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Hiking the Falls

by taleserotic©

Hiking the Falls

Late June, the first year

Tom, Lindsay and Kelly visit a waterfall.

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The round curves of her naked ass in front of me bobbed and danced as Lindsay led us up the trail. It was hot and she had pulled back her long blonde hair into a ponytail. Aside from a cap, sunglasses, hiking boots, and socks, all she had on was a film of sunscreen. Her legs churned as she hiked, her Nalgene water bottle dangling from the fingers of one hand.

I was wearing an identical outfit, except for the cap. I was also nervous as I could be. I may have been a budding exhibitionist, but I had never gone hiking nude in my life. Lindsay apparently had. And Tom? Well, aside from an amused smile, I hadn't seen him fazed by anything, yet. Then again, who knew what lay behind that stoic façade? He still had on his shorts and wore the backpack that held our clothes.

I watched Lindsay's bottom sway and bounce and thought about my wonderful life. I have two lovers. Two! A boy and a girl. The trouble is I really am in love with them. Neither of them had expressed their feelings that strongly yet, and I was reluctant to be the first.

Lindsay has such a lovely bottom too. She is curvier than I, more womanly figured. That is kind of funny, as I am far more girly. She kind of clunks around and is not terribly graceful at all. When she wears dress—which is rare—she sometimes forgets to keep her legs closed, and not because she is showing off.

I am taller but more slender than she. I have been told I float. My ass is higher and tighter than Lindsay's and my breasts are a cup sizes smaller, but I have interesting hair that gets attention. When I let my legs fall open under a dress, I am showing off. I have nice legs, quite long and shapely. And, though they are small, I have been told that my breasts are pretty, especially when my nipples stand up. I have great nipples. I think my breasts only really look good when my nipples are hard though. Once, with Tom and Lindsay's encouragement, when we went out to dinner, I wore my blouse unbuttoned to the waist with nipple jewelry dangling between my boobs. The slip-on hoops clung to my hard little nubs, snugly caressing me. It kept my tips hard all night long and my pussy wet too. The sex later was amazing.

Tom is just tall and big. He doesn't do a lot of typical guy stuff, like watching sports at all or playing them. I have never seen him bantering with the other guys. He is a whitewater boatman though, and works on the river in the summer, getting all tan with his hair lightening from days in the sun. He oozes sensuality. Hair over his ears. Glasses giving him a studious expression. A wicked, wicked sense of adventure. As a grad student, he is older than either Lindsay or me. And oh, my, can he fuck. He also plays the guitar in bars. Just seeing him up on the stage, strumming away and singing—ooo la la—makes me wet every time. And it has gotten out that he has two girlfriends now. Not a bad thing for any boy's reputation. You would think that it would only be with the other boys, but I swear, he has more girls flinging themselves at him now than ever.

We had not left the trailhead naked. Lindsay and I had been in shorts and tops. She had on a sports bra too. Neither Tom nor I had any idea what she had in mind. She handed Tom the backpack to carry, which had only lunch and some snacks in it, more bottles of water and the sunscreen. We were going to a waterfall she knew of. There was a hint that we might go skinny dipping because none of us brought bathing suits. I liked that idea.

Once our trail branched off from the main one, we left the other hikers behind. They were taking the shorter hike to the first fall, while Lindsay was leading us on the more arduous trail to Hidden Falls. She walked on until the trees obscured the fork in the trail and began stripping as she moved. Over her shoulder, she handed me her blouse, then her bra, then her shorts. No panties though. She must have been planning this.

"Tom, would you mind carrying our things?" she asked in that gravelly voice I find so sexy. I noticed she said "our" too. I passed her clothes over my head to Tom so he could put them into the pack. I then unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, making him have to speed up to catch it as I shrugged my shoulders and let it fall. I had to stop to wriggle out of my shorts and panties, and he butted up against me, reaching around to cup my boobs as he stopped too, pressing to me and kissing my neck as I laid my head back on his shoulder. I ground my ass to his cock as we stood there for a moment, my panties and shorts caught around my ankles.

Lindsay looked back and shook her head. "Will you two stop it? I swear, you'd fuck anywhere."

