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TV Panty Party in Adult Theater

by lil_raider©

I was in Tampa, Fla. on business and found several places that not only had video booths with glory holes, but open theaters. I had scouted several the first night I was there and settled on one that had three theaters.

The next night I dressed in red chiffon-and-lace crotch-less panties and – over them – I wore a favorite pair of black, size 9, full-size Vanity Fair briefs (favorites of mine...plenty of room for tenting and playing with myself). Then, I also put on a black VF underwire bra – 38B – with triple hooks and thick lace-covered shoulder straps (another favorite).

On top of that, I wore a jogging suit (women's, but who can tell) and some running shoes.

I slipped my silicone breast forms into the zippered pockets of my jogging jacket (not very noticeable, but who cares anyway?) and off I went.

The parking lot had about 20 cars (maybe half full) but there were only two guys cruising the book and tapes when I paid my admission, so I headed right for the theaters. They are not actually proper theaters, more like really large home theaters – large rooms with a big video screen in front and six or eight rows of black plastic couches facing the screen – no slanted floor or chairs with arms. Very informal...more like a media room in someone's basement.

Anyway, the first one was showing a lame straight porn and was really smoky – the second one had a gay movie, but was also too smoky, so I went to the third, which was non-smoking.

There were only a couple of guys in there watching a gay orgy movie, which was kind of boring. Anyway, it wasn't smoky, so I took a seat on a couch against the back wall and slipped my breast forms into my bra. I took off my jogging suit jacket and there I was -- sitting on a couch in a public XXX movie theater obviously wearing a black bra and gently rubbing my panties through my jogging pants. One of the guys who was sitting across the room got up and came to sit on the couch just in front of mine. He turned his head around and stared at me for a few minutes.

I wasn't quite sure what he was thinking, but after a few minutes, it seemed he might be interested. Every time there was a bright scene in the movie, the reflected light made it easier to see details of who was doing what, so within a few minutes I could see he was an older gentleman and he could see I was wearing a bra and not much else.

I made the next move, and stood up so I could see over the top of his couch, and he made a point of tugging and rubbing his crotch. He was wearing a polo shirt and what looked like lightweight sweatpants.

I decided to be bold and I pulled down the waist of my jogging pants to mid thigh, turning sideways to his sightline so I was sure he could see the silhouette cast by my breast forms and the tent in my black panties.

I was wishing I had worn white or pink panties so they would be easier to see, but I didn't have to worry – my friend got up and came around to my aisle. He sat down on the other end of my couch, and I sat down as well, working my jogging pants over my knees and down around my ankles.

I could see my friend was really turned on, so while I was softly rubbing the tent in my panties, I put my left hand out and scooted over a foot or two. He responded by pulling the elastic waist of his sweats down to show he was wearing no underwear. His boner stood straight out from his lap, and I scooted and slid the rest of the way across the couch until I was thigh-to-thigh with my unknown friend.

He whispered to me, asking, "Is that a pretty bra that you're wearing?" I didn't really know what to answer, because he already had his right hand around my back and was rubbing back and forth across my bra band. With his left hand, he felt up the front of my bra and moved his hand down into my lap. He was very gentle, stroking my hard-on through my panties. I dropped my hands aways, leaned back into his arm and just moaned. It was exstacy.

After a moment or two, he took his hand off my panties for a second, picked up my left hand and put it on his cock... I was so exhilarated by sitting in a public theater in my underwear and being felt up and masturbated by a man that I forgot my manners. I looked up at him and smiled sheepishly as I gripped his boner firmly with my left hand and gently cupped his balls with my right hand.

His left hand went right back to my cock, but this time slipped right under the hem of my Vanity Fair panties and he got a strong grip on my small woodie (I'm about 5 inches when rock hard). He was bigger, but not too much, and his cock had a very noticeable curve to it.

He took his hand out of my panties and interrupted my attentions to his cock in order to dig something out of the pocket of his sweats, which also were now around his ankles. It was a small squeeze bottle of lube, which was wonderful. I put my hands out and he squeezed a big dollop into my palms. I rubbed my hands together and then wrapped both of them around his cock and pumped his cock fast and hard for like a minute.

He interrupted me again to work my VF briefs off my hips – I had to raise my butt up a bit for him – and now my little cock was standing straight out from my red crotchless panties. When his lubed-up hand wrapped itself hard around my cock, I let out another soft moan. It felt so good. So we sat there for about 10 minutes, me leaning into his shoulder and playing happily with this cock and balls with both my hands. He had his arm around me, rubbing and snapping my bra straps with his right hand, and jerking me with his left.

We both took turns bringing each other close to orgasm and then backing off. I would squeeze his cock harder and pump faster and faster till I could feel his balls draw up, and then I'd cool him off ever so slightly by pulling long, slow and hard on the end of his cock.

He did the same; varying the rhythm and friction as he jerked my little cock.

Every now and then he would whisper in my ear that he thought I was very sexy in my bra and panties, which pleased me very much.

Other than moan a lot, all I could say softly was "Thank you." And that I loved playing with his cock.

With that, I went to work on his curved hard-on, pumping furiously and fast for about a minute until his body began to tense up and the spasms started. He shot one small gob of jizz into the air and the rest oozed out and dripped over my hand like candle wax.

He was so sweet, he dug a hankie out of his sweats pocket and handed it to me, and then he knelt down on the floor in front of me and turned his attention to my orgasm. He refreshed the lube, gripped my cock firmly and pumped away. It didn't take much, and he had his mouth poised right above my cock but I, like he, didn't squirt a lot of cum. He got one good shot in his mouth and the rest was oozing all over the purple head of my cock and on his fingers.

He didn't want the hankie though, his tongue came out and licked and sucked every bit of cum off my cock and his hand. The only stain I could find on my panties later on was from the precum that leaked early on.

We both sat back and rested for a minute. I stood, pulled up my panties and jogging pants and sat back down. I left my breast forms in and just put on my jacket and zipped it about halfway up.

My friend asked me to stay a while and promised the best blow job I've ever had. I told him I had no doubt that would be true, but I had to go.

In truth, I had so much adrenalin or endorphins or whatever surging through my system that I was almost trembling.

Promising I'd try to come back about the same time the next night, I headed out of the theater.

I got a good couple of looks from two guys hanging out in the hallway. In the bright light, a little bit of my black bras was visible if you looked down my partially zipped jacket. And even though the jacket was not form-fitting, the glimpse of bra made it obvious that I had filled out the darts in the jacket better than a man should.

I was thrilled; and have been hooked on wearing lingerie to Adult Book Stores ever since.

Written by: lil_raider

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