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B. A. B. - Big Ass Bitch

by hotpup©

Most women who write me can't believe that guys really like or even lust after Big Ass Bitches (B.A.B.'s) but, speaking for myself I can't get enough of women with big asses. Of course, there are other parts of a woman's anatomy I lust after; long legs and big tits come to mind.

And, don't worry ladies looks are truly not everything as a fine personality and a gal who really loves having sex are ten times more important. What good is a traditionally sexy lady if she just lays there showing no emotion or who doesn't fully participate in the act of fucking. But, one thing almost all women have in common, whether or not they are considered sexy in the traditional sense, is nice big plump butts; they are Big Ass Bitches. This story is dedicated to all of the B.A.B.'s


Life around home had gotten rather routine in spite of the fact that my son and his wife were staying with my family. In addition to them our daughter was staying with my wife and myself. About two weeks ago something happened that changed my life forever. It was a cooler summer evening and I was laying in the bedroom listening to a ball game.

As far as I knew my wife was doing a crossword puzzle in the other room and everyone else was gone doing their own things. The seventh inning stretch came so I decided to get myself a drink from the kitchen. Picking up my dirty socks I threw them in the hamper as I walked past it on the way to the front of the house.

Approaching the dining room I could see into the kitchen. Then it caught my eye; growing bigger and bigger with every step I took. Soon it was all that I could see. It took up my whole visual field and caused my cock to get instantly hard. It was a giant ass in a pair of navy blue sweat pants. The pants were just tight enough that they formed the outline of both cheeks perfectly pushing deeply into that wonderful ass crack.

She was bent over the counter pushing out her ass invitingly. I didn't know, or care, what she was doing. I just had to play with that big fucking ass! It was firm enough that it stood up on its own; no sagging at all. Oh god, I just had to fuck the owner of that wonderful ass. Now I was within reach and pondered my next move only for a couple of seconds before swinging into action.

Quickly I grabbed the elastic waistband of the sweat pants and gave a hearty downward yank. It took a second yank as the front got caught between the counter and her body. Freed of that monster ass the pants fell to her knees revealing a sexy pair of brilliant purple bikini XL panties. My heart fluttered out of control.

Within a single second I lifted my hand and gave that huge bum a hard swat. She made a little grunt. Instantly I gave her a second swat twice as hard as the first. This time she let out a loud squeal. As I began swinging my arm down full force for a third swing it came to me that my wife didn't own any purple panties and in fact hated the color purple. And furthermore, that squeal sure didn't sound like my wife's voice.

Then it hit me like a thunderbolt exploding in my mind that my wife had said she had to go out for the evening and was only working on the crossword puzzles until it was time to leave. Looking up her body I realized that this was in fact my daughter in law who I was spanking. The third swat hit with a thunderous sound as my hand bounced off of her hot rump from the pure force of the swat.

Horrified I quickly drew back my hand. I was even more horrified when she swung around to face me and my cock began twitching in my pants. I couldn't believe that I was still horny and that part of me wanted her. But, I had enough composure to hurriedly blurt out, "Fuck, I'm sorry I thought you were my wife."

"You fucking bastard leave my ass alone," she yelled as we were face to face inches apart. Then she slapped the right and then left side of my face as hard as she could.

"Bitch, I said I was sorry," I snapped back and smacked both sides of her face in return.

"The fuck you are sorry, fuck head," her face red with anger. Then again I felt the sting of twin slaps across my face.

"You God Damn fucking bitch," I ranted slapping her even harder. Our bodies were creeping closer together. We could feel each other's hot breath.

"You mother fucking prick," again she loaded to slap me. The first slap stung mightily but I caught her hand before the second slap reached its target. After a strange pause of about a second our faces drew together with mouths wide open. Before we knew what we were doing we were engaged in the most passionate hungry kiss in the history of mankind. Our hips now ground against each other.

"Oh fucking god," I yelped as our lips parted for a millisecond.

"Yes, yes, I'm so hot," my partner replied in the throws of passion. Hands traversed wildly over our bodies. When I gave her ass a firm squeeze she responded by grinding her pelvic bone hard against my erection. Savagely she yanked open my shirt causing buttons to fly all over the kitchen. Deciding what was good for her was good for me I returned the gesture and ripped her blouse open. Her buttons joined mine on the floor.

