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Slut Mommie Ch. 06

by fantasy69©

"Ohhh...Ohhh..." I moaned watching what I was doing.

She was watching me, a look of surprise slowly spreading on her face. If I only didn't have Elaine licking my pussy, I thought as my fingers touched Tommy's cock. wet! I rubbed his shaft, running my fingers down to his balls, spreading the juice all over them. I quickly realized what I did and pulled my hand back to her clit. I could tell she saw what I did. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open as she stared at me and than at my hand.

I also saw her breathing change, it was deeper now, more labored. So she liked watching me, she liked seeing me touch my son's cock as she fucked it. I knew I did. I thought about it for a moment. I already stroked his meat in front of her and Elaine just moments ago, so what was the difference from doing it now?

Again I slid my fingers down and touched his wet shaft. Seemed like I was in my own little world. I rubbed his shaft and rubbed her pussy wrapped around it. Her young pussy continually generating large amounts of juices. I brought my hand down to my face and licked them, I was so used to doing that. sweet, I licked it all off and reached out to get more.

"Yeah, you like the taste of it don't you? My juices mixed with your son's pre-cum..." She was watching me.

God she was right! Tommy's cum must have been on it! Oh God, this girl will know everything! Again I knew I needed to stop this, I was out of control but I couldn't! My body was moving on it's own now with Elaine making love to my pussy.

"Eat me Kate...turn around and eat me...oh god, I want you to so bad..."

She reached out and placed her hand on top of mine. She moved my fingers in circles around her clit and than back down to my son's cock. She made my fingers wrap around his shaft as she looked at me with wide eyes. She got up off his cock hovering above as I stroked his shaft looking at her, slowly, methodically. I couldn't help it, I was lost to the intense pleasure, the taboo of this being my son only adding to it.

"Oh yes Kate, doesn't his cock feel good?"

"Oh...Ohhh...Oh yes...Oh it does..." I moaned surprised at myself.

She was shaking her head from side to side as if she still didn't believe this was happening.

"Hold it for me Kate...hold it for me, yes just like that. You want me to slide your son's big cock into me?"

"Yes...oh god yes...fuck him..." I said as Elaine started to finger fuck me.

"Guide it for his cock into my pussy...oh god..." Gina moaned.

I did, I watched as my son's beautiful meat slid inside this girl. I didn't let go of his cock, I continued to stroke him as she fucked him. More and more juices continued to run down to my hand. I brought my hand back up to my mouth and licked it clean.

God I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to have the real thing. My body making the decision for me, I turned around and got up on my elbows and knees, spreading my legs wide for Elaine who immediately begun licking my pussy again. Now I had Gina's pussy and my son's cock right in front of me. OK, just lick her pussy nothing more, I told myself.

I hovered above her clit and extended my tongue flicking it. I licked and licked tasting the sweet girl.

"Oh god Kate...oh my god...yesss..."

She was moaning with her head back and her legs spread wide apart enjoying what I was doing. After all she was getting fucked and licked at the same time. She fully sat down on Tommy's cock and seemed like she wanted to rest a bit, she was still looking down at me licking her clit.

Tommy decided he needed some more action and started moving his cock in and out of her. She looked at me and grabbed my hair. She started forcing my tongue where she wanted it. Mostly on her clit, but slowly she extended the reach down into the creases of her legs. I could tell she wanted me to lick her pussy lips.

My tongue was getting dangerously close to Tommy's cock. Looking up at her from between her legs, I saw her smile again. Oh god this girl just wouldn't stop! I knew I needed to stop this, I couldn't show her what really went on between me and my son!

"Oh Kate lick me...lick it, yeah...good girl."

She tried forcing my head to the side, my tongue would definitely lick Tommy's cock as I knew she wanted me to, but with my last ounce of will power, I held my head still. Just her pussy, I said to myself. She smiled at me.

" know you want to."

"No, no I don't...please..."

She just laughed and brought my mouth up to her clit and I licked it in circles. Suddenly she jerked her body up a bit and Tommy's cock popped out of her pussy settling right on top of her clit where my mouth was. My tongue clearly licking the wet shaft as it came out. Oh god not in front of her!

I pulled my head back and grabbed his cock. I guided it back into her and Tommy begun fucking her again. She laughed again, clearly having fun with me and my weak resistance. I went back to licking her again. I thought I was going to loose it during the brief moment when my tongue touched my son's cock. The feeling was intense, his warm meat, the juices around it...How much longer can I withstand it?

I felt Elaine starting to extend her tongue up past my pussy, getting closer to my asshole. For some reason I arched my back giving her better access. I felt Gina's body jerk up again and again Tommy's cock popped out. This time she held my head forcefully on top of his cock, watching my parted lips pressed against his pulsating meat and forced my mouth up and down the length of the wet shaft before I pulled back.

