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Tribal Fantasies

by Lion24655©

Tribal Honour - a way-out fantasy!

It had been a terrible four months. Until four months ago everything had been fine where I lived, but then the neighbours moved away, the house was sold, bought by a private landlord, and new neighbours - tenants of his - arrived.

There was nothing wrong with the new neighbours. They were really nice, gentle people and as a good neighbour I helped them settle in, did some jobs for them, helped as any good neighbour would. Once I drove one of them to hospital because they were developing a harsh chest infection, and I had helped the neighbours deal with the health services. But there was a problem.

Up until that moment the road had been exclusively white, middle class, and it was going to stay that way. The new neighbours weren't. They were black. They were African. They were asylum seekers. And they were not welcome by most people on our road. There were five adults - all women aged from about 18 to 40. Valerie was the oldest, Holly her sister next. Jasmine was perhaps mid twenties, cousin of the other two. Sophie was 21, daughter of Valerie. Ruth was the youngest, daughter of Holly, only eighteen. I had heard their stories - their husbands and fathers killed in fighting, how they had walked for many weeks to escape the fighting, how, in the end, they had been smuggled out of the country. Their stories were terrifying, and they at least deserved this respite from the horrors of their own country.

Unfortunately the horrors of this country were almost as bad. Ruth - the youngest of them, was bullied in the street. Racist obscenities were painted over their walls. Bricks thrown through their windows. The older women spat at in the street. I was horrified - these were people who needed our help, yet no-one else could see it. I helped as best I could.

There was, of course, a cost to my helping. The friendly road where I lived quickly became very unfriendly. People I used to chat to ignored me in the street. I too had the slogans painted on my house. My car was keyed. I also got the abuse from local teenagers - all for just helping neighbours.

It came to a head on bonfire night. The street had had a bonfire party - to which neither myself or my neighbours were invited. Afterwards the local yobs lit a bonfire in the garden of my neighbours, they started throwing fireworks at the house, pushing burning paper through the letter box. The adults from the street just stood around laughing and drinking.

I phoned the police, but as I put the phone down I realised I had to do something - smoke was coming from the house next door. I charged out, demanded the yobs stop. I opened the door of the neighbours house, stamped on the fire burning in the hall, trapping them upstairs, I got them out and told them to go to my house. I screamed at the yobs to go away. They did stop terrorising the neighbours - they turned on me. I felt the boot and lost consciousness just as the police arrived.

Luckily I was not hurt badly, and returned home a few days later. The neighbours had been moved elsewhere - their house too badly vandalised and burnt to live in. I was lucky in that the police had boarded up my house, and It wasn't badly damaged. I could live with the slogans daubed on the walls for the time being. No-one was charged for the attack - no-one else in the road would testify, and now that the asylum seekers had moved I was left alone, ignored, apart from a bit of name-calling.

The next month or so returned to some normality, but I wasn't looking forward to Christmas. My family was overseas, and over recent years different people in the street had held parties and dinners and I'd had a good time. None of that would happen this year. It would be worse because I had to work to Christmas Eve and couldn't get away at all. I resigned myself to fate, read the telly pages and got in food and drink.

I was surprised suddenly by a strong "man from the ministry" knock on the door, about 7.30pm on Christmas Eve. I had sat down to watch the telly, beer can in hand when the heavy knock came. I struggled to my feet, opened the door, found myself suddenly surrounded by three tall thickset black men smartly dressed in suits. They looked for all the world like nightclub bouncers or gangland fixers. One spoke - "come with us." It was a voice not to be denied. "Come with us, and you will not be hurt".

"I think I have no choice............" I spluttered.

"You are right, friend" the leader replied. Within seconds I was in a car racing through the streets, sat between two of the men in the back, the third driving. No-one spoke.

After 30 minutes we arrived at wherever our destination was - we pulled into the front drive of a semi-detached house. I was taken in, through the hall, and sat in the sitting room on an armchair. The three men stood silently as we waited, but giving no space for questions or a chance to speak. It gave me time to take in the sitting room - simply furnished, but with orange walls, an orange loud-patterned carpet, ethnic patterned furniture.

