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My Best Friend's Dad

by zealandgal©

Being brought up in a strict and religious home, I was quite naive and innocent of sex, swearing, men even alcohol - that is until I turned 19. We were supposed to go out for my 19th birthday, instead I was babysitting with my friend at her house, looking after her younger brothers, and her parents had gone out to celebrate her Dad's (MrC) 50th birthday.

The family had had a huge surprise birthday the previous weekend for him and everyone was still happy from that. They were good friends with my family. Anyway, we watched videos practised our dance routine and talked until MrC and MrsC came home.

When I went to the toilet I didn't know MrC was there and I accidentally walked in him and saw him rubbing his cock. I didn't know what to say or do and I just stared at it because I hadn't seen a real one on a man before, then I quickly ran to the lounge where my friend was and didn't say a word. I had never even seen my own brother's or Dad's cock let alone a cock on someone else.

About five minutes later, MrC came out and looked really angry he told me to get my stuff together and he would drop me home. When we got to corner just down the road he told me I was naughty and said that he saw me looking at his cock and he asked if I liked it. I didn't answer and just looked straight ahead, I was so shocked because MrC is good friends with my Dad and I have known him for years like an Uncle. He asked me if I have been with a man and of course I hadn't, I said no. I thought it was a strange question.

He was driving and still telling me off for staring at his cock, when he began to touch me between my legs and kind of grabbed and squeezed at my crotch area. I moved as far as I could away from him, right up against the car door AND crossed legs firmly shut. He said that I been staring at him for months and wearing small skirts deliberately, and he even said that I had been flashing my panties many times to him.

Flabbergastered at all of this, I denied it, I said all girls wore small skirts and half tops; it was the fashion including his daughter, my friend. He said I was a tease alright and he kept touching me in a bad place. I said 'NO' really loud, I didn't want to do this and I started to cry, he said that I was up for it and he said he could tell by the way I was dressed, that I had teased him. I told him I didn't mean to but that made him angrier and in a split second he yanked me near him on the front seat, pulled up my skirt, went straight inside my panties and was touching my pussy with his finger.

I looked at him with disbelief and hatred and tried desperately to move away - we were going to fast for me to jump out of the car. He yelled at me to open my legs further apart for him and said he was going to have some for his birthday. I refused to part my legs and I didn't move. He said I was wet because I wanted him, I told him no! No! NO!, then he used his free hand to force my legs apart and started jamming his finger right inside me in and out, in and out, in and out really thrusting it in deep and I screamed at him to stop.

He told me I was a fucken tease and was going to teach me a lesson, I yelled "no" and said "stop it hurts, you're hurting me", but he went faster in and out, in and out in and out, in and out he said "how does it feel to fuck an old mans finger, you love it Rose you teasing whore". I wasn't used to swearing and the words he was using, scared me. I tried to move his hand out of my panties but he kept going in and out, in and out, in and out shoving it forcefully while I was still trying to fight him off. I told him that I would tell MrsC but he laughed and said no one would believe me and it WAS my fault for looking at him. He demanded to know what I was going to give him for his birthday and it had to be special.

I tried to crouch away from him but couldn't get his manic finger away from my vagina, in and out, "you love it Rose, admit it, you wanna fuck, I'll show you how to fuck", in and out, in and out. I begged him to stop then he said he hadn't even started and I got really scared, he said I had really nice young tits - I tried to fight him off but even with one hand driving and one hand in me he was too powerful to stop and it made him go faster with his finger. He said I was too young for him even though I was nineteen years old but he was going to teach me not to tease, I was glad I was too young for him and wanted him to stop.

I dug my fingernails into his penetrating hand which was pounding into my pussy and said 'you're hurting me badly I don't even use tampons, you finger hurts' then he slammed on the brakes he said 'we'll I'll keep that in mind Rose, don't be scared' and before I could think he had totally moved me around on the seat on my back he forced my legs apart and put them either side of him. I couldn't move and I was terrified.

My leg was forced in the air and against the roof he smelt his finger then started poking me slowly in and out, in and out and his finger came out wet and he slid it around my pee-hole, real slow round and round and inserted his finger back inside me then back out and around my clit and in my vagina and back and forth, again and again and I quietened down and then he moved his head down near my pussy for a look, which I thought was weird.

But at that moment, for the first time, I felt something good, very good his tongue was flickering all around my clit and between my lips, I was surprised I liked this and it really did feel good, I know I made noise because he kept yelling at me 'you like it, don't you, you like it, you perving bitch' then his finger went in my pussy while he was licking my pussy, I nearly died from pleasure, in and out real slow and tongue going frantically around my clit, then he inserted his finger into my butt and I yelled in pain and pleasure as he licked harder and faster and poked my different holes.

He kept yelling "you like it you little slut" and finally I moaned "'yes MrC" then he sat up and I was so disappointed it had stopped because I was throbbing from somewhere I had never felt before - I desperately wanted more. He called me a slut and a whore and told me to suck him off or he'll tell my parents what I was like. I had no idea that 'suck off' meant blowjob which I had heard of but never done, then he grabbed me so hard my whole body was facing the other way and I could feel my hair being pulled out of its roots.