With a sigh, I leaned forward again, undaintily stepping from my hiking shorts and panties with my boots on to then gracefully bend from the waist as I retrieved and passed them to Tom to carry. I knew quite well what I was doing as I did so, and of the view Tom had. Completely nude but for my boots and socks, I reached into the pack and got out the sunscreen. Would I? Would I fuck anywhere? These last few weeks with Tom and Lindsay as my lovers had opened me to possibilities I would never have even fantasized about only last autumn.

"Come here, Linds," I called after her. "You'll burn."

She pranced back to me and raised her arms so that I could slather her nude body with sunscreen. I started with her breasts, coating them as she writhed and filled my hands again and again as she sought out the pleasure of my touch. I rubbed the lotion into her liberally, making sure I covered her entire body from head to ankle. She would have a great all-over tan if she kept this up, except for her feet, which were still in her boots.

She took the tube from me and covered me as well. She was especially attentive to my recently denuded pussy. I was already starting to get wet when she touched me between my legs, her fingers slick with the sunscreen and my cream both before long. I gasped and dug my nails into her shoulders as she slid a greasy finger into my ass. I began to move my hips to meet her as she ran that finger in and out of me.

"Sheesh, You two would fuck anywhere," Tom teased us as he came up from below. Our little show had given him a hard on, and I laughed lightly as I pressed my oily body on Lindsay's and rolled back and forth across her, feeling her slick boobs drag under my pointy ones. Her body was warm on mine, and I inhaled deeply, catching the smell of the sunscreen, her hair, and her skin. She was so soft under me as we touched and caressed.

"Definitely," I agreed out loud. "I love to fuck." I felt daring to declare that so openly, even to my two lovers. I shuddered involuntarily both because of what she was doing to me and at what I had said.

"We know you do, honey," Lindsay said. Her finger eased out of me, and she took my hand in hers. We walked side-by-side where the trail was wide. I hoped Tom enjoyed the view. I found myself swaying my hips more than I needed too. I felt sure Lindsay was doing the same. Before long the trail grew steeper, and I let her take the lead, watching her ass undulate naturally as she climbed, confidently setting her feet, pulling herself up, rising. God, she was gorgeous to watch as she moves. Lindsay is an athlete who will to be captain of the volleyball team next season. I found myself thinking about going to her games with Tom, watching her play, seeing her toned and muscular body moving under her uniform and knowing that after the game Tom and I would be fucking her silly.

It isn't all sex with us. Honestly. It was at first, I will admit that. Sex brought us together. Lots of relationships start out that way. It is horrible, really, but, come on, it is true. I doubt a whole lot of boys have looked at me across a crowded party or bar and thought, "That tall, skinny girl is probably a talented artist with a sharp mind and lots of interesting things to say. Why, I'll be she and I could stay up all night discussing philosophy and art and literature."

I genuinely like both Tom and Lindsay. I enjoy their company. I can talk to each deeply and at length. Each is different, so we have different things to talk about. In the four months we had been a trio, not all of our dates had been all three of us together. Sometimes it was just Lindsay and me, sometimes Tom and me. And each of us has other friends we spend time with. I always had a wonderful time with either of them, and I loved it when we all got together. For the summer, Lindsay and I had moved into a house off-campus, with Tom coming for visits between his river trips. In the fall, he would move in full time. There was a lot of talk and sharing and genuine affection between the fellatio and cunnilingus and butt fucking and bondage and spankings and hot wax.

As I watched her bottom swing, I remembered the first time I had watched Tom spank Lindsay. I thought back to how hot and red her ass had become, how wet she was, how she had tasted when I got between her legs afterwards. The spanking had made her wet. I am the same way. Seeing her taking it had made me excited too. Still on a little sexual high from the sunscreen application and the feel of her finger in my ass, thinking of spankings was making me almost uncomfortably aroused. I tightened the muscles between my legs to intensify the pressure. A bolt of electricity shot from my clit upwards. Oh!

