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Where We Begun

by SpeedRacer_mk5©

You don't hear a lot from New Zealand, but I tell you what, it's worth a visit. The women there are fantastic.

Last year one of my friends was about to get married & being the best man, I was asked to set up the Bachelor party. I was dating a girl called Jenny at the time. She was an attractive little blond, about 5f.6", with a sexy hourglass figured body & a gorgeous face. She is the one this story is set around and the reason I have my current fetish.

I had set up the party beautifully. There were only 8 of us, so it was easy. Dinner down at the viaduct, on to the strip bars after that, then back to a central city Hotel where I had hired a stripper to take care of us.

I was finishing setting up the night when jenny came over, I told her I would be just a minute & had to call Keith.

"Did you get her?!!" Keith shouted down the phone, meaning the stripper I had hired. Keith had seen her before & told me what had happened. She was a Uni student that loved stripping & wanted a bit of extra money. Evidently she didn't just strip, for a little extra she would put out to.

"I can't wait to have some of her again!" Keith said.

"Neither can I, if she's as good as you said, anyway gotta go." I replied and set the phone down.

"What was that about?" Asked Jenny, right behind me.

"Oh nothing, just clearing up some details for Dave's bachelor party." She gave me a quizzical look and turned away in a huff. I hadn't realized at the time she had been able to hear Keith on the phone. Nothing was ever said about it.

The big night went off!! We were all very drunk when we got to the hotel at about 1am. The stripper was there waiting for us, thanks to my friend the concierge.

She was great!! We had a porn movie on the TV as she stripped off her gear and danced around the room, teasing our cocks, bumping & grinding her body into our faces laps & letting us play with her in return.

After about an hour she declared it was time for the real fun to begin.

She went to the bedroom door and told us to give her 5 minutes.

As it was Dave's party, he was to go first. We waited in the lounge, all of us horny as hell watching porn while Dave entered the bedroom & closed the door.

One after the other all 8 of us went in there. I was the last as I had set up the party. We had been drinking allot of beer while waiting for our turns & by the time I went into the bedroom I was plastered.

The room was dark and smelt heavily of sex, I fell over trying to get my pants off and barely made it onto the bed, before I passed out.

I woke up to my phone ringing at 8am the next morning and answered it.

"Mate! That was one hell of a night, thank you!!!!" Dave blurted down the phone.

"You must have enjoyed yourself; you didn't even leave the bedroom, wow what a girl!! She was great!!"

"Yeah nice, bye." I hung up the phone, angry I had missed all the fun.

"Are you awake in there?" I heard a voice from the lounge.

The door opened and in walked Jenny wearing nothing but a suspender belt & stockings.

"Have a good night?" She asked as she leaned on the door frame.

Looking down at my naked body, I looked at her & said "Jenny, I can explain......"

"You don't have to." She said, "I heard you on the phone setting this little party up. I thought, if he can go have fun, why can't I?" Smiling at me with a cheeky grin.

"What, what do you mean?" I replied confused.

"Well, to put it simply, I swapped places with your stripper last night."

"But, tha...that m..means...." I stuttered.

"That's right, I slept with all of your friends last night. Keith left only half an hour ago"

I lay there shocked, it was only now that I looked at her closely in the low light that I noticed she was a little flustered & I thought I could make out dried cum on her body.

"Though by the looks of it, you don't mind one bit." She said looking at my hardening cock.

She walked over to the bed, lay down & Snuggled up against me. I could see clearly now the sperm over her body, from the sides of her mouth to her cleavage & in between her thighs.

"So, what have you got to say?" She said, taking my cock in her hand and giving it a wiggle. "I don't know what to say." I had mixed feelings, I felt hurt & jealous but very aroused at the thought of Jenny fucking all my friends.

In the end, lust won out.

Jenny was stroking my now very hard cock looking at me. "You like the thought of me

Sleeping with your friends then?" She asked. "Do you want to hear what they did to me?" My cock twitched, betraying me.

"Um yes, I guess so"

"I called her after you did from your mobile, told her who I was & what I wanted to do. She was quite happy as long as she still got paid." She started "So, when the stripper came into the bedroom, she knocked on the connecting room door & she left while I turned off the lights & lay on the bed."