I knew my face was in his crotch area. It made pussy throb more but he said I had to earn it and fuck him with my mouth. He manhandled his jeans fly with difficulty and pulled his penis out of his pants and said 'give me a birthday present'. Right then it looked far bigger than what I seen in the toilet and I didn't really know what to do, he yelled at me to suck it now 'now Rose' and I'll take you home. Suck it all the way to your house. So I just put the top part into my mouth and he started up the car again and began to drive, the steering wheel dug into my head and all the while he was yelling at me, he was impatient.

I wasn't doing it good enough but I hadn't done it before and I really wanted to please him it meant so much to me, I tried so hard to suck his cock and then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and down really hard onto his cock. I wasn't doing anything he was just moving my head up and down, up and down and yelling 'do I have to teach you everything' so I started moving my head my self and he just yelled 'further you bitch, I want to feel your throat' then he started to thrust into my mouth, really hard and I could taste salt, it was hard to breathe and my jaw ached from being open so wide and he was still driving and holding my hair 'suck me, faster, deeper, move your tongue, faster'.

I did everything he asked I so wanted to give him pleasure but I could tell he was breathing very heavily. I didn't want to disappoint him, I turned him on now I had to satisfy him, I closed my eyes and sucked him as fast as I could trying to accommodate all of him in my small tight mouth, I never slowed, my own pussy was seriously aching and throbbing and I wanted to touch it but there was no time, my tongue darted around his lumps and bumps on his penis and my mouth moved his skin up and down and I let it go right down so I nearly choked on each thrust, my jaw was burning and I didn't stop, up and down, up and down, with a frenzied pace to match his continuous thrusting and then the car stopped.

He told me to get out and I was shocked, I though I was doing well for a learner and seemed to be getting very horny and I was not near home. Then I sat up and looked out the windscreen and realised we were at the lake, not at home. He led me to a picnic table and lifted me onto it. He told me this is what happens to little sluts that perve and he forcibly removed my panties and opened my legs; his fingers grabbed my thighs and really hurt the skin as he just parted my legs wider and wider while fucking my pussy with his finger.

His cock was still hard and hanging out of his jeans and before I knew it he was trying to shove it my vagina where his finger had been earlier. Oh my god, the pain, there was no way his cock could ever fit into me and he tried to shove it hurting me and then there was 'white hot' pain and I knew he had ripped me. He was shoving it in and out, in and out real hard and I was crying with pain, but it also felt good.

He pulled off my top and was surprised to see I had no bra on, he called me a right slut with juicy tits, he grabbed my tits and squeezed them as he pounded away deep into me, I felt so alive, and when I watched his face he was eyeballing my whole body and grabbing at everything. The picnic table was making a squeaking noise which was off-putting to him so he carried me still on his cock to the bonnet of the car and lay on me, still standing and began pounding and pounding his cock into me, and telling me to fuck him back 'move faster you little bitch' 'fuck me' it was then I lost my inhibitions and grabbed him back and touched him.

He didn't like it, he told me to shut up and fuck him, fuck him hard, fuck him now, play with your soft big tits for me, touch his balls - he was giving orders to me to touch everything and I couldn't go quick enough and my pussy was aching with pain, burning. This made him mad and he took his penis out of me, pulled me off the car bonnet and moved me beside the car with my arms on the roof, a split second later he was entering me from behind, I had never heard of it before and my throbbing pussy welcomed it as he touched my tits madly and reached touched my vagina and clit while pumping me from behind - I could hardly take the pain, the pleasure, the naughtiness, and without warning this tremendous feeling came right through my body like a lightning bolt and I writhed and moaned like a whore.

I wanted to enjoy the moment as I had never felt it that but MrC pushed me down on to the ground on my back and climbed on top between my legs - I could barely handle it as everything tingled too much to tolerate but he just told me that I had cum, and I will have to keep going until he does, because I am a dirty perve, who likes being fucked, fucked hard and his big cock was my punishment, he thrust so hard it hurt, when it something inside, not to mention my whole vagina aching and stretched more than it have ever been and when I asked for to go little slower.

He laughed and said I shouldn't tease, little bitches get fucked by men, its what you want, and that because I am younger I should be able to keep up with him, I couldn't keep up, he fucked and pounded and his cock got bigger, and I screamed in pain and pleasure and touched his balls which were pounding against my skin with a great slapping noise, then he pulled his giant cock out and frantically wanked it above my stomach - that turned me on so much and before I knew it liquid was squirting onto my tits and he was rubbing his squirting cock up my stomach then he put in my mouth and told me to clean it.

I was so grateful because I wanted to touch it, taste it and do what I couldn't do so well earlier, suck him off. He said this was a secret because others wouldn't understand and his daughter was my best friend and he was right, she wouldn't understand. I was so lucky to have been taught by an experienced man who knows heaps about sex and when I look at older guys my eyes go straight to their crotch and I want them to control me.

Written by: zealandgal

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