I was looking around as I heard the front door open, people coming into the hall way. I reflected - I was so far beyond frightened that I was calm and collected..........

"Stand up, please". The leader of the three men beckoned me to my feet. The door opened. In walked the five asylum seeker women. I was shocked, just hadn't put it together.........

Next was even more surprising, as they fell to their knees in front of me. The leader of the three men broke into a great smile, shook my hand. "Sorry, my friend", he said, "but we knew that if you knew what was happening your modesty would have stopped you - you would have stayed at home. But you are a hero to us. You befriended these, our ladies, in their need. You defended them, you saved their lives in the fire. At great cost to you. You are a hero............." Suddenly all three men were shaking me by the hand, congratulating me, the 5 ladies on their knees applauding.

It was all too much - I burst into tears. They laughed and hugged me even more. At last the leader of the men spoke again, placing a necklace around my neck. "Mr Bill, we give you a great honour, you are fe-handa. We leave now - we leave you with your friends." The men were gone.

It had all been too much, I slumped back into the seat, ordering the ladies not to kneel. They quickly got to their feet, quickly produced a rough approximation of a cup of English tea. They chatted about how they had been re-housed while I was in hospital, how they had begun to make friends, how in their new home they had found a warm welcome from their neighbours, how the "awful time" was gone. How they had settled now. Their chatter about their move and what had happened eased the tension, I relaxed, we chatted about the new life they had made. They also mentioned that they had contacted the tribal council who had heard what I had done, and agreed that I should be Fe-Handa. However, every time I asked what "Fe-handa" was they moved the subject elsewhere.

It was about ten in the evening when I felt it was time to leave, and said I needed to get a taxi. The oldest of the ladies, about 40 - Valerie, held up her hand to stop me. "You are Fe-handa." I looked bemused as she continued.

"We knew you would be alone this Christmas. That is why we have brought you here. You will stay with us until after what you call boxing day. And you are Fe-handa".

I still couldn't understand. "What is Fe-handa?" I asked in confusion. Even more confusing was the response as the five ladies began to giggle and wink at each other, each telling someone else to explain...

At last Valerie spoke. "Fe-handa is a great honour our people bestow on only a few people - heroes, like you. We have organised for you to be Fe-handa - your necklace is your badge of honour, which gives you special privileges". She hesitated, as the other women giggled.

"Special privileges. It means you can have any woman from our tribe. Whether she is married or single, she is yours to use as you want."

I was still confused. "I don't understand.............."

Valerie continued. "Women from our tribe always have this tattoo" - she showed a tattoo on the back of her forearm. If you see a woman like that, then say to her you are Fe-handa, show her your necklace, and she is yours. To do as you want with. It is a great great honour for any of our women to be used by a Fe-handa. You are the first Fe-Handa who is not our colour - you are already known throughout our people."

I spoke. "Sorry, let me get this right. I can now go up to any woman in your people and she will have sex with me?"

Valerie replied very simply: "Yes."

Then one of the others took over: Valerie's sister, Holly. "But it's more than that - you can use them for any sexual acts you want, but we trust the honour of a Fe-handa that he will not hurt us. But if you want to hurt us or abuse us, we cannot say no."

My head was reeling. I gasped out: "I would never want to hurt anyone. Whenever I've been with someone I've desperately wanted them to enjoy it." I suddenly realised what I was saying. "No, its not right. I can't use people like that."

Holly replied: "We know you won't use people, we know that if you do take any woman you will want to pleasure them, not hurt them. That is the honour of the Fe-handa. But whatever you say, you now have that privilege - our people have bestowed it on you."

I sat quietly, my mind whirling. I spoke: "Can I have another cup of tea?"

We sat quietly as I drank my cup of tea, before Valerie continued. "You may, if you want, use those privileges later. But this is Christmas." Suddenly she went very coy. "You will stay with us for a few days - as long as you want. And we will serve you. You will share our bed. You can make us do anything. We cannot offer you anything because we have nothing. But you can have our bodies. Whenever, however you want."

I suddenly realised I was quite aroused. But the confusion was too much at this stage. "I can't. It's too confusing. I've never thought of you that way. I wouldn't want to take, I want to give pleasure - that's what excites me. But no. I don't know."