I looked at her breathing hard. She just stared back licking her lips. Again I put his cock back inside of her and licked her. She was playing a game with me to see if I would suck my son's cock in front of her. I knew what she was doing but yet I didn't stop, some wicked part of me enjoying the thrill.

I felt her body jerk up again and Tommy's cock settled between her pussy and my mouth, my lips pressed firmly against his wet meat. I looked up at her unable to breathe. She held on to my hair but she wasn't forcing me to keep it there.

"Uhmmm...yes..." She whispered looking down at me realizing I wasn't pulling back.

For some reason I froze in this position. Was I giving into her? My mouth wasn't open but his thick shaft parted my lips. I looked at her judging her reaction. She was intensely watching me...watching my mouth. She pulled my hair up and made my lips move along my son's wet cock. She than pushed it back and my mouth slid down along the shaft. She started doing this up and down, watching me, and clearly getting a sexual thrill from it.

"Oh yes...oh my god..."

She let go of my hair and somehow my head kept moving on it's own, up and down my son's cock. My mind screamed to pull back, this was too much...I was crossing the line! Seconds passed and my parted lips kept softly riding Tommy's cock.

Uhhh...ok...ok, that's enough, I told myself, pulling back. She quickly grabbed my hair again and forced my mouth on top of his shaft moving it up and down. I couldn't continue this. I pulled up and looked at her begging.

"'t do this to me...he's my son..." I pleaded looking up at this gorgeous girl.

"Oh Kate, you know you have know you'll suck him very soon."

I shook my head in weak defiance, resisting the urges to do it in front of her. I put his cock in her again and started licking her clit. She let go of my hair and closing my eyes, I licked harder. I felt Elaine's tongue reach my asshole and I moaned opening my mouth right above Gina's clit. She noticed my weak moment and moved her body up making Tommy's cock slide out and slide right into my open mouth.

My lips instinctively closed around the wet, hard shaft and I sucked unable to resist the urge. Tommy of course moved his cock up and down fucking my mouth. Oh no, I couldn't suck his cock in front of them! I needed to stop this! I can't do this in front of these girls! My mind was screaming at me but my body held my head still, letting my son fuck my mouth for a few seconds. With great difficulty I pulled myself off of Tommy's cock and held it in my hand looking up at Gina.

"No, I can't...please..." I begged.

"But you already tasted him, go all the way Kate...suck him."

I noticed Tommy looking at me from behind Gina.

"Ohhh, Tommy wants you to do it...I want you to do it, even Elaine wants you to do it...just give into your desires Kate." Gina said.

For the first time I noticed that Elaine wasn't eating me anymore, she was on the side watching me. Oh god...oh god, they were all watching me, expectantly. My mouth was poised right above Tommy's cock. I looked down at it. So hard, so sweet.

I felt Gina's hand on top of my head gently pushing me down. I moved my head from side to side barely able to hold it up.

"No...please...I can't..." I whispered more to myself than these girls.

My resistance was fading, my lips were almost touching the head of his cock. There was clear juice oozing out the slit and I longed for the taste. I opened my mouth and heard Gina whisper "Oh yeah, just like that, he tastes so sweet"

Opening my mouth, I let Gina force my head down and took my son deep into my mouth. At that moment it felt as if time stopped for me. I no longer registered the gasps of excitement and shock coming from the girls, all I wanted to do was suck my son's cock and feel his enlarged head pressing against the back of my throat.

I don't know how long I enjoyed sucking his hard meat, all of a sudden I felt Elaine's tongue back on my pussy and asshole and Gina's voice talking to me gently.

"Oh Kate, you look so beautiful doing this..."

I looked up at her and saw that she was intently looking down at me. So this is what she wanted to see. Her face was full of shock and pleasure watching me do it. Her pussy was right in front of me. I pulled Tommy's cock out of my mouth and put my mouth over her whole pussy extending my tongue into her used hole. I sucked and swallowed. She let her head fall back and moaned. I was sucking the juices that my son deposited into her.

After a while I let her go and placed Tommy's cock at her opening. She sunk down on top of it.

"Oh yesss..."

She fucked herself on it for a while and than looked at me. I was there watching her...watching her eyes, waiting patiently with my mouth right there. She smiled at me.

"Oh you want it don't you? You want to suck his cock again..."

"Uhhhmmm...yesss..." I heard my voice as if from afar.

She slowly lifted herself off of his cock and I willingly placed it in my mouth and sucked. Ohhh finally, I was doing it...I was doing it in front of her. The tension faded away replaced with nothing but pleasure...pleasure of having my son's thick meat in my mouth.

"Oh yes...oh my god this is so love your son's cock don't you Kate?"

