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My Six Months of Learning to Serve

by dyck©

My Lord has turned on the surveillance camera and inserted the cone in my cunt. Then he plugs the wires into the monitor. I lie on my back with my legs spread and immediately start my Toning exercises - tightening, holding as long as I can, easing, and repeating. Over and over again. This morning I must register 2000 on the monitor. If I fail to exert enough pressure an alarm will sound and I will be zapped with an electrical shock. I know this because this has been my routine three times a day, every day for the past six months - ever since our wedding night.

Then when I finish this part of my duty he removes the cone and inserts a smooth weighted steel ball into me - today's ball weighs one and one half pounds. I am instructed to walk around the house holding the ball in with my cunt muscles. Today he sets the timer for ten minutes. I strain to keep it in but just before the timer rings my muscles let go and the ball falls out with a clang on the floor.

I know what the consequence for my failure is so I bend across the table and he flogs me with the cat of nine tails. After each lash I thank him and ask him for more discipline so that I will be a better wife to him. Fifteen lashes. He puts the whip away and I roll over. He fucks me hard - driving into me as he pulls my body towards him with each thrust. My blistered back sends currents of pain through my whole body but I raise myself to meet his thrusts and soon I am climaxing. I scream as my cunt convulses around his penis. I am thankful when I feel him emptying his load into me. Perhaps today I have been able to please him just a little.

He tells me to go and clean myself up and I dare to ask him if he will allow me to have ointment on my blistered back. He not only allows me but he tenderly applies it himself. My heart almost bursts with my gratitude and love for him. How I wish I could be a better wife to him. As I go about my morning chores I think back to my wedding which seems like a million years ago. I can scarcely remember any other life.

I was a virgin and David, which is my Lord's name, waited until we were in our new home which is a thousand miles away from all my family and friends, before he made love to me. It was the morning after we had arrived and I had been looking forward to having our love consummated but I was not prepared for brutality of the experience.

Once we were in the bedroom it was as if he became another person. He ordered me to strip off my clothes. Surprised by his attitude, I hesitated. He grabbed me and tore them from my body, threw me on the bed, spread my legs and entered me with a single brutal thrust. I screamed in agony as he plunged in and out of me like a pile driver until he dumped his load into me. Then he pulled out and told me that I was a very poor fuck and it would be necessary for me to learn how to please him. Also I would have to enter into a training program so that my cunt would be tighter.

Sobbing convulsively I listened as he outlined what my new married life was going to be like. Always when we were alone I was to address him as 'Lord' - never by his real name. I was never to disobey him and I was to rise before him in the mornings, make preliminary preparations for breakfast and then go and ask him if he wished me to shower him. Then when he was showered and dried I was to go down and prepare his breakfast while he dressed. While he ate I was to go and dress in the manner that he directed. If we were to go outside the house he would insert a device into my vagina which he could operate by a small remote control. If I displeased him in any way I would be zapped with a jolt of electricity. There were different levels of intensity and he warned me that I did not ever want to experience the highest level.

"Do you understand so far?"

"Yes, Dav . . . My Lord"

"Good, now go and dress properly. We are going for a walk in the park."

Confused and bleeding and sick to my stomach I went and dressed. Before we went out he inserted the device in high my vagina. Then we went out in the bright sunshine. He walked briskly and I struggled to keep up but I was falling behind. He told me to hurry and I said, "I can't go any faster, my body hurts and I feel sick."

Suddenly my body was inundated with bolts of fire. My legs gave way and fell to the ground as surge after surge of pain shot through every part of my being. Slowly the surges died down and I lay shivering willing myself to die.

"That is the price of disobedience." Lord said as he ordered me to get up.

Still trembling I got up and this time I did keep up with my Lord.

The next morning I got up and made preparations for breakfast and when I awoke my Lord he told me that I was to shower him. We got into the shower and I soaped and washed his body. Then he instructed me to soap and wash his penis. Shyly I did so. Then he told me to get down on my knees and suck him. I placed sponges beneath my knees and took his penis in my mouth. As I sucked it got larger and harder and I continued to suck until he shot in my mouth.

"Swallow!' he commanded and I swallowed the first of many loads that I would be required to take in the coming days and months.

That day I was introduced to the cone and the Toning device as it was to make me a better fuck slave for Lord. I strove to do as he commanded as I loved him and I desperately wanted to please him. I learned to control the muscles of my cunt and worked as hard as I could. When the sessions were over my pelvic area would ache and ache but I dared not complain. I wanted to do anything I could to improve so that I could serve him better.

My days fell into a predictable routine. Up in the morning, breakfast preparations, shower and sucking and swallowing, and breakfast. After breakfast the cone would be inserted and hooked to the monitor. I would not be released from the cone until I had hit the 2000 mark. Then the cone would be removed and the weighted ball would be placed in me to further strengthen my cunt muscles. This was the dangerous time because if I failed to keep it in for the required time I would be whipped.