At last Holly took pity on me. "It's too late tonight to go home. Sleep here in our spare room. Eat with us tomorrow. Perhaps in the morning you will feel freer to decide."

Within minutes I found myself in a tiny bedroom with just space for a single bed, sitting on the bed, undressing, finding a toothbrush there for me. Lying in bed, mind whirling trying to sleep. Hearing noises, the women all sleeping in the other room in the house. It was probably the early hours before my mind ran out of energy, I was asleep.

I slept surprisingly well. The sense that people wanted me around, wanted to do things for me - I slept better than I had done for several months. I woke, at first confused, thinking I had dreamt everything, feeling something was wrong, or different. The first thing I noticed was the smell of cooking from elsewhere in the house, the smell of spicy food. Then noticed that it was light, so into the morning. Then the sound of radio and Christmas. Remarkably the last thing I was aware of was that I was not alone in the bed - it was their movement which gave them away. I suddenly realised I was in a sandwich - not just one other person, but two others lying with me, one on each side, each with their arms around me. As my awareness came back I could feel they were both naked. As was I. Pressed up together. It was all too much - I was instantly stiff, which the two girls were not slow to notice. As I woke I felt the girl in front of me allowing her hands to dance over my cock and balls, caressing, fondling, squeezing gently, exploring. It felt so good. The other girl was running her hands all over my back, but as I awoke more I felt her hands begin to run over my ass, gently pushing between the cheeks of my ass. Gently tickling deeper and deeper, until her fingers had found my asshole.

It was too much. I didn't even know which of the girls was in front of me, but pushed her onto her back, grasped her breasts, squeezed her nipples as I pushed my mouth to hers, my tongue thrusting in to meet her tongue. She gasped, but her nipples were stiff, and her tongue responded to mine. Quickly my hand went lower, my fingers running through her soft pubic hair, was quickly between her legs. Somehow there was no time for niceties - I pushed my finger, then two fingers straight inside her moist pussy, still with a hand grasping a breast, still with my mouth glued to hers.

As rough as I was, I felt her body responding, her hips gently rising to meet my probing hands. She was gasping against my mouth, pulling away slightly to moan.

As I slid my fingers in and out of her, I let the heel of my hand rest on her clitoris, and pushing and caress gently there. It took the girl by surprise, pleasant surprise as she thrust her hips up hard to meet my hand. Her mouth pulled away from mine as she moaned in pleasure.

Within seconds her body was writhing, her pussy squeezing my fingers, until suddenly she exploded in orgasm, her hips thrust upwards, moaning loudly, her pussy now sopping wet.

For what seemed like minutes her body bucked in orgasm, but slowly she slowed down, calmed, sighed, lay back on the bed. But I needed more.

Quickly I moved so my head was buried between her legs - I had to taste her. I let my tongue trace her pussy, tasting, taking in her wetness - she tasted so good. I thrust my tongue inside her, then moved it to her clitoris, then back to her pussy. Within seconds she was becoming aroused again.

Within seconds she was breathing heavily, moaning gently as my mouth, my tongue took over her pussy, nibbling the lips, thrusting into her, tickling her clit. Again her body was squirming, particularly as I concentrated more and more on her clit. Suddenly her body exploded into orgasm again - I held my tongue deep in her as her body shook, her hips thrusting up and down, her orgasm even stronger than her first.

Again she calmed down, wrapped her arms around my head, but my lust still hadn't been satisfied. I rolled on top of her, between her legs, put the tip of my cock to the lips of her pussy and plunged fully in her in one movement. Her pussy so wet it welcomed me deeply. The girl gasped as I held deep inside her - I whispered to her - "you want pleasure, I hope you are getting it."

Her reply was instant - "fuck me, please fuck me - this is the best ever..............."

I slowly began to slide my cock in and out of her pussy, her body responding to my thrusts, her hips thrusting up to meet my thrusting. I had forgotten the other girl completely, but was vaguely aware of her as I felt a finger probing my asshole, slipping through the ring. It made me harder as I fucked the girl underneath, faster and faster and faster, until as her third orgasm exploded, so I exploded, filling her with my cum.

I pumped hard, never produced more. Filled her pussy, her milking me with the muscles of her pussy.....