My hands grabbed her big boobs through her bra and gave them a hard squeeze. I was just about to reach around and unfasten the bra when I felt her hands on my belt. I paused in my pursuit to allow her to undo my belt. Quickly she got the belt undone and my pants unfastened and unzipped. They fell right off of my skinny ass.

So, she proceeded to yank down my briefs. My member bounced right out pointing right at her stomach. My daughter in law grabbed my rod and gave it a tender stroke. Then it was as if a light turned on in her mind and she suddenly yanked her hand away and backed away from me. Trying to sound composed she yelped, "Dad, we can't do this, oh my god you are my father in law!"

She turned to run back to her room. She forgot that I had pulled down her pants and that they were around her knees. I was turned on beyond belief and thought I knew that she was too. I would not be denied sex with this Big Ass Bitch. She made it a couple of yards away before getting entangled in the pants.

There she was with her back to me showing me those gorgeous purple panties covering her hot ass. I just couldn't seem to stop myself as I reached for her catching her before she fell. Then I pushed her savagely against the counter wedging her between me and it. Devilishly I snapped, "Listen bitch we have come too far to stop now. You are mine you fucking big assed slut."

I sunk my teeth into the nape of her neck as I reached around and roughly juggled her C cup titties in my hands. As she squirmed to get away the rubbing of her silky ass against my cock only served to heighten my excitement. Tears now filled her eyes as she pleaded, "No we can't do this, stop please."

Reaching for the clasp of her bra I quickly undid all three hooks and ripped the bra from her melons. She kept on pleading and crying so I took the bra, and after discovering that it was not padded, stuffed the whole thing in her mouth to silence her objections. She reached up to pull it out but yanking her hand away I demanded, "Leave it there bitch and come with me Fucking Cunt."

Grabbing her by her hair I dragged her to the dining room and shoved her down onto the table. There she was spread out like a buffet before my eyes. I didn't know what I wanted to help myself to first. Maybe I should try those nice firm breasts or caress her sexy long legs. But then the wet spot in those panties caught my eyes so I reached over and gave them one hard tug and off they flew.

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as I had never seen such a nice full bush in my life the girl then clamped her legs tightly together trying to stop me from achieving my goal. I lifted up one of her feet and she tried to keep the other one with it. But, when I shoved her knee up to her shoulder and the legs fell apart.

Now I had full access to her twat. I dove in hungrily kissing and sucking up her hot honey. She tried her best not to react but from time to time her cunt disobeyed as another stream of her honey would flow into my mouth. After a couple of minutes I stood up and aimed my cock for her hot little pussy.

Violently she shook her head telling me not to enter her hot box. Ignoring her I shoved both of her knees up to her shoulders and grabbed onto her boobies like handles and plunged my seven inch erection all of the way in with one stroke. I slammed my cock in and out of her like a piston. Our skin slapped together with the sound echoing off the walls. Soon her hips were bucking up to meet my thrusts and her cunt walls were squeezing the crap out of my cock. Panting I asked her, "If I take your bra out of your big mouth will you quit telling me to fucking stop?"

She thought about it for a second as her hips rammed against mine again. Then moaning she finally shook her promise of cooperation. Ramming together harder and harder sweat was pouring from our bodies. Yanking the bra from her mouth I threw it halfway across the room. Catching a glimpse of her ample thigh I decided it would be fun to give it a slap. The sound was so sexy and she let out a moan of apparent enjoyment.

Loving the feeling of the slap and knowing that her ass was mine I just had to change positions. So, I pulled out of her and grabbed her by the hair and not so gently helped her to the floor placing her on all fours. She didn't have time to object as my cock was back in her hot twat immediately pounding away.

My balls slapped her thighs as I rammed my daughter in law harder and harder. She squealed when I began smacking the shit out of her rump. Smack after smack landing squarely on her fat ass. She winced the first few times that my hand made contact. Just a few swats resulted in her ass beginning to turn pink.

Shortly, her squeals of pain were replaced by low moans of what I thought was pleasure. My cock was throbbing inside of her twat and I could feel her muscles now constricting around my shaft. I demanded sharply, "Hey bitch, your are enjoying this aren't you, you fucking slut?"

