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B. A. B. - Big Ass Bitch

by hotpup©

Moaning I leaned my head back against the couch. As she continued her masterful blow job I entangled one of my hands in her hair as if guiding her head. Her sucking was so great that there was no way in hell that I was going to ruin it by interfering with the bobbing of her head on my cock.

Instead, I reached my other hand down to her cantaloupe size tits and began squeezing and playing with them through her blouse and bra. There was no time to rip off her clothing right at that moment but I surely wanted too. I didn't warn her when I was about to cum as I was out of breath.

My balls tightened and load after load of my sticky seed shot into her hot mouth. She didn't stop sucking me until I was limp and felt like I might piss. Looking at my watch I decided there wasn't time for anything else as badly as I wanted to pummel her cunt with my cock. In a way I was glad as I knew I couldn't get it up for awhile anyway but the idea of eating her cunt also sounded interesting.

Using all of the self restraint I could muster I pulled up my pants and my daughter in law went into the kitchen to pour drinks for dinner. About five minutes later my wife and son showed back up with a virtual feast of good things to eat. Boy was I glad we hadn't tried to squeeze in a cunt lapping. Nothing more happened that night.

In fact, except for grabbing each other's private parts a few times, we didn't get together for two more days and nights. It was on the third night that events took an interesting turn. After a great fuck my wife and I fell into a blissful sleep nude beside each other on our queen size bed.

I was sound asleep when I felt a strange presence nearby. My beautiful wife was only a foot or so away from me as I laid on my back with her hand resting on my breasts. In that hazy state between sleep and being awake I thought I smelled something. I inhaled deeply and took in the wonderful aroma of both cunt juice and butt hole.

Opening my eyes wider I couldn't see around the room. Then pure terror struck me. My wife was still lying beside me. Then I saw the scar and the 3 dimples in the moonlit room. It was my daughter in law's ass hovering three inches above my nose. Betraying me my cock sprung to immediate attention. As soon as it did she wrapped her hand around it and sank her ass against my face

I was worried sick as my wife was usually a light sleeper. Pushing hard on her ass I needed to get her to stop the insanity. Her sweet juice was now dripping into my mouth as her hand commenced to stroke my erection. Then I realized that she had moved my wife's hand and it was resting on the younger lady's thigh. Panicking I whispered frantically, "Oh fuck, you've got to stop, she will fucking wake up!"

She responded by pushing her cunt against my mouth and giving my cock a sloppy wet kiss and then purred, Revenge is so fucking sweet. Supposed I don't want to stop, what are you going to do?"

That hot mouth covered up my cock again. Trapped I replied, fuck, this could ruin my marriage. Stop I'll do anything, anything you fucking say."

Lust was interfering with my fear as I began licking up her juices from her cunt lips. Wiggling her ass in triumph in my face she cooed harshly, Ok, we'll move to the floor beside the bed mother fucker but you will do whatever the fuck I say tonight. Don't worry bastard, you can still have me whenever and however you want but a big ass bitch is in fucking charge tonight or I'll wake up your fucking wife right now."

Carefully I moved my wife's hand that was now caught between the horny girl and myself. Giving her ass a small peck I began sliding to the floor with my daughter in law quickly following me. I still didn't like this at all as my wife could still wake up and see us making out right in front of her. I was happy that, at least, the bed wouldn't be moving and we would be a few feet from her.

No sooner had we moved onto the floor when a soft moan came from my wife and she rolled onto her back. I froze not knowing what to do. But, in a few seconds I could hear the heavy breathing that told me my wife was still sleeping. My daughter grabbed me by the neck and pulled me on top of her.

As she shoved her tongue down my throat clawed the length of my back with her long fingernails. Then, reaching between us she gave my cock the hardest yank I can ever remember anyone giving it. Excitedly she whispered in my ear, "This slutty bitch isn't leaving here until we sixty nine and I fuck the ever loving shit out of you."

Violently she shoved me back onto my back and sank her mouth onto my erection while at the same time shoving her cunt back into my face. For the next ten minutes we made passionate lustful love to each other's genitals. For the longest time the fucking bitch wouldn't let me cum as she would withdraw her mouth from my member just as my breathing became shallower.

She must have cum a half dozen times before she let me shoot my spunk down her throat. Not giving me time to recover she quickly swung around and impaled herself on my stiff flagpole. Her hands immediately found my nipples and she began twisting and turning as if they were controls on a radio. Following her example I started doing the same thing to her titties. Moaning low she commanded, "That is right pecker, come on bastard you can be rougher than that."

