. I could see it heavy in his hand. I watched Vinnie slide a slim finger along Raff's perineum, his fingertip teasing Raff's anus.

Raff jumped reflexively, his mouth gaped. The Viking took the chance he had been granted. He held Raff's head and forced his immense length into Raff's mouth. Raff gagged as The Viking's soft cock-head slammed into the back of his throat. The Viking pumped himself in and out of Raff's petal soft lips, never giving the boy more than half his length.

Vinnie wormed his finger up into Raff's ass. He thrust easily in time with the Nordic giant. Taking Raff's full length into his mouth, he constricted his throat around the sensitive ridge of Raff's cock. The head of Raff's cock, essentially swallowed with no gag-reflex.

I leaned over to pinch Raff's nipple between my fingernails. He moaned. The smell of men, sweat and sex, had me really turned on, but this was his show. Much interference from me wouldn't be appreciated. The sorrows of being a woman.

Raff panted in heavy gasps. He forced his pelvic up, giving Vinnie all of himself and granting further access to his ass. I could only watch Vinnie's finger vanish into that tiny rosebud, thrusting deeper and curling his knuckle.

Vinnie pressed deep one last time and squeezed Raff's balls tight. Raff's body jerked in orgasm, euphoric moans muffled by The Viking's enormous shaft. Vinnie's throat convulsed as he swallowed every possible drop of cum Raff had to offer, draining him dry.

The Viking stopped his fierce pounding. He pulled his fully erect cock out of Raff's mouth. Raff slumped against the banquette and the wall, sweat-soaked and exhausted.

Deke had grown tired of my squirming. He lowered my corset and held me firm against his chest by cupping my breasts tight. He licked my neck.

"More?" he breathed.

I rolled my head back. "Watch."

Vinnie got to his feet slowly and pressed a tube of lubricant into The Viking's hand. He was still smacking his lips with relish as he left the room.

The blond giant began to rub the lubricant on his cock and balls. Covered in the thick pearlescent cream his shaft glistened in the dim lighting. His purple head looked like a polished plum. He had worked a full dance round, been sucked by a dozen Rosebud Members and had probably been half-erect or more for the last couple hours.

"Raff." I leaned forward to brush thin stands of hair out of his eyes.

Raff looked up. His pupils were dilated. His face was flushed and wet with sweat. His girlish lips were parted as his breathing began to slow.

I tipped my head toward The Viking. Raff followed my gaze out of curiosity. The Viking's massive cock was intimidating at best.

"I..." Raff stuttered. "I can't possibly... "

I pressed a painted nail to his lips. "He treats a virgin ass with great care. Now, he's had a long night. He needs some release. Will he find it between your ass cheeks or Deke's?"

Raff looked at Deke with raised eyebrows. Deke made an animal sound deep in his throat. Raff's eyes returned to The Viking.

"Mine," Raff sighed.

Raff moved slowly. Kneeling on his clothes he leaned across the banquette, resting weight on his chest. He turned his head to the side, facing me. His ivory ass curved high in the air. Pale blue orbs gazed at me brimming with wonder, excitement and fear. I smiled and leaned back into Deke with a moan of pleasure.

The Viking knelt behind Raff, separating Raff's perfect globes gently. Raff's mouth opened reflexively as The Viking's hot tongue pressed into his puckered hole.

The Viking pulled back and positioned his throbbing penis against Raff's forbidden entrance. His Nordic jaw clenched as he eased the head of his cock into Raff's ass.

Raff's eyes squeezed shut with pain, lashes were moist with new tears. A whimper escaped his throat.

The Viking paused, letting Raff's ass adjust to the size of its invader. He reached beneath them and stroked Raff's balls. Leaning over Raff, his body enveloped the boy. The Viking murmured soothing sounds in Raff's ear. I watched Raff’s tightened face relax and a smile curled his lips.

The Viking pressed forward slightly, another inch of his shaft slid into Raff. Each successional inch entered Raff with growing easy. The boy’s face was blissful. Just beneath the banquette, I watched Raff's cock start to swell.

The Viking drew himself back and thrust into Raff slowly. Steady strokes that loosened Raff up enough to feel pleasure. The Viking was a master at breaking in a virgin ass. Within minutes he was plunging in and out of Raff easily. The sound of The Viking's balls slapping Raff's thighs echoed in the small chamber.

Raff moaned loudly. Freeing himself from the constraining silence he had self-imposed. He lifted his ass higher, pressing back against The Viking. The Viking flashed his teeth at me. Holding Raff's hands against the wall he hammered in and out of Raff. Pulsing in frenzy, The Viking eagerly sought his release.

Raff's cock was starting to drip with pre-cum. The sensation of a throbbing cock in him was almost too much. Hands pinioned he couldn't stroke himself for release. His cock turned purple beneath a glimmering stream of pre-cum. He started to cry out for release. He rocked his hips hard. Thrust his penis forward into nothing and his ass backward into full impalement.

With a growl The Viking buried his cock deep in Raff's ass and shudder in climax.


Deke lifted me off his lap and stood. I caught his arm and turned him toward me. It took some delicacy to release him from his tight leathers. A sigh of relief rewarded me, as I peeled his pants off.

The Viking pulled himself away from Raff. Cum oozed down the back of Raff's thighs. The Viking stood, lifting Raff.

Raff reached for his own cock, but the Nordic giant captured his hands.

"What?" Hearing confusion still in the boy's voice was amusing.

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