"I didn't know who was going to be first, I lay back on the pillows and started playing with myself. I was very nervous & horny.

Dave was the first to come in. He closed the door and stood at the end of the bed. Then he took his pants & briefs off & climbed on top of me. He was looking down at me grabbed his cock & thrust it into me.

There was something I found very exciting about being treated like that, like a slut." She said as she draped a leg over mine, still stroking my cock. I could feel the wetness between her legs & as I looked down I could see a smear of liquid across my thigh.

"Dave was fucking me hard straight away. It was so exciting having this groom to be fucking me. He didn't last very long though. I clasped my hands behind his head & started moaning into his mouth as we kissed, he drove his cock right up inside me and came. I could feel his cock cumming into me, twitching with each burst of cum.

He pulled out of me & thanked me, before putting his pants back on & leaving. I could feel his sperm running out of my pussy and I started to play with it until your next friend came in.

Paul was the second one to come in. He undressed himself completely and stood next to the bed wanking himself. I crawled over to him and sucked his balls as he wanked. He asked me to finger his ass with one hand while I massaged his balls with the other. He came very quickly; I had the head of his cock resting on my lips when he came. He sprayed cum all over my mouth & chin before pulling it away & wanking the rest over my breasts. I let the cum that had landed in my mouth, run out the sides & drip from my

chin as I looked up at him. He gave me a long kiss before walking out only half dressed.

Jason then came in and asked if I was ready for a real man, I giggled and lay back spreading my legs. He stripped naked and lay on top of me. He ran the head of his cock around my pussy before slowly entering me. Oh god he was big. He had it halfway in before beginning to take it out, then he rammed it hard into my pussy. Jason then just lay there on top of me with his thick cock filling me up. I was squirming under him. I don't think I have ever felt a cock that big in me before. He grabbed my hands & placed them above my head, holding them there. He then started to thrust into me, hard. I was moaning now, quite loudly & I could hear you guys in the living room cheering Jason on as he fucked me. I came very fast & hard. I loved the feeling of his big balls slapping my ass as he thrust into me. He was grunting loudly and his pace

was quickening, when he came I could feel his come running out of me and his balls splashing it around as he pumped me full of cream. He collapsed on top of me for a little, then pulled his softening cock out & rubbed it against the inside of my thighs.

He got up off the bed and started dressing.

"That was bloody good" he told me "Your one of the best shags I have ever had."

"So what do you think of your naughty girlfriend so far?" She asked me.

"I think your a little slut!" I told her. With that she kneeled over me on the bed & settled her pussy down on my cock.

"Do I feel a bit looser?" She asked me as I looked at her with other men's cum running out of her pussy & around my cock.

She started riding me slowly up & down as she told me the rest of her night

"Brad was next I think. He asked me to blow him. I did. He had his hands running through my hair as I took him into my mouth. I used one hand to stroke his shaft while I played with my clit. When he saw me doing that, he started to fuck me face, thrusting his hips into my mouth. I took him out of my mouth & told him to cum in my mouth, let me taste his cum.

He flooded my mouth shortly after that, as I tried to swallow his load I could feel sperm running out of the corners of my mouth. I licked his cock clean and sent him on his way.

Steve closed the door behind him as he walked towards me he undid his fly & pulled his cock out as he pushed me onto my back and just drove his cock into me. He fucked me furiously, fully clothed for the next 20 minutes or so in different positions until finally he pulled out of my pussy and came all over my tummy, shooting cum all the way up to my breasts.

He zipped himself up & promptly left. I felt so slutty then.

Kirk walked in & stripped off, then he sat on the bed next to me, playing with my pussy, sticking 2 fingers inside me. This man wants his own hole he said to me as he took his fingers out of my sloppy, well fucked pussy. He turned me over until my head was in the pillows and my ass was sticking up in the air. He licked my asshole, oh god I like that, before putting the head of his substantial sized cock against my hole & pushing it in. He got only the head in before he started pumping in & out.

I reached between my legs & played with my clit. Kirk's balls were getting me really hot as they slapped against my pussy. I came easily & clenched his cock with my anus before he pulled out spurting cum in the air that landed all over my bottom & halfway up my back. He left me in the room, still bent over playing with my clit.

