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Spanking Denise

by Oldguy45©

It had been a very long, very hard day at the hospital. I was tired, hungry and ready for a cold beer. I walked into the apartment, shouting "Denise, I'm home." I got a muffled reply from the bathroom. I went to the other bathroom, took a piss, and got into the shower. After scrubbing myself thoroughly, I went into our bedroom and put on my terrycloth robe. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. No beer to be seen. About that time, Denise appeared at the door, looking contrite. She was wearing a short pink teddy bear nightie and my favorite g-string panties.

"I've been a very bad girl today," she said in a small voice.

"What do you mean?" I said with a sigh.

"I mean, I didn't get you any beer, and I forgot to put gas in the car like you told me to." She lowered her eyes and pushed her dark blond hair behind her ear.

I had been looking forward to that beer. I had purposely not gone to the store on my way home because I thought there would be a beer waiting for me when I got home.

"Dammit, Denise!" I said, exasperated with her. "Come over here!"

Now Denise is a very, very nice-looking woman. She has straight dark blond hair that cascades over her shoulders, beautiful firm breasts and an ass to die for. Top that off with warm brown, almond-shaped eyes and a full sensuous mouth and you what you get is the total package. But right now, this very minute, I wasn't considering her beauty. I wanted a beer, and she hadn't gotten any today, and I was pissed.

"So now, if I want a beer, I'll have to go out and get some," I said.

"Don't do that! I've got some of that merlot you like. And I made you stir fry like you like. Please don't go out again. We'll make do." She smiled her prettiest, little girl smile and I was touched—a little.

"Okay," I said reluctantly, "but you're not out of the woods yet."

"What do you mean?" she asked a little hesitantly.

"I mean, I'm still going to punish you tonight," I said.

"Oh," she said, her lower lip trembling. "Well, we'd better eat before it gets cold."

Dinner was good. And Denise smelled great and she kept brushing her titties against me as she served me. "What's that perfume you're wearing?" I asked.

She chuckled a little and said, "It's called 'Justifiable Rape'. Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's all right," I said, not giving an inch to my beautiful yet slightly airheaded wife. I loved that woman, but sometimes a man wants a beer, not wine.

Even so, the food was good, and the wine was good, and by the end of the meal, I was a little more mellow. A little more.

We watched TV for a while, and then I said, "Let's go to bed." Denise, who'd been lounging around prettily all evening in that nightie jumped up and said, "Okay." She headed toward the bedroom.

With the rest of the house dark, I headed for the bedroom and sat on the bed. Denise came from the bathroom and stood in the door. She started for the bed but I said, "Hold on. Not so fast, young lady."

She stopped and put her fingers up to her mouth, exactly like a child would do and said, "What?"

"I mean," I said, "you still have to be punished."

"I had hoped you'd forgotten," Denise said.

I could see her eyes welling with tears, but I remained firm. "I told you to get me some beer, and to fill the car with gas, and, according to you, you didn't do either one. Now what do you think your punishment should be?"

Denise gave a heavy sigh and mumbled, "I suppose that I shall have to be spanked."

"That's right," I said, "and the best time is always the present. Come over here and get over my lap."

She was trembling slightly when she approached. I caught a whiff of her perfume. It was intoxicating. Even more intoxicating was the womanly scent of her. She started to lie down over my lap but I said, "Take your panties down." Hooking her thumbs into the flimsy strings at her side, she pulled down her almost-nonexistent underwear. Then she lay down over my lap.

My Denise was beautiful and dark-haired and kittenish in a wanton way, and I could never get enough of her sweet body. Her pussy was sweet and clean, her skin was flawless, her butt was perfectly shaped, her breasts big and pretty, and Denise had the sweetest, most beautiful asshole I had ever seen.

"Now, for not getting me any beer and not filling the car with gas, you're going to get a spanking, young lady!" I said. Denise whimpered a little, but did not move. I briefly caressed her ass, probing her anus with my finger, then slipped down to her pussy, which was already dripping wet.

Cupping my hand carefully, I gave her butt a firm swat. "Ow!" she gasped. I swatted again and again on her pert behind while Denise moaned and squirmed. My robe came loose as I spanked her and soon her warm belly and slightly scratchy pubic hair were rubbing against my erect cock.

I spanked her firmly, making it sting, and Denise soon began begging and pleading. She yelped and whimpered and squealed, struggling on my lap while I held her down. I dept on going until her butt was a nice pink and she was sobbing quietly from the mingled pain and pleasure. I again slipped my finger inside of her; he pussy was overflowing with juice.

"Have you had enough, young lady?" I asked sternly.

"Oh yes sir, yes sir! I've had enough!"

I stopped and took her into my arms. Her cheeks were flushed and a little damp from tears. She lowered her eyes and looked up at me from under long eyelashes. Her lower lip trembled. "I'm sore now," she whispered.

"You are?" I asked.

"Yes, I am," she pouted. "You gave me a good spanking, sir. Will you make it feel better?"

"Why of course, my love. What can I do?"