At last our orgasms had passed, I rolled off her, and only then looked to see which of the girls I had taken. It was Sophie, who looked exhausted, her hair dishevelled. I whispered to her. "Sophie, you were fantastic. I hope it was as good for you."

She replied instantly. "Fe-handa. That was the best."

The other girl had slipped out of the bed and left us. Only now do I realise I never knew which of them it was. After a few moments we got out of the bed, put on robes that were in the room, and sheepishly went downstairs. As we entered the sitting room, the other women were all there and clapped and giggled, and asked Sophie more questions in a fun way - none of which Sophie could answer from her embarrassment. I answered for her simply. I told them Sophie was fantastic, a wonderful person, beautiful, and utterly and completely delightful in bed. And could I have some breakfast! And happy Christmas to everyone.

While the ladies were preparing breakfast I disappeared to shower and get dressed, joining them again at in the kitchen diner. For some reason they were giggling again. I sat, not sure what was happening. Valerie put the cooked breakfast in front of me. There was a huge sausage on the plate, with two grilled halves of tomato placed in an "appropriate" spot. At the other end of the sausage they had placed two rashers of bacon, either side of the sausage. It looked very very obscene!

I stared, they laughed and giggled like little girls. I had to join in. As they calmed down Valerie spoke. "I'm sorry, leaving our own country, coming to a place where people don't seem to want us - it's grim. And losing all our men folk. Please forgive us. This is the first time since we left that we can laugh. And celebrate. You coming here for Christmas has set us free and broken barriers down."

Suddenly we were all in tears. I went around the table, lifted Valerie to her feet and put my arms around her and hugged her long and hard while she shed her tears.

At last she pulled herself together, so I stepped back slightly from her, kissed her softly on the lips, then lifted her so she was sat on the kitchen units. I reached under her dress, whispered "help me" to her, then gently removed her panties as she lifted herself off the side.

I dropped the panties to the floor, then leant forward, put my head under her skirt and kissed her softly on the lips of her pussy. My tongue flicked her lips, and I felt her gasp, her body squirm slightly. I let my tongue caress the lips, then gently push into her already wet pussy, swirling, making her squirm.

For 5 or 6 minutes I allowed my tongue to play on her pussy, entering her, nibbling the lips, before I flicked her clit. The moment I did she moaned in pleasure, issued an insistent "yes, please, more," while my tongue returned to her pussy.

A few seconds later I let my tongue caress her clitoris again, while gently easing two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. As I let my fingers repeatedly enter and withdraw, my tongue caressed her clit and her body squirmed, accompanied by insistent groaning.

I let my fingers find her g-spot, then let my tongue rapidly move on her clit, her body squirming. Suddenly she screamed out, her body shook, her pussy squeezed my fingers as her orgasm overtook her body. The wetness of her pussy increased, she cried "yes" several times. Her body tense in orgasm.

At last she calmed down. The others giggled and clapped. I turned embarrassedly, to see the others smile, to see Holly and her cousin Jasmine arm in arm laughing and leading the applause, sat next to each other on a sofa. Sophie and Ruth had sat on kitchen chairs to watch and joined in with the smiles and applause. I picked up Valerie's panties and turned to her, still sat on the kitchen side. I smiled. "I don't think you will need these again over Christmas". I put the panties in my pocket.

She looked down in coyness, obviously embarrassed to have made such a show in front of her relatives. But she still spoke so I could hear. "That was wonderful." Then she spoke in an almost childish voice: "I don't want to wear panties when you are here."

I needed a coffee! We made coffee, we all went through to the sitting room, Ruth first, Valerie, myself, Holly, still arm in arm with her cousin Jasmine, last Sophie. Holly sniggered. "So, Valerie and Sophie have had their pleasure. What are you going to do for the rest of us?"

I turned my head to the side, looked innocent, smiled. "What do you mean, Holly?" I asked in mock naiveté.

Holly giggled again. She turned on a little girl voice. "I want my share".

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm............." I pretended to ponder.....

Holly continued in mock severity. "I demand to have my share!"

"Okay..........." again I pretended to ponder for a moment, "..........then make love to Jasmine."

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