Keith came in then, he just stood there stroking himself as he watched me cum over my hand. I loved the feeling of all your friends cum running down the inside of my thighs.

He rolled me onto my back & fingered my pussy, mixing the others cum together, then he pulled my ass to the end of the bed & entered me. He rode on top of me speeding up & then slowing down. We got really hot & sweaty, especially when he made me cum very hard with his fingers. He then added his load into my pussy. He held his cock inside me, as deep as he could. It was pulsing as he strained to hold back till he finally let himself go.

"You're better than I remember!" he said as he left."

Next I waited for you. I wanted you to see me freshly fucked. You stumbled in & fell on the bed passed out. I was disappointed to say the least."

She finished, while gently riding my cock.

"But didn't you say the guys had left only a little while ago?" I asked her.

"Yes, when I saw you had passed out, I waited for a little while, then went to open the door a little & say goodbye.

Dave was the first one to speak up & say the party's only just beginning and suggested we have a competition to see who can last the longest with me. Tee hee, it was funny, I told them to turn off the lights, then I sucked every one of them off one by one in the dark. Steve lasted the longest. I told him he had won & could do anything he wanted with me. He put me on my knees & took me from behind over the coffee table in the middle of the room & fucked me hard while some of your friends stood over me watched, wanked & came on my body and the table. Steve left another huge load in my pussy that ran down the insides of my legs when he pulled his cock out. It was all lots of fun & a real turn on having the others watch me and play with themselves as we fucked.

It was quite late now about 6am or so I think, they left one by one as they came before getting dressed & leaving. Keith was the last to leave. He stood over me while I was lying on my back. He had his cock in his hand, stroking it.

"Enjoy yourself tonight Jenny? He asked me.

I asked him how he knew, we had the lights off for the night.

"I've heard you and Chris fucking a number of times now. I know what you sound like."

"Does he know it's you here & not the stripper?"

Not yet, I replied, he passed out before either of us could do anything.

"Is he still asleep now?"

Yep, I would say so, why?

"I want to fuck you while you're lying next to him on the bed."

I giggled, Ok I said.

He took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom where he had me get on the bed on my hands & knees with my face almost directly above yours. He spread my wet thighs & dipped his cock into my pussy slowly while I moved my bottom back into him. He pushed my head down until I was resting on your chest when he started really fucking me hard making me gasp every time he thrust into me. He fucked me really hard and used his fingers to make me come twice while I was leaning over you before he slipped his fat cock up my bottom and in a few strokes pulled out again and came all over my ass and thighs.

And you slept right through it.

We then went to the lounge, where for the first time we put the light on which brought a chuckle from him when he saw me. Keith was then nice enough to get me a towel to clean up, or try to anyway. We sat and had a coffee, neither of us bothering to get dressed. Then as I said, he left about half an hour ago, while I have been waiting for you to wake up.

Jenny stopped the slow up and down movement she was making on my cock and swallowed me whole. "So, what do you think?" She asked me, kissing me hard on the lips.

"I think next time I want to watch" I told her.

"That's a deal" she said as she leaned over & kissed me before starting to fuck me again building up the tempo until I added my cum inside her.

The wedding that day went off without a hitch, with the exception of Jenny giving Dave knowing smiles & dropping hints at the reception.

As we were about to leave, Jenny said she needed to go to the bathroom. So after standing outside 15 minutes later I decided to go & look for her.

I was outside the women's toilets at the reception where I heard a muffled sounds coming from inside, curiosity got the better of me & I peeked inside.

I opened the door to see Jenny sitting on the bathroom counter, her dress around her waist with one leg over Keith's shoulder & the other wrapped around his back while his cock was pumping in & out of her pussy. The muffled noises were Jenny's moans as she buried her head into Keith as he fucked her hard.

I was shocked but quickly got hard as I watched Keith's balls slapping into Jenny's bottom. As I took my cock out & started playing with it

Keith saw me in the mirror, smiled at me & continued to soundly fuck my girlfriend.

His pace quickened as I stroked my own cock faster & watched as he tensed up and thrust a couple more times then shot his load into my girlfriend.

Since that night Jenny and I have had many more adventures with our friends and strangers. We are now engaged and continue our open lifestyle to both our enjoyment.

Written by: SpeedRacer_mk5

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