Often after those exercises we would go out for a walk or to shop. Always I would be hooked up to the remote control just in case I forgot my place. Once in the grocery store I dared to question one of Lord's purchases. Immediately I was convulsing on the floor. Lord calmly told those around that I was prone to seizures and it was best to just let me ride them out. Chastened I got up and once at home I begged Lord for forgiveness and pledged to do anything that he wanted if only he would forgive me. He said that it was time for me to prove my love for him. I got on my knees at his feet and said that I would do anything if it pleased him.

He did most of his work from his home office but occasionally it was necessary for him to meet with out of town colleagues. He decided that he would hold the next week's scheduled meetings at our home. There were to be seven men staying at our home for the weekend. I prepared the spare bedrooms and made up sleeping quarters in the basement. Then I prepared as many meals in advance as I could. I really wanted to be a good hostess and make my husband proud.

On Friday, after my regular duties in the morning, I set the table in the dining room with our good china and silver and set about preparing the food. Before dinner I went upstairs and dressed in my prettiest hostess gown. I was flushed with excitement as I welcomed our guests and served a delicious roast beef meal. After I served the homemade apple pie for dessert I asked to be excused as I took the dishes to the kitchen and began to clean up.

Lord came into the kitchen and said that our guests had enjoyed the meal so much that they wanted me to join them for an aperitif. This unexpected gesture of kindness from my husband filled me with gratitude as I returned to the dining room with him.

The guests had retired to the living room and were sitting around in the easy chairs. They were looking expectantly at me and in my best hostess voice I asked what they would like to drink. Lord told me that I was to be the one to drink and he told me to get down and service our guests. Puzzled I looked at him and he quietly told me that this was the time for me to prove my love and obedience.

I went to the first of the guests. He opened his zipper and took out his penis. I took it in my mouth and tried to do as Lord had taught me. It was large and very thick and I had to work hard not to choke on it. I sucked and drew it in and out of my mouth until I felt it tense and he shot a large load in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but some ran down my chin. This, I feared, would not please Lord.

He told me to remove all my clothes before I serviced the next man. When I knelt to service the him another one entered my cunt from behind. So I was sucking one and being pummeled by another. My cunt was becoming really hot and wet as I pushed myself back to meet every thrust. My body was hurting but I was being flooded with pleasure. This seemed to be the cue because both my mouth and cunt were being filled with cum as I reached a blinding climax. A triple header!

The fourth guest wanted something else. He directed me to bend over the dining room table. I felt something wet and slippery on my anus. I shivered in fear as I realized that my virgin ass was being generously lubricated. As if in the distance I heard Lord say that I was to take it in my ass and he expected me to do everything my guests requested. I felt my cheeks being parted and I was being pressed at that tight hole. Once again I heard Lord say for me to relax my ass muscles. I tried to but it did not seem to help.

My invader was persistent and he kept pushing and pushing harder and harder until a blinding pain tore through me and his head was inside me. Try as I could I could not suppress my screams as he kept pushing farther and farther into me until I felt his body tight against my ass. The pain eased a bit and he began pumping in and out in a slow steady rhythm. Once again I felt my body being filled with the joy of another climax as I felt his cock ejecting its load into me. He withdrew and before my ass had time to tighten up another guest had entered the gaping hole. Soon I had two loads in my ass and I was gasping for breath wondering what the next few minutes would bring.

I did not have long to wonder. The last two guests had another plan for me. They stood me up between them and as one entered my vagina from the front the other entered my ass from behind. I was impaled on two men and as they drove into me I was raised from the floor. The pain was so intense that soon I had reached a level where it was impossible to scream. It was as if I was frozen in a place where all that existed was my cunt and ass and those two driving cocks. I was barely conscious when they emptied their loads into me and then dumped me on the floor.

My duties were over or so I thought. But Lord presented me with his hard cock and told me to give him the best sucking I had ever done. I lay down with my head towards his feet and started to lick and suck him like someone possessed. I was able to take all of him and swallow his cock so that he shot his load directly into my stomach.

He withdrew and drew me up to him. I was hot and sweaty and covered with blood and cum but he kissed me on my mouth and said that he was pleased with my performance and I had proven my love for him. He helped me get into the shower and he gently soaped and washed me. After he dried me off he put me to bed. As I drifted off to my pain filled sleep I felt happier than I had ever been. I was learning to be more pleasing to my Lord and I hoped that in the next two days I could be a gracious hostess to my guests and make my Lord proud. It was good that I did not know what would be required of me.

To be continued.

Written by: dyck

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