With a small, shuddering sigh, Denise murmured, "You could rub it and kiss it a little."

"Would that make it better?" I asked.

"Yes sir."

I slipped off my robe while Denise got up on the bed. She took a pillow, hugged it close to her, and bent over, her glorious, freshly spanked ass fully exposed. My cock jerked a little. I positioned myself behind her and admired the view. I loved to look at Denise's asshole. It was small, pink and ringed with delicate fuzz. As a rule, Denise kept her self sweet and clean down there. She knew that I paid attention to her butt.

My cock rubbed a smear of pre-come on her thigh as I knelt behind Denise. I gently kissed one, then the other of the smooth pink globes of her ass. I covered her butt with kisses until I could restrain myself no longer. With a cry, I practically dove into her butthole, kissing and licking to my heart's content. I rimmed her thoroughly, then tongued her out. Denise responded by moaning and making little purring noises; she liked having her asshole licked.

I moved down to her pussy and kissed her ardently all over her mons. Ger pussy juices tasted sweet and musky.

"Oh baby that feel so good! Keep going! Now my clit! Oh yesss!" Denise cried. "Ahhh, yes! I'm going to come very soon now! Oooooh!" Denise screamed as her orgasms began coursing through her. I flicked her sweet little clitoris with my tongue as she shivered and bucked her way through climax after climax. Denise was very orgasmic after a good spanking.

Presently, she went a little limp, claiming that she could take no more. I stopped and positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy. She was so wet that I practically fell into her. I couldn't help it and moaned, as did she.

Slowly, with patience, I fucked her pussy, in and out. Rousing herself, she moved with me, twisting her ass this way and that on my cock, until I was sure I was going to spurt my come at any time. Her pussy felt like a warm liquid mouth. However, I did not want to come in her pussy. So, I increased my tempo, pummeling her for all I was worth. Her cries escalated, and soon she was crying out through another climax.

We rested momentarily. "Oh, baby, that felt so good," she gasped. You can come in my ass now, if you want to."

"You know I want to," I replied.

I reached down beside me and got the jar of special lubricant we used for anal sex. It was slick and felt warm to the touch. Both of us like it very much.

With Denise bent over in front of me, I carefully applied a generous amount of lube to her pink-brown butthole. Then I rubbed some on my cock.

Denise gave a little wiggle and said, "Hurry up lover! I want your big cock in my ass now."

I placed the engorged, purplish head of my cock on her butthole, and rubbed a little, to the accompaniment of little kittenish mews from Denise.

"Okay, push it in, but go slow," she said quietly.

I pushed gently on her asshole, watching fascinated as it slowly opened to swallow my cock. Denise was enjoying it. We have anal sex often after I spank her. I am always gentle with her. Centimeter by centimeter, I slipped into Denise's tight, dark channel. Soon, I was buried up to the hilt.

It felt so good, so naughty! Her bunghole was smooth, snug and warm, and soon Denise was moving her ass over my cock, fucking me. I gripped her hips lightly, moving my hands over her smooth thighs and around to her furry pussy. Denise took my hand and placed it on her mound, showing me where to rub her.

As I did, we both started groaning with pleasure. Sometimes I think Denise likes anal sex more than regular vaginal sex. She was moaning continuously, and I was too. I could feel the come boiling in my balls, ready to explode.

Denise's asshole was smoothly milking the come out of my cock. The lube made things very hot and good down there. I leaned back to watch my iron-hard dick sliding in and out.

"Are you going to give me your come, sir? I want it in my ass!" Denise said breathlessly. "I think I'm going to come again!"

The hot sex smell of our fucking wafted up to me. My cock gave another jerk, and suddenly I know that I was going to come, too.

With Denise and I both moaning loudly, we fucked together for our mutual orgasm. I leaned over her and got into her asshole close and tight. Denise used her sphincter muscles on my cock, milking the semen from my balls. I found her pussy again with my hand, and rubbed her clit gently.

Concentrating on our orgasms, Denise and I moved together as one. Nothing could have stopped us from coming now. As Denise's cries increased, so did mine.

Finally, Denise shouted, "I'm coming again baby! Give me your hot come now!"

I could wait no longer. Consciously fucking slower, I enjoyed every nuance of feeling as the thick sperm traveled up the length of my straining cock and burst into Denise's clasping asshole. I could do nothing but go with the feeling. Spurt after spurt of thick, warm gism shot into Denise while we both quaked with our climaxes.

Finally, my cock was drained. Still, Denise moved her snug butthole over my cock, squeezing out every last drop of semen. "I want it all," she moaned.

I carefully disengaged from her, and collapsed on the bed. Denise snuggled up to me. As I drifted off to sleep, completely sated, I said, "Let that be a lesson to you, young lady."

"Yes, master," Denise said before she too fell asleep.

* * *

Later that night, I got up to get a drink of water from the refrigerator. At the back of the shelf, behind some other groceries, was a six-pack of my favorite beer.

Written by: Oldguy45

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