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Hubby Wants Me to Seduce Our Son

by dirtyjoe69©

Sitting on my bed I can hear the squeaks coming from his room again. That boy is insatiable; it must be the third time today he has been at it! If only his father had that much stamina I wouldn't be left here listening to my son and getting wet between the legs.

My name is Noreen and I am a 43 year old married woman with two children, both still living at home. But then again why wouldn't they, they have it made here. Both my son, Jeremy and my daughter Lilly are still in college and both hold part time jobs. Since my husband Brad makes really good money at the law firm he works at we let the kids keep what ever they make from their jobs.

I am 5'6 about 170 lbs, chunky but not fat. My breasts are a full and not flabby 38dd with quarter sized dark burgundy nipples that stick out a good half inch when I am either cold or aroused. I was considered a trophy wife back in my younger days and I was proud to be on the arm of my handsome husband. But lately his work had been driving him into the ground and he never seemed to have enough energy to keep me satisfied in the bedroom.

The previous week he noticed my unhappiness and the good husband he was sat me down and talked to me, which leaves me in the predicament I am in now. He knew he wouldn't have the energy to take care of his manly duties for a few more months so he proposed an idea that would keep us both happy. He told me to take a lover until the project he was working on was completed. I told him I could never cheat on him but it was sweet he would go to that extreme to keep me happy.

"Well that is because you're the best Babe!" he said to me.

"I could never just open my legs for a complete stranger and cheat Brad! Besides I like more spontaneous sex and to set up something with a lover would take the passion out of it!" I told him.

"Ya I guess you are right Nor. Okay I think I got it but promise me you won't think I am sick or get pissed off?" He said to me.

"What do you have running through that head of yours?" I saw a little spark in his eyes.

"Okay but remember this is just a thought. I am not saying you should or even have too!" I could hear the excitement in his voice and it made me just as excited.

"What is it Brad?"

"Well you know how Jeremy seems to be perpetually jerking his meat? What if you took our son as your lover? I mean he obviously has the stamina you are looking for, and since he is already here you two could definitely have spontaneous times!"

At first I thought he was just kidding but the look on his face told me he was completely serious. I must have looked quite a sight, my jaw was wide open and my eyes were wide with shock. But the thing that surprised me the most was I wasn't mad or put off.

"Shocked...?" He asked me.

"Uh...Ya! So you want me to take our son as a lover? Isn't that a little weird?" I said to him.

"Sure it is but you must admit it does fit all our needs!"

"Wow," I said, "I am not sure how I should feel about this?" I answered.

"Well take your time but I do have one request?" He asked me.

"What is that?" I asked.

"If you do, umm have sex with Jeremy I want all the sordid details. And by the looks of the nipples poking through your blouse the idea definitely intrigues you!" He said as his eyes dropped to my hardened nipples. A few minutes later he would see just how much the idea turned me on.

"I wouldn't have it any other way! And you're one to talk, look at the bulge in your pants. I think the idea of having our son fuck me has you turned on a little too!"

That is when he grabbed me in his arms and shoved his tongue in my mouth. The idea of me committing such a taboo act had us both hungry and needing some. His hands were all over me and I responded by grabbing for his pants and undoing them. His cock sprang right out, it was harder than I had seen it in months. I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth. I slurped it right down deep into my throat and sucked it all the way back up to the throbbing head. My spit left a trail and I slid my mouth back down following the path of spit.

"Oh yes baby suck that cock. Pretend it is Jeremy's and eat it up. My God the way you are sucking me!" I continued my blow job then he pulled my head away from his cock.

"I need to fuck that pussy right now!" He said. He bent me over the bed and took me from behind. When I felt that lovely cock enter my pussy I came instantly. When Brad felt my juices he really let me have it. He was fucking me hard and fast, slamming his cock to the base, his balls slapping underneath me tapping my pussy in perfect time.

"You are cumming all over my cock! I love it; my wife is such a dirty girl! I bet you are thinking it is your son's cock slamming in you? Uhhh does Mommy want her dirty little boy to fuck her pussy hard? Mommy's pussy is so wet and it is sucking my cock"

His words sent me spinning to another orgasm as I thought about my son slamming his cock deep in my pussy.

"Oh God yes Jeremy fuck your momma's pussy...Fuck it hard! Oh God I am coming all over my son's cock!" With that I started shaking and driving my ass back on my husband's cock. My answers to his playing pushed him over the edge and soon I felt his hot cum splashing in my cunt.

"Oh yes Mmmmoooommmmmyyyyyy! I am cummmmmmiiinnngggg in your pussy! Shit yes... your son is going to make you pregnant!" Brad thrust his hips as far forward as he could and grunted as he emptied his seed.

After we finished we cleaned up and talked about more of the details on how and if I could go through with seducing our boy. The ideas spurred our heat on again and for the first time in over a couple of years me and my husband had a two session night.

So now I sit here on my bed, my pussy soaked and my nipples hard thinking about crossing that line with my son as I listen to him masturbate in his room.

What will I do...?

Written by: dirtyjoe69

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