Without looking at her I moved my head in a silent yes as an answer. There was no use denying it, these girls seen it all...well...almost all. Elaine stuck her tongue in my asshole making me shiver. I realized that I liked her doing it, it was a different kind of thrill but so intense.

I pulled Tommy's cock out of my mouth and started licking Gina's pussy. She tasted so good, her hole was so big...I just wanted more of her...I wanted to eat her whole. Feeling the tongue in my ass I ran my tongue past Gina's pussy licking in circles. I licked up to the very top and then back down past her pussy almost touching her asshole with my tongue surprised at myself and how nasty I could be. I looked up at her.

"Oh you're naughty!" She exclaimed.

I was stroking Tommy's cock keeping him hard when I noticed Gina pull her legs back, pushing her ass out.

"Do it, lick it..."

I have never done anything like this before but this was such a right moment. I extended my tongue placing it on top of her clit and ran it down to her hole, past her hole and further until I felt her asshole on my tongue. I licked it in circles enjoying the feel and noticed that the taste was not that bad. It was different but not bad. I began to realize what Elaine saw in doing that. It was such a thrill licking another woman's ass.

Gina was moaning loud, louder than ever, enjoying my caresses of her asshole. Suddenly she screamed.

"God I can't take this anymore! Give me his cock!"

She took Tommy's cock out of my hand and impaled herself on top of it with full force. Tommy just moaned. She started fucking it fast and hard.

"Oh god yes...fuck yesss...I'm going to cum...oh fuckkk..."

She was going so fast and hard, Tommy's cock was frothing at the base. Soon she was Cumming and so was Tommy, he couldn't last any longer. With one final heave she impaled herself on top of my son's cock and screamed. Tommy was shooting his cum inside of her at the same moment. I placed my mouth over the part where his cock disappeared inside her pussy and sucked.

I felt juices starting to fill my mouth and I swallowed. More came out and I swallowed again and again and again. After a while there was no more. Gina lay limp on top of his body and my son's cock was slowly sliding out of her. I grabbed it and licked it clean than I put my mouth over her pussy and sucked.

"Oh god Kate, you are so good...ohhh...this feels so good..."

I was sucking, licking and sucking, cleaning the messy juices off of her entire pussy. I couldn't get enough of this girl.

"Oh Kate, you are so good..."

When I finally disengaged Elaine was still licking my asshole. I looked back at her with approval.

"Oh baby, thank you so much," I said to her.

After one final lick, she let me go as well. We were all so spent, so satisfied, even Elaine. I somehow knew that licking mine and Gina's pussy and ass was very satisfying to this young girl. We all got up putting our tiny bikinis into place and slipped into the Jacuzzi. Gina and Elaine snuggled up to me slightly caressing my body with their hands and Tommy got up to get me some wine. Afterwards he slipped inside as well besides Gina. Gina looked at me with a serious look.

"Kate, I know that it was the weed that made you do all those things and I just want you to know that we will never tell anyone about what happened here tonight, we promise."

I looked at her and she brought her lips to mine. I didn't push her away, I kissed her sensually, no tongue just lips. I broke away and Elaine kissed me in the same way.

"I swear Kate, I'll never tell anyone," Elaine whispered.

Somehow I knew they were telling the truth.

"Thanks, it means a lot to me and...oh god I just don't know what happened here tonight. I was supposed to just pick Tommy up."

Tommy reached out and grabbed my hand.

"Mom, it's OK, it just happened...everything will be fine."

He knew I worried about these girls watching me suck his cock.

Suddenly we heard noises from the house and Jason came in followed by Steve, they had a case of beer in their hands.

"OK, we have the beer." Jason said putting the case down.

He looked at all of us clumped close together as if trying to imagine what went on when he was gone. If he only knew!

"Well that's nice Jason, but Tommy and I have to split," I said.

"Yeah, you guys just took way too long. Did you have to drive to Nevada to get the beer?" His sister teased him.

"You have no idea what we had to go through to get this. My fake ID has expired and the first two stores we went to, they noticed right away. We had to drive twenty miles just to get this beer and now you're going to split? Kate, please stay!"

Suddenly I remembered I let him touch my breasts, no wonder he wanted me to stay! He probably felt like he could get away with more if I stayed. God, I did so many things tonight I shouldn't have!

"No Jason, I have to drive so I can't drink. Thanks, maybe some other time."

I could tell my comment gave him hope. God why did I say that? He was just an eighteen year old kid, my friend's son and I was married! I had to get out of there before I got myself into bigger trouble and promised to myself never to smoke weed again.

I got out of the water dripping. All of their eyes were on my body especially now that the tiny bikini was fully transparent. I walked away feeling their gazes and walked into the house heading upstairs to change.

Written by: fantasy69

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