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Sibling Phone Sex

by dirtyjoe69©

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It was nine at night and I had just gotten out of the shower, my body still wet with beads of fresh water. I was feeling refreshed and looked forward to just relaxing the rest of the night. I was contemplating going on the net to my favorite erotic story site. I had a tingling in my nuts and going on Literotica and reading the endless stories always helped in my jerk sessions. I enjoyed the incest ones the best, they reminded me of when me and my sister use to experiment when we were younger.

Although we never actually fucked we did spend a lot of time petting and teasing. I missed those days and was glad to have an outlet to go to, to relive those marvelous days. We had always been close so it was heartbreaking when she got married and moved across country. It was nice that we would call each other on the phone at least once a week to keep in touch.

As I went into the kitchen clad in only my boxers I grabbed a beer and headed to my bedroom to see if there were any new brother/sister stories available to read and stroke too. As I got to my room the phone rang, I answered it and felt instant joy over hearing my sisters sweet sexy voice.

Carol – Hey how is my favorite baby brother doing?

Me – You mean your only brother you tease!

Carol – Come on Jim you know I love you. Don't you remember all the times we played?

Me – Hell yes I remember! I still jerk off thinking about them!

Carol – Now who is being a tease? Anyway I just called to see how you were doing. I can't wait till we get to see each other again; it's been way too long!

Me – Yes it has. Nothing really new here. Still single, still looking, still spending my free time stroking my cock.

Carol – Well you will probably have more luck then me getting lucky. I look like a fat cow and walking like a penguin cause you're five months pregnant isn't what you call a guy magnet. Guys see me and they run as far and as fast as they can.

Me – Oh you are probably just saying that. I bet you are as sexy as hell!

Carol – No since Gill left me for that whore I just feel pathetic! No one will want me now that I got a kid on the way>

Me – Sis that is just the hormones talking and you know it! Maybe you should take a holiday and come here for awhile. Take your mind off.

Carol – You're so sweet to me Jim. I don't know what I would do without my baby brother!

Me – Well I don't know about sweet, I would probably just try to get into your pants like back in high school. So sweet no, selfish definitely!

Carol – Stop that Jim, you trying to turn a fat old pregnant girl on.

Me – Well you are far from old and I imagine you are hot pregnant!

Carol – Sometimes my hormones get me so worked up I can't control myself that is for sure!

Me – What do you mean sis?

Carol – You trying to coax some nasty talk out of me bro?

Me – Maybe. So what do you mean you can't control yourself? You said all the guys are running away from you, so what's the deal?

Carol – I do have toys and fingers dumbass. It's just sometimes I get so hot and my nipples get real hard and they start leaking. It's hard to explain.

Her voice took me back to the days of when we would masturbate each other. I was so hard from hearing her talk about her leaking tits I started stroking my cock.

Me – "Moan" Mmmm really. That sounds hot!

Carol – Oh my god Jim are you stroking your cock?

Me – I might be why?

Carol – Holy shit you are. My baby brother is getting all turned on because I am talking about my leaking tits.

Me – Well as I remember it you have quite the nice set sis.

Carol – Hell last time you saw them they weren't nothing. You should see them now that they are all full with milk!

Me – Oh ya I would like that. I bet your milk tastes real good!

Carol – Oh my god Jim, stop talking like that. You are starting to make my pussy warm.

Me- Mmmmmm I would definitely like to taste that!

Carol – Jim can I ask you something?

Me – Sure sis you can ask me anything!

Carol – Remember when we used to fool around when we were teenagers?

Me – Didn't we cover that earlier. I still jerk off thinking of those days! Matter of fact you would never guess what I was bout to do before you call.

Carol – What?

Me – I was going to check out Literotica and look over the brother/sister incest stories and jerk my hard cock till I shot my cum all over myself.

Carol – Oh shit I love that site! I go there all the time!

Me – Great minds think alike. Anyway what did you want to ask me?

Carol – Well I was wondering, do you ever think what would have happened if we actually did more stuff?

Me – Uh like everyday of my life!

Carol – and?

Me – And what? What do you want to hear?

Carol – Just curious what you thought is all?

Me – What I thought eh? Let's see. Every time I take my hard cock in my hand I see your face. Like right now for instance, as soon as you called and I heard your voice I got hard. And as I sit here stroking it I think about your leaking breasts and how wonderful your milk must taste. I think about how much I wanted to eat your hot pussy. How great it would have been to slide my tongue deep inside you. I would have loved to have you cum all over my face.

Carol – Mmmmmm keep going baby brother. Ooohhh I think about those things too! I would have loved to have felt your tongue!

Me – Carol are you rubbing yourself?

Carol – YYYeeeessss I have my fingers in my pussy right now and all I can think about is your tongue licking me there!

Me – Oh shit that is so hot. I would eat your cunt so good sis, I would make sure no other guy could compare!

Carol – Yessss my baby brother eating my pussy ... Oh God that would be so hot! What else would you do to me?

Me – Well sis if you were to get here tomorrow I would drink your tits dry. Then I would lay you on your back and push your knees high in the air. I would take my throbbing hard cock and slide it deep into that sweet pussy of yours. I would push into you so slow you would beg me to fuck you faster.

Carol – Ooohhh Godddd yessss Jim, yes fuck me bro. Slide your cock all the way into your sisters hungry pussy. Yessss fuck me faster ... Oh Godddd please I need it faster!

Me – Oh yes sis I am fucking you nice and fast now ... yes I am stroking my cock so fast thinking about how fast I would fuck you.

Carol – I am there with you baby brother. My fingers are going so fast in and out of my soaked pussy just wishing it was your cock.

Me – I want to look right in your eyes when I cum sis. Ohhhhhhh yessss I am almost there. Yessss almost there ... stroking so fast!!!

Carol – Yes Jim cum in me ... I want to feel all your hot sticky cum! That's it baby brother cum right up your sisters hot pregnant cunt! OOOOHHHHH GGGOOODDDD III'MMMMMM CCCCUUMMMIIINGGGG!!!


Carol – Oh my god Jim that was so hot. I am going to call the travel agent tonight and book a flight. I just got to have the real thing!

Me – I can't wait to see you sis! Love you

Carol – Love you too!

Written by: dirtyjoe69

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