I had forgotten all about my wife only three or four feet away on the bed. My hips rammed up to meet each of the young bitches downward thrusts. Soon she was leaning back frigging her clit with determination letting out small purring noises. Her cunt walls seemed to suck my cock deeper and deeper into her until I shot a big wad of semen up her very hot center.

After sitting still on my now shrinking prick for a minute or so she climbed off of me and helped me sit up. There we were looking right at the bed and my sleeping wife. Then to my shock my daughter in law pulled the sheets off of my wife exposing her entire nude body. The bitch whispered in my ear, "Wasn't that sexy? We'll have to do that again sometime."

I was ready to shove her fat ass out the door and climb back into bed as if nothing had ever happened so whispered back, "We'll see but you'd better get the fuck out of here now."

It was as if my daughter in law didn't hear me as she just smiled mischievously at me. Then getting up on her knees she reached over and grabbed my wife's D cup titties in her hands and gently fondled them. I was stunned when she moved one hand down to my wife's pussy and sticking two fingers into it scooped out some of her sweet honey. Placing one finger against my lips she had me lick it clean and then sucked the other finger clean herself.

"I will leave as soon as you eat your wife's fucking pussy until she cums over and over again. Don't worry I'll watch over by the door where she won't notice me if you are doing a good job on her," she purred confidently. While she waited for me to decide if I were going to do as she told me she resumed fondling my wife's tits.

Admittedly the danger was beginning to turn me on. I wondered if my daughter in law didn't want to be caught so she could have a threesome with us. But, dealing with the situation at hand I got up and strode the few steps to my wife's thighs. Gently I pulled them apart. Seeing this my slutty bitch did as she had promised and moved her naked body over to the doorway.

Putting my hands on my wife's cunt I couldn't believe how wet she was. She must have been having some hot dreams. Lifting her legs up and apart like a wishbone I got into position. It only took five or six licks before she spoke, "Hey, didn't you get enough earlier?"

Ignoring her momentarily I battered her twat and clit with licks, sucking, and kisses. Her hands were soon playing with her tits. I heard my daughter in law sigh from the doorway as I spoke, "I never get enough of your sweet honey. Besides it is time for dessert."

She was already hot enough that I didn't need to say more. Her hips were wildly convulsing in my face as I gave her hot cunt just what it wanted. When we finished I looked up and the doorway was empty. Climbing back into bed my wife and I were fast asleep in minutes.

My wife and son leave for work about a half an hour before my daughter in law and I do. So, the next morning I heard her walking to the bathroom and followed. She had just sat on the throne when I walked in. I walked over to her. At the very moment when her first tinkle of urine hit the bowl I shoved my hard on in her mouth. Harshly I said, "So, you liked that little trick of yours last night, didn't you? Now, you are going to pay for it, unfortunately we only have time for a down payment this morning; so suck it bitch!"

As her piss ran into the toilet her mouth worked hungrily on my pecker. I was shocked that the sound of her little piss hole releasing her urine was actually making me even hornier, but it was. In three minutes flat I was spurting my seed down her throat. After I pulled out she calmly wiped herself clean and got up walking toward the door.

Turning toward me she gave me a sensual smile as I waited for my cock to deflate enough to piss. Finally my body released my urine much to my relief. For a half a second I thought about aiming it at her, but decided not to for numerous reasons. Then she licked her lips and squeezed her boobies. Twirling a finger around her nipple she purred, "I think I should visit your bedroom more often. I tell you what if you smooch with your hot cunt of a wife so that I can watch including getting her blouse and bra off I'll put off visiting you in bed for awhile."

Now the ultimate challenge had been laid down. She might continue to be my somewhat submissive big ass bitch with me forcing her to do anything I want. But, she was equally sure that she could get me into some rather uncomfortable daring situations and wasn't going to stop.

Now, I wondered what would happen next and also wondered what my son knew and how much of her daring antics he had participated in. Only time will tell but my wife just left and it is time to rip the clothes off that big ass bitch daughter in law as my prick is aching for that big soft ass hole and tight puckering hole of hers.


{I had a hell of a lot fun writing this. I hope it was fun reading. I am debating writing a second chapter fearing that another chapter will ruin the story. And, if I do which kinky behaviors should I include. Now is the chance for you B. A. B.'s to speak out.}

Written by: hotpup

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