While continuing my spanking with one hand I grabbed my new slut's hair with the other and yanked back her head. She was breathing heavily as her hips turned redder and redder from my assault. She groaned out, "Oh yes, fuck me, come on fuck me harder."

My blood was boiling as I replied, "Oh so now you like what I am doing you fucking bitch. Do you want me to shoot my load in your horny little pussy?"

With her face turning red to match her ass from the strain of the exercise she snapped back, "God damn it, yes, give me that stuff; fill me up with all you have got. Damn it fuck me harder!"

I knew now that she was hot as hell and would agree to anything so I momentarily stopped my thrusting and cursed, "So, bitch, you want my cum that wasn't good enough for you ten minutes ago. If I make a deposit in this cunt your fucking body is mine whenever I want it. Your fucking cunt, ass boobs anything I want or anything I want you to do is mine. Do you understand slut?"

She thrust her ass back at me trying to swallow more of my cock and sensually whispered, "Oh god fuck yes you can have me anytime. Just get busy and get that fucking thing moving again. I am fucking yours. Now fuck the shit out of me, dad."

Letting go of her hair I grabbed her hips and pummeled her pussy mercilessly. My conquest dropped her shoulders to the floor and began frigging her clit. My stroking became a blur as the smell of cunt filled the room. I was getting closer and closer to cumming as the sensations were overwhelming me.

The lusty bitch was thrusting her ass back at me causing her butt cheeks to fall apart putting her little asshole on display for me. I couldn't resist the temptation and jabbed first one, and then two fingers into her rear tunnel. Her ass seemed to swallow up my fingers as I yelled, "You mother fucking bitch you are mine, oh God. My fucking hot slut I'm cumming, shit, ugh yes!"

As the words came out of my mouth so too did my spunk filling up my daughter in law's twat with my hot seed. I have no idea how many times she came but we were thoroughly soaked in her juices which seemed to be running everywhere. As she started to lie down she cooed, "Oh fuck, that was something else. I've never been fucked like that before." My cock was still rigid as I grabbed her hips to stop her from falling to the floor. I was still on fire even though this was one of my most memorable fucks, but her ass seemed to be demanding more attention. So harshly yanking her back on to her knees I calmly demanded, "My big ass bitch you ain't finished, yet."

She looked back at me over her shoulder with a questioning expression on her face. Then a look of understanding seemed to come over her along with resignation to whatever I was about to do. Propping herself up she tried to prepare herself for my next move spreading her legs slightly evidently anticipating I was going to lick up her juices. As I put my prick against her asshole she pleaded, "No not there, please."

I pushed the tip of my soft head against her rim and told her, "You don't have a fucking choice in the matter. Now shut up and take it unless you want your bra shoved back in that big mouth of yours."

It was apparent that whether she admitted it or not she really liked the rough treatment. But, I didn't know whether or not she had been fucked up the ass before so I decided to proceed, at first anyway, slowly with my anal penetration. As the head popped in she gasped and cried out, "Oh fuck your fat cock hurts take it out. I'll do anything else; fuck it hurts."

Even though I had promised to stuff her mouth if she kept up the talking I let her be and stop my thrust for a couple of seconds allowing time for her shit hole to get used to it's invader. Then giving her rump another swat with my hand I pushed in just a little deeper, then a little deeper. She moaned out as she tried to relax her muscles to allow me inside. After several pushes finally I was balls deep in her tight butt hole. Slowly I pulled out and pushed back into her cavern. Her moans slowly turned into moans of pleasure. Now confident that my cock was welcome and she could handle it I gave her ass several swats and began furiously pummeling her rectum.

Hearing her tits slap together with each thrust I reached around and grabbed one smashing it against her chest eliciting a soft cooing of encouragement. She arched her back and wiggled her ass and hollered, "Mother fucker, can't you fuck me any harder than that, god damn it."

Sweat was pouring from my forehead as I answered, "So bitch you like it rough, huh? You ain't seen nothing yet!"

Now, I pounded her ass as hard as I could, thrust after thrust. I was getting close to cumming again as I reached around her and latched hard onto both of her boobs. Furiously I squeezed, pinched, and yanked her melons. My prick exploded in her shitty depths as we fell apart. My dick came out of her tight hole making a popping noise as it came out of her.

