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Pussy on Halloween


Lightning lit up the night sky. Thunder crashed so loudly it shook the foundation. Lauren was home alone on Halloween. She was getting used to being alone since her recent break up with her long time girlfriend Kristen. Kristen had left her the house and taken half the furniture and the newer car. They had been together for 5 years and had planned on spending the rest of their lives together. Things happen and people change, which caused their relationship to change. Neither blamed the other and it was a mutual and unemotional break up.

The rain had not started yet, but the sounds of the storm and the light show had just begun. Lauren had a bowl full of candy sitting with her on the sofa. She had only treated a handful of trickers tonight. The previous two were the cutest little boy and girl. They could not have been more than 5 or 6 years old. The boy was dressed as some sort of mutant animal, and the girl made the most precious princess. Lauren had eaten more candy than she had given away. In theme for the night, all that was on the television were Halloween movies. With the impending storm approaching fast, Lauren's nerves were becoming frayed.

There was a knock on the door and then a ring of the door bell. At the very moment Lauren reached to unlock the door, a wave of thunder rolled across the sky louder than any so far. Lauren jumped in fright and then giggled at herself. Looking through the peep hole before opening the door, Lauren viewed a person dressed in a black cat suit. Opening the door with a smile, Lauren looked this person up and down with an impressed look.

The costume the cat person was wearing was very well made and very realistic looking. The cat stood at least 5'2". Lauren could tell the person beneath the costume was a female due to its breasts, which seemed to be very abundant for a child out trick or treating. The costume appeared to have real fur and Lauren could not tell real skin from the fake skin that a costume would have. A chill snaked up Lauren's spine as she looked into the eyes of this black cat. They were an emerald green and shone so brightly in the light through the door that Lauren would swear they were the eyes of a real cat. Smiling but a little shaken, Lauren said, "That is a very good costume, and very realistic. Did your mommy make it for you?" At that moment Lauren realized this "child" was alone. "Where is your mommy or daddy? Are you out alone on a night like this?"

The "cat" peered at Lauren with eyes of green ice. Lauren saw one ear twitch. That could not be possible, Lauren thought. It must be the wind playing tricks with the costume. The cat finally smiled and shook its head no. Lauren did not know which question the "cat" might be answering no to, and at this point Lauren was growing very uncomfortable. Even the smile on this cats face seemed that of a real feline, a very sly and knowing grin that gave Lauren another chill. Lauren grabbed a generous handful of candy and dropped it into the open, waiting bag of the cat.

In what seemed to be half purr and half voice the cat said, "Thank you!" The cat turned and sauntered down the sidewalk toward the street with the grace of a true cat. Lauren visibly shaken, shut the door and locked it behind her, engaging the dead bolt on it this time. Looking out the window discreetly, Lauren saw no traces of the cat or any person for that matter. Just then the rain came in a massive sheet of water. Thunder and lightning a continuous symphony and light show now. Quickly shutting the curtains, Lauren could not shake the feeling she was being watched.

"You are being silly!" Lauren said out loud to herself.

Determining that the night of trick or treating was probably over due to the storm, Lauren turned out the porch light. She proceeded to check the doors and windows to make sure they were shut and locked, due to the storm and rain, Lauren told herself, but also for personal safety and concern too.

Moving to the kitchen Lauren found the door to the garage standing open. "I could have sworn I closed that and locked it earlier." Lauren exclaimed to herself. Turning on the garage light, Lauren looked out at her car and the closed garage door. Lauren knew the back door to the garage was not locked. The lock had been broken months ago and Lauren had meant to replace it. She made a mental note to have that done tomorrow. Everything seemed to be in order. Lauren went back into the kitchen, turning off the garage light and locking the kitchen door.

"You are way too jumpy tonight you scaredy cat." Lauren admonished herself, and then realized what she had just said was a bit of a pun, and this was due to the cat trick or treater that had started her nervousness tonight.

Lauren turned out the lights and went into her bedroom. She took off her clothes and climbed into bed, turning on the television. The room was lit only by the television. A Freddy Kreuger, Jason something movie was on. The weatherman came on the television to alert the public of a severe thunderstorm now entering the city.

"Well, duh!" Lauren said aloud.

Focusing on anything right now was difficult for Lauren. Her mind kept drifting to the cat and those green eyes. Another chill moved down the length of Laurens body. Every nerve seemed to be on alert, as well as her nipples, Lauren noted. Brushing her hands over them and down the length of her torso, Lauren realized her pussy was very wet also. Lauren settled under the comforter and, her fingers probing her own pussy, hoped a little self gratification would ease her nervous tension.

Rubbing two fingers up and down her inner pussy lips, Lauren spread her legs under the covers. Inserting two fingers into her pussy, Lauren found that she was even wetter than she had first realized. Lauren started fucking herself with two fingers, hard and deep. Inserting a third finger into her vagina, Lauren began to rub her engorged clit with her thumb. Feeling the excitement building in her own body, Lauren increased the thrusting of her fingers inside her pussy as well as the pressure of her thumb on her clit. Just as Lauren felt relief coming, lightning flashed again and an earth shaking rumble of thunder shook Lauren, and then the electricity flashed off.

Startled, Lauren sat up in bed trying hard to focus her eyes in the complete darkness that now surrounded her. Pulling the sheet and comforter up around her, Lauren sat in bed listening. Lauren knew she should have brought the flash light from the kitchen to bed with her. Reluctantly Lauren climbed from the warm bed and padded off toward the kitchen with only the brief flashes of lightning guiding her way.