I turned around, smiling at Tom and checking to see if he still had a hard-on. It was not completely up, but I could see the outline of his cock through his hiking shorts. I smiled and stopped, opening my arms to him as he came up the hill. We kissed, and I felt how marvelous his bare chest felt on my own. I wrapped my arms around his neck and raised one foot in the air. Tra la la. Love is so divine. I lowered my eyes, almost shy. From my place on the trail, I was above him, so we were closer to the same height. I raised my eyes again, rolled my shoulders and swept my nipples across his chest. Mmmmmm. I wanted him so.

"Are you two doing it?" Lindsay called from up the trail a ways. Tom and I broke apart, and I brushed my fingers over his now even stiffer cock under his shorts before flouncing up the trail ahead of him.

At one point, we passed a couple hiking down the trail. They looked surprised to find two naked girls on the route, but we said hello brightly and they returned the greeting. I almost started to cover my boobs and pussy, but Lindsay made no move to hide her own nudity, so I was brave and didn't either. As my hands started to come up, it occurred to me how false and artificial it would be. I was naked in the woods, gosh darn it, and I was not ashamed. The other hikers were fairly young, and though the guy tried to look casual, he was definitely checking us out. Seeing them coming down the trail was unexpected. The day was fairly early, so Lindsay must have thought that we would be ahead of most other hiking parties. Maybe the other couple had turned back before reaching the falls or realized they were on the wrong trail. Or maybe they had been fucking in the wilderness. She did seem to have a blissful expression on her face as she smiled at our display of flesh.

We climbed and climbed, Lindsay's bouncing ass calling me on and on, Tom following his two girls as we paced him up the trail, bottoms wriggling for only him. At one switchback, I let Lindsay get out of sight around the turn. I bent over and grabbed my ankles, looking wickedly back at Tom as he came to me again, opening his shorts and letting out his cock. He knew what I wanted. Needed. I was higher on the trail again, so we lined up well. He entered me quickly, my cunt was so wet already, excited to be naked and sexual out of doors. He stabbed into me and I was eager and ready for him. He fucked me fast and furiously, unlike the way we usually make love, his hands on my hips pulling me onto his hard cock. I bent my knees and fucked back, sliding on and off of him and coming fast. My orgasm surprised both of us, and I cried out as I staggered forward and almost fell before he caught me.

"Are you two doing it?" Lindsay called from up the trail.

"Yes," Tom and I yelled back.

"You're insatiable," she called back.

I slipped Tom out of me and spun around taking him in my mouth. I love tasting myself, or Lindsay, on his skin after he had been inside one or the other of us. I sucked him clean, before I scampered up the trail after Lindsay.

"Hey," he called after me. The poor boy hadn't come. I laughed and wriggled my ass again to urge him up and on.

I ran right into Lindsay where she was waiting for us and plopped into her arms. Kissing her, I pressed my sweaty body to hers.

"Cocksucker," she growled, tasting my pussy on my own lips and knowing how my cream must have gotten there.

"Uh huh," I nodded. Yes, I thought, call me that. It is what I am. And just what do I do to your pussy, Lindsay?

She kissed me again, cupping one of my boobs and scraping her nails over my nipple. I cried out to let her know just how much I loved her doing that by grabbing her ass and holding on. Thumb and forefinger closed down into the base of my nipple, digging in hard. I fidgeted from one foot to the other, feeling a rush of excitement go surging right to my clit. Lindsay broke the kiss and spun away, darting up the trail again, knowing well just how she was leaving me. I took a deep breath and hoped this darned old Hidden Fall of hers was not too much further up the trail. I could not go on in this state of arousal much longer.

But the trail did lead on and on. Tom kept reminding us to drink water. It got annoying.

"I am drinking," I finally said, unscrewing my Nalgene bottle and taking a sip.

"Irritability is the first sign of dehydration," he said. "And I don't want either of you dehydrated."

"Don't want two bitches on your hands?" Lindsay asked from up the trail.

"No, entirely more selfish than that," he said, laughing softly like he does. "If you're dehydrated, you don't get wet."

I certainly didn't want that to happen. I sipped water regularly as the day grew and got hotter. Finally, we heard the sounds of falling water. The stream running beside the trail leaped and bounced as it cascaded down the side of the mountain.

We came around a bend in the trail and saw the falls. Lindsay was standing off the left side of the trail, staring. I slipped an arm around her waist as she pressed a hip into me. Her shin was hot on mine. Tom came up behind us, between us, holding us both as we all raised our heads to look upward.