I was about to have her clean off my cock with her mouth when we heard the slamming of a car door in the driveway. Like a shot we bolted up running around the room gathering up clothing. She ran to the bathroom while I ran to my bedroom. I emerged from the bedroom before the front door opened hoping we hadn't left any buttons lying around in plain sight.

The rest of the evening went on as if nothing had happened but when I climbed in bed with my wife that night she got the best fuck I had given her in a long time. I don't know if our activities made a difference that night for the big ass bitch and my son or not but were enjoying my wife too much to care.

After I got home from work the very next night I spotted my slutty daughter in law in the kitchen and waltzed over to her. My wife and son were sitting in the living room watching the news. I jabbed my fist between her legs, nearly lifting her up, as I pushed into the crotch of her blue jeans. Lustfully I asked, "How the fuck is my slutty cunt doing?"

Surprised at my boldness she looked over at me in shock. She gave my hand a swipe trying to dislodge it from her privates. Coolly she whispered, "My pussy is doing just fine, a little sore, but fine. But, are you crazy they are just in the next room, so quit it."

I knew she was right but merely wanted to make her fully aware that I intended on carrying through with my promise of using her body anytime I wanted too. So just as coolly I whispered back, "Not until you yank the fuck out of my cock."

Without any hesitation she grasped my pecker through my trousers and gave it a couple of soft strokes and then wrapping her fingers around it then tried to yank it to the floor. An audible gasp came from me as I let go of her crotch. I looked up to see her scampering to the living room to sit beside her husband.

This brief encounter had served its purpose as I knew she would be my slut for the taking. It wasn't even an hour later that my wife and son volunteered to go out and pick up some take out food. I knew just exactly what I wanted to eat and I had 25 minutes to get it before they returned with dinner. So, as soon as the front door shut I called my daughter in law into the living room and forcibly demanded, "Big ass bitch get over here and drop your drawers."

Dutifully she walked over to the couch where I was sitting and unfastened her jeans and pushed them halfway down her legs. I could already smell her pussy but I wasn't after it at the moment so I grasped her hips and pulled her sexy yellow panties against my face. The panties fit extremely tight so it was a struggle peeling them down her massive rump but I wasn't disappointed in what I saw.

This was my first opportunity to really carefully examine her ass when I wasn't absolutely out of control with passion. It was fucking perfect. Her twin pillows were huge and perfectly round. They stood out like a pair of large watermelons with absolutely no sag. Running my fingers softly over the surface a tingle went up my spine as I couldn't believe how baby soft the skin was.

My eyes caught a glimpse of a pair of dimples on her right cheek that looked like a snake bite. On her left cheek she had a single dimple right in the center of her cheek and there was a two inch jagged scar right below it. Running my finger softly over it I asked her, "So, where did you get this scar?"

Embarrassed she answered me, "your son did that to me. We were fucking in the park and he Rolled me over onto a piece of broken glass neither of us had noticed."

Naturally that is where I began kissing that big ass. I started off soft and gently as if kissing her ouwie to make it all better. But, soon, I was re-ignited and was kissing every inch of her rump without any restraint. Getting quickly into it she began grinding her rump in my face until I caught her hips and dove into her crack.

I worked my tongue up and down in her deep crevice tasting her sweet skin. Knowing time was limited, and that this was just the first course I worked my mouth to her tiny rosebud. I swirled the tip of my tongue around the rim before stabbing it at the hole. It was extremely tight and I had trouble getting into her shitty hole. After a minute, or so, the opening began to give way and I was able to get my tongue halfway in.

Meanwhile, her hands were working on her tits and clit as my back door action was turning her on My cock was trying to escape my pants so I unzipped and let it free. I couldn't believe how wonderful her ass was as I licked and sucked her hard. My pecker needed attention and time was running out.

"Oh fuck, suck me," I suddenly spurted out as I gave her butt a swat. In seconds she was on her knees with my manhood in her hands. Tenderly she stroked it and juggled my balls. She flicked my peephole with her tongue before capturing the head between her lips. I heard a loud gulp then her mouth swallowed up my entire seven inches. Her vacuum action was top notch. I was glad that my pecker was firmly attached or she might have swallowed it down her throat.

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