Stubbing her toe on the dining table leg Lauren screamed "Fuck!!" and hopped over to the junk drawer in the cabinet beside the sink. Opening the drawer Lauren felt around for the flashlight. Finding it, she tested it by pressing the on button, but to her dismay nothing happened. "Dammit!" she exclaimed. Apparently the batteries had gone bad since the last time Lauren had used the flashlight. Feeling her way back too the bedroom, Lauren climbed back in bed and tried to sleep.

The eerie quiet of the house along with the steady pounding of the rain would not let Lauren fall asleep. Lying in bed but no where near falling asleep, Lauren listened. A bright flash of lightning illuminated the room. Her breath catching in her throat, Lauren swore she saw a figure standing in her door way. Then came another clap of thunder, which shook her to her very soul. Lauren's heart was racing now, and fear caused the hair on the back of her neck to stand on end. Shrinking under the blankets a little more Lauren hoped her eyes were just playing tricks on her. 30 seconds went by, and then 60, then what seemed forever, and nothing. Only the steady pounding of the rain matched by the beating of her heart, were the only sounds Lauren heard.

Just as Lauren started to relax she felt the back of a hand brush against her cheek. Shocked Lauren backed away, but a strong arm caught her around the waist. She tried to wiggle free when a voice stopped her.

"I will not hurt you. I will only give you pleasure." The voice purred. Shaking with fear Lauren felt her body relax a little. The voice was familiar and very soothing. Describing it as a purr was as accurate a description as Lauren could come up with.

"Lay back." The purring voice commanded. As if under a spell, Lauren obeyed. Lauren felt the sheet and comforter being stripped away from her, leaving her naked body exposed on top of the bed. Lauren felt velvet hands moving up between her legs, spreading her as they moved up. All of Lauren's senses were alert except for her vision. The darkness surrounding her, Lauren was scared but also very excited, which she did not understand. A stranger was in her bedroom ravaging her body and she had no urge to scream or fight back.

Lauren felt what appeared to be a tongue moving up the inside of her right thigh. It was wet and flat and had to be a tongue, but it was also rough and longer than a normal tongue. As the tongue approached her wet throbbing pussy on her right thigh, the velvet caress of a hand moved up the left. Lauren knew this was a hand, she could feel the 5 fingers exploring and kneading their way up her inner thigh. The skin of this hand however, was like velvet, so soft and smooth.

As the hand and the tongue drew near Laurens wet pussy, her breath caught in her throat as the rough tongue lapped at her outer pussy lips. Lauren was shaved smooth, this was something she had started doing years before because Kristen preferred it, but now Lauren liked it this way. The tongue moved over her outer pussy coarsely, not missing even a little skin. Lauren could not contain the moan of pleasure that escaped her lips. She felt the smooth fingers splitting her labia as the tongue followed and began to lap at her clit. Lauren's hips bucked as this fantastic creature tormented her clit with its rough tongue. The tongue, long and flat, licked from Laurens anus up to her clit. Over and over again, repeating this motion in a steady rhythm that was pushing Lauren to the edge of orgasm very quickly.

Suddenly the tongue delved deep inside of Lauren. Again she bucked, this time not resisting the urge to run her fingers through the creature's hair and push her deeper inside. Lauren could not believe the silky softness of the hair between her fingers. Lauren had only felt this texture once before, when she had admired a fur coat in an expensive boutique she had stopped in to browse. The hair between her fingers had that quality but was much longer than that on a fur coat.

As this long tongue fucked in and out of Lauren's pussy, she felt the being shift and she sensed something hovering over her face. As she breathed in the scent of passion wafted through Lauren's nose and mouth. On instinct Lauren devoured, what she knew now was a female's, pussy. Lauren's own passion driving her, she sucked the being's clit fervently into her mouth.

As if fucking a long time lover, Lauren thrust 3 fingers into the sopping wet hole, causing her to fuck Lauren harder and deeper with that long rough tongue. Passion raging out of control, the two new lovers wrapped around each other in a 69, they were so tightly absorbed in each others pussy's nothing on this earth could tear them apart.

Fucking and sucking the two swiftly neared ecstasy when Lauren heard and felt a primal and animalistic cry against her pussy as the tongue burrowed brutally inside of Laurens pussy. Lauren did not know if it was the sound or the fierceness of the tongue fucking her, but something sent her into a blinding orgasm that coursed through her body over and over again. The growling animal-like scream located at Lauren's pussy increased, causing another orgasm to rip through her. This was like nothing Lauren had ever experienced. Wave after wave of orgasm poured through Lauren and this sexy beast lying on top of her.

Lauren could not breathe and felt the room closing in around her. Had she fainted or just fell asleep in post coital bliss?

The sun streaming in the bedroom window woke Lauren from her slumber. Rubbing her eyes she recalled the events of the night before. Jumping from her bed, Lauren looked around the room, then under the bed. There were no signs of the cat like stranger that had invaded her. Lauren moved from room to room searching for any sign of this stranger, finding nothing and no sign that anyone had been there.

Concluding that the passionate events of Halloween night must have been a dream, Lauren went to brush her teeth. Returning to her room to make her bed, as Lauren straightened out the sheets, Lauren gasped and threw the sheets and comforter back and off the end of her bed. There on her white sheets were at least 20 long, silky black hairs.

Written by: SILKsHEART

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