The stream fell down the side of the mountain in a shimmer of white that leapt from the mountain and turned to a misty spray. It was chillier there, and I felt my nipples stand up. Trees on either side seemed to glimmer faintly in the mist. Where the water finally tumbled to the ground, the stream had dug out a pool that stood in stark contrast to the fall above it in the late morning sun. Rocks and boulders bounded either side of a little wall hikers had built up to enlarge the pool. I doubted I could stand to go under the fall itself, but I thought I could swim in the pool.

Marveling at the beauty of it, we three stood and held each other. I felt Tom getting hard again. So did Lindsay. His cock was nestled between our bodies where her hip cocked into mine. We could feel it even through his shorts.

"Let's go in," I said. Planting my ass on one of the boulders beside the trail, I stripped off my hiking boots and socks. The rock was hot under my naked bottom and it stung. Lindsay joined me, ridding herself of boots and socks too, while Tom fumbled out from under the backpack and his shorts and boots as well. I led the way into the water, hunching my shoulders when I found it colder than I had expected, so I plunged into the deepest part with a dive. Lindsay and Tom followed quickly, and I spun from one to the other, kissing, touching, caressing as the fall roared in our ears and the sun baked the rocks. As much as I loved it, I got cold too soon and climbed out again. Tom moved to Lindsay and they began kissing.

I lay back on one of the sun warmed rocks that projected into the pool, feeling the radiant heat almost burning my bare bottom and back. Fanning my wet hair out around my head, I closed my eyes against the light. There is something about being naked in the sun that makes me horny, I was discovering. I felt arousal settling into my pussy and flexed there to heighten it, my mound bare, as Tom and Lindsay encourage me to denude it. They pool their money to pay for my salon visits. I think that is so cute. I moved, raising my arms high over my head and opening my legs, almost as if they had bound me to that big flat rock. Tensing my limbs against the imaginary ties that held me, I focused energy to my pussy and felt myself getting even more aroused.

Suddenly, I shivered and almost drew up as I felt a cold drop of water fall on me. I forced myself to hold the pose. Lindsay was crawling up onto my rock from the pool, and her wet blonde hair was dripping. Once I got the initial shock of the cold water on my hot skin, I decided that those little splashes of water felt good, kind of like wax, but burning cold, not hot. Lindsay loomed over me, covering me, as she leaned down to kiss me. Her breasts pressed to mine and felt cold on my sun-warmed skin. I let her have her way with me, keeping my arms and legs spread in my mock bondage.

She glided over me, rubbing her body to mine, slipping back and forth between my legs, her sex pressing to mine. I lifted my hips to her, intensifying the touch. We fucked together, arousing one another as she rose up and down on me. My fingers danced over her back, down to her ass, along her cleft, then swept upwards again, her skin velvety soft to my touch. She smelled of the water now too, and sunscreen still, and the shampoo she used, but I sensed her pussy too as I inhaled deeply, the musky scent of her rising from between her legs.

Lindsay lifted herself up from me, supporting herself on her palms laid out just below my breasts. Her wet hair continued to drip on my skin. It was almost like torture to hold myself still and let the drips fall. I felt a little scratch as the close-cropped hair on her mound scraped over the top of my thigh as she swung her hips back and forth over me.

My eyes flew open as I understood what she was about to do. I don't know how I knew. I just did. It was not something I had ever though about, even in my nastiest fantasies. It was certainly nothing she had ever suggested. Our eyes locked together, and I saw the question she asked in the deep brown of hers. "Tom," she called softly, wanting him there too. I took a deep breath and nodded to her. Tom leaned against the rock beside me and kissed me, wondering why he had been summoned.

Lindsay moved up, raising herself over my sex, holding herself up on her arms higher. I watched her, keeping my legs open as she slipped between them, holding my arms high over my head.

"Are you sure?"

"Do it," I said softly.

Lindsay smiled. It took her a moment to begin. Then she let go, and her stream splashed on to me. It was hot from her body, but it felt nice. Amazing as it is to admit that, but I liked it. It felt nice.

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